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    Ranger FX2 package

    There's a difference between "Ventilated" Seats, and "A/C" Seats, not all systems are the same.
  2. Fords Site Safety compliance recall it's called... more info in there...

    New Ford 7.0 L....?


    New lawsuit $1.2B

    I have never been anywhere near the fuel economy "estimates" in any vehicle I have ever driven. Hell, I used a friends Civic for a week and was averaging19MPG. Hopefully the courts see this as BS and dismisses it.
  5. Didn't "need" it, but it certainly helps. The hood was said to be aluminum, wondering if maybe the liftgate might also be as well or some other composite material. It is good the new one is lighter, for Ford bragging about all aluminum and weight savings and such in the F150, it has allowed all the other vehicles to grow up to be porkers. Escape seems to have lost 200lbs which helps too.
  6. Yeah but people wanted a Ranger, it felt forever for Ford to debut it, and when it finally did, it wasn't good enough for those awaiting it. Just like the Bronco better be damn good because it feels like a c----tease at this point, years into the future yet no delivery. And then when the Ranger did come out, "Oh wait, there's another one around the corner". So Ford will get dinged for A) Not having a Ranger after the last one B) Waiting to long to re-introduce it C) It wasn't good enough, D) Oh but now they did so why bother is another is coming around the bend. I feel your frustration too.

    New Ford Puma

    I guess my LS has an added feature I didnt know what so popular. I created a "Drain plug" when I had a leaking issue from my trunk seals, so made a hole in the trunk bottom with a plug for future issues. LOL