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  1. well 2x4s are up to $10.29. They’re gonna be coming with a Bentley badge soon.
  2. Can I get some of those $20 pallets please, last check they are over $71 for new.
  3. Well that is a Good Excuse to upgrade to a Warthog! Though honestly if I end up getting pushed to 2022 even though I have a super early reservation I'll probably end up with a new Raptor come October; Hopefully I get the emails soon as to when we can expect a build. Being a 4 door, Lux Wildtrak with tow I'm not expecting it anytime soon. Worse is I'm not even sure I'll get an email as the site just says "dealer ordered" and "contact dealer" for everything with mine. I don't have the progress bar and still shows the wrong trim picture and wrong color on the site. My DORA is correct though so that is good.
  4. They are just the spotlights, none I have see driving around have had them, but those are also weird builds. Maybe if you get the tow package they are included? Just quickly glanced at the order-guide and didn't see them anywhere, but could be and are just not listed.
  5. Well being that most people will have doors off less than 1% of the time and when I'm camping or hiking the doors will be on it as I'll need the cargo space it makes it very nice to lock the keys inside. There isn't great cell reception in Northern Michigan especially if it is summer and raining so Fordpass is useless. Will it stop people from buying it no, but it contributes to their ownership experience and happiness with the vehicle. But Ford could save $8 so its gone. Which is why the MACH-E is such a great engineered vehicle; there wasn't the kind of cost cutting in the production of it, eliminate this, skimp on that etc. There was not the debate on seals that we can save $1 if we make it cheaper, or just use a single material to safe $15. It was developed with quality and feel in mind, yes there was a limit but the design was to make a mark. They spent the .25 cents more to make the arm rest a more durable foam so be it. Jeep does offer some of that, (wipers, mirror repeaters, full stop cruise etc.) and they will offer more as time goes on as Ford will as well. The core difference is Ford made the Bronco better than the Jeep, it picked that as their benchmark and made a better vehicle today, it didn't look to other off roaders like the Defender or GX as a way to upsell or actually move those people over which it very easily could of. In a world where success is viewed by a growing group as evil it allows some to have luxury but not flaunt it. There was a pent up sales for a time and all that was necessary was to made a better vehicle than a Wrangler. They made the MACH-E a world class vehicle; where as the Bronco is a highly competitive vehicle; there is nothing wrong with that at all I will be owning a Bronco but the programs were not offered the same latitude in Ford for making the best vehicle possible at a price point.
  6. What is hard with that is it depends on culture as well. Should a self-driving car kill the baby or the grandma? Depends on where you’re from. | MIT Technology Review
  7. The number of Bronco's going off road is going to be very small too. Which is why you go after those customers, they will pay for things. The Bronco is pretty pricey for what you get and the amount of features it doesn't have it actually surprising at the top end for a 60K vehicle. From little things like no cupholders in the back without Leather, no power seats on the 2 door, to missing tech and features that has been out for years/decades -- no lane centering, no stop and go adaptive cruise, no full digital IP, no rain sensing wipers, no memory seats/mirrors, no heated seats in the back, no cooled seats, no blue cruise, no power-folding mirrors or even turn signals in them, even the Ford staple keypad isn't properly done, etc. Its missing features and at that price point and the Jeep Wrangler has a lot of those. The materials in a lot of the areas are the same as my now 11 year old truck and the interior options and trim levels are crazy and confusing. I'm not sure if this program had a bunch of cost cutting or if Ford knew they could make a lot of money because we were so excited for the Bronco to come out and make a bunch of money and just leave everything off. Compare that to the MACH-E that is on par feature for feature with everything in that segment and blows away the segment with the interior materials, fit and finish is the best of any Ford I've been in. MACH-E is Ford's best work, I suspect the Electric F-150 will be similar. The Bronco will be good vehicle but will not be earth shattering in the engineering dept. and honestly some of the engineering is sub-par compared to other Ford vehicles.
  8. When we hit 0 deaths on the roads. But reality it ends when science says until new science is discovered. In a way we're getting close to that in the frontal crash test until new materials can be developed. If you design for ultra high speed crashes now (80+), you make the structure so ridged that energy is passed in a way that can cause injury at lower speeds. It is why the focus now should be on Active safety and driving systems, AEB, Lane Keeping, Side Collision intervention, amber rear turn signals, side turn signal repeaters, Blind Spot Monitoring, Auto High beams, Better headlights all come into play that prevent the accident from happening or lessen the severity of the crash leading to fewer injuries. no worries, I will say if NHTSA had progressed over the past 40 years IIHS wouldn't need to exist, but the lobbying and buying off of that has been done Auto, Trucking industries as well as Unions in those industries has all but stalled all safety related mandated safety requirements over that time. Short of the Rear view camera, Explorer/Firestone TPMS and the ever popular kids locked in a trunk release handle, The politicians in just take the money and don't make any changes even though there are numerous studies that they have paid billions for that say what changes need to be necessary. It is where IIHS has created shame and NHTSA is starting to use the star system to help push that when Congress has their hands out.
  9. I guess you're right any of these test haven't resulted in any better safety for the vehicles that have been forced to update for better safety ratings, all the work that went into these tests is just a huge conspiracy. It really is just a jobs program to develop something like this IIHS side impact barrier 2.0 development.pdf. It is not rooted in any fact.
  10. The data does exist - each additional centimeter of B-pillar intrusion was associated with a 3 percent increase in death risk. Each additional millimeter of rib deflection, one of the measures recorded by the dummies in the test, was associated with a 1 percent increase in death risk. So by making the impact with a heavier object, and moving faster you force the manufacture to keep intrusion out of the safety cell. They added the harder test as they are seeing injury's and deaths in certain accidents types.
  11. IIHS prepares to launch new, more challenging side crash test "To achieve a good rating in the test, automakers strengthened side structures and equipped vehicles with head-protecting side airbags ahead of a federal regulation that made them essentially mandatory. Only about 1 in 5 vehicles tested earned good ratings in the beginning. Today, 99 percent of rated vehicles earn a good rating, and the remainder are acceptable. The improvements translated into lives saved. A 2011 study of 10 years' worth of crash data found that a driver of a vehicle rated good is 70 percent less likely to die in a left-side crash than a driver of a vehicle rated poor." "that each additional centimeter of B-pillar intrusion was associated with a 3 percent increase in death risk. Each additional millimeter of rib deflection, one of the measures recorded by the dummies in the test, was associated with a 1 percent increase in death risk." We still lose around 38,000 people a year to car crashes in the US each year and 2 million are injured in some form.
  12. Sadly it won't be as impressive, the MACH-E program was allowed to have engineers make final decisions that could over rule financial ones. It is hands down the best engineered vehicle to come out of Ford in the past 30+ years. It was not subject to cost cutting/constraints the way the Bronco program was, and while the Bronco will be better than the Wrangler the idea to add luxury at the top end to it to also have it compete against the Land Rover was removed for the time being. The Bronco will be impressive, but the MACH-E was allowed to be in a class of its own
  13. 100% that is exactly why we have safer cars. Accidents that were thought to be not survivable 30 years ago people walk from now. Headlights that actually light up the road and systems that are preventing accidents from even happening at all. Always get better.
  14. jasonj80

    Gen 3 Raptor

    He posted it last week.
  15. Hopefully the BS and Escape do well in the new side impact test coming soon. IIHS let manufacturers know the specifications in 2018 for the new test. Heavier vehicle (4200lbs) and faster speed. (37mph) vs the 3100and 31mph crash now. Creates 82% more force than the current test.