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  1. Bronco reveal in March according to this article: https://www.autonews.com/nada-show/ford-plans-bronco-reveal-march-dealers-learn-details
  2. 02MustangGT

    The Jeep Gladiator Is Struggling

    Yes, this was a recent change that really benefits the consumer as the standard prevents shady business practices contained in dealer advertisements
  3. 02MustangGT

    The Jeep Gladiator Is Struggling

    Not true, dealers can no longer advertise prices that exclude the destination fee (per icecapades and memo to dealers). See the fine print on Koons site: All prices exclude freight, except Toyota, Ford, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. All prices exclude tax, tags, and processing fee of $799 in Virginia, $300 in Maryland, and $599 in Delaware.
  4. I get what you are saying, but the 4.6L 3V holds a slim power advantage over the 2.3L EB in the Ranger. http://www.trucktrend.com/truck-reviews/163-0908-2010-ford-explorer-sport-trac-tech-specs/
  5. It looks weird? Let’s be honest, you don’t see a lot of factory-stock vehicles with the mirror mounted that high up on the A-pillar. I don’t mind it, function over form in the Bronco’s case.
  6. 02MustangGT

    2021 Ford Colors

    Love it!
  7. Can’t disagree with you there; but looks are subjective. That wasn’t the point though.
  8. $2k? Not really a bargain considering the content in loaded Escape vs base Corsair. For example, base Aviator is less money than a loaded Explorer.
  9. You seem to be implying that the Bronco will offer a 5.0 in some form (whether it be Raptor model or whatever). I find that hard to believe, but it would make potential customers very happy. I’m sticking with my prediction of 2.7L or 3.0L EB as the optional engine.
  10. 02MustangGT

    PowertrainCARE ESP Questions

    That provision appears to apply to used vehicle purchases. Not sure if it would apply to the OP’s vehicle. At any rate, it would be a good idea to visit a Ford dealer to discuss options.
  11. *if you like the 3.0L EB Is that better?
  12. 02MustangGT

    PowertrainCARE ESP Questions

    It’s simple, Ford ESP’s can be purchased within the terms of the bumper to bumper warranty. Which in your case is 3yrs/36k miles. You could research other extended warranty providers if you so choose. I have purchased 4 ESP’s from Flood Ford during the last 15 years, best price available without question and no needless negotiation. I was able to get the local dealer to match their price (finally) on my most recent new Ford purchase. Good luck!
  13. There are no specs for the Bronco. Sure, you can take a guess, I posted minimum. Again, what is your point?
  14. Ok? What is your point? I said 325/380 at minimum. My Fusion Sport is rated at 325/380 on 93 octane so I was using that as a baseline. Any variation of the 2.7 in the Bronco is going to absolutely outclass the gas engines options in the Wrangler.