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  1. Joe771476

    Old Fords at Work

    How long are class 8 trucks kept? When Ford sold off the heavy truck, it seemed that 6 to 10 years later there wasn't one to be seen! Similarly, when Sterling ceased in 2007, the same thing happened. I don't see one now!
  2. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    I went to the Durham CT Fair last week and Chevrolet and Ram had some trucks on display including a Chevy 5500 that appeared to be their medium duty offering. No Fords did I see on display, unless they were somewhere else. But imagine my surprise when I saw these Ford-blue colored LS tractors! The audacity! LS Tractors | Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia LS Mtron
  3. Is anybody else having this problem? I can get page 1 of a thread, but if I try to go to page 2, it just says LOADING.
  4. If money is the problem, then read my Aviation post in the Lounge forum. Ford is all done.
  5. Joe771476

    More Good Press :(

    How old are the designers, engineers, assembly men, etc., 19? Ford and other mfrs. didn't have these problems back in the day! Why is the parking brake coming on? Don't tell me a computer runs that too! Lincoln will never make it as a luxury player with this kind of nonsense! Sickening!
  6. Those arrogant Germans must be really peaved between the Ford sales increases and Mustang popularity! Daimler/Mercedes undermined Ford in the class 8 biz, now VW is doing a number on Ford's van biz. Stay away from those Germans! They'll take you down Ford! Mark my words! If you only knew the predictions I've made over the last 40 years that have ALL come true! And in each case, I made them 10 years before they happened! But I can't predict the lottery numbers.........yet!
  7. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    This is a must-watch 4 minute video. Amazing! 1956 Ford C500 COE Marmon Herrington 4x4 Open Cab Range Tender Fire Truck - YouTube
  8. This guy is a pilot, a sort of nuts and bolts kind of guy and gives you little tidbits on a wide range of aviation issues. Go to the 00.53 mark and he sums it up quite well! Ford, as well as all mfrs. take note! Ironic that Alan Mulally was from Boeing! Another great aviation youtube channel is Mentour Pilot. He's a pilot and if you watched enough of his videos, you could fly a 747! A third is the Flight Channel, where they go through investigations of dozens if not a hundred air crashes, from departure, pilot experience, plane age, ownership history, engine history, and gives step by step occurrences including communications using extraordinary animation so realistic looking, you can make out some E-series, F-series mediums, and International and other airport support vehicles on the tarmac. 737 Max UPDATE "Delays" 4 Sept 2019 - YouTube
  9. The Grumman LLV (Long Life Vehicle) mail truck, built on an 80's Chevy S10 chassis, while finally reaching the end of its tour of duty, has been good for the USPS. Except for recent fires and a few other things, it's bulletproof. They start right up every morning. The aluminum bodies are all like brand-new! The front and rear bumpers absorb minor hits, it turns on a dime with a turning radius that allows a U-turn on a narrow 2-lane road. ALL access to it, whether driver or mail is by sliding door so the door does not stick out. These features are VERY important. Plus the driver must be on the RIGHT side to place mail in roadside mailboxes. I don't see a Transit fulfilling the job. And like the article says, air conditioning and anti-lock brakes would be a plus, but except for driving TO and FROM their RURAL routes, these trucks are not driven that fast, not much more than 35 to 45 MPH. In fact the City routes never go much faster than 25 MPH. If the next generation of mail trucks does not have all the above features, it's quite frankly useless!
  10. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Twintornados: Gee I was keeping track of heavy truck sales back in the 80's/90's and I'm quite sure Ford was at various times either A leader or THE leader in class 6, 7 AND 8. Bob, you have any input? Also saw the cover of butane/propane magazine showing dozens -- maybe a hundred -- of Blue Bird Vision (Roush/Ford) school buses being refueled in Boston.
  11. Joe771476

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    Did you hear the latest? Sorry if I offend any stockholders, but CEO's of companies are finally going to make decisions on what's best for the company, NOT for shareholder value!! About time! Ford sold off the aerospace division, the farm tractor biz, and the class 8 heavy truck biz, all for shareholder value! Now the stock is at $9.00 and the company is an emaciated, emasculated shell. Very sad! By the way, New Holland tractor is doing great and Freightliner (Mercedes), who stole the class 8 heavy truck biz from Ford for a measley $300 million (after Ford had completely redeigned it!) and named it Sterling, then dropped it ten years later in 2007, has about 50 percent of the class 8 biz! They had to get rid of that pesky Ford in class 8.
  12. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    rmc523.........I hope you're right, but don't forget: Ford had just retooled the L-series in 1996/1997 after being stagnant for about 25 years, and Freightliner came along and STOLE it for a mere $300 million! They knew they had to buy them out or lose market share big time! If Ford goes into class 8, the rest are all done. Oh it will take some time. I'd bet money that VW in joint venture talks with Ford, has asked them to stay out of class 8 because of their (VW's) interest in Navistar. Wanna bet?! If Ford wants to talk "proud," then go into class 8 full tilt! Let's see the blue oval on tri-axle dumps and class 8 fire pumpers/tankers! Not just some Mickey Mouse landscaping dumps!!
  13. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    I see on websites that the new mediums are 2021 models.
  14. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    yeah Bob, your point about the tag axle and NOT a tandem is well taken, but it just seemed to me that it wasn't a tag axle, wheel/tire diameter was identical to live axle, had dual wheels. Yeah I know, some are. But anyway. I'm trying to envision the next generation mediums using class 1 thru 5 sheet metal ( will they be aluminum?) and I like it!
  15. They don't make money selling cars; they make it selling replacement parts and repairs. Founder Henry Ford said I'll give my cars away if I could be guaranteed all the replacement part biz. A $30,000 Taurus is probably $80,000 -- or more -- part by part.