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  1. Autoblog.com Throwing in First Reported Crash of a Mustang Mach E Carbuzz.com
  2. Well it could be true, Evos would be China market only, SAME vehicle will carry the Fusion name here, and the Mondeo name in Europe? Maybe...?

    Lincoln Zephyr Reflection

    It's beautiful, I love it !!! Bring it here, I'll happily trade in my MKZ for it...

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    Well, look how years past we would hear the word "Bronco", and the thought most of us think of at first is "OJ Simpson"...
  5. Ford Motor Company Sales Chart
  6. My OCD is kicking in with that off-centered license plate recess...lol
  7. https://www.autoblog.com/2021/03/18/ford-f150-edge-suv-computer-chip-shortage/

    Pursuit Rated F150

    Thats what I asked, they do not have those numbers, I told them the V8s in the Tahoes will surely consume more gas. The Explorer they bought were the ST variety, instead of the 3.3L Hybrid, which made no sense to me either.
  9. And Ford shouldn't rest on their laurels either. Chevy hasn't really been real competition the last few years, but The Ram is going gang-buster and eating up Chevys lack of sales. They would be the one to watch out for...
  10. ANTAUS

    Pursuit Rated F150

    My local PD went from Impala's to previous generation Explorers, then just currently bought 3 new Explorer's and just found out they will be going to Tahoe, supposedly it's $9K cheaper than the current Explorers for that dept. So they couldn't justify having to spend much more for Explorers.
  11. ANTAUS

    Pursuit Rated F150

    Ford Motor Company-News