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  1. twintornados

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    I have one of those, but the weak 3.8L V6 got yanked and I put a 302 in her instead...much better.
  2. twintornados

    2016 6.2L Trans problem (STEALERSHIP!)

    Nice edit (hat tip to @akirby) for what your original reply was.... So, in reply to your edited reply, it is because Ford is covering the repair and they get to call the shots on how they repair it. To your original reply prior to the "edit" ..feel free to contact me directly here anytime, but it is apparent that you do not want my thoughts on the matter. Have a nice day.
  3. twintornados

    2016 6.2L Trans problem (STEALERSHIP!)

    My thought is, let them repair it and keep driving it.
  4. These sub-brand ideas have been around for a long, long time... One that comes to mind from 1974 is Torino, then you had Gran Torino, Gran Torino Brougham, Gran Torino Sport, Gran Torino Elite (different body panels to further differentiate it) Then there were the "SUV's" of that era, in wagon form with Gran Torino Country Squire and a base ranch wagon version. Then you also had a truck version called Ranchero. Moving to the Bronco line of 2021, you will have Bronco 2 door, Bronco 4 door, Bronco Sport (smaller), the rumored Bronco on an F-150 chassis, Bronco Maverick pickup. The more things change, the more they stay the same.....
  5. twintornados

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    My list starts with a 1970 Ford LTD formal roof tudor sedan and then a front end smashed 1969 Ford Galaxy 500 XL sports roof after the 1970's frame broke by the rear axle which donated it's front clip to the XL. I have had several full frame (72-76) Torinos back in my youth, a couple of LTD II's, a '79 Fairmont (mom's old car), Mercury Lynx and Cougar in the 80's, a really nice '89 Ranger regular cab with shortbox and matching cap which I traded in for an '89 Aerostar for my then wife and then got her a '95 Mercury Mystique (without even checking with her, boy... she was pissed) after separation, I was driving my ex mother-in-laws clapped out '84 Honda Accord then a GEO Prizm (Toyota Corrolla in drag) and finally started to get back on my feet financially after the divorce and bought a 2001 Focus then a few years later traded it in for my first new car ever, a left over 2006 Ford Fusion SE V6...loved that rocket...she was a lot of fun. Traded her in for a 2012 Fusion while on the road for a promotion at work and racked up a ton of miles on it and finally traded it in for my 2011 Lincoin MKX which was traded for my current ride, a 2017 Lincoln MKC. In between all that, I have a 1983 Mustang GLX convertible that now has a proper 302 V8. Had and sold a 1976 Mercury Montego MX that I spent way to much money restoring and lost a chunk of $$ selling, then a 1974 Gran Torino Elite (lots of fun restoring and driving that one, but alas, sold it too) and recently, had a 1995 F150 4X2 truck that was worthless in the winter and upgraded to my 2005 F150 XL 4X4....there have been some other marques in there along the way, most notably a 1984 Dodge D150 4X2 truck with a slant 6 that was as quickly sold and a 1979 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta that I only bought to sell it. (only Chevy I ever owned).... Lots of cars and trucks, lots of wrenches slung and knuckles busted...enjoyed 'em all (well, except that Dodge)
  6. twintornados

    2021 Toyota Sienna Debuts

    I agree...since Flex went away, Chrysler now has the other two beat.
  7. twintornados

    2021 Toyota Sienna Debuts

    The Toyota faithful will snap it up in droves...
  8. twintornados

    F150 Tailgate 2004-2008

    The Flareside is narrower than the Styleside between the bed sides and therefore the tailgate is also narrower...other than that, any tailgate from a 2004-2008 styleside should fit fine. Flareside Styleside
  9. twintornados

    1967 F100 flareside bed swap?

    For a second, I thought I was on GMI....
  10. twintornados

    Task for today/ F150

    ....you may want to see an ophthalmologist
  11. Phhhhftttt....60 days ain't nothin'. Not like I would get pissed and buy a Wrangler....ever.....
  12. twintornados

    synch 4

    Same question get the same reply from the other post asking the same question....
  13. twintornados

    SYNC 4

    A question best left to the salesperson at the Ford store...and its SYNC, not synch...