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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. It could be the lower level poverty package series...contractor special. I'm sure the higher trim versions will have more design elements to make it pop.
  2. These are the ones that are truly paying the rent. It reminds me when people tell me "Oh its just a rental" (here in FL), and I'm like "my rentals look better than your house, it's paid for, and I'm paying full property taxes cause it's not "homesteaded".... (Homesteaded is a FL thing where, if you live in your home, you have exceptions of 100-150K of the value of your house, that you dont have to pay in property taxes-Meaning your 800K home you probably pay $4-5K in property taxes, but the house next door that sold for the same amount from a family in Ohio is paying $15K), anyhow....At the end of the day, THEY, WE are paying the real deal than others. So these dealers have the real sales that will support the decision Ford is making.
  3. I do hope this vehicle makes it here. Even though the name was on for just a few years, it's gained a positive reputation, and a good seller off and on throughout the years. This interior shows us how it's moving forward in modern design while keeping the richness current Lincolns interiors have been praised for. Hell, if it's built in China I don't think many would care overall. Let the market decide. Kick the Nautilus out of the US, and then what... Lincoln will soilder with 3 products stateside. Last time I saw that BS was like what, 98-99?... Mark8 killed, just Conti, TC and newly introduced Navi came in... and the only bright light was LS in '00 in the distance.
  4. I bought a rental that had this "on demand" system, where the local power utility monitors the usage and will "throttle" accordingly. I was doing electrical work while remodeling the house.. and removed the gas Water heater that had this "power usage monitor" Doohickey to install an on demand tankless type...(I dont do gas...appliances and home insurance is much more), here we are like 12 years later, and 3 tenants later, and each electric bill related to that house has a "credit" for that doo-hickey I removed long ago and threw away. Not sure how those things work in other states...for me here locally, it was laughable. OH and the savings is like 11-16 monthly as a credit on whichever tenant is living in the house. Not sure how it even works, not like they had wifi back then when installed.
  5. Refresh my memory, I believe around 03-06 Ford had some Six Sigma Program, where soon after quality and reliability was realized for new vehicles soon after..?
  6. https://www.autoblog.com/2022/12/05/most-american-cars-2022-kogod-rankings/
  7. Because I can only fit so much on the title, so it doesn't take up a 2-liner on the heading. Not the first time I've done it.
  8. https://www.autoblog.com/2022/12/04/ford-f150-lightning-orders-factory-expansion/
  9. My parents had one, LSC. Once you learn to drive in one of those with it's 204in. you can pretty much drive anything. Thing was pretty quick, and very comfy. Those doors were pretty hefty, I do I loved the dashboard on it. Wrapped into the doors. Ours was black with the grey interior. And my father telling me each headlight was over $1K because it was HID (I believe the first passenger car to have those).