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  1. jasonj80

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    Not really governing as it is not legally binding. It is the result of what happens when the people elected to govern don't because its easier to kick the can. The mess in Washington is really having an impact on the industry and the industry is lost as to what to do as your product plans and business forecasting go 5 years out and you have a 10 year roadmap. It is the reason Ford/BMW/Honda/VW went to California and worked the settlement out for mileage rules. You can also see the absence of other manufactures in the settlement to know who is backing the reduced mileage requirements (cough GM/FCA) The 2021 F-150 was developed with those numbers in mind, not backing them actually gives FCA an advantage as they can sell products (old RAM for instance) that do not need the technology to obtain higher mileage numbers that they don't have or need to buy credits from Tesla/others which could make the product less profitable.
  2. jasonj80

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    Mainly Cost they can save a few pennies to $20+ a unit depending on the cost cutting. It also allowed to give an updated look for a minor refresh or back in the badge engineer days difference between Ford and Mercury. Most Euro Luxury stopped using them to make it more difficult to export the cars to other countries, there was a very good grey market to buy used high end cars in the US then export them back to Europe/ROW. Making people buy new assemblies and wire adds to the cost and makes the importation more difficult. Some also comes from regulations being talked about, it gets brought up every few years to make them mandatory so manufacturers want to be ready. When the NHSTA study came out showing the reductions in accidents with vehicles equipped with them it was all but assumed that it was a done deal to require them. Congress did nothing with the data so manufacturers looking to cut costs went back to Red. The safety credit they get now is a way to get things implemented without having to make a law to force them to do it. Ranger gets credits for the rear seat belt reminder too. Even if they do become mandatory there is usually a phase in period for the required equipment based on sales.
  3. The cost of the security is more than the loss or in today’s world the bad PR that comes from stopping it. It’s the reason that you can just walk out of any major retailer with merchandise and you will not be stopped and in some cases they will not call the police until hours/days later. Last thing any company wants is a security guard harassing someone shoplifting or the shoplifter being Injured. The negative PR is worse than the loss of the product.
  4. jasonj80

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    They get factored into the safety score from NHTSA starting this year, they can't mandate them without congressional approval but NHTSA went this route in an attempt to get them installed faster than getting required, Seems new Ford and FCA updated vehicles seem to be getting them. GM/Euro's still are not using them but on one or two vehicles. IIHS has considered that they be required for Top safety pick + in future years as well, could just be future proofing the model.
  5. jasonj80

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    The current super crew with 6.5ft bed is almost 21feet long.
  6. Well they do speak Portuguese in Brazil and it will be sold there.
  7. jasonj80

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    I'm surprised it has taken this long for photos, they've been out during the day in force for at least a month now.. The Bronco mules have been cruising around at night so should get some photos of them in the next month or so.
  8. Always lease a first model year vehicle. If it’s reliable and you don’t have issues buy the lease. If it’s bad hand the keys and walk away.
  9. jasonj80

    2021 Chevy Traverse Refresh Spied

    Don’t worry though the gauges will have the same font as a 1986 Z28.
  10. They really aren't though. Electric vehicle are actually super basic compared to an ICE vehicle. What Tesla did realized is that if you made them a performance vehicle rather than a compliance vehicle you can change the prices needed for the cost of the battery's and that is huge. Tesla then went and promised a 35K car and had to build something that didn't have the ability to make money on it, built it then stopped building it. All other OEM's have to make money, and that guides business decisions; Tesla doesn't and really only current money it makes is selling credits, which the rules today agreed to by California and Ford/Honda/VW/BMW make selling those all but useless. Tesla should have sold at the Model 3 and started it at 50K, and had it slightly more luxurious. Then had the model Y start at 60K and refresh the S and X and added an even more lux vehicle above those add a pickup at 65K+. The model would work at what the costs of battery's are going to cost over the next 5 years and would have made money. Musk wasn't happen being a Luxury player, he wanted mass market when the production costs don't allow him to be in that market his ego is what doomed it. They are running out of cash so they are either going to need to issue more stock or get more deposits in for future vehicles. The big Institutional investors have slowly exited and are walking away and if the losses don't slow down they will be bankrupt by the end of next year. Large investors (Saudi's for example) have guarantees elsewhere to be made whole in case of default, so its going to be the smaller guys, workers with options and the stock gamblers that are going to get killed.
  11. If you lose money on every item you sell and you sell more of them it is not that hard to realize you'll just lose a lot more money. I don't understand when pro Tesla investment people talk about "cash flow" on Tesla, cash flow in a money losing company is basically a Ponzi scheme as the new money you're taking in is to pay debts you can't sustain without the incoming cash as the product you sell isn't producing enough profit to make those payments.
  12. jasonj80

    Silverado diesel 33mpg,,,

    Very impressive. Will be interesting to see real world numbers as Diesel will usually beat the EPA numbers fairly well.
  13. jasonj80

    New lawsuit $1.2B

    No they don't, they can be done anywhere and go in front of a Jury that will find Ford guilty; true facts don't matter. Evil company making billions, vs poor consumer that was lied too. It might take them 5 or 6 jury's but they will find one (Texas, South Carolina or Alabama are always good) Then all the other lawyers jump on. Ford will most likely end up settling this. The lawfirm will get hundreds of millions and the people will get a $500 rebate to use off the purchase of their next truck good for a year. Congress is the one that needs to step in on these Class Action suits but being that 1/2 are lawyers and some made their millions doing this exact type of law the chances of that happening are about 0. All you'd have to do is cap lawyers fees at 10%, and if the case is lost the law firm (partners) that sued become liable for costs of the other side not the named party. VW is very different in that it was 100% malicious, they were using a different software programs that gave different results based on if a vehicle was being tested or not, it was completely blatant and 100+ people knew it was going on. Ask anyone that has been in the class action for Asbestos exposure what a joke their payments are, vs what their fees are for being in the suit and that is actually going to kill them.
  14. It is not exclusive, but what other OEM company is going to work with them now? GM's offer wanted full company control; while Ford doesn't have a controlling interest only investment, it has a seat on Rivian's Board. FoMoCo offers allowed Rivian to remain independent while allowing Ford a voice at the table. That seat lets them see what any other OEM is going to propose to do and respond accordingly. The investment also gets Ford first refusal to Rivian's electric/carbon credits if it needs them in the future for markets.
  15. The Rivian deal was a cheap way to work with and not compete with what could have been a major competitor, it also basically took them out from working with another OEM and the cost was less than One Quarter profit of what Ford makes off the F-150.