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  1. I was referring to the exposed edges and thin outer shell. The new top is said to have rolled edges and a slightly thicker outer shell (read: additional cost). I’m not confident that water intrusion will be resolved, time will tell.
  2. For those interested, here’s the report on the gas leak: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/09/05/flat-rock-residents-evacuate-hazardous-gas-leak-fumes-ford-assembly/5740763001/
  3. 02MustangGT

    Lincoln Zephyr

    Yes, my parents own a 2020 F150 King Ranch. The leather is nice for sure, but I’m not just referring to leather quality. Sit in a Lincoln, then go sit in the comparable Ford. The quality difference is noticeable and you absolutely pay for it. In the case of the Navigator, there again, the Raptor 3.5EB is exclusive to Lincoln in terms of full size SUV’s. You cannot get 450hp/510tq in an Expy. That’s more than “10 HP” difference btw. Look, I get what you are saying, Ford could potentially go even more upmarket with trims, some would argue they already have, but unique interior/exterior styling and higher quality materials, among other exclusive bits allows Lincoln to continue to succeed and be profitable. BTW, our Lincoln and the stand-alone Lincoln dealer nearby does offer a unique buying and service experience when compared to the Ford dealers in the area.
  4. 02MustangGT

    Lincoln Zephyr

    Have you compared an Expedition to a Navigator? Sorry, this is not subjective, the Navigator does indeed have noticeably better quality interior materials. I won’t speak for the other shared platforms, but my assumption is the material quality in the Lincoln products is noticeably better than their Ford counterparts as well.
  5. 02MustangGT

    '21 August Sales Report

    Certainly rebates/discounts can be a factor when cross-shopping. My statement stands, the MSRP for full size trucks is comparative. There is not a significant difference when comparing similarly equipped models.
  6. 02MustangGT

    '21 August Sales Report

    I didn’t mention that on purpose. I knew the sales mix and “discounts/financing” would be the first rebuttal. The fact remains, RAM and GM do not price their trucks to undercut the F150. Hell, back in 2013, I purchase a new F150 XLT SuperCrew 4x4 302A. MSRP was $45k, sale price was $32k (with discounts etc). That was the norm for volume model trucks (regardless manufacturer..in terms of Big 3) and still would be today if it wasn’t for COVID and supply constraints. Regardless of the sales mix, full size trucks print money for manufacturers.
  7. 02MustangGT

    '21 August Sales Report

    MSRP is comparative. In fact, RAM 1500 starting MSRP is higher than F150. So no, RAM and GM are not undercutting F150 on price. https://www.thecarconnection.com/news/1131595_2021-ford-f-150-vs-2021-ram-1500-compare-trucks
  8. Can anyone describe how the design of the new MIC top will prevent water intrusion? According to current Bronco owners, it’s not the top, it’s the water drainage channel that becomes overwhelmed which leads to water intrusion.
  9. So 2 wrongs make a right. Got it. My intention is to seek the truth, not dwell on what has been fed to me by Ford (or other “trusted” sources). Truth is, this never was “just” a cosmetic issue regardless of what you choose to believe. If Ford or others are that naive to ignore evidence of water intrusion prior releasing a statement, that’s on them.
  10. My sources do not rely on “thinking” there is a water intrusion issue. Actual Bronco owners have experienced water intrusion prior to Ford’s statement regarding the tops and have provided photo evidence. Apparently the water channel/drain becomes overwhelmed which results in leakage. This appears to be a design issue. Ford should’ve taken the initiative to understand the water intrusion issue long before 1000’s of Broncos were sitting in the rot lot.
  11. Pay attention. There were reports of water intrusion prior to Ford releasing a statement regarding “cosmetic issues”. Not my problem that you refuse to believe this.
  12. I’ve mentioned this countless times. It’s common knowledge that those Broncos will incur damage from water intrusion. Thankfully my Bronco orders have not been built and likely won’t be until 2022.
  13. That’s exactly what you are doing. Minimizing the fact that these vehicles will incur paint damage. Not to mention the unknowns (rodents, tire rot/flat spotting, interior fade, water intrusion). Did I say anything about the vehicles rotting on random lots needing to be crushed? I’ll answer that for you..No. I said I care about the appearance of my vehicles and will not be purchasing a vehicle sitting on a random lot for months. Don’t get me wrong, some folks likely won’t give a damn, but I do.