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  1. I feel the same way, Ford is my first choice as I work for this corporation but my loyalty is waning abit. I have an old Ford and I plan on driving it as long as I can
  2. It is disheartening, Farley is saying all the right things but I see minimal improvements. What is going on with the engineering and suppliers as to why they can’t seem to mitigate this recall issue. Aren’t all those engines eco boost?? I know there have been issues with eco boost engines.
  3. I really can’t wait for the day when ford isn’t the recall leader and quality really improves.
  4. Mexico and Canada have free trade agreements with Europe. I know the small EVs will not be built in Canada. I mentioned Mexico because Fords Mach-E projections of 200,000 haven’t been met. I know the Oakville 3 row was once slated to go into various facilities including Cuatitlan. They could easily increase plant utilization by putting those two products there. I once heard that the Mach E was supposed to go to Oakville but I find that one hard to believe. The next UAW contract isn’t til 2028 so things will be interesting. They’re ahead of the game and probably have an idea where they will be allocating some of these upcoming vehicles although we know things can change based on market conditions.
  5. So when is the Escape gonna get cancelled then and the Corsair?? Or are they gonna add onto the plant?? 2026 isn’t too far from now.
  6. Is it not a possibility that these low cost EVs go to Mexico?? Ford didn’t announce what plant they’re going in. Or am I mistaken here?
  7. It’s just a terrible looking product, I haven’t seen one yet up here in the GTA.
  8. That will be interesting to see, I really wonder if they will drop it.
  9. The Cybertruck is a hideous, overhyped, overpriced piece of garbage! If Ford made a truck like that Ford would get raked over the coals!
  10. I believe Ford is under capacity, not overcapacity. Mach-E plant can build more vehicles, Flat Rock is on one shift. Blueovalcity and Oakville can build multiple vehicles. Etc etc. The truck plants and MAP are using most of their capacity. Hermosillo all out, Chicago pretty full. Louisville doing pretty good.
  11. The new Nautilus looks sharp, I hope you enjoy it and it holds up for years.
  12. I totally agree with what you’re saying. Spot on assessment of the situation.
  13. I’m fully aware that ranting won’t help the situation. Like i said in another post, Ford is doing what they feel is best for the company.
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