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  1. 02MustangGT

    Infiniti QX60 monograph concept

    Yep that’s the Explorer knock off. Oh wait.
  2. 02MustangGT

    Infiniti QX60 monograph concept

    Not a complaint. Stating the obvious. This design has zero in common with a Lincoln. Infinity did not “rip off” any design elements from Lincoln. Other manufacturers had and have greenhouses that drop towards the rear of vehicles.
  3. 02MustangGT

    Infiniti QX60 monograph concept

    Well the post was submitted last night, but no. Just stating my observation, it’s obvious that this design has nothing in common with a Lincoln product. You see what you want to see, I see the truth. 😜🧐
  4. 02MustangGT

    Infiniti QX60 monograph concept

    Armchair designers everywhere. This concept looks pretty damn good. If it was a Ford Edge/Lincoln most of you would be touting how unique it is. But since the design and concept originated from a competitor, it must be a direct copy of some random design feature on a Lincoln.
  5. Correct, I said potential buyers aren’t hyped by trim names. The Bronco name is creating the hype, not the trim names. If you believe otherwise because it fits your narrative, good for you. But again, the reason I am placing a Bronco order in December is because of the content and the vehicle itself, not because of a trim name.
  6. Wait..we can order a Bronco (non Sport) now? News to me. I’m hyped to know that you finally realize other opinions matter (although I’m certain the only opinions that matter are those that agree with your narrative) 😂
  7. Nah, just go create a poll or 3 and get feedback from some Facebook groups. No need to have a discussion because we all know Facebook will be hyped at the potential of a warthog sticker.
  8. Did I say that? It’s Bullitt not “Bullit” by the way.
  9. Totally agree. Not doubting the purpose of the trim names, I just don’t care for them.
  10. Keep posting those FB surveys. Remember, I don’t care for the trim names and I’m fairly certain there are other folks who share the same opinion. Your attempt at persuading others to share your opinion is comical. Are you ordering a Bronco?
  11. 88 total votes? Wow, reality check considering the 165k reservations and possibly 80-100k orders. 65 people on some FB group voted in your favor 😂!! You should probably find another hobby. I don’t like the trim names and I am actually ordering a Bronco.
  12. So true. Enthusiast forum and a single member that doesn’t understand the point of opinions. There is no argument from me. I am ordering a Bronco. I don’t like the trim names. Akirby decides that everyone must agree with his opinion that trim names are creating so much hype (based on some FB group he follows). Trying to understand how you can even have a constructive discussion here without agreeing with Akirby. Oh wait...now it’s an “argument”.
  13. Yep. The only reason why I will order the “Outer Banks” trim is because it includes the options I want. It could be called XLT or Lariat for all I care. It’s a Bronco, and that makes it special, not the so called “hyped” trim names.
  14. Lol. Did I say nobody is hyped? Let me answer that for you...no. A Facebook group is hyped about trims named Base, Big Bens, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrack, First Edition? I’m sure the majority of folks dropping $35-60k on a Bronco are indeed NOT hyped about trim names, but are hyped about taking delivery of a new Bronco. I am one of those folks, are you?