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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. 787Toolman

    2022 F350 Trailer Wiring Fault

    I had a similar issue on my conventional trailers when I connected their 7-pin plugs to my 2017 F350, same type connection just out by bumper instead in bed. Mine turned out to be slightly corroded terminals on the trailer harness plug since it is exposed to the elements. The terminals are most likely brass and they tarnish from the elements. I usually plug and unplug several times to wipe the electrical contact surfaces and my problem usually clears up. If it's stubborn, I'll take a pocket knife and scrape the thin layer of oxidation off the female spade connections in the trailer connector, not real easy to access. The ones on the truck are more protected from corrosion but are not immune. The dielectric grease will help if they are already clean but once they get corroded, they will need to be properly cleaned first, then apply the dielectric grease. What's funny is dielectric grease is non conducting, but we use it for electrical connections because it protects the surfaces of the contacts from corrosion, not to make them actually conduct better, seems counter intuitive but if you have good clean connections, it wipes the grease off enough to make a good and effective electrical contact. Good luck but I'd suspect the plug on your trailer has some corroded surfaces.
  2. 787Toolman

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I think that is pretty safe to assume, my sticker was created about a week before my production actually started, but I'm going off my memory, I'd have to dig thru the emails or posts on here to say for certain.
  3. Does your truck have Adaptive Steering? How is your truck configured, model, trim, engine etc.?
  4. 787Toolman

    ForScan Equipment Requirements

    Okay, well I looked under maintenance monitor and there it was listed as Exhaust Filter%, I guess I missed it as I was looking for DPF%. Now the question is how I could have set to enable it, then set it back to disable it but it still shows up. Maybe it was there all along and all the changes never really applied it? I guess I need to go back and check the actual status in the IPC module. Either way, I see it now. Funny thing is while I was idling and looking thru the owner's manual and other booklets on setting up a trailer for the backup feature, the engine started revving up a bit to 1000rpm, so I'm thinking it was actually trying to burn off soot at the time I found this, just a coincidence, I guess. Can't see my mileage due to glare but it's 762miles but DPF is only 10%, I noticed yours is 15% with only 241 miles, mine must have run thru a clean cycle before or your engine is creating more soot. I only drive 26 miles one way 5 days per week and whatever errands I have to run.
  5. 787Toolman

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Is that Antimatter Blue, doesn't look dark enough to be black? The wheels look very similar to King Ranch wheels but slightly different. Congrats on your new truck...
  6. 787Toolman

    ForScan Equipment Requirements

    well dang, I never doubted you but now I see your productivity screen (PS) is not the same as mine. I'm wondering if maybe it's just not available on the higher trim PS, maybe they figure if you can afford King Ranch (KR), you take it to the dealer to fix everything and hardly anyone would want to know the state of the DPF? I read somewhere Ford is going to eliminate one of the diesel exhaust sensors on 2023 Super Duties and going forward because of serious supply chain shortages, I don't recall which one, but the article said it wouldn't affect performance or emissions output. I'm pretty sure I checked every single available menu choice on my PS but either it's not there or I missed it. Thanks for showing yours...
  7. For the most part, I agree with akirby... I drove my 2017 F350 Platinum diesel truck for 4.5 years, only had 47k miles on it as a daily driver, never left at the dealer overnight one time but I did have a few weird things that happened over time. I was driving it one day after I first took delivery and it just shut off without warning. I tried several times to restart engine but the push button start would not work. Just about every warning message that was possible was being displayed on instrument panel randomly and over and over. luckily I was in my small town street and no one was behind me. I was on a slight hill and I put in neutral, turned steering wheel without power steering and rolled backwards and got off the road. Then I tried to restart again with no success. I then tried my remote start on my key fob and it started and I made it home. I popped the hood and started looking for an obvious problem and I noticed one of the big wiring harness plugs on passenger side looked like it was not completely engaged. I pushed the plug in and latched it, and I never had an issue like this occur again, I think the harness latch was loose from factory and it finally wiggled loose causing a bad connection at this plug. The only other issue I had I created a thread about on this forum where the topic was my truck was forgetful. Forgetful in that all the personal settings for steering column extension and other position settings like mirrors and seats associated with my preferred setting on button 1 on driver's door. When I went to have the truck appraised for trade in, the sales manager said my moonroof was stuck and wouldn't open and I said no way, I never use it, I may have opened it just to vent but not to fully open. He said it would cost $4k to have it fixed, and I told him I'd fix it and to consider it working for appraisal. I did a YouTube search and found the sliding glass tracks deteriorate and pieces of the plastic sliding rails break off and jam up the window slide and prevent it from sliding open. I ordered a new set of aftermarket slides from Amazon, removed the glass panel and replaced the slides and it worked like new again, took me about 3 hours to fix and was pretty challenging but I'm pretty handy. The new slides cost about $75. I didn't buy an extended warranty when I bought the 2017 Platinum truck and I also didn't opt for it on my 2022 King Ranch I just took delivery of a few weeks ago, both trucks are diesel powered.
  8. 787Toolman

