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  1. So you actually got your truck with adaptive steering by waiting 11 months but didn't get adaptive cruise because it was not clear if that option was bundled with something else? Did you build the truck on Ford's build website and send to dealer or did the dealer build the truck based on what you told them you wanted?
  2. awesome mileage considering all the payload and some extra drag from the bikes. This is a testament to diesel vs. gas, I'd bet a gasser would be hard pressed to get 10mpg with those same loads and conditions. Just think, barely two years ago, I was paying $1.79 per gallon for diesel in coastal SC☹️.
  3. I'm glad you brought up regen with diesel mileage, now that explains why my mileage can be looking really good then all of a sudden, it's less, I never made the connection a regen cycle might be executing. I guess no matter when it occurs, it will cost fuel to get thru the regen, even if sitting still when regen is happening. I'd like to research this a little more.
  4. Only saving grace is knowing a 7.3L gasser would be getting 6mpg or less with those conditions.
  5. OMG, that is terrible, I'm very upset at $5.35/gal for diesel. Crazy thing is BJs went from $100 maximum on pump to $90, so stupid as who wants to reset the pump and start over to refill a truck with a 34gal tank?
  6. OMG, how far does this go before this becomes a major crisis and possibly a national security risk? Someone rumored to me that diesel is heading for $10/gal, that will be over 4x increase from 2020, this is unsustainable IMHO.
  7. See if you can find a service CD on eBay, the service CD has troubleshooting diagnosis steps and has pinpoint checks and walks you thru step by step checks to verify until you find the issue. These service CDs are the same ones dealership uses, they expire and dealers toss them, people sell them with instructions how to trick the software into thinking the computer date is within range and then it works indefinitely. I have several for other Ford's I've owned. I need to get an updated one, last one I bought was for my 2017 Super Duty.
  8. I had a 2017 Platinum F350 without roof clearance lights that was dealer stock. I ordered some clearance lights off Amazon and when I got them I realized the holes are rectangular and require a notch in the hole to . Making holes is easy when the hole is round, very difficult to make a rectangular hole, especially with an added notch. I contemplated having a metal punch made to punch the holes using a bolt with two piece die. That was going to cost $300 to have a die punch custom made, plus you would need to remove the headliner and wire them to the lighting circuit which may not have a wire already in place. I talked myself out of it but I made sure to add it to my custom ordered 2022. I doubt a dealer has the correct equipment to add 5 rectangular holes in exact locations and on a compound curved surface, but you can surely inquire.
  9. You're correct, there are many variable that affect fuel mileage but by folks sharing their experiences, we can all learn some valuable common information and get some perspective. The one common thing I was hoping for with this thread is all 6.7L late model diesel trucks with aluminum body, probably mostly 4x4 crew cab since that configuration is very common amongst the crowd posting on this site. Since Ford took most if not all the body weight savings from aluminum body and increased frame stiffness, probably not much different than 2016 mileage but if we go back too far, earlier engines could impact comparison results.
  10. U1900 FORD: Code Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Tech Notes (With Video) (engine-codes.com) Make sure batter voltage is 12v or close, watch what happens to battery voltage when you try to start, if it drops, might be bad battery. Also, if battery is verified good and not dropping voltage, try to start in Neutral in case neutral switch is not closing while in park. I suggest you get a Ford electrical schematic for your specific truck configuration. If you're handy with electrical diagnosis, maybe figure out how to energize starter bypassing ignition switch, with key on and you manually energize starter, you might get it started. but that would only be useful to help with diagnosis, not for driving.
  11. Amazing story, but I'm surprised you don't show better fuel mileage without load? Even the 10mpg seems low pulling, Rangers09 getting 17.7 without load which is right at where I'm hovering but I'm running 3.55 gears so that's probably why I'm getting closer to 18mpg. Maybe trailer brakes are dragging some or combined with low tire pressures? The trailering load is nothing to shake a stick at so 10mpg is not terrible but empty should be more like 17-18mpg, IMHO. keep the tests going, good info.
  12. absolutely amazing fuel performance considering the rough trek...
  13. Near CHS SC, today, BJs has diesel for $5.31, regular gas for $4.47, BJs is usually $.40 cheaper than other fuel stations in the area. Before the plandemic, diesel was about $.40 more than gas, but now it's almost $1 more than gas and that's been the trend for a while now. I was under the impression diesel is less refined than gas, but it's more expensive. I must be wrong, or the oil companies are just gouging us.
  14. All, I had a 2017 4x4 F350 CCSB Platinum Super Duty with 6.7L diesel engine and around town and back and forth to work, I usually averaged 17mpg. I was able to get almost 19mpg when travelling on interstate around 77mph. I ordered a 2022 4x4 F350 CCSB King Ranch fairly well equipped and similar to the Platinum and with the new engine from 2020 changes, I'm getting between 18-18.5mpg going back and forth to work, 26 miles each way. I have not taken for a trip yet so I'm thinking maybe close to 20mpg. When I pulled a trailer with 2017 from AR to SC pulling a car, total trailer weight was close to 6000lbs, I was getting 12mpg running 80mph with all accessories running as desired. I was getting around same mileage with trailer empty as loaded, diesel didn't seem to care either way. I really like the improvements to the new engine after 2020 changes, plus the idle sound is cool, sounds similar to a choppy cam from my hot rod days. BTW, I also removed the front stock air dam (snow plow) and installed the Tremor short version, looks a lot better IMHO and hasn't affected my mileage that I can determine. I drove it for about a month before I put on Tremor air damn so that was about 4x fill-ups with same mileage stats as now. What kind of mileage are you guys seeing with you late model (2017-2022) Super Duties with 6.7L diesel with and without trailers or just around town? Thanks, 787Toolman
  15. My sales manager told me 2023 Super Duty order bank will not open until October, I know that is probably not official yet but has anyone else heard those rumblings? I suspect Oct. is probably fairly accurate since a ton of 2022 Super Duty orders have still not been scheduled.
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