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  1. Interesting how Farley in that interview indicated if/when they brought sedans back, they would be wildly different than current offerings. He mentioned how sedans are a great option for EVs due to their areo benefits, so maybe they're planning something there. A Ford sedan with futuristic styling inspired by the gen 1 Tarus or something could make for an interesting offering. Would certainly be attention grabbing, especially with 80s nostalgia booming.
  2. To each their own, I personally find this more appealing than a gt3, but that's because I'm generally not a huge Porsche fan, never liked how they looked. This offers performance comparable to higher end 911s with muscle car looks, which is a very unique combination imo. But I agree, you could buy a s650, a lotus evora, and a starter home for the price of a GTD, so it's gonna be a tough sell.
  3. I can't find the exact announcement date, but Ford mentioned a mustang hybrid coming out well before the s650 was released, and this was when we thought we were gonna get s650 in like 2021. I want to say off the top of my head, Ford announced the mustang hybrid around the same time they announced the mach-e, back when they were calling it the mach-1.
  4. Would you consider a maverick EV if the ev version adopted a more cab forward design with a longer bed? I'm curious if that's the direction they're gonna do it with the CE1 maverick, as the shorter bed has been one of only criticisms people have had for them. It sounds like t3 will be about the size of the current f-150 with proportions that are apparently very similar to the ram rev concept.
  5. Forget the bronco, remember the mustang hybrid Ford said was coming around 2017?
  6. I find that highly unlikely. Seems like Ford wants to make their investment in VW based EVs something that's over and done with very quickly. I'd imagine we won't see Ford investing in broader, large scale EV production and sales until it's own CE1 based products come to market.
  7. That's unfortunate, I remember where everyone was talking about how great it was, and how excited they were to finally show it to the public. I've heard it's going to be very expensive, so perhaps that's why some are less enthusiastic about it now that Ford knows the future of EVs is in compact, affordable vehicles, and not some massive 130 grand truck. They probably realize even if t3 is seen as very revolutionary, it probably won't sell in massive volumes.
  8. Kinda like the lightning in a sense. Not a terrible product, but very clearly something that was put out with minimal investment while t3 is being developed as Ford's truly groundbreaking EV truck.
  9. Yeah, they're good trucks. A bit of a swing and a miss in the reliability/quality department, mine's been basically flawless, but we've seen horror stories on forums. But it's definitely been one of better affordable vehicle options out there besides all the recalls.
  10. I mean, Ford's CEO says a mustang sedan is something he's interested in, and we keep seeing Ford testing performance sedans. I know Ford has billions of dollars, but you still don't want to waste money. Spending 6-7 figures on competitor vehicles you have no intention of developing a rival for would be a massive waste when that's money that can be used to hire top engineers.
  11. What do you wanna bet that Toyota fanboys still say Toyotas are rock solid and Ecoboost's are garbage despite all the issues turbocharged Toyota's are having?
  12. Not bad, people need to realize just because Ford isn't selling a hundred thousand EVs a month, that doesn't mean it's all doom and gloom. We're seeing somewhat robust demand after these price reductions. I imagine once Ford gets their CE1 EVs to market, we'll start to see some truly impressive sales figures. Contrary to popular belief, EVs aren't just a passing fad.
  13. I'm not normally a jeep person, the wrangler looks like a tractor, and drives even worse than one. But I'm digging this. It's incredibly sleek and eye catching. That sloped roofline might not be very practical, but I'll forgive it due to how cool it looks. That feature with the air bridge rear spoiler looks like something you'd see on a concept, that would get canned for production, very bold choice. If I was ever in the market to buy a jeep, this would probably be it.
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