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  1. Opens up - liftgate opens down - tailgate opens to the side - swing gate
  2. Niche in terms of unique characteristics - not low volume. I expect MAP to be at capacity within 3 years.
  3. They are upgrading the base interiors beyond just the Sport package, which should help. And we won't know the true sales picture for another few months as they just now seem to be finding the sweet spot on pricing/rebates and inventory. I bet it ends up pretty close to the steady state of the previous gen once it's all said and done.
  4. I've said this before but I had a 2013 Fusion 2.0EB and now have a F150 3.5LEB. Wife went from a 3.5LNA Edge to a 2.0LEB Escape which turned out to be too small for us so we moved to a 3.7LNA 2016 MKX. Every time I drive it I wish we had waited and ordered the 2.7LEB. Wife couldn't care less and the 3.7L is perfectly adequate I just don't like the way it feels after getting used to ecoboosts.
  5. You don’t need SFA to differentiate it. RWD body on frame, larger size and more power will differentiate it. And I’ll go on record as betting that a stock Bronco will be every bit as off road capable as a stock Wrangler but will be more comfortable as a daily driver.
  6. And if you really wanted a NA performance option the 5.0L should drop right in.
  7. 3.5 won’t fit in C2 transverse applications very well - that’s why the old cyclone 3.5 had an internal water pump. You already have the 3.3L NA V6 available - not much point in creating a new 3.5L for a few more HP.
  8. akirby

    2022 Expedition

    Well it’s not a Ford so probably 100000 points.
  9. They will if there is a competitive market. But how can you not charge more for something that costs a lot more to produce?
  10. akirby

    EcoBoost Engines and Coolant Consumption

    They don’t leak from day one so I assume that the reprogramming prevents the condition that leads to the mechanical failure.
  11. I don’t like the subsidies either. But if they’re making them available then Ford should get their fair share.
  12. akirby

    Auto startstop

    It will also restart to maintain cabin temp, battery charge and a dozen other things. It doesn’t sense surrounding vehicles.
  13. But they are unibody which snooter said eliminated it from any off roading period.
  14. akirby

    Kia Sorento spy pics

    Front 3/4 shot looks like an Aviator body with an Explorer grille.