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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. stevenc

    Hard not to consider, right?

    F*cking Richard move.
  2. stevenc

    Hard not to consider, right?

    I ❤️ the internet...
  3. stevenc

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    Disclaimer... I very much remember being pelted with Abba & The Bee Gees via 8-track as an impressionable youth. God bless El Camino's [F*ck, really? Wow... I guess I am, uh... sh*t... the grey hair makes sense, now... G*damn kids get off my lawn!] Seriously, I was kinda floored (5 years ago) that my '14 F150 still had a mini frisbee slot
  4. stevenc

    Hard not to consider, right?

    Simmer down, it's just a bit of commentary on the current state of affairs. Plenty of idiots out there willing to pay an ignorance tax. IF a used market existed I would 100% consider, but it doesn't... whiiiich is why I bought new. If there was a used market we wouldn't see this scenario to begin with. I like my truck. I also like that it will hold value far more appropriately than the guy who just paid 80k for a used 2017 6.7 with 80K miles. 🍻
  5. stevenc

    F250 7.3 gas milage question

    Third fill up today & running a solid 14mpg with 88 octane (7000' elevation.) No towing yet running "around town" varied 30-50mph & maybe 20% interstate up & down the pass at 75-80. Hard to complain
  6. Currently pondering the same. We are a one pup family & she usually gets free range of the rear with the seats folded up. The fold up/under seat storage is really appealing but the reality is our seats are rarely down. In that vane, my concern is that the standard Weathertech style mats are narrow, only covering the carpet area & abut that plastic storage vs full floor coverage. I don't think it would take long for dog nails to wreak havoc on that plastic 'pseudo' floor. At the moment we are utilizing a moving blanket. Woof is in her twilight years & with likely only a few months left we will have time to prepare for the next gen.
  7. stevenc

    What's your payload capacity?

    F250 Lariat CCSB 4x4 FX4 7.3 gas
  8. Ugh... c'mon Ford. $60k & I have to shim the plastic to stop the obnoxious constant squeak? #firstworldproblems
  9. stevenc

    What's your payload capacity?

    It's just a derating often used commercially for state DOT registration & insurance purposes. No physical difference
  10. stevenc

    Fender Flares - Yay or Nay?

    Not my jam, but that's probably because I usually notice them on ridiculous looking builds like Chevy Avalanches with skinny tires. They remind me of cheap plastic wheel covers.
  11. stevenc

    7.3 Gas, Octane & Elevation

    My original post now seems a bit vague. I find it interesting that 85 octane is still so prevalent here in the west at elevation. I understand how it originated & there are arguments in both directions on whether it is "ok" to use. There are soooo many people filling up daily with 85 in modern vehicles that clearly have a minimum rating of 87. I recently turned my brother in law onto this in regards to his 2018 150 eco boost. My suggestion to him was to run 88 at a minimum (87 is not available here) & when towing the RV bump up a notch. He was surprised at the results.
  12. stevenc

    What does your Super Duty Pull/Tow?

    Ours will split time between between RV & moving work equipment & dump trailers, etc. Def not required for this RV but we're prepared for the next upgrade.
  13. stevenc

    F250 7.3 gas milage question

    More detail? Don't have much reference as I just hit 100 miles. My needle didn't move much past 10mpg but it makes sense given the truck likely only idled around the dealer & then I drove it straight uphill 3000' via interstate. I reset the second trip meter today & seem to be floating between 13-15 for "around town" but again, not much flat around here. Also, I've no idea what fuel is currently in the tank. (7.3 F250 3.55)
  14. stevenc

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    👍🏻 Yes, stone gray. Sounds cliche, but have yet to find a camera angle that really does the color any justice. I'm beyond ecstatic with it (albeit only 48 miles worth). Wifey was not stoked at the stiffness 😂, but as long as the rv is in tow she's fine. Having spent so much time in diesel SD's I feel like the gas motor has a nimble feel to it. Need some step rails, floor mats, tonneau, window tint & that should be it for now 😉😂🤔