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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Autoblog.com ..."Ford has had 27 recalls so far this year, affecting 3.1 million vehicles"....
  2. One of the ones I spoke to, also brags about not adding mark-ups or mandatory add-ons,, unfortunately, the person I spoke to there was out of touch and it's like it fell onto his lap.
  3. Ok so back from running around town. I dissected the info and have a few matches. 2 of them told me that each dealer is allocated 1 Ranger Raptor each. The 2 I spoke to, already have "Sold" that. They asked me if I wanted I could put an order in, and "when made available" they can push the order through. One of them told me that they had a dealership mark up of $10K, meaning $66K. (Common for THAT dealership because they are in this affluent area). Spoke to one "in the country" outskirts of Orlando. Guy quoted me $56,980. When I get there, he's all frazzled, didn't know too much, speak to manager who barely knew much, othen than they already sold it, with a $10K mark-up. I'm like "Gee thanks for the morning drive against traffic".... Sat with the one who was "more educated", in it (Also had the Raptor pre-sold), asking me what exactly I wanted. So Lariat 4x4 with the 2.7L. Didn't care for the Raptor (because honestly, this is Orlando, and the closest it'll go off-road will be my backyard, and I'm not into bouncy suspensions, but I need it sooner than later. So he's telling me that the orders from 2.7L aren't even showing up in their order bank. Late availability, end of the year, and can I wait? ( Knew this) So I guess I'll wait, and he will let me know when THAT option is available, and I'll put the order then. Funny though, because he's like "I see what you drive now, why not just get an F150 for the price, we can make you a sweet deal. I'm like "Yes that makes sense totally, but my garage is only 217 inches deep before I kiss the wall, Ranger is the only thing that fits". Then of course you get the, "Well we have some 2023 in stock and can make you a great deal" and my reply "hmm I wanted V6 remember?"....and you all know how that goes downhill after that.... No I didn't buy anything today. I'll wait till the V6 option comes in. Soooo having a drink now when I head out to lunch...urrgggg
  4. That's where I'm heading to next, I hate phone talk and rather do it in person, just downing my coffee fast MSRP $56,980.
  5. Just got off the phone with the salesperson. He didn't have a clue about the 2.7L time period. I need it now than later, I was hitting already $51K with the Lariat, noticed the Raptor was just $5K more, really no options other than colors, I'll hate the bouncing suspension but I'll deal with it. So went with that as an easy order. Heading to the dealership shortly to finalize all that. When with black on black.
  6. Since I am in the market, I spec-ed it out, unfortunately, the 2.7L is not on the configurator yet. I'll still call my dealership when the order bank opens up and figure it out from there.

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    Personally, that's going to age badly and fast, but remember, you'll probably see this for the next 15 years, since Toyota likes letting things rot in the vine.
  8. wardsauto.com Ford Lightning made the list...
  9. For years I've been a pusher of the keypad because when you go to the beach or gym, it's easy to just lock everything inside and not have to carry anything with you. But with smartphones lately, its days might be numbered. If I have a long way to the car (Leaving Disney or the theme parks), I'm already starting it via phone so when I get to the vehicle, it's already cooled down. I'm sure up north with snow, the reverse.
  10. I loved the Probe, granted my father wouldn't allow FWD vehicles in our household, but I did rent one for a trip and it was the first FWD vehicle I felt confident driving over 100, hunkered down pretty well. For the price and what it was... Loved the center console canted towards the driver. Then the Cougar took over that spot in '99 and its a shame it all stopped. I remember in '97 Ford killed Aerostar, Probe, Tbird, Festiva cause passenger airbags I believe were required that year...something like that, its been awhile...
  11. I have to wait till the order banks open the 26th, my main concern was the length. My garage can only fit 217in Lengthwise (I added it on when I remodeled but I was limited by property setbacks)..as it is, I have to almost kiss the rear wall (I have rubber cushion there) when I park the MkZ. If it wasn't for that, I would have gotten an F150 long ago.