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  1. If they’re planning a several month shutdown anyway then I guess it makes sense especially if they can build more Broncos. Just seems really really odd not to make it a 2024 at that point.
  2. akirby

    AS shortage

    Its not first in first out. It’s by priority at each dealer. Some dealers have more orders and different priorities. There are also a lot of commodity issues other than AS both published and unpublished.
  3. But that was January, not May. And I think it was delayed at least once or twice. The big problem is you can’t continue building 2022 models as of Jan 1 2023. So that would mean 5 months of no production which is completely unreasonable.
  4. I haven’t seen ADMs on Mach-E yet but the reason Tesla is allowed to sell factory direct is they’re not directly challenging local dealer sales. As that changes with more legacy mfr BEVs you better believe the dealers will sue Tesla and stop factory direct sales in most states.
  5. Not saying it can’t be May of 23 - but at that point it would be a 2024 model not a 2023.
  6. akirby

    Super Duty Back Orders

    Posts deleted - we are not turning this into a UAW discussion.
  7. May of 2023 for a 2023 model? That doesn’t make any sense.
  8. So what’s the anticipated job 1 date for the 2023 Ranger? Seriously considering trading my F150 since trade in is what I paid for it 4 years ago.
  9. akirby

    Aviator Climate numbers onscreen vanished!

    A bug is, by definition, a code defect made by the programmer. That is the exact opposite of deflecting blame. The point of calling it a bug is that it needs a new release of the software to fix it.
  10. akirby

    Mandatory Employee Vax Reporting

  11. You're still underestimating the number of dodge buyers ( cars and trucks and SUVs ) who only want a loud V8. For them it’s not about how fast it is. Now that’s a subset of buyers but I don’t see Dodge selling as many BEV vehicles as their ICE counterparts.
  12. akirby

    Aviator Climate numbers onscreen vanished!

    You don’t work with software, do you? They didn’t remove it on purpose - it was a bug and they fixed it.
  13. How are you liking the Corsair GT? It’s on the short list to replace our mkx.
  14. Are you suggesting they would slap on a $10k ADM causing a backlash with forum members, fake Google reviews and threats of lawsuits requiring Ford to negotiate a compromise? That would never happen…..😂
  15. akirby

    System choosing

    This is an industry wide problem. Ford is actually in better shape right now than most others. They took their big hit back in the Spring.
  16. akirby

    November '21 Sales

    I think you’re confusing “can’t get vehicles” with “sell them as fast as they come in”. Ford and Lincoln are selling and delivering a lot of vehicles, they just don’t have a lot of u so,d inventory sitting around. And if you don’t think Lincoln is making $5k on $60k Nautilus, $70k Aviator and $90k Navigators when rates are almost non existent you’re dreaming.
  17. Given the current situation with Super Duty orders, I would not take that chance on a non refundable deposit. If you do go ahead put a time limit on it so you can get a refund if it takes more than 3 or 4 or 6 months. Don’t leave it open ended. You also need to be clear on the price and make sure it either excludes any Ford rebates or if the rebates are included make sure they are spelled out. Also any dealer fees, etc. My suggestion is to get an out the door price with details exclusive of any factory rebates with a note that says you either get the rebates at order time or at delivery whichever is better. that way you know exactly what you’re getting.
  18. akirby

    Aviator -Jet Package

    Shouldn’t Corsair get a Propellor theme? Or a Black Sheep theme?
  19. akirby

    November '21 Sales

    Bronco SPORT is a direct competitor to Compass and Cherokee. Everyone knows Wrangler sales are far ahead of Bronco and will be for some time. Ford isn’t saying anything about that, just that they’re selling as fast as they can make them right now. Are you just looking for things to complain about?
  20. Good for Kia. Meanwhile Ford will be selling $40k-$80k Mach-Es, F150 Lightnings, E Transits and BEV utilities and making a lot more profit.
  21. akirby

    November '21 Sales

    Given the lack of BEV sedans and higher BEV pricing, a Lincoln BEV sedan is possible but probably lower priority than the utilities.
  22. akirby

    Headlamp Exit Delay Issue

    Did you try the one in the owner’s manual?