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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    F450 Extended Warranty - Should I get one?

    If my wife's car which does not have the extended warranty Has a small issue like a insignificant button not working or the fan not going to high or low Hi or like he said lines in the screen, we will probably not pay the money to get it fixed. (Big issues are a must) but a few lines in the defrost not working or electric mirror won't move...I would probably just deal with it until we sell it and get the next car. With 22 truck even if it's something minor it will be replaced with the extended warranty so I have 7 more years I know everything on the truck will work.... no questions. That is nice to know That I won't be nickel and dimed to death for this vehicle

    Hard not to consider, right?

    What? xl going for 85....damn! Now is this what they are selling for or is it people fishing on Facebook or Craigslist? Just to see what kind of interest there at that price in hopes for a remarkable profit.

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    That made me remember this.... My best friend bought the Harley Davidson f150 truck years back. He was so exited to show me the truck and all options it had, so the wife, kids and I drove to his town about 1h20mins away to go eat dinner with him and his family. As soon as we got to the restraunt he pulled me out of the restraunt to his new fancy truck. "Heat and ac seats, power running boards and check this out.....VOICE COMMAND!😆" So he proceeded to demonstrate.... ....well his West Virginia mountain accent was so strong that the truck could not understand one single thing he requested. For 5 mins he tried and tried and tried. "Welllll hold on a dang min..it worked at the house" .....5 more minutes later (SpongeBob reference) He gave up and was upset at his new fancy truck...because "the damn truck just doesn't understand english" 😂😂😂😂😂

    Hard not to consider, right?

    Double post...deleted

    Hard not to consider, right?

    Oh yeah...I have not worn a mask from day 1. Been asked to leave many stores (and I comply without resentment....their buisness their rules).. I have only put on a mask when I am in company uniform and in a building that told me to do so. I have been sick in 15 years, not even the common cold.....(I have a recipe for that). Covid was nothing to me but a blessing.... others not so much☹️

    Hard not to consider, right?

    Yep.... Kind of feels like when out in public during covid and not wearing a mask. You always had that 1 person that comes by comes by and yells at you how you're not being responsible and you are putting other people's lives in danger. One day later the state says you don't have to wear a mask and those same people that were yelling at you that you are endangering other people....well....they stopped their righteous garbled And took their masks off also. They are on the Internet too.😂😂😂

    Hard not to consider, right?

    For me not worth it, figure out everything you have into that truck, taxes, tag, title, this fee that fee anything you bought for the truck already.... If irs starts their audit snooping will they see this transaction Did you buy it through business or personal....(so figure that in) The hassle of waiting for a new one.....again. Having to deal with the time involved in selling it and people's crap. In the end you really won't have that much leftover if you figure in all the time and small expenses. Not worth it in my opinion.

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    Yanni...world instrumental.....😎

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    I'm waiting for the cassette to come back😎 (so I can embarrass my kids jamming to Gordon Lightfoot and james taylor when picking them up from school)

    Dog/stink accessory specific question

    I would like to see this....sound like a good idea...intrigued!

    F450 Extended Warranty - Should I get one?

    I will purchase the 8 year 100k warranty when my truck is coming close to the 3 year mark (I will not be close to the 36,000 mile mark so will hit the time first). I have put a stupid amount of money into accessories and upgrades for this truck that total around $7000 (what's a few k more at this point) The warranty is around $2100 now, maybe be $2500 in 2 years 3 months. The way I look at it is like this..... I added spray in bed liner, mud flaps, seatcovers, floor mats to protect parts of my truck ifrom damage and all of that totals out to around $1700. Why not spend 2000 or 2500 to protect my bank account from damage. I am sure that within 5 years after factory warranty (8 years total from purchase) I will have something or some things fail on the truck that will cost me at least 1000... so at that point my mechanical insurance for large ticket items is costing my 1000-1500. I am OK with that.

    Good tail gate lock?

    After seeing rancher's post and then the comment about the Tailgate lock I wanted to see what was out there? I see many different kinds through many different manufacturers. The one to me that looked the sturdiest was the master lock brand but it looks like they don't sell that anymore. What's a good tailgate lock? I'd like to find something unique, I imagine the most standard one is not the most secure... the thieves probably carry around a torque's head bit.

    Breach proof door lock/handle 2022 super duty?

    Rancher.....did your alarm go off? How long does it go off for? Is it a min or two or does it stay on till someone with a key fob gets there and turned it off?

    Breach proof door lock/handle 2022 super duty?

    Something similar happen to our 1999 Durango about 15 years ago. Wife and I went to a mall to shop for Christmas gifts, when we came out noticed the passenger lock cylinder was missing (That was back when I use to open the door for her....😬)I always used the key fob so thought maybe it has been like that for a while, I assumed it just fell out because well it is a dodge and that piece of crap regularly fell apart. Nothing was damaged and there was nothing in there to steal so thought nothing of it. That week I took door apart to put the lock back in and saw how the plastic tabs that hold the cylinder in place were snapped off....started looking and saw how easy it was to break in. Hit the lock in....reach in 2" with needle nose pliers and grab rod that attaches to the cylinder and push ....done. Thieves suck!

    Confirm front wheel well liner part number

    Did these go over the The fiber is feeling once that come on the truck or do they replace the fiber ones. I'm calling it fiber because it's almost like a molded cloth type material I'm not sure if all trucks come like this but my 19 and my 22 both have the same thing.