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  1. For over 2 decades, Toyota has admitted they lost money on the Camry. Still, they believe they will upgrade to other Toyota products or Lexus if they have a good reliable experience with that vehicle. And that's with Toyota making incremental small changes each generation. I can imagine how much Ford invested each time they had a revolutionary change. Meanwhile, across the table, you had Chrysler with the 300, which had tiny changes throughout the year on a product whose roots date back to the 1995 E-Class, essentially making it the Panther, of our time.
  2. Speaking of...."Big SUVs are not as safe as their size suggests, according to the IIHS" Autoblog.com
  3. RWD sedan with a V8...why not spread the resources and make a proper Continental from it too....
  4. That Sienna took a hard hit...wonder how many cars the insurance company had to total in that mess.
  5. Autoblog's- Raptor Review Car and Driver's-Raptor Review MotorTrend's-Raptor Review The Drive-Raptor Review
  6. I guess an embargo was lifted today... Car and Driver Autoblog Motortrend
  7. Wonder how many went in for a Ranger, and figured this is more suited to their needs and more readily available. And of course, I'm still annoyed because the order bank for the 2.7L V6 has not yet opened up. Supposedly now it's a Summer release ....?
  8. Motortrend.com This article adds a bit more on why the Aviator didn't have the Nautilus 48in screen... ..." Brand manager Sara Hendricks says the splashier screen went into the Nautilus because that model attracts a younger, techier, more metropolitan buyer, while the Aviator is more family-oriented."...
  9. I can see them adding "side view mirror" screens on the sides at some point when that's allowed here. Everyone that I know that's been making positive comments over it calling it radical, I just remind them it's really just a take off the 90's Mark8 dashboard. Then it all makes sense to them.
  10. Sadly, I feel the Escape has turned into another product that Ford has let wither on the vine. Bronco Sport came to butchify the way, but the focus was turned away to a product that consumers have respected for about 20 years. Its latest reviews are that it's overpriced, not competitive, lack-luster power train, plasticky interior for the price, just ordinary, and the competition is so much better...it didn't have to be this way....
  11. I serve on the board of directors of an organization that provides homes at cost, for people in need. (Not saying the name but I think most will get it). We open our grant period, and during discovery, the finance committee learns quite a bit which they share with us. Out of 100 people who apply, maybe 2 qualify. When going through their finances, we see all these unnecessary expenses. Gym membership, cheese of the month, cell phone for kids under 12, massage packages, Pandora Music Streaming, oh Spotify, and XM Radio Etc. Etc. As I've said before, Americans are great consumers, but when it comes to learning about policies that affect their every day, they are stupid and uneducated and will vote against their own self-interests. Having said that, I'll admit I was raised with a Silver Spoon in my mouth and still live it, so with caution, I will ask and say "If you can't afford it, why do it" with a touch of " having a license is a privilege, not a right...owning a vehicle is an honor, not a necessity" So if vehicles prices are too high, (you obviously have buyers that CAN afford it, which is why prices keep creeping up), then maybe a used vehicle might be the better way?
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