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  1. it was cloudy one day and raining the other day
  2. I am pretty sure my lane centering was on when this has come on. Is that light listed somewhere?
  3. Does anyone know what this warning light is It keeps coming on. More often when its raining I looked in both the 2023 and 2024 owners manual and its not listed anywhere When i start my truck it doesn't even come on like all the other lights do.
  4. My Escape Hybrid was about 1000 more than the ICE version. this is my 2nd one since Jan 2020 I like the way the Hybrid drives, and brakes and its much quieter I also like that i can go about 550 miles on a tank getting about 39 Real MPG not what the computer says
  5. I am loosing my faith in ford. I was promised a callback from the case manager today after calling the 800 support number last night but i got no callback. My dealer is still telling me the case manager is not responding to their messages they are sending him.
  6. I called the 800 number and they were able to tell me the dealer opened a case on Friday 12/8. The problem with that is they knew on 11/30 that they could not get a battery. And they told me back on the 30th that they opened a case. Ford (800 number) told me the case manager would call me back. The 800 number was actually very helpful. So frustrating, since my 2020 Hybrid went thru 3 batteries, and now my 2023 is starting the same thing.
  7. It absolutely makes no sense your correct. The dealer has not been very responsive. They do not even check for ford responses until i call to ask for an update. They told me the battery is on national back order. and they cant use another battery they have in stock unless ford approves it. They tell me they messaged ford about 10 days ago and they are not offering any options other than they need to put the request i through the parts department and not service, I tried to work with the dealer, but they say there are no options until ford helps. I think they are feeding me a load of bull Meanwhile i have had one of their loaners for 14 days now.
  8. My dealer has had my 23 escape Hybrid for 13 days because of a bad 12 volt battery. the truck keeps going into battery saver mode. The tell me ford has been slow to respond to find a battery or let them put a different battery in. Anyone know whee i can start making calls to ford to get someone there to move on this?
  9. Now my dealer tells me they can not get a 12V battery for my car, they are on back order. I have been without my car since Wednesday night. At least i have a loaner They also said the flapping noise is from the shock, which i told them is impossible. The flapping stops when you turn on the heat,
  10. Well after 2 days at the dealer and many tests, they tell me my battery is bad They tole me the quality of ford batteries since covid is bad, that's why they keep going bad They told me the flapping in the back is the heat shield and they adjusted nut they diid not test drive again. I told them when you turn on the heat the flapping stops. How can it be the heat shield outside of the car Im trying to get them to drive the truck again while they wait for the battery UGGGGG
  11. Yes i am turning it off. I drive 60 miles a day, so i am driving plenty
  12. I now have 9000 miles on my Vapor blue escape and love it. I keep getting a battery saver message on my Ford Pass. I get it on the SYNC4 screen when i open the door, and the interior lights do not come on either. Once i start the truck, the lights and Sync4 come on. I went to the dealer and they tell me there is nothing wrong with the battery. I have a voltmeter coming today from Amazon, and i am going to check the battery myself. Just a side not, i had the same problem on my 2020 Hybrid, and they changed my battery 3 times, and then refused to change it a 4th time when i got to 36,000 miles. They spent 5 hours looking at the truck and have no idea what is wrong. They have a call into the engineers at ford for help. Has anyone had this problem, and it was NOT the battery? My second issue is i have a flapping noise coming from the back of the truck. It only does it when the heat is OFF, going over 50, and the windows are closed. As soon as you turn the heat on, it stops. I am guessing its some sort of vent that lets the air pressure out of the truck. Has anyone else had this issue, and found a resolution?
  13. Its not normal, my 2020 Hybrid did not do it.
  14. Do you have a Hybrid? i have the same problem since the day i picked up my escape. It only does it when your in electric mode. I saw some postings on the Maverick site that talks about the same problem hey even have a recording, which sounds just like my noise. I have not brought it to the dealer yet, i am guessing they will have no clue what is wrong at this point until mre people complain
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