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  1. twintornados

    Remote Start Antenna Location

    Sounds like you work in a NYS correctional facility....😉
  2. twintornados

    Ford ends manufacturing in Brazil

    More BR fun and enjoyment...
  3. twintornados

    2021 Bronco Sport Production Information

    My local dealer has a white Bronco Sport and the script is dang near invisible...you'd have thought that they would have made it black in the case of a white vehicle.
  4. twintornados

    02 escape 3.0 oil problem

  5. Nice to see the "Elite" name being used again.
  6. twintornados

    Toyota fined for not reporting defects

    Yes, you sure are....
  7. This shows that the Chinese market is no longer a place for "cast off" designs and they will buy new products when they are really new.
  8. Since the step van business is already established and they can be built on the F59 stripped chassis from Ford, it would seem like an easy way to move to EV with a Motiv Power Systems F59 EV chassis... https://www.automotive-fleet.com/128371/all-electric-powertrain-launched-for-ford-f-59-chassis
  9. Ford's approach of using an existing chassis to keep the costs in line for fleet buyers will be an advantage over BrightDrop. It looks like a nice van, but unless GM...errr, gm uses the same tophat to replace it's current gasoline and diesel powered vans, the costs may be prohibitive for fleets.
  10. twintornados

    GM's new logo

    Just wait until they "lower case" this logo...
  11. twintornados

    Strange find

    looks like the air deflectors that are on the front of my MKC just in front of the tires...was told that it is an aerodynamic device.
  12. twintornados

    GM's new logo

    Lower case lettering is seen as less imposing and emasculating in appearance. Walmart used to have an imposing logo in all capital letters, then they changed to a capital "W" and lower case for the rest of the name as it was seen as more inviting...even the star was replaced by a vector flower...
  13. twintornados

    GM's new logo

  14. twintornados

    Transmission/Electrical Issues

    Wait and see....he'll drop in sooner or later. Don't say I didn't warn ya though.....