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  1. Don’t forget the other mfrs have a $7500 price advantage for a few years over Tesla.
  2. I don't think the vin will give you that. It will be on the door jamb placard. See if this helps with the VIN decoding: https://www.blueovaltrucks.com/tech-articles/ford-truck-17-digit-vehicle-identification-number-v-i-n-decoder/
  3. Fair and legal are completely different things. New GM was the same company as old GM making the same vehicles. Its not fair to old GM stockholders. They should have at least been given new GM stock. If you want to carry previous years losses as a tax write off then you should have to carry the old GM liabilities. They should have repaid the taxpayers for the govt stock loss. Its like your neighbor owes you $100 and won’t pay you back but goes out and buys a new car and a new boat. Your GM cheerleading is reaching troll status.
  4. I forgot about that. New GM gets to shed liability for old GM but gets to keep the old GM losses to offset profits of new GM. How can anyone possibly think that’s fair?
  5. akirby

    Buick Unveils All-New 2021 Envision

    Looks better than the caddys.
  6. Nobody is saying they were wrong to bail them out. We’re saying it’s not fair for the taxpayers to lose billions when GM was making billions in profit. It should have been a loan and they should have paid it back.
  7. I own a MKX with 21" wheels and have driven the 20". There is virtually no difference in ride quality. Fewer tire choices but no compromise on ride quality.
  8. Its fruity and crisp with hints of vanilla and chocolate and a wisp of elderberries
  9. They don’t legally owe anything but if you think it’s ok that the govt lost billions while GM made billions you’re delusional again.
  10. akirby

    Gen 3 Raptor

    They should and will use the GT500 engine but not to beat TRX in a drag race. That's just a stupid reason from a marketing perspective. People don't buy one vehicle (especially a truck) over another one just because it's a few tenths of a second faster. Appearance, price, brand and everyday driveability are far more important. Mustang was almost always a tick slower than Camaro and lately the Hellcat FCA cars but far better in other areas. They should use it because people are willing to pay big bucks for big power.
  11. Supposedly the dealer installs the kit whether it's factory ordered or bought aftermarket, so the answer should be yes. Check with the dealer.
  12. Not supposed to be a narrative. Making it seem like an unauthorized leak generates buzz and online articles. But they only reveal what they want to reveal at that particular time. And it’s usually part of a larger plan to dole out the details bit by bit (like Bronco). When the supplier does it they may be revealing details too early and in some cases details that might change. In this case I don’t think it’s Maverick that they’re so worried about - it’s more about other future products. If they don’t respond to the Maverick leaks they encourage more supplier leaks and that’s not a good thing. They’re just trying to control if.
  13. Well I did live in his hometown for 22 years......
  14. It's quite simple. The "official" leaks are well timed and part of an overall PR campaign leading up to vehicle launch. And they only show things that Ford wants you to see at that point in time. Supplier leaks throw off the timing and may reveal more than what Ford wants to reveal at that point in time. Bottom line is - it's up to Ford to decide what they leak and when, not a supplier who's already agreed under contract not to do that. And even though the Maverick leaks may not be that damaging, it could set a bad precedent for future leaks that could actually do damage.
  15. Nobody?? Bueller? Bueller? Youngsters...........
  16. They need to do that anyway but not sure this has anything to do with it. I think the suppliers are just as excited as we are about the new products. Don’t forget Ford has its own internal leaks (2021 Nautilus Interior......)
  17. akirby

    Enhanced Order tracking

    Allocation is how Ford ensures each dealer gets their fair share of vehicles to sell. Ford has in the past waived their normal allocation process and given customer orders priority and automatic allocation (e.g. Bronco). I think they should do that on all retail (special) orders but I’m not sure the dealers would like that. Ford cannot set transaction pricing - it’s actually against state laws in almost every state. So is selling directly to customers. The only reason Tesla gets away with it is relatively low volume and not much direct competition with normal automobile dealers. Once the normal dealers start to compete directly with Tesla you better believe they will sue Tesla and win. Also you’re talking about a tiny fraction of overall sales so the investment needed by Ford probably wouldn’t pay for itself nor would it have a significant effect on overall customer satisfaction. Great idea from a consumer standpoint but a non-starter for Ford.
  18. What they really mean is stop leaking photos and other information before we leak photos and information......
  19. Maybe that was the wrong terminology - I've seen cases where someone had a printout showing a stock priority but maybe they hadn't actually submitted the order yet in the system. Point was that may not be the actual priority currently in the system so go back and check to be safe. And it's certainly possible they don't know how to do retail orders correctly. On the priority, I thought if there were multiple orders at the lowest priority it would schedule by order date. So as long as everyone got a 10 or 15 or 19 they would schedule by order date. You can't start at 10 and go up by 1 for each order - when you get to 19 then where do you go? If you go back to 10 you're now out of order.
  20. Should be priority 10-19 (retail) but sometimes the dealer puts it in as stock first then changes it later. Definitely go back and ask to see the current priority and make sure they update it. Note - whether it’s 10 or 19 doesn’t matter unless an order placed after yours gets a lower priority from that same dealer.
  21. I wouldn’t expect any deals, fleet or otherwise for the next couple of years.
  22. akirby

    am radio static

    T95 has an app that offers live streaming as well as pre recorded content. KFDI offers live streaming from their website. There are lots of free music apps that let you customize your listening and none of these are limited by location- you can listen even on long trips. Just throwing out options you may not know about. https://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/15-worlds-best-free-online-music-streaming-platforms.html
  23. All ordering is now open, not just fleet. Do you have a fleet code?