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  1. Sounds like they've lost confidence in themselves. Sad. There should be NO problems! NONE NADA ZILCH ZERO
  2. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Bob, my tree guy is indeed a Ford guy! Loves his F750 Powerstroke! He also has two mid-80's L9000 cranes w/Cummins and Detroit. Yeah Bob, I think you're right about the possible Mack demise, however I just read Mack Defense is testing trucks for US military use, so maybe to stay "American", they might keep it, for a while at least. I finally saw my dream TV ad! Ford bragging PROUDly about their leadership in supplying emergency vehicles! Now we need a C9000 tandem axle pumper/tanker!
  3. Joe771476

    Wow! Really???

    I agree!
  4. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    The guy who is going to remove my downed tree was down the street and he has some F250 thru 450's. He also has some F750's including at least one brand new OAP Power Stroke..........Bob! When he removes my tree, I'm going to ask him point blank if Ford did not make mediums, would you be buying Ford class 1 thru 5. Let's see what he says. In all honesty, he probably will say yes, since around here in New England Ford class 1 thru 5 is king. Most outfits with International and Freightliner mediums have Ford light duty. On another note, anybody know why HDT mag doesn't print truck sales anymore? Did a mfr. complain, maybe Hino, since I was pointing out their incremental monthly sales?
  5. Here is the real problem: Have you seen a "LOOK BOTH WAYS" sign at any crosswalks lately? NO!!!! Young people and the population in general have been conditioned that cars must stop for pedestrians. Whether they are in a crosswalk or not shouldn't matter! Pedestrians must be responsible. Yeah they may be right, but they'll be dead right if they don't look! The reason is -- in my opinion -- because lawyers can't sue pedestrians (they have no insurance) so they put the burden on the motorist who does! You get it? Money! School children need to be taught from the first day at school to look both ways when crossing streets, driveways etc. and never ASSume that the car is going to stop! I've seen kids step off a school bus and walk across the front of the bus and run across the street without looking, assuming all cars will stop. I don't know if there is a protocol that has the bus driver say, "Ok, you can cross" or not, but that can change in the blink of an eye!
  6. Good luck! Just curious as to what segment of the entertainment business you were in.
  7. Joe771476

    Those poor explorers..

    The dumbing down of America. Don't train engineers have to know the height of their loads and aren't there height signs on bridges over railroad track routes like truckers do with highway bridge height signs? Guess not!
  8. Gee, I was just watching an Amazon TV ad touting their electric vans and they look like Transits! So what am I missing? Aren't they already apparently manufacturing electric Transits? Who is providing the electric drivetrain to Ford? On a side note, is there hope for class 8 again?
  9. AND, you don't think Dodge will stop at Chargers, do you? Next they'll be pitching SUV's!
  10. Joe771476

    Help Find Big Red

    Motor Trend is owned by the foreign brands.
  11. You can kiss new office building construction goodbye! And the construction companies/industry will make up for the loss by bidding 2 to 5 times what the job SHOULD cost! So essentially they'll be pricing themselves out of a job! Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  12. They certainly are losing passenger car police cruiser sales to Dodge!!
  13. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    The reason why Ford was losing sales in the late 90's/early 2000's was because they didn't keep the lineup fresh and updated. The first generation L-series had a run of about 30 years! It was getting old, that's why Ford did the refresh in 1996! And Daimler/Freight knew they had to get rid of it! Ford still had a vibrant network of truck-only dealers! When Daimler bought it, the dealership network collapsed. You can destroy a building in one minute! But it takes a year or 2 to rebuild it!, You can destroy a car line or truck line in one month! But it takes 10 to 20 years to rebuild it! Look at Lincoln and Cadillac! They've never FULLY recovered!
  14. From what I understand, Biden can't complete a coherent sentence to save his life! Some people say he will either be removed from office for being unable to serve competently, or die naturally, or be assassinated so that you will have your first minority/female president!