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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    2022 F250 “Mods”

    After buying the truck all the aftermarket add-ons...the best and the must haves for me were. Carhartt seatcovers. Larger aggressive HD tires (4080 lb rated per). Floormats. Toolbox. Window visors. Beast of a trailer hitch And my most usefull addition 50 gallon aux tank.

    what brand of tires?

    My truck came with these. (2022 f350) I changed them to a more aggressive tire. I wasted three hundred dollars or whatever the upgrade fee was. I now have five brand new goodyears sitting the shed🤣

    IR lightbars, pods or filters

    I would like to put some IR forward lights on my truck. Anyone run 850 or 940 leds or standard led with a filter. What I would really like to have is a custom ir blackout cover for the headlights to velcro on when needed.... Anyone run ir lights? If so, what is your setup.

    Repeat clock spring issue

    I don't hear a Spring but lately my steering wheel turning creates a almost Sound like a windshield wiper on a windshield that is squeaking... It is faint but can hear it lately and can feel micro vibrations barely anything at all but it us there. This only happens while turning whether I am in motion or not. Have you guys heard that before the spring sound? Wonder if this is what happens first then the spring sound...

    Show me your tints

    No windshield tint but this is 20%. (I see what you did with the title😄)
  6. I have seen 2.75 -3.50 around the NC/SC area. (SC is always cheaper...taxes) the farther into the rural areas you go the cheaper the gas gets. I miss the price of gas with the last guy...not so much gas prices with the new guy.

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    It is strange hearing people here saying they are just now picking up their 2022. As many got delivered in july, Aug, mine came in Sept of 21. Are there any other years that the spread from start to finish of 1 model year of vehicle delivery was this far apart?

    Towing Guide out

    Looks like my 22 350 srw truck configuration (to a 23)got a boost from 20k to 21.5k on the towing

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Silver trucks😎

    Tire Size on OEM Rims

    Edit... I went with 285 75 18s. Right at 35", 9 1/2 inches on the tread And the walls are about 12". The thing I like the most about them is they are 4080 on the weight rating. As you can see there is definitely more room for the tread width and there is adequate space For it not to rub, I just stuck with this for hauling. I think with the wider tires you will lose some of your weight rating if I am not mistaken but it's been a while since I was digging into this. The wider the tire on the stock rims does not do well when you are dragging max loads. (That's just my personal experience and opinion)

    $5000 to fix Adaptive Steering Fault??

    Just throwing numbers at it, but it accepted those parameters..... Maybe worth looking into

    Clutch noise at idle with the clutch out.

    Just throwing ideas out there but don't know your mechanical experience level. Center alignment good? Is the throwout lifting far enough? When you took it back apart where are the gring / rub marks? Check proper for proper spline fitment...housing to motor contact freely or did you have to use bolts to pull it in?

    $5000 to fix Adaptive Steering Fault??

    I have always been a Chevy guy...had great luck with all my GM vehicles. Then I got a new 2012 f150..abused the hell out of it, no issues. Then got a 2019 f250 no issues, then a 2019 f350 dually utility bed, still no issues. Now a 22 srw f350..got it Sept 2021, once again (to date) no issues ( Well there was one issue but turned out not to be the truck it was the bank's pedal monster and the truck not communicating well, was a banks software version) I am a fan of the f series trucks, basic BS components break here and there but that is expected because i use my trucks as workhorses. The f series trucks are great in my book. But the price of parts and labor are high....with this damn inflation they will go even higher. To all of you reading this that say "I have the money to pay for it, I don't need a warranty, it's nothing but gambling and a waste of money" Remember situations like what this guy just ran into , they're really not all of that rare

    Lost a key in Retrax Tonneau Cover

    😂 Can you take it off the rails easily while rolled up and turn it on its end and let the key slide out...don't know how it's made...just a thought.
  15. When I use to travel across the US and around Canada for work (servicing and reparing buck hoists) I use to sleep in my truck for several hours quite often as I would not have the time to stay in a hotel while trying to get to a broken down unit. After the unit was fixed then I would get a hotel to clean up and rest before long drive back to NC. Then I drove 5000ish miles a month. I HAD a need for good seats back then that would lay back. But now other than a random 15min doze off while wife is in store or something I never lay them back... Don't see this being a big selling feature for the average Joe. Or am I missing something?