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  1. Great post! I was wondering what happened to PREMiERdrum as well.
  2. It would’ve been great to see a new edge hybrid and nautilus built at OAC as weve said ad nauseum here. I agree with you that ford had to go back to the lab with this u759 mystery product. I suppose they’re playing the long game and all of this is supposed to be for the better. I truly hope it is.
  3. I’m ok as I’m a veteran worker, it’s the people with the low seniority who are greater affected by this delay. I’m still extremely frustrated with Ford and some of Farleys decisions. I’m almost expecting the plan to change again because that seems to be the norm now. One EV product will not be enough volume for that plant. The Lincoln u760 is up in the air so I know there is only one product right now. From talk of 5 to 1 for now. The union kept saying there is a Ford and a Lincoln then a third product coming like 2028 or later. Ill believe this stuff when and if I actually see it.
  4. If they’re gonna close our plant they should just fuckin close it! Why wait?! They keep changing the plan anyways so why would we trust Ford??? Idling a plant for 3 years is complete and utter bullshit.
  5. I hope they sort it out sooner than later too as I’m impacted by this!
  6. Being laid off for up to 3 years on a retooling delay is no doubt unusual in regards to you talking about the storage of the machinery for this program. I just hope it’s a ford and a Lincoln or 2 Fords. I just feel like more than one product is needed. The info will come out when allowed.
  7. I appreciate your response. I know you can’t say more than you’re allowed. I believe you that things are delayed but gonna happen. If Ford were closing the plant then I feel they would’ve outright just closed it and not play around. My hope is that we’re back earlier than 2027. I can only hope if not I hope that this delay is worth it and for the better. Whatever Ford chooses to do.
  8. You’re welcome! Sad to see everything gone, it almost feels like a plant closure with the duration of downtime we’re facing!
  9. Also, you probably have to adhere to non disclosure so I don’t expect much information from you. It’s clear that you’re part of the program.
  10. I really really hope you guys do a Lincoln version. There was a u760, I hope that also becomes a reality in like 3 years!
  11. End of the line for the Edge at OAC, it was a great 17 year run!
  12. I agree it should be the C2 Edge Nautilus. I still believe the 3 row thing is happening I hope somehow they get a hybrid into our plant whenever we reopen. The plan will likely change again, I hope it’s for a greater good. I agree that an empty plant and 3 years downtime is more than enough to figure out whatever the heck they’re gonna do.
  13. I like what you’re saying but I have a question. You seem strong in your belief that the 3 rows are dead, why do you believe this is the case. Farley just blabbed on about battery chemistry, I like your scenario better but it seems they are still working on these products.
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