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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Looks like the okay to ship has been given, seeing car haulers full of 2023 Escapes on 69 and 65 on the way to Nashville.
  2. No they don’t, also give out double parking tickets for everything! 62 in a 45 = double parking ticket. Running a red light = double parking ticket. It’s comical how much money they make from it though. Pay the ticket, no court costs, no points and nothing on your driving record. Oh you want to fight it in court, well when you lose then you get points, court costs and it on your driving record. It’s Wayne county that is the joke. So backed up and just release pending trial. Also your trial will be in 2025.
  3. I wonder how many keep them in the back or inside with all the thefts going on, I did a quick search most dealers around Dearborn have at least one in stock and some are showing 3 or 4. It is crazy how much is getting stolen, follow some Facebook groups for stolen cars dumped and it is amazing how many are stripped. Someone posted a TRX the other day and the plate came back to a Regular Ram 1500 so most likely it was a stolen TRX with a salvage/washed VIN which is increasingly common. They seems to have beefed up security at the transportation holding lots around town, full gates, cement barriers, electric fences.
  4. It deals with f-150 and overall sales, I think so many dealers around metro Detroit sell so many F-150's they get higher allocations. I know one dealer will ship vehicles out west for that reason and has started a pretty good internet sales business when dealers stopped offering A/Z/X plan he never stopped so build up new customers.
  5. It looks really nice. But all the people that must have remembered the disaster in marketing between EU Fusion and NA Fusion must have been let go. Stupid Stupid Stupid Name choice. People will search Electric Explorer and see this and go they shrunk the Explorer it is too small. Then internet will be flooded with EU Explorer photos when they go to launch the new one.
  6. Depends on what exactly the issue was and where they were originally going. Many early production vehicles are Ford employee lease vehicles as well as test vehicles, it allows the company to see early problems and respond accordingly. They may be updated and fixed and sent to the dealer they were originally ordered from, they may be parted out and crushed if the fix is so expensive/impossible (This is normally a structural issue, or wiring/fire issue)
  7. Bots, and Internet trolls mainly but I could seem some non-native English speakers not completly understanidng it as well.
  8. That isn't bad when you factor in the inflation rate and new standard equipment. Some like the GT Premium and Convertible are actually a price reduction with the inflation rate.
  9. The latest Fleet News moves order bank opening until May 26 and Job 1 until Aug 7.
  10. One you had a shared ownership structure with VC and others that lead development direction, capital expenditures and terms of investment. This is a wholly owned subsidiary that you completely control all aspects of.
  11. AM radio is unfortunately almost dead, from OEMs not investing in radios which is going to accelerate in the next few years and the big media conglomerates that just simulcast FM stations. Even rural customers and truckers that used to be a mainstay of AM listeners have turned to satellite and streaming services. FCC has a few AM lovers but time is not on its side. I can’t tell you the last time Ive had it on in any of our vehicles and I wouldn’t miss it if it was removed vs the other options Ford has stripped off vehicle.
  12. Contact UAW Local 600, they will probably send you some. Dearborn Truck Plant - UAW Local 600 Website
  13. jasonj80

    Recent FordPass update?

    You should just from the security side of things, there are no security patches for it and many known exploitable vulnerabilities.
  14. Also wonder if all the units that were on chip hold hitting dealers now is playing into this as well. They can fix the quality issue and not have to worry about fixing them later and they have inventory to fill lots with and they won't have to discount the 2022 as much as the 2023's come to the lots later. There are some demand issue in some parts of the market currently. GM suspended production in Ft Wayne for 2 weeks to clear inventory and dealers (all makes) I've seen around Michigan/Ohio/Indiana have more vehicles that I have seen in over 18 months. The big dealers in Metro Detroit overflow lots are starting to fill up again. The price increases, high lease prices, higher interest rates and falling resale values are having demand impact.
  15. Those used a different way to heat the windshield vs the ones currently in use on European Fords. Those used a coating that was heated and were 5-10% of the vehicle cost. Launched on the Taurus. The new ones heated windshields are comparable in cost to a regular windshield replacement. Most 2019+ Fords already use a heated section for the frontal safety system camera to have clear view already.