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  1. I went with the husky liners I order mine for a 22 back when Black Friday was going on… the rear fit had to trim I 1/4” off the passenger side mat to fit and drivers side fit perfectly but other than the they work… hope this help
  2. I may have to get another 30bags when I do I’ll take some pictures and post them
  3. Payload my payload on my 7.3 F350 is 4100 and some odd lbs I put a 1200-1500lb pallet of River rock in the bed when I went over bumps it was on the over load springs and hitting the bump stops I can’t imagine if I was to put on a 5th wheel with 2000+ tongue weight in it what it would do seems soft to my.. I don’t have FX4 or Tremor package because I wanted as much payload as I could get ?‍♂️?‍♂️
  4. I don’t know it’s concerning for me..mine is a F350 7.3 just the other day I drove with about 1200-1500lbs in the bed (that’s another issue I need to figure out to) the temp went up to 219 it was about 80+ outside… I don’t want to think about what it would go up to pulling a 5th wheel on hot days or hills.. it’s very concerning
  5. Sounds awesome to me NOT good luck
  6. Yeah it’s annoying I wonder if it’s a glitch in the system but who know
  7. Wanted to start a topic on 23 issues I’ve been having a issue with my 360 camera the tailgate Cam is blue screen every now and then want to see if anyone else has a the same issue also Trans temp seem high also when it’s warm out it runs anywhere from 200-220 in town driving seem high to me ?‍♂️
  8. Mine has the F350 7.3 lariat ultimate pkg, CCSWB 3.73 moon roof 5th wheel prep, sport appearance pkg non-FX4 it has a payload of 4123lbs.
  9. First ever Super Duty have done a few things to it in the last few weeks of owning it
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