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    Massage seats

    What? Massage seats?? So I know they have heat and AC and now they Massage you too? Heck yeah...my truck seats can give me a back rub, the rumba vacuum cleans the floors , pizza hut delivers food, .......my wife needs to step up her game or she will be out of a job soon! Technology is starting to make her less valuable! (I am joking! I am just joking!) [....well at least until the washing machine can figure out how to get clothing out of the hamper and also hang them up after drying]🤣

    Drink holders in XLT crewcab

    These are the pictures I said I would post sorry it took me so long.

    Can I fit a Side by Side in F350 short bed?

    It's a side by side with two seats😁😂

    Drink holders in XLT crewcab

    There's two tabs on the drink holder, and there's two slots in the under-seat area and the seat holds it down. When I get home from work I'll take a picture and post it.
  5. When putting truck into gear from park (especially for first time if not used for a week or so) the truck lunges. With a high idle and a 4.30 gear I do expect a little lunge but this feels more than I was expecting. I am basing this off my past and experience. My 7.4 chevy with 4.11 has no lunge (auto trans) and any drag car with 4.11 or 4.56 gearing has never lunged because they were all Muncie or Saginaws (so there can be no lunge). Never had a truck with a 4.30. So is this normal for this truck?

    Drink holders in XLT crewcab

    I had the same question when I picked up my 22 because I got them in my 19 XL... Went by the dealership and asked and they said that they don't do that for 22s, so I found some OEM Ford online for 43 bucks shipped... I ordered it for 2019 f350...said not avaliable for 2022...(or 21s) Same thing, fits perfectly! The drink holder sticks out the front like in the pic of my truck...or spin it around and they clip in under the center seat so they are out of the way. https://www.oemford.parts/oem-parts/ford-front-cup-holder-hc3z2813562ab

    Torklift ecohitch 2022 front hitch fit

    Now that is pretty cool! Never thought about a front hitch..I could fab a plate up with a winch to keep in the toolbox until needed. Well because my truck is already longer than the titanic and I want to have a winch but don't need truck longer than it already is... I like the front hitch idea😎

    2012 vs 2015 6.2 CCSB F250

    Sorry, I can not answer the question on the differences. But I can say that I have a 19 6.2 that is severely overworked on a daily basis and so far am up to 46k and I have had zero issues with it. I think it is a great engine that will work hard. Don't know if they had all the bugs and flaws worked out with them in 2012 as they were newer to the market.


    I remember you were upset about that at first delivery.... I hope Ford makes it right to you somehow! But if they don't I hope you give them the ass-chewing they deserve.

    F350 vs F250 with high capacity tow package

    How auto manufactures need to word these charts and stickers. YOUR TRUCK WEIGHS 7123LBS YOU CAN TOW UP TO 10,000 LBS 5TH WHEEL/GOOSENECK YOU CAN TOW UP TO 10,000LBS YOUR SLIDE IN CAMPER CAN WEIGH UP TO...XXX AFTER FULL TANK OF FUEL YOU CAN ONLY ADD 2500LBS TO YOUR TRUCK! ECT ECT..... Would cut down a lot of confusion through all truck classes and all markets 😆 🤣 😂

    F350 vs F250 with high capacity tow package

    That is right from the manual I got with the truck, those highlighted areas say passengers, driver cargo and any additional equipment. So it's the truck the way it was shipped out of the factory anything above that subtracts from cargo max/payload.

    F350 vs F250 with high capacity tow package

    Not according to the 2022 ford superduty owner's manual

    My New 2022 F250 is Missing in Action

    I am curious of the conclusion also!

    F350 vs F250 with high capacity tow package

    Now with that being said... my 2019 F350 dwr 6.2 4x4 truck with a utility bed says I'm allowed 4000 lb cargo.. I have 1,000 to maybe 1500 lb of tools in the tool boxes and in the Gang Box in the back. That leaves me 2500 to 3000 pounds of cargo capacity left. Regularly (almost daily) I haul 4500 lb of elevator test weights and the truck does just fine almost like nothing is in there but do notice it a little little bit on braking... but I am way over the sticker at this point (legal risky....YES!) Sometimes I do 5500 lb and still the truck still handles just fine .. sometimes I put 6000 to 7,000 lb back there and that's when I can really feel the push, the sway and the severely reduced braking. But even with that kind of weight I still don't have my buffer pads on the axles. These trucks will definitely handle more than that sticker but the question you have to ask yourself is it worth the risk. Because once you're pulled over from being over weighted they don't just write you a ticket and tell you to carry on, you are stuck there until there's less weight or there's somebody else that is legally able to carry the weight rhat comes to get your trailer or your cargo. I run this dually truck around the city and have four people I can call that can be out there within 30 minutes to transfer weight but with the new 22 F-350 single rear wheel I will be traveling all up and down the east coast and in the future to the West Coast with a fifth wheel that's when I am not going to risk it because I will not have the convenience buffer of just calling somebody to help me out if needed.

    F350 vs F250 with high capacity tow package

    The weight adds up fast in the truck also. Think about the stuff you never really think about for weight. This is what I have to figure in on weight. Me 190 Wife 130 ish( I have to be very careful she may read this) 😂 2 young kids 170 Tool box + contents (estimated) 300 5th wheel hitch 150 Dog 75 Misc crap in truck.. figure in all the stuff you carry with you when you go on vacation GPS, phones, cables, purses, pistol (and 4 mags😁😂😂), WeatherTech floor mats seat covers, drinks, lunch box all the crappy stuff behind the seat under the seats Exedra Exedra Exedra... 100lbs That's 1115 lbs. Now take your fifth wheel pin weight and add all the extra crap that you throw in the camper between the camper Wheels and the front of camper. Pots, pans ,food, all kitchen stuff, chairs clothing, bedding, washer dryer if not equipped, and all the other stuff that you will accumulate overtime or even while you're on vacation, wheel chocks tools ect ect ect.. all of that really adds up! Add 300 very conservative lbs for that. Dont put yourself right on the line or close to it, just like with estimating a job (brickwork, welding, building a home, building a shed, renovation, whatever it may be) factor in 25% more for the stuff that you forgot about or did not planned for. So now I have let's just say 1400 lb left on my payload that leaves me anywhere from 2700 starting at the door sticker that says 4400. 2700.... throw rated 1800-2000 pin weight on there I have 700- 900 left. Nice capacity Factor I'm comfortable with. But I ordered this truck with the absolute most cargo capacity I could get in a single rear wheel truck with keeping the bear Needs & Wants.