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  1. akirby

    Tesla stock

    Actually Ford, GM and Toyota could afford to sell their BEVs at a loss for a few years subsidized by the rest of the lineup. They’ll also be able to handle volume production and delivery more easily. And they’ll have a $7500 price advantage over Tesla for a few years. There is nothing magic about BEVs.
  2. akirby

    Tesla stock

    They made it the same way millions of other businesses made their money - by selling their products and services for more than it cost them. Not by relying on selling government credits and investment capital.
  3. Well - a late 70s Bronco WAS a F100 for the most part
  4. That's a good possibility. Late 70s Broncos had a Ranger trim level - I guess that one's off the table (along with Explorer).......
  5. Change Base to XL and that's still the truck models and that's what I would expect - XL, XLT, Limited or Platinum, Raptor and maybe another off road model.
  6. Me 5. If somebody sees a personal attack let the mods know, otherwise we probably won't see it.
  7. Nothing cheap about it. My 2018 XLT Sport has body color grille and bumper, different wheels, high quality black running boards and the normal center console floor shifter. Little early to be trolling.....
  8. They do that now with F150 sport and chrome packages and special edition packages on the XLT models. I'd expect the same on Bronco and Ranger.
  9. akirby

    Ford Escape Hybrid Trim Levels

    Have you considered a Lincoln Corsair?
  10. The fact that it will be cheaper than Uber/Lyft and whether it can negotiate SF streets especially cable cars successfully to name just a couple.
  11. You say that about anything electric and/or autonomous regardless of feasibility.
  12. Has nothing to do with Detroit and everything to do with scale and volume. You can't build and service 2 million vehicles per year out of one factory and a handfull of showrooms.
  13. Can't wait to see it maneuver around cable cars. There is no way you're saving $5K/yr over Lyft/Uber even without a driver unless they're planning on losing money the first year. And what if somebody throws up in it? How does it know to go get cleaned? Typical GM.
  14. It works out because the volume is low and it's a niche product and they have no legacy infrastructure. It won't work for mainstream mfrs.