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  1. I've learned being quiet, is easier than dealing with personalities, Been on this site since late 90s, I've had my fair share of "discussions", and Alpha dogs trying to one-up each other to the point of getting nasty. So other than personal opinion, I don't get into the weeds of discussion.
  2. Autoblogs Take on "the rumor"....
  3. My stockbroker explained it to me, in simple form, he says Teslas value is really based on transactions of the "cult" members selling and buying and such. The brokerage firms, stockbrokers, etc are the ones making the money now, based on vaporware....At some point, in one obscure day, out of darkness, something will "click" and suddenly it tanks. Out of my portofolio I only let him have 5% of "play money" to look or play with different new stocks. Tesla has never been it... Or even Ford for that matter go figure. Only reason I have so many shares of stock by default is because shareholder benefits, specially come vehicle buying tile. Norweigian Cruise Lines is another one with good stockholder benefits. If it's not for that, I wouldn't touch it...Although I'm hearing its done well last few months.
  4. To be it sounded like "As engineers we wanted to make sure we got out of the ballpark at first and make it overkill", then a touch of "Well, when the beancounters get to it next year, we will change components just so they are ....Just enough".... LOL That's the first thing that came to mind.... But seriously, its a fast-changing industry, what was the norm 2 years ago, isn't now, and so far, at least they are willing to improve the product year by year, then the typical "rot in the vine" ways they have had at other times.
  5. Autoblog.com Lincoln Motor Company
  6. Ford Motor Company Sales Chart
  7. I liked this tidbit... "Sales in the Chinese market rose 24% in the quarter, as deliveries more than doubled for its Lincoln luxury line. Ford sold nearly twice as many Lincolns in China in the quarter as it did in the U.S."