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  1. Ford is trying with the price gouging issue. If a dealer orders Bronco's and they are NOT sold to customers whom names are on the reservation that dealer then gets LESS allocation the next month. So if a dealer is playing games with customers they might end up screwing their own customers down the road as to when the vehicle comes in. If a bunch of people play hardball with the dealer the dealer has to basically cave as they won't get allocation in later months. I've just been told it is a very low number of people that can't complete the transaction, A/Z/D is apparently still a go (at this point) however unlike most vehicles -- audits will be done to make sure those using PINS still own the vehicle 6 months after and are not trying to sell for a profit. They may suspend the benefit fo the employee if people are violation this.
  2. Exactly just sell some more shares to pay it off, probably has more to do with the ability to actually fix it. Their service isn't good before you had 165K cars to be fixed.
  3. That is where I feel horrid for dealers, Ford goes and makes changes and you are the one that get yelled at that they are screwing them; just give then the 313-322-3000 number and have them talk to an operator in the glass house.
  4. I'll see if I can find the invoice for mine at home tonight, there was a box at the bottom that had A-Plan with the price in it, even if a pin couldn't be used. I haven't seen an invoice in a while for a limited production so many they finally took it out on those.
  5. They change the sheets then? They used to have the price at the bottom even if it wasn't an eligible vehicle. My Raptor had it, Bronco First Edition are no plan but that was from the start as well. I'll have to ask around to the employees I know that have them reserved if this is true. What I can see happening in typical Ford fashion is the backlash will be harsh from employees, they reverse course, have egg on their face while sewing in the employees mind of yet another time the executives tried to F them. However it wouldn't surprise me of late if they tried to pull it off, some bean counter will be like we can make an extra $15 million for the year and screw our employees! Followed by lets just eliminate the discount plans for employees across the board we could save a hundred million dollars!
  6. jasonj80

    Safety features

    What features, Ford actually leads with 68% of vehicles produces in the HD world with AEB, that number is 10-20x what others in the market have in terms of penetration. AEB is $125 on a base XL, you can't even purchase it on base models of competitors vehicles.
  7. I'll be surprised if Tesla actually does a voluntary recall, more than likely they will end up in court fighting this for years . Also waiting for the class action lawyers to have a field day with this on top of the recall Tesla is about to learn what being a real car company is all about. This recall would be $400-$500million in costs to replace all those touch screens, plus what ever the class action lawsuits bring.
  8. Correct, dealers can decide if they want to participate or not. Actually had a family member get turned down in Denver for the plan one time, they went to another dealer who then traded for that vehicle. I think D plan is also allowed; A/Z/D is what is listed on the internal Ford site as HRG pointed out.
  9. Nothing is “locked in” in this industry right now.
  10. That will piss off a lot of employees, retirees as well as their families, the backlash would be harsh and swift at management. It would instantly undo what has been done to repair employee moral over the past few months. X and D have been a no, and I could see dealers saying no to A and Z but for Ford to ban it would do a lot of damage on a non limited product. Why try to build and design the best vehicle in the class, when you won’t get rewarded for doing it or allow to share your work with family.
  11. GM said the EV's launching this year have a 30% reduction in battery cost from the Bolt today, gen 2 that is under development has another 30% reduction.
  12. jasonj80

    2022 Ranger speculation

    The chip shortage is basically having everyone in the industry look at their least profitable lines and that’s where the cuts are coming. COVID will actually have the ROW and American Ranger launch closer together than was originally planned which is probably a good thing. Also electrification is a given for the NG Ranger at a point based on the markets it will be sold and local government regulation on it. The industry as a whole is getting nervous about inflation as well, affordability is becoming more and more of an issue and why Ford started the 7500 mile / year leases. Lowers payments but also gets them like new vehicles in 2-3 years they can sell again in the CPO program. Seeing what my truck is worth 10 years later is actually pretty shocking.
  13. What Tech? Only thing it seems to have is Autoliv's Night Vision, but Ford never has offered it on any vehicles even though they have shown some concepts with it in Europe but never offered it as it costs so much. Aviator will get SYNC4 and Active Driving assistant very soon.
  14. jasonj80

    Bronco Delayed

    I suggest you watch "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix. Even being on this site builds algorithms about you.
  15. jasonj80

    Bronco Delayed

    You forgot pharmaceuticals as well. I don't see it so its okay, NIMBY!