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  1. Would be nice to be able to roll down all your windows and open a sun roof (and close too) by remote. My 2004 BMW 325XI had this as do many other vehicles. Press and hold a button and it lowers all the windows and opens the sun roof. Would be real nice when you come to your vehicle on a sunny hot day, before you climb in. Then being able to press another button to close all the openings, and lock the doors would also be nice, Rather than have to get in, turn the system on, and then manually close each window and the sun roof. then turn off the system.
  2. How about blue cruise on other platforms? Lincoln put it in their Corsair GT but not in any of the the Escape's at any trim level. You would think that the hardware is the same, why not offer it as a retrofit or add on? The rest of the hardware should already be there since Copilot360 has steering, breaking, lane departure, speed control, including reading of speed limit signs.
  3. Follow up on this. I found that sometimes it's the front camera on the grill that causes this. In the very early morning when I'm driving directly into the sun I'll get this message. I've cleaned the front windshield which usually helps but a couple times it did not. Recently I got out of my vehicle and checked the front camera and there were droplets of water from the morning fog. I presume that driving straight into bright sun was creating refraction and the camera was unable to "see" I just wiped off the lens with a cloth I keep in the door and the symptom went away. I've also noticed that if I have not cleaned the lenses for a while dust and light dirt films with direct sun also seem to cause this to happen more often. I have now gotten into the habit of "if in the morning there is water or condensation on my windows, I wipe down the windows first, then walk around the vehicle and clean all the camera's and sensors. Seems to be better. Not perfect but better.
  4. Now almost a year out on my Group 48 high end AGM Interstate battery. I'm hard on batteries. I take my vehicle to the Sierra's almost every weekend in the winter, and it gets subjected to very cold temps. I've commonly had battery failures ahead of warranty and had either prorated replacements or flat out replacements. About mid April I noticed that I was getting the dreaded Vehicle going to sleep as soon as I parked. Regardless of how long I had driven. (sometime 180 Miles) I hooked up my DMM and read the voltage when the ignition was on and engine "running" and 14.9V. as soon as I turned the ignition off, 10V That's a dead cell in the battery. Took the battery to the Interstate store, he put his tester on it and sure enough bad cell. quick scan of the bar code and I had a new battery. Back to working properly!
  5. There is a warning tone and message that appears for a short period of time that you can "acknowledge" and it goes away. Depending on what the system was affected, it would say something like "Adaptive cruise control is turned off" or "preemptive forward braking is disabled" I think you can use the "driver assist" settings to turn off certain notifications. and I to have gotten "camera blocked" or "Sensor's blocked" messages as well.
  6. https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/vdirsnet/OwnerManual/Home/Content?variantid=8431&languageCode=en&countryCode=USA&Uid=G2235256&ProcUid=G2235257&vFilteringEnabled=False&buildtype=web&div=f
  7. It can also be a collision sensor warning. Basically it's telling you that the camera or the forward facing sensors are blocked for some reason. Letting you know that you need to be more aware of your speed, distance, or lane centering. I believe adaptive cruise, lane centering, distance monitoring, pedestrian pre-emptive collision braking, forward collision braking, etc are affected in this case. I think all the 23's and 24's have the 360 copilot technology and I think it may even go back to 2020. It can also be caused by driving directly into the sun. Glare on the camera can make it hard for the system camera to make out what ever it is looking for. Sometimes it's just moisture on the windshield (early morning when you get streaking from the wipers) Dirty wiper blades can make it worse!
  8. The Group 48 AGM is not "specified" for the vehicle but it does fit fine (with a very slight modification of the bracket) and the spare fits over it fine. I decided to go that route and paid for the "upgrade". Most of the searches I did said that would fix the problem and it has not come back even in cold nights in Tahoe. (only a few so far) I think it went to sleep one time but I expected it because I was charging several devices and listening to the radio for almost an hour without starting the vehicle.
  9. I found I was having that exact battery problem from day one on my 2023 Hybrid. I was probably driving less than you initially. (probably still not driving 60mi a day) If I did a long drive (couple hours) the symptom would resolve for a short while. Research shows that it's probably the fact that the stock 12v battery H4 is a pretty small capacity so if you stop driving, turn off the engine and sit in your car for a few minutes listening to the radio, or have the fans running, it will drain that battery real fast. It then shuts down to make sure that you will be able to power back up when you need to go again. (which is done using the main HV battery, and then it charges up the 12v battery again. The fix for me was to go ahead and pay for an AGM Group 48 battery which will hold the charge much better and is a much higher capacity battery. Have not had my vehicle to to "deep Sleep" since. Even when left out in subzero weather. I'll know even better once ski season hits because it will be in subzero weather every weekend then. And yes the Group 48 battery fits fine. You do need to bend/modify the hold down bracket to accommodate the physically longer battery but it fits fine.
  10. Since I installed the new Group 48 AGM I have not had the deep sleep notification. Looks like that solved it. Now if I can just figure out where to control the USB ports. The rear ones (behind the center console in the passenger area) keep going to sleep even when I'm driving.
  11. So I bit the bullet.. Installed an Interstate Group 48 AGM Battery in my Hybrid. Since then I have not seen any of those deep sleep mode messages. It's been about a week now. Will continue to check in as my experience grows. It was an easy fit although the cables are almost too short to make the connection. The battery hold down moved over to the other nut with no problems. Spare still fits over the top no problem, The only mechanical issue was that the "cover" that has the spare hold down bolt, had a small tab to keep the old 45AH battery from sliding over. It's pretty thin gauge metal so it was easy to gently bend out of the way.
  12. IIRC Convoy means it will be put on a truck at the plant. The question will be if they have enough vehicles to send the truck or will it be waiting for additional vehicles to get loaded before departing on it's "Convoy"
  13. Definitely sounds like a group 48 AGM is in my future. Even If I have to put it in myself. When I drove 30+ miles mostly freeway, but drove it very carefully so that I was running electric a lot of the way, it only took about 2 minutes of me listening to the radio upon arrival for my vehicle to go to "deep sleep" mode. I did get about 52MPG on the 30mi trip which was kind of cool! I would like to be able charge my phone or other items from time to time without having to start the engine up.
  14. I need to do more research on this but according the few articles I read, on some hybrids, While they use DC-DC charging for the 12V system, many require the ICE engine running to enable the DC-DC charge unit. If this is the case along with the small slow charging battery, it may be why I don't get enough of a charge on the 7 mile drive across the city. A couple times I drove the seven miles with about 6 miles electric. (Hybrid not PHEV) Last several blocks were in a tunnel so of course the headlights are on and downhill so I'm almost always on electric this part of the drive. As soon as I parked, the vehicle went right into deep sleep.
  15. Thank you for the explanation. I had not dug into the charging systems yet. That helps and explains more about why I'm seeing the behavior you mention. An AGM may be in my future. or even a LiFePO? Anyone try one of those yet?
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