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Does anyone know what this light is?

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Does anyone know what this warning light is It keeps coming on. More often when its raining

I looked in both the 2023 and 2024 owners manual and its not listed anywhere
When i start my truck it doesn't even come on like all the other lights do.



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You have frost on the windshield when that is lit?  If it is lane centering, and the camera is covered (located behind your inside mirror), it could trigger that.


I had that happen on the company Escape.  But the Escape was the a stripper model.  Lower than the SE.  But it did have that warning when I couldn't reach the camera to scrape the frost off.  Being a stripper, didn't have your digital dash.

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It can also be a collision sensor warning.

Basically it's telling you that the camera or the forward facing sensors are blocked for some reason. Letting you know that you need to be more aware of your speed, distance, or lane centering. I believe adaptive cruise, lane centering, distance monitoring, pedestrian pre-emptive collision braking, forward collision braking, etc are affected in this case.

I think all the 23's and 24's have the 360 copilot technology and I think it may even go back to 2020.

It can also be caused by driving directly into the sun. Glare on the camera can make it hard for the system camera to make out what ever it is looking for.

Sometimes it's just moisture on the windshield (early morning when you get streaking from the wipers)

Dirty wiper blades can make it worse!


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