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  1. The frunk would be so big that you could put a frunk in your frunk XD.
  2. DeluxeStang

    Raptor R confirmed with 5.2L V8

    Well the 6.8 likely won't be capable of surpassing the performance you can get with the 5.2. Also, I've noticed you've talked a lot about durablity and longevity. The 5.2 has been out for years now and appears to be pretty rock solid. Not to mention all the changes ford engineers certainly made to it for the raptor that will ensure that durability isn't an issue. I'd actually be more concerned about the longevity of the raptor r used a 6.8 hybrid as you suggested. Because almost everything about that design would be new with unknown durability.
  3. Agreed, ev infastructure has come along way over the past decade. But it still has a ways to go. Out of curiosity, I looked it up, as of 2021, there were a little over 108,000 public charging stations throughout the US. Compared to about 145,000 gas stations.
  4. Not to mention, most people I've talked to don't really drive long distances every single day. I mean for crying out loud, we drive more than most of the people we know, and our almost 6 year old explorer only has about 21k miles on it. Everything we need is within a mile or two of us for the most part, so there's no need to drive long distances. It's convenient, it basically means our car will last forever because it's hardly being driven, and it saves us money on fuel costs. I could see why evs might make awhile for people living in rural areas, but everywhere else, they should dominate with enough time.
  5. With fast charging, a lot of batteries can go from 10-80% in 10-20 mins. You plug in, you use the restroom, but something from the store, and stretch out. Once you come back, the car will be close to fully charged. If you've ever been in a road trip with a lot of people, especially kids and older people, you'd know stops rarely last less than 15-20 mins.
  6. I just think retro design is winding down, at least retro design that was inspired by 50s and 60s cars. With the terrible track record that retro design has had, with maybe 5 attractive retro designs compared to 10-15 hideous retro designs, I don't want ford to risk going to retro route. Regarding powertrains, I'd prefer a EV two seater sporty gt, maybe with more exotic proportions and c8 levels of performance. If the next Thunderbird is just a 4 seater, v8 powered rwd front engine gt with a lot of retro styling, that at that point, what differentiates it from the mustang? If ford's gonna do this, go all out like GM did with the c8, or like ford's done with their own gt, mustang, or bronco in the past. If all ford is planning is a mustang with leather seats and some round retro looking taillights, then don't even bother. Ford has to put a lot of thought into how to make something compelling, and eye-catching, something with gotta have it potential. Making an ev with c8 like proportions allows ford to make a gorgeous exotic. Giving it a nicer interior than the c8 and making it all electric allows ford to differentiate itself enough from the c8 to succeed.
  7. Yeah, the lightning is already pretty affordable as it starts at less than 40k before factoring in the $7,500 - 12,500 tax credit. I'd imagine an electric ranger would cost around 30-35k. With a ev maverick slotting in at just below 30k.
  8. Both are happening from what I can see.
  9. I believe ford has already confirmed that this new ev is an f-150 that's more radically styled.
  10. Pretty much. Still hoping that sculpture previews some elements of the s650. The front of the s650 clearly looks more like the current mustang, but I've heard the rest of the cars design deviates more from the s550. Would love if that roofline with it's more extreme fastback was basically identical to the next mustang.
  11. DeluxeStang

    Raptor R confirmed with 5.2L V8

    The people who assume engine size is still the best way to make a performance engine are the same people who think evs are slow, or that manuals will destroy autos at the race track. Durability shouldn't be an issue on these trucks. It seems like they delayed them specifically to make sure there wouldn't be any major durability issues upon launch.
  12. This is just proof that most American cars from the 50s were hideous. Especially if that design was seen as one of the better ones. The original t-bird was gorgeous, as was the bullet bird, every other t-bird design was about as attractive as a saggy 90 year old's wet ass. Ford can make a more attractive design if they just throw most of the retro cues out the window. Keep the classic gt proportions maybe, do a cool throwback to old school fins with like a 3D boomerang taillight design, and that's about it. Everything else should look modern.
  13. DeluxeStang

    Raptor R confirmed with 5.2L V8

    Yeah fingers crossed we get some new info soon. If I'm remembering correctly, we were supposed to get info on the raptor r in the first half of this year. But they delayed the trucks reveal due to prototype durability issues. At least they're taking time to resolve that rather than just shoving it out the door like ram did with the TRX.
  14. DeluxeStang

    Raptor R confirmed with 5.2L V8

    Maybe a heavy duty f-150 to fill the gap between the current f-150 lineup and the f-250?
  15. DeluxeStang

    Raptor R confirmed with 5.2L V8

    Looking forward to this, feels like we've been waiting forever.