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  1. twintornados

    TFL: Transit 350 AWD

    Cool test.
  2. They're just pissed that they didn't get an invite....🤣🤣
  3. twintornados

    Whats this...?

    Five bolt wheels point to something C2 based...if it was based on Ranger chassis, it would have six....
  4. twintornados

    Auto Engine Shutoff Near tragedy

    Or leave the fob in the car.....
  5. twintornados

    Rearend swap

    Was the offset different? I know the bolt pattern is the same.
  6. twintornados

    Auto Engine Shutoff Near tragedy

    I can tell you that in the case of my 2017 Lincoln MKC, if I get out of the car with it running and I have the keyfob on me, as soon as I close the door the horn will honk twice.
  7. Well sure, since a portion of "the head" was taken over by the intake manifold.
  8. twintornados

    Tesla stock

    Don't forget Visteon....
  9. twintornados

    Greetings from Central MA

    A lot of people don't like the MKT Town Car....I had one once as a loaner while my MKX was in for service and I really liked it....great ride and lots -n- lots of room!!! I think it is stylish indeed. Enjoy!
  10. twintornados

    Thinking of buying an 2020 Edge - help?

    You can ask, but expect a no....but, you gotta be ready to buy right then and there...."Throw in a set of snow's and I'll buy it right now..." and take your check book (or credit card) out for effect.
  11. You mean, this one? I wouldn't say it looks dated...more like it saying to Bronco (in my best Tom Hanks southern prison guard drawl) "Mr Bronco? When you been boy??"
  12. twintornados

    2017 expedition 3.5L V6 twin turbo blowoff valve??

  13. twintornados

    2017 expedition 3.5L V6 twin turbo blowoff valve??

    Seriously? Took less than two seconds....
  14. twintornados

    Transit issues...

    This is the last van Dodge built...
  15. twintornados

    Transit issues...

    I didn't know Dodge still makes vans....
  16. twintornados

    Transit issues...

    Found a video that answers my question, yes...Ford has a kit to replace the guibo joint. I like that the video shows the replacement process without the chatter of a mechanic trying to be a video star...
  17. twintornados

    Transit issues...

    Wondering if the updated kit was ever produced. https://ford.oemdtc.com/2874/safety-recall-17s15-driveshaft-flexible-coupling-replacement-2015-2017-ford-transit
  18. twintornados

    F250 ride height change

    I would presume that a Tremor has a higher ride height than an FX4.
  19. twintornados

    F250 ride height change

    What size ya got on it now?
  20. twintornados

    Ford Scorpion Engine

    The 6.7L Powerstroke diesel is internally referred to as the Scorpion due to the reverse flow heads where the exhaust comes out the top of the motor and into the turbos that are set in the valley where the intake manifold would normally sit.
  21. twintornados

    External Antenna Mount Options

    Not the F650/750.....
  22. Not at all worried, I like the simplicity of the base model and will option it up to my personal spec.
  23. I have a "base" 2 door reserved, but if the dealer tries to play games when I sit down and actually order it and option it up the way I want..(Big Bend...Outer Banks....add my own options) I will just pass and ask for my reservation deposit back. Simple...the Lincoln dealer up the road is aching to sell me a Corsair.
  24. Yes it does....troll
  25. No thanks...your troll advice is not welcome or needed....get lost.