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    2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks

    No. Show me where a photometric expert claims that you can’t see someone entering the road ahead at night at less than 5 Lux. The issue isn’t with the requirement or whether some lights are worse than others. The issue is whether failing the IIHS standard makes it unsafe because that is exactly what they’re implying.
  2. Since when is 300k sales bad? Why does it have to match the others? I think it will be closer to 350k based on the hybrid and PHEV and by stealing some Focus buyers. That’s all they can produce without expanding production. Baby Bronco should add another 50K-75k and it’s built in a different plant. It May or may not pan out but it seems like a good strategy considering the popularity of similarly styled small crossovers in the past.
  3. Ford has encrypted their window stickers so you can't just change a vin number on an old URL any more, but I found this dealer webpage that works: http://mcmahonford.com/Look-Up-Window-Sticker/
  4. akirby

    2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks

    Not optimal doesn’t equal unsafe. It’s not optimal for me to read by candlelight but I can still do it. You really need to start thinking for yourself and stop taking everything you read at face value.
  5. Alarmists refers to people who exaggerate the potential effects of climate change and say the world is going to end in the next 10 years if we don’t do something drastic. The problem with scientific theories is that you can’t model the Earth’s climate nor can you accurately reproduce it in a lab. It’s too big and too complicated. We should absolutely do reasonable things to reduce CO2 but that includes things like reforestation and not just banning ICEs. PHEVs would provide 75% or more of the fuel savings compared to BEVs with none of the problems but that doesn’t fit the agenda.
  6. So does the CRV yet it outsold the old Escape by 100k units. Same for the previous Rav4. So did the old Camry. Dont confuse use your personal preferences with what the general market wants. The extra room will help a lot as will the hybrid power trains. And there is still baby Bronco for you and your friends.
  7. Sorry - I take things literally.
  8. akirby

    2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks

    Which ignores street lighting, lighting from oncoming vehicles, reflective clothing, etc. as well as the ability to still make an evasive maneuver even if there is not enough time to come to a complete stop. Also - who says 5 Lux is the limit? A full moon is only 1 lux, so 5 is 5 times as bright as a full moon. I think I could see something 150 feet away in less than 5 lux. Just because IIHS says it doesn't mean it's accurate.
  9. I would even say it's still as good as the Camcords and way better than the Koreans and Nissans.
  10. And the seats should be more comfy. At least that was the case with Edge/MKX and one of the main reasons we upgraded to the MKX.
  11. If you need an adapter then they're not all the same, right?
  12. akirby

    2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks

    I feel just as safe in a 2009 vehicle as I do in a 2019 vehicle from a crash protection perspective. I think the odds of having an accident where one vehicle is survivable and the other isn't are so small that they're immeasurable. Below a certain speed both survive. Above a certain speed neither survive. Same with other conditions - angle, type of vehicle, etc. Too many variables to predict with any certainty based on 2 or 3 lab tests.
  13. The point is if it's that important then these climate change alarmists should be touting the benefits and pushing for a lot more than what is currently being done instead of trying to ban ICE vehicles.
  14. It's a 2 year all inclusive lease with the option to upgrade to a new Volvo after 12 months.
  15. Yes better materials, softer leather, push button gear selector. You should really go drive one before deciding. They should be out at the same time as Escape (or within a couple of weeks).
  16. Ford is 3/36k bumper to bumper, 5/60K powertrain. Lincoln is 4/50K bumper to bumper and 6/70K powertrain.
  17. akirby

    2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks

    They're counting accident avoidance as a safety feature. I understand there are differences in headlights but I have yet to experience headlights on a new vehicle that would be considered unsafe under any circumstance including my current F150 Halogens which are supposed to be the worst headlights on the face of the earth.
  18. On the F150forum it almost sounded like a "must have" type of thing there were so many that seemed to be doing it. I thought maybe I was missing something. Guess not. Glad I didn't do it.
  19. Post deleted. Let's knock off the off topic political debate.
  20. Somewhat strange they aren't offering ventilated seats on the Titanium. But then again they have Corsair as an option (which Mazda doesn't have). Ventilated seats are available on all Corsairs.
  21. Corsair street price should be right around $40K for a loaded Standard or Base Reserve (FWD). Worth a look since you get better materials, longer warranty and pickup/dropoff service (I think that's still offered).
  22. Have you considered a Corsair?
  23. Definitely 3 markets - desert runners, rock crawlers and asphalt traversing.