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  1. The bakery down the street says their hotcakes are selling like Broncos! Yeah I stole Iacocca's quip!
  2. A guy told me the other day that the Bible says when right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right, the end is near. Tensions are high between China and the US, and the pentagon is releasing files possibly confirming the existence of UFO's/extra terrestrial life. Spend all your money now and kiss every girl you see! Pinch her rear end too! I am! LOL
  3. Joe771476

    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    Nobody cares anymore and my buddy thinks it's sabotage! Oh well.
  4. Joe771476

    Transit issues...

    yeah what is it with these sedans today that sound like a helicopter when the rear window are down? I don't remember this happening back in the 60's/70's/80's? Do you?
  5. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Forgot to mention I saw an Avon Lake F-series medium duty UPS truck. So you know if they bought one, they must have bought at least a thousand! Hopefully more! But of course all the markings are gone, so I couldn't tell if it was a 650 or 750 or what diesel. It was sitting real high so I'll bet it's a 750, especially being a parcel truck. I got a postal friend who's going to ask a UPS driver if he can find out what the diesel engine is.
  6. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Commercial CONVENTIONAL cab pumpers are still being built in abundance. The NFPA standards were written by the apparatus mfrs. because they couldn't sell their outrageously priced custom cab/chassis while the Ford C-series was still killing them! They weren't happy with just selling the body, they wanted the cab/chassis part too! There's no way a pumper/ladder should cost $500,000/$1,000,000! I don't care if it's made of aluminum, stainless steel, diamond plate or gold! Yeah I know there's a lot of electronics and hydraulics -- oil in outriggers and ladder elevation and water. The reason why the price is so high is they don't sell that many of them. A mfr. can't keep hundreds of workers and plants going selling just 50 to 100 units a year for just $100,000, which is what the price SHOULD be! So they quintuple it! And the NFPA standards don't help either. By the way, this new way of economics is why highway construction bids are so high now. They're afraid they're not going to get the go ahead/approval from the DOT/legislature, so they triple the bid price hoping they get lucky and make up for the bids they did NOT get approved! They didn't get approved because your bids were too high!! But what came first, the chicken or the egg?! If their bids were reasonable, they would have been approved and you wouldn't have to pad future ones! Here in CT, they approved and built a bus-only 10 mile stretch that cost $500,000,000!!!! It was originally called the Busway, but Dannel Malloy was the governor and if they named it the Dannel Malloy Busway, it would have been DuMB!!!!!! So they named it CTFastrak.......a fast track to state bankruptcy! I think Ford should rework a new updated C-series cab/chassis with some retro styling, wider cab, high roof, 4 doors and their own diesel and maybe even acquire an apparatus mfr.to make the body to put on it!! A dream? Maybe!
  7. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Sorry Ifeg, it was news to me! I just read Paccar is supplying engines to Pierce for fire apparatus. Gee, I hope this isn't another OLD bit of news! And does anybody know how the Ford diesel is performing in their apparatus? I just saw a blue Ford F350 with an enclosed utility/mechanic body. The Connecticut license plate said FORD 350, the mud flaps said "Built Ford Tough" and there was a huge Ford blue (actually white because it was on a blue body) oval painted on the back of the body. No other identifying marks so i don't know what he did for a living unless he was a Ford mechanic! But talk about gung-ho! 7M3, is there a link to that?
  8. Let's get rid of the name King. A king was a figure who lorded over his subjects, right? So let's get rid of it. Oops! So we would have to get rid of the name Martin Luther King! They burned down the Minneapolis post office, then wondered why they weren't getting their stimulus checks and prescriptions! They're tearing down Abraham Lincoln statues, the man who freed the slaves! Insanity! And people want to erase our history! Then I say let's give the country back to England! Do you think they'd take it?
  9. Yes T-dubz, you're right. if the mechanical frame/platform keeps taking a licking but keeps on ticking, stay with it! Just change the sheet metal.....slightly. But are Ford platforms as reliable as Toyota's? And you don't need 20 wheel options, 10 speed wipers and a bunch of other nonsense. I'm seeing a lot of Dodge Chargers, including police packages. You mean Ford couldn't have kept just one sedan........Taurus or Fusion? Come on!
  10. A) he said if he's elected, he'd make everybody wear a mask (like a sheep) ! B) his running mate will be a minority woman, qualifications are secondary! I see a Trump landslide!
  11. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Ford is back in the marine biz! Ford Back In Marine Engine Business | Medium Duty Work Truck Info
  12. Can't California just break off and drop into the Pacific like so many people wish it would!!??
  13. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    I just found this. This rail line is using a 5-cylinder Ford Duratorq for power in England!! Viva Vivarail’s D-train transformation!
  14. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Nice print ad in Firehouse mag showing an F550 emergency vehicle with byline, "Built to support those who support the world. When the need has never been bigger, Ford is proud to help get the job done, just as we have been for over 100 years." I wish I could see an F8000 commercial fire chassis for a tandem axle tanker/pumper in their portfolio based on the new aluminum cab! Wouldn't that be a pretty sight!? Then I would be proud!
  15. If I don't want to drive myself, I'll call a taxi! Second, AV's might work in Nebraska, but not in he pot-holed, icy, snowy, congested, traffic jammed Northeast.