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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    “Built” but on chip hold

    Oh please nobody called you names. We just pointed out how risky it is to do that.
  2. I hate to be a broken record but a lot of folks can’t charge at home because they’re in an apartment or condo or older home with limited electrical capacity. That’s why fast widely available public charging is a must for widespread BEV adoption.
  3. Sometimes you need the cash and/or the write off.
  4. It’s really simple - Ford and most other large mfrs do just in time inventory. So they’re expecting to have all your parts 4 weeks from now, but in between some part doesn’t show up. One week it was wiper motors, could be anything, the supplier says you’ll have them but they do t show up. Multiply that by 37 and you see why it’s a problem.
  5. akirby

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    We get it you’re frustrated. No need to repeat this over and over and over.
  6. akirby

    Max Air Conditioning Knob / Mode

    It does you just have to very careful with the bounce back. In your video you can see it bounce back more than one click.
  7. akirby

    Max Air Conditioning Knob / Mode

    Mystery solved. When you twist it to Max a/c and let go, if the knob moves back even one click for max cold it won’t engage Max mode. You either have to do it carefully so it doesn’t move back, or go to max cold first, then twist and it’s easier to keep it there,
  8. Mustang is 760/625 but I could see them tuning the Raptor version differently
  9. Ford is trying to do that but it’s not as simple as just not installing the module.
  10. akirby

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Its just not as simple as “have the dealer install it later” although they are looking at that. The modules likely come preinstalled with the seat from the supplier. As to the $300 discount it does sound low but we don’t know their wholesale cost and they’re probably counting on folks who really didn’t care about the seats being happy to drop them and the ones who really care will just wait and order a 2023 or whenever supplies are available. Which is really your option 3. It makes no sense to keep a vehicle on microchip hold that long given a choice especially since they may not have any seats at all. What I would like to see is Ford step up for anyone who has had a 2022 on order for more than 6 months and give them a $3k PCO and preferred scheduling on a 2023.
  11. Ive said this before but the closest public chargers of any kind to my hometown in rural GA is 45 miles and almost none of the homes have a 220 outlet for charging, That yields only about 150 local driving miles per full charge and a 2 hour round trip. Non starter.
  12. Youre just stuck on a big block naturally aspirated V8 without any regard to actual performance. Which is fine as a personal preference but the other 99.99% of buyers don’t care nor should Ford. Raptor was already in a class by itself and 760 hp keeps it on top.
  13. That’s why they’re great as a second vehicle but if I was using that vehicle for several long trips per year and/or trips to the boonies where public chargers are few and far between I would not want that inconvenience and neither would most drivers.
  14. I agree IF fast chargers were as plentiful and available as a gas pump. But right now they’re nowhere close. We’ll get there eventually.
  15. For local driving under 250 miles per day. More than 250 or away from home and you must use public charging.
  16. Nobody ever said he was hands on with anything. He set a different mindset about how to do designs and set up a new design studio according to the articles.
  17. Drop the seats, take the $300 and try to get your truck or walk away and go buy something else or wait until supplies improve and reorder. Those are your options. It’s totally understandable to be disappointed. Everybody that has something on order right now is disappointed. Cars can’t be repaired. Appliances are taking over a year. It’s not the mfrs fault.
  18. Don’t you think Ford WANTS to sell you those seats? If they can’t get the parts they have no choice. We can’t get $100k network devices because they can’t get a 75 cent part. Everybody is having these issues.
  19. With smaller, lighter trucks you can get the same range with a smaller cheaper battery pack. Or more range with the same one.
  20. akirby

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    And you’d most likely have 71 miles on it after a few days anyway.
  21. Because 400/410 naturally aspirated and 760/625 supercharged just aren’t sufficient.
  22. Since when is 730 hp not special? You have a severe case of confirmation bias. You have a small group of friends who all like the same things so you assume everybody wants what you want. Ford replaced the 4.6L, 5.4L and 6.2L v8s in the f150 with a 3.5L eb, 3.7L v6 and 5.0L v8 then added a 2.7L eb. Drastic reduction in cubic inches. Massive improvement in power and fuel economy. Did anybody miss the 5.4 or 6.2L? Nope. Sales skyrocketed. Displacement no longer matters in the grand scheme. In fact it’s a detriment due to weight and fuel economy.
  23. If it got audited and you had a reasonable explanation I don’t think they would care. They’re just trying to keep people from using them to order and flip vehicles for profit.
  24. I don’t think they would do that for months and months. We’ve seen them I stall missing wiper motors on held trucks rather than build new ones. I think it’s what Scott said with missing options being removed from job 2 builds,