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  1. Gadget

    2022 F350 check your drive shaft

    So what we learned is the noise is not the drive shaft, but the suspension. We all however, need to check our drive shafts for leaking and excessive play.
  2. Gadget

    Thoughts after 30 days

    So after taking reciept in mid July, my truck has been running awesome. There was nothing wrong with the paint, body alignment interior or anything that could be found. I have been all over it top to bottom and I still have a smile everytim I drive it. Shifting is smooth and the clarity of the 12" screen is so much better than my last truck. What make me wonder about all these other issues I am seeing is... my truck was built the second day the 22s went into production and I wonder if Ford was looking harder at QC during that period than they are now? I also wonder if having the shift start and get shut down and the start up again isn't leading to some hard feelings on the assembly line... and the owner are seeing the results of that. Either way, I am so grateful for my truck and honestly love everything about it.
  3. In the world we live in, there seems to be a never ending stream of complaints and disappointment everywhere. This letter is neither. In March of this year, I made a decision to come back to Ford and buy what I have wanted for several decades, but never quiet saw the design or end product that met my needs. When Ford introduced the last year of the fourth generation Superduty (2022), I knew this was when I needed to buy. Sadly, the chip shortage was about to hit with full force and want and need were about to meet supply chain issues. Hoping that this was not going to be as bad as it has become, I traded in my truck and ordered my 350. To me this wasn't any 350, but one that captures what I have always wanted. I ordered an F350 Lariat Crew Cab Dually with the 7.3 gas motor. From the day I heard Ford was going to introduce this motor, there was a course set out for my having this truck. I picked all my options that I could possible want, got the color and interior I had hoped for and executed the contract. Gone was my old truck and now we waited. Time ticked by and with each week the supply chain faced new issues after new issues... but my dealer kept me updated and we kept our fingers crossed. Finally a production notice was given and my truck had a build date. My truck was built on the second day of production of the new 2022s...5 weeks later I had my truck. Since that day, I have been amazed at every aspect of the truck, its quality, comfort, design and execution. Like anything, there will be those who have issues and toss stones at Ford. I have not seen one of those with this truck. I am amazed at the power, torque, fuel economy and overall performance this truck delivers. I have alway been someone who finds things to modify, upgrade or change to gain just that much more performance out of my rigs. This truck is a first in 40+ years... there is absolutely nothing I want to change on it at all. Ford truly knocked it out of the ballpark. Why would people dream of changing the billet wheels? Why lift it, level it or do anything that changes it from how it looks or performs? Many have their own reasons and it makes them happy... but for me, Ford found perfection and everyday I drive my truck, every road trip we take or adventure we have had in this truck. We just can't help commenting on how much we love our truck. This letter is simply my way of saying thank you for making and delivering a perfect truck to our home.
  4. Gadget

    Kentucky Plant UAW Sticker

    I like mine on my 22. Honestly I am proud to have bought a US product and it's nice to have someone take pride like this as American workers.
  5. Gadget

    Rear Mud Flaps for Dually

    Call me crazy but I actually like the OEMs. They are sturdy and at a great height. What's funny is I ordered them and Ford thre in an extra set that was delivered with the truck.
  6. Gadget

    March 17 Order Date

    Same order date as yours and picked mine up last week.
  7. This was the reply that started the discussion where many came on to discuss what their dealerships were saying as well. The thread continues on and as we have seen Ford has been horrible about communicating what is actually happening. I would say better to order and have, then wait and be stuck!
  8. Gadget

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Got in this evening.
  9. So over on the 22+ Ford Superduty Facebook page... multiple people are reporting their dealers are telling them to get their orders placed as Ford is closing the window at the beginning of September...5 months early. Folks who are ordering fleet found out orders close next week. Its is reported GM is doing the same thing with thier trucks as dealers have booked so many orders (like Ford) and coupled with commodity shortages, they can't fulfill everything and keep taking orders till the 23s roll out. In taking with my dealer they said with my order and a few others, they were told to only expect a handful of new stock trucks. Who would have thunk????
  10. You are correct. COVP is separate.
  11. Gadget

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Mine is on a train that is headed to Minnesota right now and scheduled to be here as early as the 18th in Prosser WA. Ordered back in March, built 7/20 shipped 7/22.
  12. Gadget

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Mine started out with 18 to 28 days shipping by rail. Took 5 days just to go 130 to Indiana... now it's on the move to Missouri. I am hoping things pick up the pace but then again it's down to 10 to 20 days now. Six months without a truck has been hard.
  13. Gadget

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    My truck is on the same train as I have been following since it left. I am scheduled for the 18th of Aug.