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  1. danglin

    GMC Canyon

    Looking at the interior vs the exterior, interior does not look like it belongs to this truck! Materials looks nice, not a fan of the design...
  2. Just seen this over at Bronco Nation😎
  3. Simple way to solve that problem. Do not buy the vehicle!!
  4. Sounds really nice! I was considering the Sport Trac Adrenaline a few years ago, but, they were pretty expensive for being an older vehicle with some miles on them. Ended up locating a year old "new" Taurus at my local dealer and bought it instead. Since then, ordered a Bronco, and sold the Taurus to Carvana (cleared $6K after payoff). Now saving up for the Bronco! How does it drive? More ?
  5. danglin

    Julia from Germany

    Well number 2 from Germany! Welcome to the Forum! What options and color?
  6. danglin

    Hallo from Germany :)

    Nice!! Make sure to post when you get it!
  7. danglin

    Hallo from Germany :)

    Welcome to the Forum!! What color? Options? Any idea when you will get it?
  8. Considering Ford is offering a F150 Lightining (Crew Cab 4X4 Truck) starting at 40K, I am not surprised to see this. I am sure these pics are not of the base model...
  9. danglin

    November Bronco Order

    That is a loaded question! In case you have not been paying attention, there has been many issues getting Bronco's built and delivered (even to early reservation holders). There are many commodity restraints, so that, along with your reservation date will determine when yours finally gets it built. Hard Tops had issues with Quality at the start and had to be fixed, hence, the delay in getting caught up. Tow package is a higher demand than expected option, 2.7 Ecoboost is a high demand option and computer chip shortage caused thousands to be built and sit at ICE Mountain waiting for the chips. And now they have decided to build Everglades and Raptor models!! My First order (early reservation 2 Door Big Bend) was built and sold to someone else in January since I decided on getting one with a Sasquatch Package. I ordered this new one shortly before the 2022 model conversion. What model and options do you have? The best way to get one is to order a Four Door Base/Big Bend with a soft top and essentially no other options.
  10. danglin

    *CURRENT Tracking Rules*

    Sorry to Hear that Cyberdman. Please stay onboard with the forum though! Will miss your "rules" reminders even to Moderators!
  11. danglin

    Fallacy of Electrics

    I am not against electric vehicles, but the reality will be will be simply switching from one problem to another. Energy is a "dirty" business! Both ICE and Electric can be made more efficient. Let the market determine what is viable. The government should not be forcing the change or subsidizing any of it!
  12. I have owned only owned fords for 37 years now (Used and New), and I have not had one "Dud"! Minor issues only.
  13. danglin

    2022 Bronco Big Bend

    Thanks, not surprised. I have a list on constraint items on this one. Will be lucky to get a 22!
  14. danglin

    2022 Bronco Big Bend

    Status update please. 2022 Bronco Big Bend SALES CODE: F47448 ORDER: 7897
  15. I know it is not very much. I have seen invoices with holdback at my local dealer. I was just messing with you, because I know there are people out there that think dealers make alot of money on new car sales!