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    New light & medium duty news

    Well, how 'bout Class 7 1/2??
  2. twintornados

    2009 Ranger rev limiter???

    25 plus years ago when I worked at a Toyota dealership as a salesman, when a customer would come in to look at a car and offered their vehicle for trade, the sales manager would take their car around back and out of view of the customer as they were "oooh-ing and ahhh-ing" over a new Toyota. While back there "checking out" their trade, he would rev the piss out of it trying to get it to blow up so they would have to buy a new car...he was such a dick. I didn't stay there long and thankfully, got out of automotive retail...not for everyone.
  3. Now, if they put that drive train in a Mustang and call it GT-E....hmmmmm....
  4. twintornados

    New light & medium duty news

    Move the engine oil dipstick....again? 🤣
  5. That is exactly what I told the service manager and Lincoln....to no avail...
  6. twintornados

    GM July 2019 Approximate Sales Figures

    Quite the mixed bag at the Ren Cen...
  7. Torino Talladega Falcon Sprint Fairlane Thunderbolt Aussie Falcon XA, XB, etc Maverick Grabber Probe GT Taurus SHO Just a few off the top of my head....I know there are more.
  8. Rest easy...love all the spy-shots your brought in over the years.
  9. Oh, I was around for that era and remember the outcry when Ford suggested that what became Probe would be named Mustang III and would replace Ford EXP in the line....again, my opinion was then as it is now, it was a ploy to garner interest...and man, did it ever.
  10. Not that far fetched....
  11. Well, you could look at it as the running pony logo is running toward the future and @pffan1990, the "foxbody era" dragged Mustang out of the doldrums of the Mustang II era and put it back on track to being a performance car and it has evolved ever since. My personal opinion was Ford was never going to call what became Probe the Mustang III (yes, Mustang 3) but instead it was a marketing ploy to drum up interest in Probe.
  12. But, not if it under warranty. My Lincoln MKC with magnetic ride suspension had a passenger front shock shit the bed and try as I might, the dealership would only replace the one strut and not both fronts.
  13. twintornados

    New light & medium duty news

    One would think something with either an E-Series or Transit cab. Only question regarding Transit is width of cab. We know Econoline is wide enough, but could Transit's cab structure be made to sit on a modified floor pan that would mate to the medium duty chassis. Imagine something like this with a tilt forward nose for access...
  14. twintornados

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    That rotating oscillator also was struck by fecal matter as well.
  15. twintornados

    New light & medium duty news

    Well, quite honestly, F650/750 cab can go aluminum and likely retain the same tilt (fiberglass) nose with an update to the nose to match the body lines of the aluminum cab. I am sure the stamping dies for E-Series cab structure have been replaced a few times...doubt they are using the same dies from last cab update.
  16. twintornados

    New light & medium duty news

    The Topkick/Kodiak were Express/Savana based cabs with a tilt nose....Ford could do the same with an Econoline cab from an E-450 with a tilt nose and create an E-550/650 medium variant to continue battle in the medium wars with Isuzu and Hino.
  17. If the suspension "hard points" are the same on the chassis architecture, then you can spec up an SLA suspension for your upscale products while keeping costs in check for the rest of the vehicles that share that architecture by spec'ing up a lower cost, but effective McStrut suspension for the lower end of the line. It gives differentiation so that we no longer have to deal with "tarted up" Fords when we want a Lincoln.
  18. twintornados

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    This is pretty cool too...how many boats can claim Ecoboost power?!
  19. twintornados

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome...oh and,
  20. twintornados

    Expedition MAX vs Navigator L - Worth the $?

    You will see Expeditions all over the place, whereas the Navigator is more exclusive and with that, you wont see yourself coming and going every time you drive down the road.
  21. You'll see 'em when they show Baby Bronco....