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  1. It could still be the exact same trans just now programmed to skip the one gear set. 1 -- 4.48 2 -- 3.15 3 -- 2.87 4 -- 1.84 5 -- 1.41 6 -- 1 7 -- .74 8 -- .62 They could just program it to skip 7th gear now. If you're passing on a highway you'd kick down to 5/6 anyways.
  2. The current one (2019/2020) is an 8-speed (ST and Nautilus 2.7) , I wonder if they are just reprogramming it for 2021 to eliminate the shutter they seem to have at times. The 2021 Nautilus has the 8-speed listed for the 2.7L as well so maybe it is an error or that's how they are going to show a difference between the ST and the Nautilus.
  3. No, order guide shows 7speed trans for the ST. Looks like all trims lost a bunch of equipment, rain sensing wipers, media door cover, illuminated sill plates, turn signal mirrors, heated wiper park, 4 or 6way vs 10 way passenger seats, foot activated lift gate, six speakers vs 9 on sel and st-line laminated sound glass, sound windshield, front camera washer and a whole lot more. Even for Ford this is a lot of feature and surprise and delight feature elimination.
  4. Holy decontenting, can see where they got the money for the 12” screen from all the features deleted. The ST even lost a transmission gear!
  5. There's no mention of any infotainment, not even the old 8" like the 2020 order guide had, it is very weird. The current Nautilus has the 12.3" IC cluster already which is referenced.
  6. Looks like all the new interior stuff has been omitted, no mention of Sync at all in it so maybe a formal release next week? Only thing is just the typical Ford decontenting for 2021, 10 way passenger seat becomes 8 way, no more heated wiper park, Fog lamps removed from Reserve trim line etc. -- You can do that stuff on the Ford line, but it looks bad for Lincoln.
  7. Carbon and Fuel Economy are different. Trump cancelled the harder fuel economy rules that were being reviewed and then Obama signed in lame duck. (GM and FCA lobbied hard for them to be removed) so they can just buy the FE Tesla credits. The EU emission requirements are a whole other animal as EU has regulated on tax of fuel and now is doing the CO2 which is why FCA buys the credits for the EU market and GM was like peace out. Eliminating the ability to purchase credits is currently proposed in CA in committee but no action on it. The EU might eliminate the ability to purchase the credits, but they also do a lot with taxes as well so if you eliminate the ability to purchase company cars (this is the way a lot of Europeans get a vehicle) or tax them based on emissions when they enter cities (or even if they are allowed to enter the city) you force it in another way.
  8. Tesla only has so many carbon credits they can sell. Honestly those green vehicles are why a vehicle like this could even see the light of day in today's environment. FCA was going to be in deep S*** if they can no longer buy credits in the US and EU. Legislation is being introduced in parts of the EU as well as California that will no longer allow the sale of the credits past 2023 as companies must make the numbers or they can't sell cars no more just buying their way out. It is one of the driving forces of the PSA merger. FCA was the largest purchaser of Tesla credits and are the sole reason Tesla has posted a profit.
  9. No offence to you as a worker, but I'm not sure quality is going to be at a high point 4+ weeks in after launch and the line workers working that much work with no real rest. Only so much the body can take with no rest. I remember back in the day with all the OT on the Expedition and Navigator; mistakes were made because everyone was just so tired they weren't paying attention. When is the second shift starting? For me there are too many little issues, that make bigger issues with the Bronco for me at launch to spend the 60K on one. I'm pushing my reservation and wait for the things like the modular roof and some comfort features be added to justify the price. After the initial excitement wore off I'm not sure it is the right car for me at this point, honestly it seems really expensive for what you get. (good for my Ford stock though) The early units are going to be very profitable for Ford however after the first 6-9 months sales vs reservations will level off, it is not the new thing on the block anymore.
  10. I love a good Bourbon, much more depth and flavor than beer. I highly recommend some trips to Louisville, Lexington and points in between. Its even better if you can find a driver.
  11. Very nice on the Ford, but why do you want to drink S*** "The" Ohio beer. Is the sign remind you when you come home with delicious Michigan and Pennsylvania beer that you should support local?
  12. Little bit of both, having both reserved I'm going to pass on the MME short term, longer term though I could see getting one in 2-3 years if I start building the Bronco that makes it harder to live with day to day, or my Bronco order is delayed considerably it could happen sooner. I suspect the MME is going to build over the next 12-24 months. It really hits the sweet spot in the market and is really the only true Tesla competitor. With incentives it will end up around 40-45K which it is a hell of car at that price, once more electric fast chargers start popping up and people see their neighbors and friends get them it will spread. I could see the MME doing very well in California, I do know two current Tesla owners that are very excited for it. The Bronco will be hot but sales will be consistent however if Ford can't deliver the pro-orders will start to evaporate, they'll end up selling off dealer lots -- resale value should be insane for the first two-three years on it.
  13. I was talking about The FE MME being A/Z plan eligible, Bronco Sport FE only shows $300. Sorry wasn't clear. Actually I just checked the FE MME has a $2500 rebate in the SoCal region.
  14. It’s currently listed on the AXZ website, even shows $1,000 incentive.
  15. Agree 100%, just wait until there are production issues/material holds for certain features (Example: 12" screens, front sway bar disconnects, marine grade vinyl) and then people that have reservation numbers way later are getting vehicles and people that have early ones are still waiting.