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  1. Autoblog Last thing I would want, is my insurance company to see how aggressive i accelerate from a stop, my 14.9 mpg on my MKZ is reflective of that LOL
  2. ...I just can't get past that poverty-stricken instrument cluster. It reminds me of those of GM products of the early 90s...unadorned, unloved..
  3. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/01/14/2020-ford-f-series-super-duty-tremor-winch-option/#slide-2199953
  4. I really wish there would be one single button I can switch between, rather than having to go thru the menu and sub-menu and sub sub-menu, to change it.
  5. I remember the first time I test drove a friends new '92 Altima (nice color it was a deep blue almost purple). I was like "Wow dude, something wrong with your steering wheel, it vibrates and tugs when I slam the gas"... I get home tell my father and he's like "Thats called FWD, we have never had a FWD vehicle ever in this house, it's evil!"...And sure enough, since then I just can't LOL But yes I did put a reservation in for the Mach-E, but obviously I'll test drive it before I write a check. Hell, for the Tesla... what turned me off was the interior materials, the 90's Saturn Sun Visors, wind noise, the BMW-like A/C cooling (lack thereof), the "Chrysler Minivan" vibrating tinsy door slams that turned me off to the brand. Never know...
  6. That could be something to save money that Hacket can cut costs on. No need for a plebian 80's poverty level instrument gauge, just get the high grade one and install it across the board. Imagine the time saved on not having to design that cheapo version. How many instrument gauge clusters does the F150 have at this point? 4-5 ?
  7. Slow news day, so just a "What if" article... Autoblog

    F is up 2-1/2% today

    As much as a "fan boy" I am with Fords, I can tell you how much money I have made by NOT having their stock. Sadly, I know...Just like when I worked for Federated Dept Stores, and Limited Corp, they would "match" So I would buy a whole bunch and transfer to something that WOULD make money. I wish Ford well, in that regard.
  9. Actually Nissan and Subaru have been adding extra accesories for purchase for their vehicles, for dogs...people eat that up. Even when I do a fund raiser for Dogs, the turn out is amazing. It's sort of like "helping Ethiopian Children get food", kinda support...can't say No to it...
  10. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/12/06/2020-ford-shelby-f-150-super-snake-truck-announced-770-horsepower/