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  1. Electric cars should have to disclose range for cold weather (such as zero degrees). If in fact efficiency is cut in half during cold weather, that is the effective range. So 165 miles for the Mach E. 330 miles is probably enough for me to replace a gas car but 165 isn’t.
  2. Trader 10

    August Sales?

    I’m gonna challenge you on little/no incentives. Ford is advertising 2.7 F150’s with over $11,000 in rebates and average dealer discounts. Also big rebates on Edge, Escape, and Fusion. Not that its a huge deal, but I see Moodys has reduced Fords credit rating to junk status.
  3. You’re right it can replace many uses of pick-up trucks, but sales numbers over the years indicate it hasn’t.
  4. Trader 10

    August Sales?

    Expedition selling at half the rate of Edge is impressive (and very profitable for Ford). Edge sales last month responding to hefty incentives.
  5. The 2.3 is a much better value and the 4WD models have almost the same mileage. I’d take the 2.3 over the coarse 3.3 even if they were priced the same.
  6. Yikes! 781 pounds heavier than the gas only model. Doesn’t sound like its worth the extra cash. Maybe that changes with further development of the hybrid power plant.
  7. Yeh. I didn’t check that. Most GT’s I see in lots are over 40k. I still bet this is nowhere close to 40k and a loaded model will probably be close to 60k.
  8. A base Mustang GT is around $40k. I bet this starts around $50k and goes up from there.
  9. But will 3/4ths of buyers be unable to afford the new products coming?
  10. Automotive News in its annual future product guide reported it will end production in 2023.
  11. If the rumors of the Camaro's demise are true Hackett will likely cancel the NG Stang as he will have better uses for the money such as the autonomous program and maybe another run at electric bikes.
  12. Trader 10

    2020 GT 350R Upgrades.

    I imagine a lot of readers are thinking Earl who?
  13. Trader 10

    2020 GT 350R Upgrades.

    Thanks. I missed that.
  14. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/08/12/lincoln-aviator-official-specs-more-power/