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  1. Stop in and get a copy of you DORA (Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgement) from you Dealer. That will have the "Sales Code" and "Order Code" which you can use on here for updates in the Vehicle Locator by Ford Employee's section on this forum. Be careful though, you need to read the rules and follow them! Also on your DORA is the "Priority Code". That number should be in the range of "10-19". If it is a "99" that means "Do not Schedule" and must be updated. Do not read to much into your Ford Account. My first Bronco Order (2021) still shows "Ordering with Dealer" and it has been built and is waiting for shipment. I have received emails from Ford about it and it shows the correct status on the Order Tracker page. Those emails are sporadic too. Ford's system for Customer updates needs some work!
  2. Status Update Please 1FMDE5AP7MLA77606
  3. How does this one compare to your order option wise?
  4. Is there any pics of the "Base" version?
  5. Status update please. 1FMDE5AP7MLA77606
  6. danglin

    22' Factory Defects

    Plus, the dealer should have fixed it before the customer took it home!
  7. danglin

    2022 Bronco Big Bend

    Correction! SALES CODE: F47448 ORDER: 7897
  8. Status on my 2nd Bronco Order! 2022 Big Bend 2 Door SALES CODE: F47488 ORDER: 7897
  9. Status update please! 1FMDE5AP7MLA77606
  10. See where we are now please! 1FMDE5AP7MLA77606
  11. Lets see what the date is now! 1FMDE5AP7MLA77606
  12. danglin

    Anybody able to order a '22?

    Have the dealer give you a copy of the DORA. It has priority code on it...
  13. That car looks like a midget behind that Ranger!
  14. Crazy! My local dealer just got a Badlands Stock order in the other day. How does that happen?