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  1. Buy a new quarter panel and cut off the portion you need. Theyre not super expensive
  2. They can use that capacity for EVs and if they need more products they can do c2 utilities that would be profitable. It’s just pointless to bring new products that don’t make money.
  3. That’s because you misinterpret half of what I say. There is a huge difference in a $25k focus that needs $3k incentives plus dealer discounts and a $25K Maverick that sells at MSRP and over. It’s not about absolute ATPs but profit margins and ROI. Plenty of room for less expensive products if they’re desirable and profitable.
  4. Why do that if you build vehicles that sell on their own instead? Maverick and Bronco Sport are even more effective at bringing in new customers and they’re far more profitable.
  5. Leaving just the top open to run the power cord instead of the entire hatch?
  6. But I’ve seen dealers use stock prioririties for retail orders. Most often trying to game the ok to buy restriction to get a new model earlier (which is stupid and doesn’t work because they hold all those anyway).
  7. Absolutely starting with the 02 series in 1966 followed by 3 series and M models.
  8. As a 2013 Fusion Titanium owner I agree it was a great vehicle. Only downside was weight and mpg compared to the imports. The problem was not many people were willing to pay a premium for a Titanium. I hardly ever saw another Titanium model. They were 90% cheap SE models. Same for Escape. Nothing but SEs. Cheap transportation. BMW’s heritage is performance cars. Lincoln’s heritage is Town Cars. BMW and MB are mfrs. Lincoln is a small division of Ford. Huge difference in resources and potential buyers.
  9. That makes no sense. We’re just explaining why Ford made it that way. You don’t have to agree or like it. But it’s also extremely easy to just hit the unlock button.
  10. What if you pulled up to a convenience store and were planning to wait for some sketchy folks to leave but your doors unlocked automatically and somebody opened the door and grabbed your wife? This way they don’t unlock u til you signal it’s time to get out by opening your is just Ford trying to keep you safe and CYA. Is it really that hard to find the unlock button?
  11. I would think they’d be the same or close enough, but hard to say for sure. We had a 2003 Aviator that we liked a lot but ended up trading it on an edge limited in 2008. I got to see the production model early in a focus session where they let us drive it against a X5 and a Honda Pilot.
  12. FTFY. Seriously - make it a full model capable plant and use it or move Mustang and close it already.
  13. They did that to some degree I just don’t think they went far enough with the restrictions.
  14. https://www.iihs.org/news/detail/redesigned-lincoln-nautilus-lands-highest-iihs-accolade?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR38918cDLngYUbPqI40uqdDWB7Tfbdoyi90lYoNutaS0Rf8JQfKt6Q6Hq0_aem_AZFPwORroao3M4Oi_0tiXb1N21vu0f37IpRYba0Tq8lHNHuGTVBeDgkSCzh6o0jna2CJ0XBn2I2jP7z6DsW4jttp And 2 years from now they’ll change the test and declare it a death trap.
  15. Kudos to Farley for assembling such a great team and recognizing that outside help is critical.
  16. Then you’re in the 20% who would just do a special order. The chances of finding exactly what you want in the colors you want is pretty rare given all the combinations. I had the opposite problem on our last two MKX/Nautilus. Nobody had what we wanted in stock within 500 miles with everything we wanted which was a loaded reserve model. First one we compromised on the engine, wheels and skipped the technology package to take what was in stock. On the current one we only compromised on the engine getting the 2.0L rather than the 2.7L but I’m ok with that. It just seems silly that you can get a high end reserve model Lincoln and still be missing options.
  17. Well that’s a little different not offering certain things at all. I was just referring to dealer stock option packages. You could still allow special orders for more unique combinations.
  18. Turn off autolock and it won’t lock the doors in the first place. But if you’re inside all you have to do is pull the door handle twice to open the door.
  19. I’ve been saying that for years. Back in the 90s you could buy 3 Honda Accords. - DX, LX, EX with one or two dealer installed options. Look at Escape with multiple ST-Line configs. 3 configurations would cover 80% of buyers. People don’t mind paying a little more for extra options if it means they can find what they want color wise in stock somewhere.
  20. Absolutely. Edge/Nautilus plus a Maverick utility (or LWB fwd Bronco Sport) could easily fill 2 shifts with room for Escape and Corsair if they want to free up Louisville. Plus Zephyr and Zephyr Sport if they don’t want to put them in FR.
  21. They dropped all cars except Mustang and they’re almost at the same market share but far more profitable.
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