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    2020 Gt500 order sold to someone else

    Report it to the better business bureau and maybe your local news station. Report it to Ford too. They can’t do much but I bet they can cut their gt500 and other allocations.
  2. You got that right. Wagons are generally uglier than crossovers. You keep saying it's "image" but the truth is people simply like certain styles of vehicles better than others. And you're completely overlooking the height issue. Crossovers are much easier for entry and exit and have a higher seating position. Yet they still offer car-like ride quality and as many if not more amenities than sedans. And similar fuel economy. In the past you had to give up a lot to drive a SUV. CUVs don't have those downsides.
  3. The new outbacks are tweeners at 66 inches tall. The older ones were only 60 inches tall. JGC is 69 inches tall. That’s the visual difference.
  4. If it’s available get it. It’s pretty cheap from what I remember. Better to have it and not need it....
  5. I should have mentioned that traction control that can brake individual wheels can overcome a loss of traction in many circumstances by braking the spinning wheel and forcing torque to the other one. But I would still get the e locker if available.
  6. Without some type of limited slip or locking diff your 2wd is just a 1wd. Meaning if just one of the rear wheels end up in mud or something slick you’re STUCK. This happened to me with my first Ranger - couldn’t get out of the side yard. Even with 4wd if you drop one side into ice or mud or wet grass you’re toast. I rarely need it but I refuse to buy anything without a locker.
  7. CUVs have higher ground clearance, higher seating and is taller than an AWD wagon.
  8. akirby

    An Interesting Comparison

    It’s also significantly smaller and lighter.
  9. 1. Wait and see what actual sales are 2. If > 0 declare success
  10. Is this your first diesel?
  11. It’s not just the price. It’s huge and won’t fit in most garages. And it’s a BEV. So you’ll be charging it in the driveway? Not saying they won’t sell a few out of the gate but thinking this will be a sales success seems optimistic.
  12. So you think a $112K BEV is going to fly off the dealer lots and set sales records? You're delusional.
  13. This. As a concept vehicle it's cool. As a standalone product it's questionable whether it will make any net profit. OTOH a family of Hummers starting at $50K probably would.
  14. You're assuming the B&P application is cloud enabled and can scale horizontally. I mean, of course it should be but having worked on cloud computing in an older corporation it's not always that simple. At least the content should be static so worst case they could just clone the servers.
  15. Yes sir, jcartwright99 sir.....
  16. https://interestingengineering.com/tesla-finally-admits-design-flaw-in-model-3-bumpers-falling-off-in-rain?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Article&utm_campaign=organic&utm_content=Oct20&fbclid=IwAR2yDoctdc0vBU1wRB_K7V_Zhk90JXg0O_OdXN1ihFjJfuHpWvR7WSlJ-ic Bumpers falling off in the rain.
  17. Neighbor had a red Volt. Looked pretty good. If they had just made it a regular plug in hybrid with a 50 mile range and created multiple models it would have done a lot better. Not allowing the ICE to directly drive the wheels all the time hurt fuel economy. Yet another example of GM one and done.
  18. Check the drive mode before you test drive.
  19. I never said cars are dead. I said the market is overcrowded and shrinking and there isn’t much profit to be had. Buyers are moving to crossovers, SUVs and pickups because of utility, more choices and negligible difference in fuel costs. Camcord in particular has kept their styling fresh but that didn’t stop the sales slide for them.
  20. There is only so much you can do to a sedan and keep it a sedan. Accord and Camry are the best at cosmetic refreshes. But you seem to have already convinced yourself so whatever.
  21. Agreed. I was speaking in general terms.
  22. I didn’t realize GM was allowed to pull franchises in bankruptcy. I assume a lot of that was driven by killing brands though. I’m sure Ford has a few dealers they’d like to get rid of. I think Musk’s disdain for franchise laws was because he wanted to sell directly to consumers. But I agree with him the laws are antiquated and at the least need revisions to allow some control over pricing and customer service.