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  1. Not sure if I'm repeating anything in here, but check out these neat features of the new Bronco, which I just saw at a burger stand yesterday. The Ford Bronco Is Back And Better Than Ever In 2021 (Plus Hidden Features) - Brake For It
  2. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Remember when 90 % of the time, the brand of tractor hauling a car brand was the same? Ford tractor hauling Ford cars etc. (122) GMC FORD WHITE MACK DAF MAN LEYLAND.$$Cania.CHeVROLET.DODGE.. - YouTube
  3. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Last I read, they were in 35 countries.
  4. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    From what I can tell, I don't think the Ford diesel/Ford trans. is being offered in the Pierce Saber fire apparatus any longer. I think they went to Cummins/Allison. Ford got into diesels way too late. They were a huge player in heavy trucks back in the 60's thru early 90's but refused for the most part to make their own diesel, instead throwing in Detroits, Cummins and Cat's. They're 60 years too late! By now they could have established Ford diesels as bullet proof. Now with everything going propane, natural gas and electric, who knows how much longer the diesel engine in general will be around anyway. Meanwhile a few months ago it seemed that a Ford/Oshkosh venture would be the USPS's next mail truck. It was basically a Transit. Not sure what Oshkosh brought to the table unless they were the ones who upfitted it with the sliding doors. But now I see Oshkosh alone will supply it and environmentalists are already complaining there's not enough electric versions in the contract. Not sure what the basic engine is but i would be it's a GM (Govt. Motors) engine. Also Oshkosh is making a JTLM military vehicle to replace the Humvee which does have a Duramax diesel. Lastly, I see in Amazon TV ads they use Sprinters and Ford Transits as seen in the background. But here in CT, they've been using all Ram Promasters. But now they've outgrown them and are using the standard UPS type parcel van and they are Freightliners! Daimler wins again! You can't beat 'em! More on that later. You can find links to the mail truck topics. I'm not going to insert any here.
  5. Joe771476

    Ford-Otosan Transit

    I'm not happy about this VW Transit deal. So if you live in Europe and you have a choice of buying a Ford or VW Transit, I think they're going to buy the VW out of loyalty. So this way Ford loses their market share in Europe. VW and Daimler can't stand the fact that Ford leads in commercial sales in Europe! It actually gnaws at them every waking moment!
  6. Can an electric powered fire truck pumper be durable and reliable enough to pump 500 gallons per minute of water at a fire scene for up to 5 hours at a time for in some cities might be as much as 3 times a week? Can an electric motor provide enough thrust to power a 747 for 6 to 10 hours? I wonder.
  7. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Bob, is HDT posting sales figures again? I think they stopped for a while. Meanwhile as Bob and I have noticed here in the northeast, it seems 99% of home fuel oil delivery trucks are PACCAR (KW/Pete). Why? This a segment that Ford could easily handle. I mean I don't even see Internationals or Freightliners! Somebody at PACCAR either went to every dealer in person or by mail and made them an offer they couldn't refuse! A class 8 provider can easily go down to 6 & 7 and turn excess capacity for class 8 into medium duty sales at a cheaper cost! I'm going to say it again. As long as Ford does not make a class 8 truck, their class 7 sales will be almost nothing. Nobody takes Ford seriously in class 7. Do you?
  8. Joe771476

    Mach-E Recall

    After being in the biz since 1903, NO mistakes should be made, unless you want to blame it on the dumbing down of America.
  9. I don't get it. They've been implementing $10 billion dollar restructuring and cost cutting every 5 years for the last 40 years. Who comes up with these bloated figures and actually implements them? The cost cutting should have been over with after the first wave!! If they'd stop putting billions into new unneeded plants, they wouldn't have to shut them down 10 years later!
  10. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    I was watching either something on TV or youtube and Henry Ford and Thomas Edison built what was probably the first electric car, but apparently it didn't get much attention back then.
  11. Joe771476

    2021 f150 battery drain

    This is why i don't buy new vehicles. I buy used 5 to 8 yr. old vehicles and drive them for 300,000 plus miles for another 5 to 10 years. My property taxes and insurance are virtually nothing and any repairs, which for me are almost non-existent are cheaper and easier. As long as the oil and coolant levels are full, I'm golden. I've rarely done oil changes. My only significant repairs have been a heater blower motor and water pump on my 74 Lincoln Mark IV which I no longer have, and an alternator on my 2005 Taurus, which took me a whopping 30 minutes! In between I had an 85 LTD wagon. Back in 1968, I drove my father's 1954 Ford Crestline with 350,000 miles on it to the junkyard. What a mistake that was. I'm 70 years old. On a side note, I get 120,000 or more miles on a set of brakes because I don't run right up to a red light. I'll back off the gas, lightly tap the brakes and after about 5 to 8 seconds, I will get a green light. That's how loop sensor activated traffic signals work. Also, It's more economical to bring a 2-ton vehicle up to speed from a slow roll, rather than a dead stop. That's ONE reason why with my Taurus I don't just get 24 MPG like Ford says I should get, I get about 30 MPG. That's right; I still have the Taurus!!! Here's a tip for you: Do you have a ceiling fan with 5 light bulbs? Take 4 out and you'll still have plenty of light! If you want, put a slightly higher wattage bulb in but I don''t think you'll have to; I didn't.
  12. I knew Ford couldn't/wouldn't do it themselves. I hope Ford isn't going to use VW electric tech in the Ford Otosan heavy truck.
  13. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    That was awesome!
  14. Why does it cost $4 billion to exit a country and close factories? You turn off the lights, lock the doors, and go home! The rest is financial baloney!
  15. Joe771476

    Ford/Mahindra partnership ends

    I think VW put the kibosh on it.