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  1. There was a full sized when the family was conceived but it was put on hold 2+ years ago, Biggest issue was where it could be built and engineering resources, it didn’t make it far in review. I did hear that the Rivian skateboard is now being considered as a type of Ford halo electric off-roader and be in a market where no one else is and easily identified as a core Ford strength. There should be some more modest announcements in the next 60 days on the Ford and Rivian partnership/development. One of the issues is Rivian and Ford want to remain publicly independent, but is becoming more integrated with some Ford technologies and suppliers.
  2. When it becomes more profitable for the manufacture and cheaper for the consumer for a BEV than a traditional gas vehicle the change will happen and it will be very quick. Customers will almost always pick the cheaper option if it fits their needs and for 95%+ of the population electric cars will fit the need when that price point transition happens.
  3. That writer got fired by Ford so not exactly an unbiased source, but yes if Ford doesn’t get this turn around right it will be part of VW. GM is following the standard MBA cut everything, increase profit, look super efficient in the short term. Make the leadership look great as you streamline operations while shopping for suitors who walk out with eight to nine figure paydays. Long term you end up not being diverse in markets and have gutted your product pipeline (and they are doing that as well). Chrysler did the same thing in the late 90’s when Daimler came in. By GM exiting it also becomes harder when one market tanks and you’re left with less options for your products. (China is going to be really ugly the first half this year) And GMs latest core US product (other than the Corvette) hasn’t really brought anything new to a segment it competes in. It stops the loyal customers from leaving but they are not winning conquest. You have FCA/PSA going in to GMs core full-size SUV market, along with Ford which has been increasing share, but both companies do not have a dedicated assembly plant for production which adds to costs or leads to discounts to maintain the assembly plant. Ford is actually a larger company now based on revenue as well.
  4. The decisions of late at GM it is becoming clear they are getting the company ready to be purchased by Hyundai or Toyota.
  5. jasonj80

    Vehicle Introductions in Detroit

    Ford has 3 events in Chicago, the event last night, a walk around today(11am CST) and a press conference tomorrow morning (9am CST)
  6. jasonj80

    Hyundai to include free maintenance

    And make sure people that lease cars do the proper maintenance, which keeps warranty costs down later.
  7. Or he knew he needed to be overall positive in one or would never be allowed to drive a Ford press vehicle again. Some (but not all) of his past critiques have been more about click-bate and deep personal opinion than any sort of fact.
  8. jasonj80

    2.7 Fusion Sport, Opinions

    There’s a few different sites for it to get an idea you can look here https://www.floodfordesp.com/ Ziegler and Koch Ford as the one in the sticky on this forum are good. The way it works is you pick your deductible per visit (not per item they look at so if you pick $100 and have them look at 3 things on that visit you only pay $100) and length of time from the original in service date and mileage, you can add these to CPO as well for even longer terms and lower prices. The premium plan is basically a bumper to bumper plan.
  9. Well based on the time line you could be concept in NY this year, production version at NYC next year, then new Ford/Lincoln BEV the following year. However, Ford Motor Company has so much product coming in the next 36 months that debuts will need to be outside of the auto show circuit. For the U.S. Market you have 18+ new/ significant updated products coming. My biggest fear is the quality, though Ford in the past 6 months or so has been focusing on repairing supplier relations by listening to suppliers when it comes to adding some cost to get better quality components. Someone figured out when the supplier won't give you a warranty on the component at cost X but will when it costs Y, the extra cost of Y helps when there is a problem as you're not responsible, or you don't have any problems to begin with which is better for customer satisfaction.
  10. jasonj80

    2.7 Fusion Sport, Opinions

    Also take a look at MKZ's you can probably get a TT 3.0L for about the same price as the Sport.
  11. jasonj80

    2.7 Fusion Sport, Opinions

    Also remember If it is under 3 years 36k from the inservice date you can get a Ford ESP warranty and basically make any Fusion Sport a CPO one.
  12. jasonj80

    Time for new CEO?

    Ford and really all manufacturers biggest hit to earnings coming up is going to be used car residuals for vehicles coming back off lease. The Used car market has been getting pummeled making used cars crazy values, even with vehicles that traditionally had high resale values (SUV/Trucks). You'd do far better in the market now to buy a 1-3 year old used vehicle vs new, and just get a OEM warranty. Example: 2019 Edge AWD Titanium 401A that has 30,000 miles for 26K.( https://www.allstateford.com/used/Ford/2019-Ford-Edge-ce0112940a0e0adf226ca5b06b3d795a.htm?searchDepth=1:8 ) Even if you need a set of tires and ESP PremiumCARE to 125,000 you're under 30K out the door for a 1 year old car and have full warranty coverage for almost another 100K miles on something that would run you 42K right now.
  13. jasonj80

    Mustang Mach 1 mule?

    Always has shocked how much money people will spend to make their vehicle look worse than it did from the factory.
  14. jasonj80

    Mustang Mach 1 mule?

    Apparently it’s a thing for f-150s now. I’ve seen a few on the road... https://www.thedrive.com/news/26381/this-mustang-inspired-ford-f-150-fastback-is-real-and-yes-you-can-buy-it
  15. jasonj80

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    Well you can get an eco sport for under that with the rebates on it. However it’s getting difficult to make a new vehicle under 20,000 and have any hope for steady profit in it. Sub 20k vehicles are going the way sub 10k vehicles did 20 years ago. Those buyers are going to be driven into 1-3 year old used vehicles.