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  1. It was quick since the plant already built trucks...Oakville has none of the supporting truck build out equipment.
  2. Great news for Oakville for sure, but lets hope they don't pull production out of Avon Lake to do it.
  3. On this one, I agree with Ford. Rain sensing wipers, in my personal opinion, is a waste. With that said, it is an option that should be on a Lincoln. My last few Lincolns had them but in my case, I always turned it off. I can tell when it is raining, thanks.
  4. https://www.ccjdigital.com/trucks/article/15666490/paccar-recalls-over-100k-trucks
  5. You are seeing the design direction the next gen Mach E will look like
  6. I do miss the wit and wisdom of NickF.....
  7. I would say, at least 250 lbs of bananas should do it.
  8. But, Camry and Accord are still being sold in respectable volume whereas Fusion is but a distant memory.
  9. Camry and Accord got refreshes quite regularly...the original Fusion (2006) got one refresh in its original sheet metal (had one and loved it, traded for a 2012 with the refresh and loved it too) then a redesign in 2013 that was never refreshed until its demise.
  10. Not necessarily a bad thing You can label anything you want, it makes no difference Socialist creeps always piss me off....the irony is, here in NY State, the Dems and their "progressive liberals" have left the union members in the dust and the GOP endears themselves to the union members.
  11. I remember when Fusion first hit the market, cool fresh look and was affordable. Of course, Ford left it to wither on the vine after the debut.
  12. My point exactly, you are basing it on what you've seen in the media and we all know, media can get pretty biased. I am not in any way defending him as he is a grown man and can defend himself. All I am saying is, you don't really know the person, just the media presentation.
  13. Not sure if that is true....Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Opel, Vauxhall, Lancia, Maserati, Citroen and others sell in good numbers in other parts of the world. Sure, Jeep and RAM give them good profit margins in North America, but there are plenty of marques that provide Stellantis with $$$ in the rest of the world.
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