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  1. jasonj80

    Ford’s EV Truck Chassis

    Well to be fair when you never have to post a profit and can keep getting venture capital money to fund a money losing company it allows risk to do what ever you want. The problem with Wall Street is that they are in so deep in Tesla that they don't really have an exit strategy. The moment one of them starts to pull out they all will collapse the company and leading to tens of Billions in losses, plus if they ever do post a profit they'll be able to use all the loses to make sure they don't pay any tax. I'm sure there will be some Autopilot feature activations soon so they can book that revenue. I'm do wonder if PWC ends up getting taken down like AA did in the Enron world when the house of cards collapses. In the end Ford/GM/Toyota/Honda all have a very different playbook they must follow vs Tesla. They basically have had free money for the past 10 years, I'm not sure any company in history has been allowed to lose money for 10 years and is still be in business.
  2. Currently there is the open comment period if they should be allowed https://www.nhtsa.gov/fmvss/rear-visibility-ncap-request-comment Comments end next week
  3. What's always been interesting to me is that if a project receives federal funds, advertising is not allowed. Transit isn't excluded from this provision yet bus and subways have advertising all over them which are predominately lawyers that say if you're injured in a Transit accident call us and we will sue them for you. These systems are predominately built with Federal Funds and grants. Maybe Ford should charge lawyers to advertise in their cars for defects, like pull down the sun visior and there would be a phone number there, at least they would get some money from advertising then.
  4. There's a class action lawsuit about everything, class action and liability lawsuits are between 8%-15% (depending on industry) to the cost of every product you buy. https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/household/walmart-class-action-says-led-bulbs-mislabled-with-energy-star-logo/ https://cei.org/content/consumers-win-subway-footlong-settlement-plaintiffs-walk-away https://www.glassbytes.com/2019/11/honda-cr-v-structural-defect-concerns-prompt-class-action-lawsuit/
  5. Pushing XLT/package with rebates does a few things, the ones pushed are going to have the highest resale value % of value. It also raises ATP's as ATP's are figured before rebates, Makes leasing cheaper for them as the cash goes for the down payment, this gets Ford repeat customers in a few years when the lease is due then gets dealers CPO F-150 in 3 years to sell to customers that can't get approved for a new vehicle which are also usually financed again through Ford along with extended warranty through Ford.
  6. They even dumped the rain sensing wipers from it to lower that cost, originally they were going to be included.
  7. Ford needs to offer run flat tires and should be standard on Lincoln's. Trucks I can say yes have spare tires, but Explorer and smaller need to just be fix a can of fix-a-flat or run flat tires. Other things they can eliminate are CD/DVD players, paper owners manual (Just make it online and do videos on the sync system) Plastic Engine covers, cargo nets. They also need to continue the streamlining of options and reducing the build complexity. What they need to stop is decontenting in features the customer sees. Things like Homelink, auto-dimming mirrors, roof racks, cargo management systems can be moved to dealer installed or installed after production.
  8. That's 250kw which is fast charging, but no where near gas station fill up time. You'll need 700KW+ to get to the speed of gas station fill-up times. (Tesla is working on this for Megachargers for the Semi's) There are some 450KW charges that are in the 100KM / 3 min range. Liquid cables work very well, they are just expensive and are not as durable. Last thing you want is someone getting burned or constant out of order charges because people have driven over the cables, etc. Tesla's charging network is one of the best things the company has and probably one of their biggest advantages in the industry. Mach-e takes 40min to charge on a road trip to 80% a Model Y can do it in 15 or 20. Psychology speaking that is important to a lot of buyers.
  9. Also Tesla and others are updating to ultra fast chargers and will be out in the next few years. I would expect to see the Mach-E gain more miles as well as faster charging as launch comes at the end of next year, a lot can change in a year before production with further software revision and even a few aero tweaks. Battery management can be updated via software updates even after launch. One of the biggest issues in rapid charging is something that seems very trivial, the temperature of the cable used to charge the vehicle when it is charging at high speeds. Charging at those higher rates make the cable so hot it would burn you (like melt your skin off 1st degree burns) if you make the with liquid cooling and extra insulation it becomes so heavy that very few people can use it as it becomes 100+ lbs that you're dragging.
  10. Wonder how many will keep it when the final design comes out that actually can meet Bumper, crash, pedestrian, and lighting requirements.
  11. Yes, Both front and rear are amber sequential. https://time.com/5731344/ford-mustang-mach-e/
  12. jasonj80

    GM accuses FCA of Corrupt Bargaining

    Wonder if things have been uncovered by the Feds going though emails and documents with the cases currently on going. GM could also just be pissed FCA is going to out sell the Silverado this year and is using garbage tactics to smear FCA. If you can't beat them call them names and drag them though the mud.
  13. Nice addition to the line up but Toyota just announced that the RAV4 will get 302HP and go 39miles on a charge.(https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2019/11/20/los-angeles-auto-show-toyota-rav-4-prime-plug-in/4242923002/) I know it is a different market, but the comparisons will be made. Ford should have just shown the Plugin when they launched the Corsair.
  14. I see this $50k number tossed around a lot but the base price of this is right around 36k after the federal rebate, and could be less depending on what state you live in. While that is still a lot of money it puts it in reach of a lot more people. Yes it’s for the 230-250 range model and rwd but it’s still an impressive vehicle at that price.
  15. Yeah, I might be one of those bail-outs depending what the Bronco looks like. I've talked to some of my contacts at Ford and they are also clueless as to how it all works out with allocation at this point as its very fluid, one say exactly what you said, another said it is going to be a heavy focus in California deliveries for early production. The one did say a similar launch and deposit is most likely going to happen for the Bronco. I did also get told that the numbers on range and power (for the better) are going to revised closer to launch, which would fit in Ford's plan for recent introductions.