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  1. To add, look how many Toyota has in it's line-up. Different tastes, different missions
  2. I'm still trying to scan thru it, for rear lights, is that the black como where they placed round plastic windows where it looks as if the rear lights are just pin point lights?
  3. I remember my broker calling me and asking "What I thought" and I'm like "Look I only have 100 or so shares for other benefits and discounts, I personally wouldn't". Sure enough, he kept asking question after question, and bought about 15K worth even though I kept saying "Hmm ok fine I can harvest the loss once it drops". I find it amusing he asks since I'm a car guy and yet he bought a bunch more Ford. A few years back he called about Nvidia, and I'm like "I don't know, other than they are the few if only semiconductors that can power up electric vehicles which will be in demand. Well, he bought a bunch of that as well, and that's history now.
  4. Ford Motor Company Sales Chart
  5. I do agree, people are lazy... That's why Amazon is doing so well. The stores of tomorrow...Small, u walk in, touch the item, test it out, if you order it you wont take it home that day but it'll arrive in a day or so. Keeps stores from using valuable square footage to store stock. Malls are out, redefine themselves and redevelop with multi-family to stay alive. And not sure about others, but my frustration of malls is walking in and being hounded by the kiosks trying to sell me a massage or phone cover, the people spraying perfume.
  6. I keep thinking "What about people who live in condos/apartments...?", it's not like those places will offer the infrastructure for charging, and not like your going to run a plug down to the parking garage. Which is why for some, I do not see it as viable for them. At least, not till you have 5-10 minute charging stations that they could use to charge up.
  7. Just like Janet Jackson showing her boob, this was strategic...not buying that it just "fell off"...
  8. Ford Motor Company Sales Chart
  9. Personally, just me...my opinion.... I think it'll be an improvement. Took years for the Escape to be a great seller and the current version was not very exciting to look at, and sitting inside was nothing orgasmic...had Fiesta plastics throughout. It was underwhelming. Hopefully, they have addressed the issue. The 2 vehicles that received the most slack of chintzy interiors last few years have been the Escape and the Explorer. You always spend a bit more time and attention on your core products. Hopefully this rectifies it.