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  1. Exterior looks awesome!! Not so sure about the interior, specifically, the gauge screen
  2. danglin

    Time to move on

    Good luck on your new venture!! I have really appreciated the help you have given me!
  3. Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one! Even my local salesman does not like this truck...
  4. Not a Motor Trend apologist, but to be fair, in the article they did state that they asked for an AWD unit, but were provided this one. They also said that the AWD units they have driven performed well on the off road course....
  5. danglin

    Mustang car cover?

    Here you go! Great Service Free Shipping and Competitive prices. I have made many purchases from them! https://www.americanmuscle.com/covercraft-deluxecustomfit-mustang-cover-2005coupe.html
  6. danglin

    Build quality worries

    Was at my local dealer today getting my SuperDuty serviced. They had three sitting on the lot including an ST that I drove (Sweet! ride). Salesman said they have not had any issues with the ones they have except they cant sell the ST yet since they put the wrong brake pads on it at the factory!!!
  7. danglin

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    How much change was made to the vehicles final design from the input your groups provided?
  8. danglin

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    Interesting, so these groups are used by all auto companies?
  9. danglin

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    Dumb question. Does every new vehicle design get reviewed by "Focus Groups"?
  10. danglin

    Hello from Toronto

    Welcome to the Forum! What are the details on you car (Color, options etc.)? Make sure to post pics when you get it!
  11. Uh, you owned a Toyota?! I am a FORD man! (I have never owned anything but a Ford!!!)
  12. Check out CARiD website. They have several Yakima Racks you may be interested in. Just provide your model specifics and search for roof racks... Welcome to the forum!
  13. danglin

    Hackett, the Change Agent

    Good for them! You might want to post that at the GM Forum!
  14. danglin

    Hackett, the Change Agent

    You must be right, after all, I have seen the commercial with all of these "actual owners" showing that they "switched" to Chevrolet!
  15. danglin

    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    Sweet Machine!