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  1. mrmallerd

    2022 Bed Rug

    Prior to ordering, I got a confirmation from Bedrug
  2. mrmallerd

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    With that said, it looks like 2022s have started shipping.
  3. mrmallerd

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I apologize if this has been stated, howeveer, I did look for it. It is my understanding that Vehicles are not shipped until "Good to Buy" has been achieved. Is this true for "Dealer Stock" orders? I realize this is a screwy time, however, can I assume that if Dealer Stock orders ship, that Retail orders will also ship?
  4. mrmallerd

    Where are the Window Stickers?

    Sure would be nice if somebody in the know could get us an answer to this question.
  5. mrmallerd

    2022 F250 to Southern Illinois

    With everything going on, would it be possible to get a build day? Thanks in advance.
  6. mrmallerd

    Missing chips

    Ice, As a member thats been around a long time but posted rarely, I want to personally thank you for your patience as well as your help. Understand that the majority on here are anxiously awaiting a new BABY. Much like expecting fathers, they observe & get frustrated when the new born does not just pop out. Thanks again.
  7. 1FT8W2BT5NEC07238 Any info in re scheduling, etc Thanks in advance, really appreciate it.
  8. & if it does, is there a delay between getting your VIN & it showing up. Basically, I received my VIN for a 2022 on day one & it does not show up when I put the info into the website.
  9. mrmallerd

    2022MY Scheduling

    This should be interesting as to how management is going to Deal with "5 day rule" & "OK to Buy" Time will tell, I am hoping that with only an interior change, 22s might hit production a few days earlier than previously anticipated.
  10. mrmallerd

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I would assume the % would even be higher with the start of a model year. With that being said, when 22 orders start being scheduled, can I assume these orders will be the first processed based on dealer allocation & the factory achieving "OK to Buy"
  11. mrmallerd

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Just curious as to know the % of customer orders vs dealer stock & Fleet orders?
  12. mrmallerd

    2022 f250 updates

    Would really like to see this in print.
  13. mrmallerd

    2022 f250 updates

    Can anyone confirm the bedsize is the same. Would a 2021 Camper shell or tonneau cover fit a 2022?
  14. mrmallerd

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Its on Ford Custom order page. Details are a little sketchy. https://www.ford.com/custom-order/?intcmp=hp-brandgallery-custom I was hoping someone could post additional details.