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  1. twintornados

    1991 F250 Rusty but Trusty

    I had a 1995 F150 XL short box, extended cab and only reason why I sold it was 4X2 in northern climate was horrible in snow...couldn't get out of my own driveway with it in winter. Bought a used 2005 F150 XL regular cab 4X4 to replace it with, much nicer in the snow.
  2. twintornados

    November '21 Sales

    And a factory mounted machine gun turret on the roof is available...lol
  3. twintornados

    November '21 Sales

    And of course, you have some sort of documented proof of this...
  4. twintornados

    November '21 Sales

    Were they F-Series trucks? Don't they count as sales too??
  5. twintornados

    Super Duty Back Orders

    How do you surmise that the union is "at fault" for this?
  6. twintornados

    Strut spring broken, wth.

    Had a front spring break on my (now ex) wife's 1995 Mercury Mystique and on my 2000 Ford Focus. You may want to consider Strut/Spring assy. I did that with my 2005 F150 and not any issue at all. Rock Auto has them for under $70 per side. Easiest way to change them out. All new equipment and change out is a snap.
  7. twintornados

    Aviator -Jet Package

    I like a more "nautical" theme....waiting for the BEV Lincoln Mariner...
  8. twintornados

    Aviator -Jet Package

    So, following that idea, Navigator and Corsair will get a black out ship theme and Nautilus will get a black out submarine theme? PS: I like it...
  9. The sad reality of this picture is that the above pictured group are probably texting each other instead of just talking to each other.
  10. Solid state batteries will be a game changer in the BEV market
  11. and therein lies the issue...one standard for ALL electric charging. This is where the Gov't "could" step in, but won't. Make one standard for charging. Remember when unleaded gas first hit the market and the cars required to use that fuel had a smaller opening in the filler neck so that the "old style" leaded gas nozzle would not go into it? What a cluster-f*#k that was....adapters were made and in some cases, people would just punch it out to fit the other nozzle in. However, as time went by, the new standard became the "way of life" as all the older cars slowly dropped out of the daily use scene. This will happen again but there needs to be standardization so all EV's will charge at all stations regardless of station owner or manufacturer.
  12. So, as we look back into the fledgling era of ICE powered vehicles, the fuel was sold in containers first which seemed impractical in that era when the main source of transportation could "fuel up" by enjoying a nice bag of oats before going out into the community. "emissions" were left on the side of the road drawing complaints from the community that the mess was a pain to clean up. But, when private companies began developing fueling stations where a driver can pull up, pour the fuel into the car with a metered device and be on his or her way with little fuss, the previous mode of transportation quickly fell out of favor and became a hobby. The federal government did not intervene to make this a reality, only providing the needed regulation so that your average John and Jane Doe does not get harmed while using the apparatus and that the fueling stations worked on one standard to properly fuel the vehicles no matter what vehicle was pulled up to the station. This needs to happen again...private companies need to develop fueling stations for EV's and make it as efficient and easy to perform that anyone can refuel with ease and I must emphasize that it also must be done quickly...not "NASCAR quickly" mind you, but plugging the EV into a refueling station for a fill up should take less than ten minutes to complete. Mr Musk has done this with his Supercharging network, but it is a "closed loop" that only works for Tesla vehicles. Other companies like Sunoco, ExxonMobil, Shell, etc or their modern equivalents need to step in to provide this service for one standard so that all EV's can equally use the refueling stations.
  13. twintornados

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    My dad had an 88 F250 with the same scheme...love it for sure.