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  1. Id say it’s more likely than not that it was intentional. Builds more buzz for the actual reveal. It would be easier to believe it was accidental if it was on a dev site not the production site.
  2. When they say Ford is betting on trucks and SUVs it sounds like F150, Expedition and Explorer. But it’s also smaller crossovers, (new Escape is just a slightly taller Focus hatchback), unibody trucks and utilities and BEVs not to mention hybrids and phevs across the lineup. That’s not just “trucks and SUVs”.
  3. akirby

    Bring This Back Please

    Because you can move the flash drive from vehicle to vehicle without having to burn it again and the flash drive can hold far more music than the nav hard drive. It’s just more flexible than using the hard drive.
  4. GT500 has a rotary dial shifter. I guess they shouldn’t call it a mustang.
  5. akirby

    Bring This Back Please

    I have over 1000 songs on my small flash drive. That’s about 80 cds or 50 hours of music. And you can easily rotate the music on it anytime you want. To me that seems a lot easier than carrying around and swapping out CDs. But hey it’s your vehicle and your music. Just trying to give you alternatives.
  6. That’s not hypocrisy it’s an analogy and I was trying to point out that people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Saying other people buy vehicles they don’t need (Which is exactly what rperez said above and has said repeatedly in the past) while doing exactly the same thing is the definition of hypocrisy. I’ve never told someone they didn’t need a particular vehicle. No matter what you drive you can always find another vehicle that is cheaper or smaller but gets the job done just as well. And you can say that you don’t care but by pointing it out you’re showing that you do care to some extent.
  7. Is it just me or does that dude look like Edd China?
  8. Understood but you’re in a very small minority of drivers. I also think you’d be pleasantly surprised in an edge sport or st. Like I said there are plenty of folks who prefer sedans. Just not as many as there used to be. I also have a theory on why crossovers are so much more popular. SUVs hit in the early 90s with the Explorer. Crossovers hit a decade later. Today’s 16-30 yr olds grew up in households with more utilities so they naturally favor them. Certainly applies to my kids who drive an escape and a Subaru Forester.
  9. A - you don’t know how people use their vehicles outside of work. Maybe they regularly haul stuff or people on the weekends and they don’t want a second vehicle just for commuting. Kids aren’t the only reason. B - why did you buy a focus when a fiesta would have been just as good and smaller and cheaper? Sorry but it irks me when people pass judgement on other people’s choices.
  10. akirby

    Bring This Back Please

    Umm... you do realize you can buy another cheap flash drive and copy the same songs to it, right?
  11. akirby

    Bring This Back Please

    Do you actually have CDs in the vehicle and listen to them?
  12. And do you “need” a jaguar or Tesla? Of course not. A fusion energi would work just as well 95% of the time. It’s unbelievably arrogant to tell other people that their personal preferences aren’t valid.
  13. Car prices aren’t too high. They’re cheaper than crossovers. And it’s not just the cargo capacity. Most people prefer the higher seating position. I had a fusion for 5 years and wife had an edge and mkx. They drive the same unless you’re pushing it really hard through the twisties. It really just comes down to personal preference. There isn’t much profit on the lower end and not enough volume on the higher end so mfrs will be choosing to invest in other places given the opportunity.
  14. The fact that you keep calling it a SUV mom van says it all.
  15. akirby

    Bring This Back Please

    You can burn all the CDs you want onto $10 flash drives for free or play them from your phone.
  16. That’s because people stopped buying new vehicles altogether and those older SUVs and trucks got terrible fuel economy in the midst of $4/gal gas. Fuel economy has improved so much and with Ford going hybrids and phevs that’s no longer a concern. It’s a different world.
  17. 15 mpg? You can get 30 in an escape - 40 in the escape hybrid. Edge is upper 20s. My 469 lb/ft F150 gets low 20s easily. Cars are no longer significantly more fuel efficient.
  18. The sad part is people like Roland would probably prefer that. Just kill the name and let it live on as a distant fond memory never to be sold again. Now that would be abject stupidity.
  19. They didn’t have to market it that way. One look and you knew it was a 4 door version of a 911. And that last statement is not true. Ford wasn’t going to add a fwd coupe branded mustang - they were going to REPLACE it altogether. If they were replacing current mustang with Mach-E I would agree but they’re not so it’s a terrible analogy. As for panties in a wad, look in the mirror. There is no logical reason to be upset about this.
  20. Overreact much with that last statement? Do you really think this will impact mustang coupe sales in any way? I don’t. As for Panamera I was obviously referring to styling. There is no mistaking the 911 front and rear, As for trading on the Porsche brand, that’s EXACTLY what a Ford is doing with their mustang brand. They’re bringing mustang performance and brand values to a new type of vehicle. It may have 4 doors but it’s faster than a mustang and probably handles better. It’s the same proposition as Porsche and will be just as successful. A real mustang fan would not be offended in the least. I guess we’ll here the same thing when the baby Bronco appears since it will be smaller and unibody and fwd based. Oh the horror!
  21. akirby

    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    Read my comment above. And you’d like Damon as Shelby.