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  1. Ford has encrypted their window stickers so you can't just change a vin number on an old URL any more, but I found this dealer webpage that works: http://mcmahonford.com/Look-Up-Window-Sticker/
  2. It’s still just a nicer Silverado and has nothing over a top of the line F150. I take that back - it does have something that F150 doesn’t have. Twice the overhead.
  3. Apparently you know nothing about ecoboost engines,
  4. Big difference between an axle on a car you can’t see vs a full blown off road package. Its also not about whether the buyers use it or not - I doubt most Raptors go desert running - it’s about what people will pay for. And yes you can do that with IFS and it probably makes more sense to make it an aftermarket part, but I could see a business case for making it a unique model. Just depends on how hardcore they want to go.
  5. And that's exactly why I expect something to be available - no way they leave that to the aftermarket especially when the parts should fit both Ranger and Bronco.
  6. I thought somebody in the know said a solid front axle would be an option? I could see 2 variants for both Ranger and Bronco: Raptor - Like F150 Raptor - made for desert running An Offroad version with larger tires, solid front axle with beefed up components for rock crawling
  7. I think it was a 90s Pontiac Grand Prix where they made a LED display then created a digital speedo (or tach, can't remember exactly) that looked like an analog gauge. Only GM would spend $300 on a LED gauge and make it look exactly like a $10 analog gauge.
  8. akirby

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    He’s the one doing the servicing
  9. akirby

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    It varies by vehicle and it depends on whether the dealer has allocation available or not, but from what I've seen it's typically around 3 weeks give or take.
  10. That may have been right after a new model introduction. I don't think it's a permanent thing on the base models at least.
  11. Sometimes they don't lease any mustang models at all.
  12. It's certainly more viable if you can build multiple versions on the same platform in the same plant with a lot of shared parts.
  13. akirby

    2021 GMC Yukon

    I'm sure most buyers get a Yukon for the sole purpose of getting the Denali trim, so I'm surprised it's not higher. It does have a longer warranty than the Chevys so that's another reason.
  14. Of course! Both Explorer and Ranger were F100 trim levels in the 70s.
  15. Ok that was over the line. Let's keep it civil.
  16. It was a rhetorical question. They get a pass on everything because people love Elon and they love the idea of Tesla - doing things differently and saving the environment. They can't afford to redo older models like the S. All their resources are going to launch the new vehicles and develop new stuff they can pimp to investors to keep the ponzi scheme going with new cash infusions. This, and the fact that they're underpricing the vehicles just to get sales volume (underpriced relative to what it takes to generate a net profit) and the fact that their manufacturing and distribution can't scale is why anyone with a brain can see it's unsustainable. Don't tell Wall Street though.
  17. Is it a coincidence their $7500 tax credit is no longer available?
  18. akirby

    Future Edge Replacement

    It's because they change direction and plans so often they can't seem to finish anything the way they originally planned.
  19. akirby

    Genesis GV80

    I keep forgetting about that since Ford doesn't use one.
  20. akirby

    Future Edge Replacement

    Large propane tank and propane powered generator or smaller gas generators. Or you just rough it with a grill or camp stove and cook all the stuff that defrosted in the freezer.
  21. akirby

    Future Edge Replacement

    Natural gas was a requirement for our new house for both cooking and heating. I would not go back to electric and didn't want the hassle of a propane tank.