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  1. Let this be proof that when Ford DOES want to dominate a segment, they will pull out all the punches. Well done... I just wish they were this competitive with ALL their segments...
  2. I'll be stuck in a 5 hour budget board meeting, its also my bestfriends bday and she wants to do dinner hour, so something tells me i'll be watching it on the phone as she blows her candles...
  3. Ironically, tonight's conversation during dinner with my "ladies of leisure" (and their husbands who maintain them, and what magical witchcraft they must do in bed to prevent them from working....), this was the topic, "Why are sedans being phased out", so I explained it for awhile, some got it, some didn't... One did comment where it resonated with me, he's like "So if Ford is just focused on profit, and doesn't care about market share, does this make them a boutique brand"? Honestly, not any different than what Porsche has harped on for years. One was ticked to know Lincoln just killed the Conti, because he's anti-SUV and he drives one now, so hes left with "Where do I go next"?...

    Goodbye Continental

    Sad though, but in retrospect, one of the highlights was the "Almost there" interior. The "Almost there" performance.... but it tried to be so much, to too few. I believe if given another "cycle" it would have been a stellar product.
  5. Sorry I had just woken up barely starting my coffee when I answered that...Yes that's about all you can pick from, I picked GT, Black on Black, I think the wheels (I forgot I'm not big on wheels) and the range, that was it. When they called me, they were pretty much testing how committed I was. Told them I had just purchased an MKZ some months before, and interested in a Ranger for later part of this year, but that's ok this could serve as a third vehicle for me, or just get rid of the MKZ for the Mach3, didn't matter. Then she sort of left it with "Well we hope we can meet in the next few months as more information is made available to us, to narrow down options and such". I didn't inquire "When do you think...what might that be" because it was honestly during a time I was remodeling a rental of mine and I had noise in the background. But they have called twice, and sent an email.
  6. When I did the reservation, I picked the level, options, color, etc. I haven't received 2 emails, and 2 calls from the local "prefered" dealership I picked. Last call I received was to ask me if I were still interested. Told them yes and asked when they thought the GT would be available. I was told in Spring of 21, and I'm like 'Well if I'm not dead, then I guess we are still on track"...
  7. I know it's a current fad, but I don't see how fading everything to flat black looks great for some. Its like erasing all the details, that makes a vehicle stand out. Or sometimes I view it as "Well its a lazy owner's way of not having to clean the rims"...
  8. I remember over @15 years ago in an interview with someone from Toyota, they admitted they made no money on the Camry, but they felt that if they offered a good reliable product, then hopefully they would later upgrade to another vehicle/Lexus and keep the customer in that family. So their motivation on that product wasn't really profit, but long term customer base.
  9. Now that you mention it, that's something I've noticed with Toyota products when they age. Friends daughter inherited Great Granma's Rav4, granted it's a '09, but WOW what a POS. And I even try to think "Hmm what did we all drive back then", not even my friends (Her mothers) Saturn L300, felt chintzy like the Rav4. The Rav4 has tinsy sound when you close the doors, it buzzes inside, the back swing door is a joke. The structure feels saggy and not tight. Then they inherited a 01 4Runner from Grandma with just 70k, same thing, buzzy, chintzy, loud, noisy. I don't care how "reliable' they are perceived to be, when the product seems mediocre and chintzy, that makes more of an impact than just bragging it's reliable.
  10. Did anyone do the break out chart for this months sales?