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  1. akirby

    Mercury Cougar Veyron

    I test drove a 2000 Cougar but ended up with a 2000 Lincoln LS instead. Just wanted a fun car - didn't have any specific requirements. When I was looking they were offering a 2 for 1 deal - buy a Lincoln Blackwood at MSRP and get a free Cougar!
  2. Oh, well you didn't say that you just said it was in the manual so I wasn't sure. Could have been a running change or they just forgot it on one vehicle.
  3. akirby

    Build quality worries

    Same thing happened with 2013 Fusion/MKZ. They were shipping them to Flat Rock for headlamp replacement and shipping them back to Mexico. A few months ago they were parking mustangs all over Flat Rock waiting on steering wheels. It's a CF and not the first but as long as they get it sorted out within the next few weeks it will be forgotten.
  4. That doesn't mean it should have been included for free. It probably means they forgot to add "if equipped" in the manual. I don't recall any US vehicles getting tow hooks included.
  5. akirby

    Mercury Cougar Veyron

    Wow - that bodywork and interior are pretty awesome! Not $125K awesome, especially without an engine upgrade. A 2.3LEB crate engine would work great.
  6. akirby

    Hi y'all

    Welcome - join us over on our sister forums https://lincolnmkxforum.com/ and https://fordedgeforum.com . You'll find a lot more detailed info specific to Edge/MKX/Nautilus.
  7. If she's doing the same work as employees making half her pay, then it sounds like she's way overpaid. It's not about how much the company is making or how much the CEO gets paid the question is what's the market rate for that job? What would they get paid for the same work at another company/industry? You can't demand higher than market wages unless your union controls almost all of the industry - like Detroit did back in the 60s and 70s. Back then it didn't matter if they were overpaid as long as EVERYONE was overpaid the same. Now it matters because they're competing with non union mfrs and imports. The union knows this - that's why they agreed to tiered jobs and temps, etc. If they want less temps and higher pay for newer employees they'll have to give up the legacy raises and pay more of their health care costs. That's just how it works.
  8. Probably not standard on US Explorers but it's required in Europe. Had the same thing on my 2000 Lincoln LS for the same reason - the mounting hole was there but not the hook. You should be able to purchase the tow hooks.
  9. They weren't Ford owners, they owned other brands. It's not nearly as bad as the Chevy commercials because they don't harp on JD Power awards or get them to gush about Fords. They just show them driving and being driven in Ford vehicles and their reactions.
  10. akirby

    Homelink on new Fords?

    I think they actually changed mfr at one point to something other than Homelink. Or it could just be a trademark issue.
  11. akirby

    Build quality worries

    In 6 months buyers won't remember or care. Happened with the 2013 Fusion/MKZ.
  12. Is that what's causing it - Ajax?
  13. It’s been that way for awhile. Just hit the refresh button.
  14. You (and anyone else with an almost 10 yr old ford hybrid) should read this: https://www.fordfusionforum.com/topic/19361-my-instructions-on-restoring-the-hybrid-ev-function-on-the-ford-fusion-hybrid-approaching-the-89-years-mark/
  15. akirby

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    If you can’t produce quality products under your current contract maybe you don’t deserve a new contract. Just sayin’.........