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  1. d232799

    2024 STX

    Thanks Akirby; hes looking at standard STX level but is trying to get the exact trim level set in his mind. thaks rob
  2. d232799

    2024 STX

    WOW, no replys so i guess everyone is getting dodges....
  3. d232799

    2024 STX

    Just wondering for a friend, whats the time line to get a mostly standard F150 STX with no bells or whistles? I get his 2012 F150 STX with 36k on it and sooner the better. thanks Rob
  4. d232799

    BW hitch drop

    Glad I didn't buy 4 or 5 sticks with the 3" in mind, any reason for going back to 2.5". Rob
  5. d232799

    7.3 engine

    mobil One in my King for sure.
  6. d232799

    7.3 engine

    love my KR with the 7.3, no problems at 19K miles. This motor is the first gas motor to move this truck correctly, I've had 4 other Kings, never needed a diesel. Just my 2c.
  7. d232799

    Glacier Gray

    I'd love a new King Ranch in magnetic grey. Never Happen with the team at Ford.
  8. d232799

    Glacier Gray

    I've had alot of troubles picking a Ford superduty color. I don't think I'm alone!
  9. d232799

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Did Ford actually put the chrome King Ranch cover on the tail gate again, it ruins the look for sure. Glad my 22 doesn't have it.
  10. d232799

    Raptor vs f250

    Apples and Oranges, just my 2 cents. You pulling a dozer behind the Raptor?
  11. d232799

    Godzilla vs Diesel

    So my 22 F350 King is almost years old in mid Aug. I have about 15K miles and around town get 11 or so with 15 in longer highway trips. Love the 7.3 out of all the 4 previous Kings with gas only. The 10 speed is unreal and with the std 3.73 rear works great for me in upstate NY mountains. In the hot weather, the massage-cool seats are a bonus. Rob
  12. d232799

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Wow as I read this, I'm so glad I got my 2022 King with the 7.3 gas and full LED's. Its awesome. This order and wait 10 months, then they change you to halogens and say "sorry" is crazy. Hold your orders, its worth the wait! Rob
  13. BMS (Battery Management System), never seen this on our trucks. My BMW needed to be "informed" of new battery, but my superduty? My son uses the Yellow Optima's dual set up in his 7.3 diesel. They are twice the quality of the regular type batteries.
  14. Now what's going on, all production halted due to battery "problem" on Feb 14th, any idea's? Rob P.S. I'm in the order banks for a Lightning this summer.
  15. d232799

    Auto Hi Beam

    Thanks, I'll try that soon. One item that could be significantly improved is the light switch. Poorly seen not well illuminated. Maybe my 2025 will have the light switch engineered a little better. Thanks Rob