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  1. "The company says it expects the Mach-E, Bronco, Bronco Sport, and the unannounced vehicle will outsell its "entire previous sedan portfolio" by this time next year." If someone is bored, can someone add all the numbers of "the entire previous sedan portfolio" pre-covid and pre-death announcement? Considering the Fusion at one point was hitting almost 300K I find this a bit hard to believe.
  2. So what about a 5.0L V8 with Turbos, would that make the media happy? Or even it's customers....?
  3. I remember Genesis was one of the ones years ago to ditch the paper manuals, gave them an iPad with the manual loaded on. I think as we evolve peoples attention becomes rather short, ssoooo many times I have a fellow Ford/Lincoln owner ride with me and ask "how did you do that?" because many do not take the time to read. Hell, after a year of owning an Edge ST, my best friend saw me open her tailgate waving my foot. That was like voodoo magic for her LOL
  4. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/2020/09/30/north-american-car-utility-and-truck-year-semifinalists-named/5873304002/ Ford Bronco Sport Ford Mustang Mach E Ford Super Duty Ford F-150
  5. Let this be proof that when Ford DOES want to dominate a segment, they will pull out all the punches. Well done... I just wish they were this competitive with ALL their segments...
  6. I'll be stuck in a 5 hour budget board meeting, its also my bestfriends bday and she wants to do dinner hour, so something tells me i'll be watching it on the phone as she blows her candles...
  7. Ironically, tonight's conversation during dinner with my "ladies of leisure" (and their husbands who maintain them, and what magical witchcraft they must do in bed to prevent them from working....), this was the topic, "Why are sedans being phased out", so I explained it for awhile, some got it, some didn't... One did comment where it resonated with me, he's like "So if Ford is just focused on profit, and doesn't care about market share, does this make them a boutique brand"? Honestly, not any different than what Porsche has harped on for years. One was ticked to know Lincoln just killed the Conti, because he's anti-SUV and he drives one now, so hes left with "Where do I go next"?...