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  1. Yes- plus its a pre-production model.
  2. Trader 10

    Unifor contract update

    But I don’t see a possibility this CUV is named Edge as it supposedly will be out late next year which in 2 to 3 years before the current Edge ceases production.
  3. Trader 10

    New light & medium duty news

    A metric ton is 2204.6 pounds.
  4. My local dealer has 40 new Escapes - 27 are S or SE models and just 2 are hybrids. Still heavy on the “cheap” models. I wonder why there are so few hybrid models. Maybe battery supply issues?
  5. Bronco Sport will help Ford immensely in the compact segment although it will eat into Escape sales. Hopefully the next Fusion will make up for some of the declining Edge sales. Some of the increase in Explorer sales is likely at the expense of Edge sales.
  6. Thanks for your insight. I hope the new strategy includes a focus on better quality.
  7. Self driving vehicles won’t be driving on public roads for years - and probably decades. Hard to see Ford making an 8% return on these dollars.
  8. The price drop is a sure sign that Ford isn’t seeing the interest in the Mach E it thought it would.
  9. Trader 10

    2021 F150 Adds Power.

    Must be a misprint. I can’t imagine that big of a difference. 3300 for a half ton pick-up seems too high.
  10. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/09/29/2021-ford-f150-engine-towing-payload-specs/
  11. Production of the 21 model started last week so probably by late October/early November.
  12. Trader 10

    New Fusion rendering?

    Could be Louisville also - it is a C2 plant.
  13. If I remember correctly PREMiERdrum said the Fusion “Subaru fighter” is on track for a late 2021 Job 1.
  14. Trader 10

    Unifor contract update

    At first blush, it doesn’t make sense, but the 6.8 will be a physically smaller engine than the 5.0 and it almost certainly will be cheaper to build. An aluminum version would probably weigh no more than the 5.0.