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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. twintornados

    AI Generated Renders

    I think I broke the Bing AI....I asked it to create a 2024 Ford Pinto wagon....I have gotten this for the past 5 minutes.
  2. twintornados

    UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

    And that is the biggest fallacy of being a member of a union - people mistakenly think you cannot get fired if you are in a union shop. That is incorrect. All it means is that when an employee faces a termination level event, the employer must follow the termination procedures laid out in the CBA that they agreed to with the union.
  3. twintornados

    Ford pauses Marshall Battery Plant

    At one time, that was a significant thing to have to do...nowadays, it is meaningless due to the clowns on both sides of the isle looking for their sound bite instead of actually doing something meaningful.
  4. twintornados

    Ford pauses Marshall Battery Plant

    Market forces will dictate the success of the EV market.
  5. twintornados

    Gas Pedal Vibration

    Go to the dealer?
  6. twintornados

    What can replace my back ordered MKT tranie?

    Got nothing to lose...try this. It is my 'go to" just before a transmission fluid drain/flush
  7. I hear an ice cream truck rolling by on the video...now I want a Good Humor bar....lol
  8. twintornados

    Ranger getting PHEV 2.3L

    If they bring a PHEV Bronco to market, I am getting one. Period.
  9. twintornados

    Ranger getting PHEV 2.3L

    Shhhhh, don't say DCT here.
  10. I am certainly not setting the investor world on fire with my investments - I own Ford stock as I believe in the company and the values they espouse and have been a die hard Ford fan for decades. I will keep my day job as a department of corrections lieutenant and remain a proud union member and elected representative for my peer lieutenants.
  11. Keep fawning over the CEO's...they love it https://nypost.com/2023/08/18/we-stuffed-carlos-ghosn-into-3-ft-box-to-escape-japan-he-owes-us-1m/
  12. twintornados

    Ranger getting PHEV 2.3L

    I hope a PHEV 2.3L Ranger portends to a PHEV 2.3L Bronco
  13. GM CEO Mary Barra received a 34% raise...
  14. You have it backwards...you agreed with me