    ForScan Equipment Requirements

    I tried the non-As Built option for setting DPF% and it allowed me to set it okay but nothing changed on my display so either it no longer works or I don't know where to find the display of the DPF%. Anyone else successfully set the DPF% to display on upper trim level Super Duties with diesel engine? I'm running the latest version of FORScan, downloaded it before I tried to non-As Built change.
  9. 787Toolman

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    did you say "it" because you're not sure of truck's voice gender? Mine sounds female, but that's just me, haha...
  10. 787Toolman

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    okay, I'm now up to speed, I'm using my USB slot in compartment in console to listen to music my son ripped from CDs to flash drive, works great as others mentioned. I like this much better than a single CD drive, just takes a bit of time to rip the CDs but only have to do it once, after that you can copy to flash drive quickly or move from one flash drive to another one. I also noticed can't switch from one search method to another while driving but you can select songs one same album, but you can use voice command to find a song.
  11. 787Toolman

    ForScan Equipment Requirements

    no, the error was not a checksum error, I got that on all the other changes, I just read it and understood it's comparing to old value and I just let the new value go thru. The FORScan spreadsheet said that some truck's may experience an issue with cameras so to avoid that, increase the second hex value by 8, so it said if there is a 7 in that digit, change it to F, but that value was not accepted when I tried to write to the module. I'll try the non As Built method to see if I can change the default to show the percentage. thanks...
  12. 787Toolman

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    well damn, I had no idea the CD player was dead. Both of my kids listen to music from their iPhone, i don't like the idea of using my phone for music because of using up so much memory, but I guess I need to wake up and smell the coffee. My son ripped my CDs today and put on flash drive, I haven't had a chance yet to try it out, I'll report back when I awake from suspended animation, I think I've been traveling thru deep space for 10 years and just coming back to earth. Thanks to all that chimed in and commented.
  13. 787Toolman

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    I found this in owner's manual, sounds like I'll need a USB CD drive to play CDs. If I can run from a flash drive, that would be cool but I'm not sure you just copy files from a CD to flash drive? Wouldn't I need to burn a copy of the CD to the flash a drive and not just copy to a flash drive? I guess I'm on an island here, a deserted island, Haha. My wife and I went to see Yanni in concert, love the music no matter which album I listen to.
  14. 787Toolman

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    Damn, I'm old...It's probably been 10 years since I bought a new CD, maybe longer. I have many that are copies of old CDs, I have some special ones I like, The Rippingtons, Yanni, Pink Floyd of which I'm not sure how you could find those via subscription. I already listen to Sirius, mostly 80s on 8, Classic Rock or Yacht Rock, Deep Tracks and several others but the CDs have a collection of songs that I really enjoy. I guess they are forcing me to adapt to the changing world of Music, I'm old enough to remember 8 track tapes, cassette tapes, then CD changers and now Apple CarPlay.
  15. 787Toolman

    ForScan Equipment Requirements

    I'm currently using the two-month free extended FORScan license, and I've been able to set Bambi mode, turn off double honk when engine is running, and I tried to set auto fold mirrors and it didn't work then I discovered it's settable from normal menus accessible to anyone. I tried to setup up DPF% to display and I was unable to get that to work. My As Bult value for DPF% display is 0742-48C1 in IPC module and the FORScan instruction I got off Ford Truck's Forum suggests setting the value from 0742-48C1 to 0F42-48C1, but the value was not accepted so I quit and stopped messing with it. Anyone successfully added DPF% on a 2022 Diesel powered Super Duty? If so, what did you do to get this to work? I also may want to setup manual regen since I make a daily drive of 26 miles, not really enough to start and finish a regen cycle.