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  1. FYI Posts on older threads like this are just SPAM post to manipulate crawler bots to go to specific sites to and create inbound links; this makes the data on them more seem worthwhile and current. More links = data verification; so when trading bots look for news worthy information being more recent with the time and date stamp of posting the data it is more relevant. The later data is saying ----- is better because it more current, when in fact the Mustang Mach - e is a better all around vehicle than a Tesla Y. It is all a game, these bots manipulates everything from Google listings to the Stock Market which in turn manipulate people into believing certain information.
  2. If I didn't have a blend day this week, along with the insane resale value of my truck right now I'd probably be in the same boat. Wait a few years until this is all figured out, I'm violating the rule that everyone in the industry knows -- never buy the first model year of a new model.
  3. Yes, as does the 3.3L NA Hybrid.
  4. Unless they detune the diesel it will exceed max torque ratings. Could see NA going the cheap route with the 60 and row going with the 80. They could also go to the 10R80 in 2023 if they see they have an issue going on with warranty. The last thing Ford needs with the Bronco is more bad PR, if transmission failures and problems start cropping up it will be even worse than the delays and leaking roofs. The 10R60 makes sense for the 2.3L for the 2.7L they really should have stuck to the 10R80.
  5. The Transmission in the 2020 Explorer is rated 1/5 much worse in both Minor and Major repair on CR. The Transmission on the F-150, Mustang, Expedition, Ranger and Mustang is rated as average to much better than average with the major category being much better than average (5/5). . The Bronco will also be modified considerably more often than an ST Explorer and it already has an extremely poor showing. Doing a race is completely different than driving it 60K, 80K or 100K miles. It is a different driving style and not really applicable, its good for PR but not good from a true durability standpoint.
  6. The Explorer Hybrid and Rangers use the 10R80 not the 10R60.
  7. I hope I'm wrong on this as it will trash the Bronco name, and people at Ford will be "how did this ever happen" but this has Ford cost cutting disaster written all over it. Today's tolerances are much better they still can have a spread of about 5% in power differences (30 years ago it could be as high as 15%). Which yes is still under the 442ft/lbs you are getting very close to max, and would be over max in certain favorable conditions for limited times, (cool temperatures and close to or under sea level). Plus you never engineer something to operate at 90% of the max limit on a continuous basis. We will know in a year as the mileage starts to add up on these, but a Sasquatch towing 3500lbs up and down the desert mountains in 115 heat doesn't tend to end will when you're already at the top end of the design load.
  8. Explorer 2.3L and All Broncos allegedly use 10r60. Everything else uses the 10r80 Including the Ranger & Mustang. It seems odd that the 2.7L wouldn't use the 10R80 as the 10R60 would be over max torque on some good 2.7L from the factory in the right conditions. If they really stuck the 10R60 on the 2.7L I will dump my Bronco sooner than later. The 2.7L will have a lot of transmission failures as they get up 50K+ in mileage, especially if people tow and push them off-road. You don't put a transmission that maxes out at 600NM with an engine where the base power rating of a low engine maxes out at 550nm. Ford hasn't had a transmission fiasco in a few years, the 10r60 with the 2.7L would be just that; class action lawsuits and would trash the Bronco name in no time at all. Maybe that is the plan though Jeeps until the ZF had trash transmissions, maybe Ford is bringing that back to the segment.
  9. jasonj80

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Problem is 10 years ago was 2011 and to be funding a new platform would have been a huge capital expenditure right after a total collapse of the economy, and if it was launching it would have been that the program started in 06-07 when the company was on the brink of bankruptcy and funded though the collapse. No one saw governments and forcing the market to electric as fast as they did. CD6 was good, just wrong in where the market went.
  10. jasonj80

    Ford June 2021 Sales

    Toyota only has only a single factory for Tacoma’s in the U.S. market in Mexico. Toyota moved production from Texas to free up room for the new Tundra. https://www.motor1.com/news/393859/toyota-tacoma-production-moving-mexico/
  11. jasonj80

    2021 Bronco Reviews

    Sounds like they didn't recalibrate the system and get a good seal when they replaced the windshield. I've never really had all these issues with the cars I've driven with Auto-wipers, BMW has the best system but all seem to work well; they are especially nice when you pass a truck on the road and they automatically speed up to combat the spray or on raining days where the speed of the rain changes. My family uses rain x on all our vehicles and my parents never complain about the rain sensing wipers going crazy, and that is something my mother would complain on. Though lately she is focused on when she plugs in her phone it automatically starts playing Apple music from the satellite radio station she had it set too. More importantly my build day is 3 weeks from today, fingers crossed that doesn't change.
  12. A lot of those areas were not a permanent habitat for the tens of thousands years before the invention of A/C. We shouldn’t live in a lot of those areas as on top of the crazy energy use it causes massive changes to weather patterns as they change humidity and wind patterns with heat island and vegetation. Detroit/Michigan bigger issue is that they haven’t done any sort of maintenance on the drain systems in the past 50 years. When the pumps fail and you haven’t cleaned out sewer pipes and dredged drains for sediment things flood. Including my basement 🤬
  13. jasonj80

    2021 Bronco Reviews

    It looks like auto-wipers will be added for MY23 as some of the prototypes have them (you can see the dot on the windshield next to the camera). I agree though my unit over 60k is missing a lot of little surprise and delight features and really doesn’t have that much more than my now 11 year old truck. I fully understand why they didn’t go full luxury route on the Black Diamond/Badlands but on the outer banks/wild track it makes sense for the heated wiper park, auto wipers, stop/go cruise lane centering etc, auto rear braking, a/c seats, heated rear seats, rear vents, multi color ambient lighting, auto dimming exterior mirrors, etc. to at least be on the high and Lux versions. It seems that even the Bronco program went though a cost cutting program in the 2018/2019 to delete features and raise margins which one has to wonder if that didn’t lay the groundwork for the engineering launch issues that are going on now with the roof systems and supplier issues.
  14. jasonj80

    The Bronco Has Landed

    Very nice; and I’m super jealous. Doors and top off this weekend!
  15. Not at all, I work in the Real Estate Development world. I've lived around Metro Detroit for a lot my whole life and I've just seen first hand GM screw customers, dealers, suppliers, communities, and employees continually over the past 30+ years, and they have been doing that for 20 years prior to that. Don't get me wrong Ford ( and others) are not perfect by any means and have made mistakes but they at least try in making it right at times.