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  1. When I was at my dealership the other day, I was told that I have been moved up to the front. They have a Cyber Orange 2 door 2.7 mannequin coming and he said it should be arriving early June. Mine is a 2 door with the 2.7 and last I knew, those options were going to delay me getting mine. I checked status on mine and Cyberdman informed me I am still unscheduled. I also thought that Ford was supposed to be figuring production in early April and letting all of us know in May an approximate build schedule.
  2. Dealer: F47448 Order: 5923 Thanks
  3. danglin

    Bronco to get own showroom

    Never heard of this place before! Got to check it out. Will be a great near 2 hour road trip for the Mustang!!!
  4. Have you tried AmericanMuscle?
  5. I had decided on Cactus Gray and my dealership happened to have a Cactus Grey Ranger and Bronco Sport on the lot when I showed up to order. I really liked the color, especially after seeing it on Ranger which also had Magnetic Wheels. I was told they had a Area 51 Sport on order. I went ahead and ordered Cactus Gray and told them I may switch once I get to see Area 51 in person. The other day, the Area 51 Sport arrived and I finally got to see it in person. I liked it, but still liked Cactus Gray better!
  6. danglin

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    I find it interesting that they dumped the car market, except for Mustang, which must still have decent margins considering they sell only around 100K each year. What margins are the other manufacturers getting to continue selling them? I would love for Ford to enter back in with a shared platform with top notch performance and styling. Maybe then they could price them with decent enough margins to continue in this market. Never agreed with basically abandoning the market altogether...
  7. Yay!! Looks rust free underneath!!
  8. Seeing it on Ranger at my local dealership sealed it for my Bronco Order!
  9. danglin

    2021 expedition missing engine cover

    I want my Cover!!! I look at my engine all of the time!!
  10. danglin

    Ranger Interior

    I agree! Hopefully it actually makes production. I would like to have seen that on Bronco, though I will not like mine any less when I get it!
  11. danglin

    Explorer King Ranch

    We bought our King Ranch Super Duty because of the upgraded interior and the nice leather seats. Last year, the wife and I drove our truck to the Dollar General. We came out and a woman was looking at the rear of the truck. She said she was checking to see if we were from Texas because the the King Ranch Badges on the side!!
  12. danglin

    Doing some updates to my '75

    I had a had the same thing happen to me on a Fed-ex delivery last year. The weather and road conditions were fine. I think that they did not have time to get to me, so they just noted it as a "weather event". It was delivered the next day...