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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. I was thinking about the DCT trans problem. Had the original engineers decided the dry clutch version was not suitable (which it clearly wasn’t based on specs) and changed it day 1 (which would have required lowering mpg targets and possibly raising costs) then Ford could have decided to go forward with new targets or scrap it altogether if that killed the business case with very little impact. But by the time the 2nd engineer pointed out the problem it was so far along that it was a much bigger deal to change it in terms of cost and schedule. This made it easier for middle managers to turn a blind eye. Finding and fixing problems early is key.
  2. I thought of an analogy to explain the variable gearing. Picture a runner on a long moving sidewalk like some airports. The sidewalk, when running, is moving in the opposite direction from the runner. The runner starts moving at top speed while the sidewalk is stopped. That’s high gear. As the sidewalk starts to move in the opposite direction the runner is still running at top speed but the faster the sidewalk moves the slower the runner’s progress relative to fixed objects. When the sidewalk matches the runner’s speed that’s effectively neutral. An airplane with a variable headwind would be another analogy. All made possible by the planetary gearset.
  3. As I’ve said before, you have to make it more painful to have a problem make it to production than it is to miss cost and date commitments. Farley making quality a 70% factor is a good first step.
  4. Now I understand how the e-CVT provides variable gearing. Pretty ingenious and explains why it’s completely different from a regular CVT trans.
  5. Some of it is definitely design like the original Bronco hard tops made by Webasto. It was too difficult to build reliably at volume but Webasto was also at fault for not pointing this out (maybe they didn’t realize it but that’s their business to know). But Ford also shortcut the testing process to get them out the door. I think the biggest problem with Ford and their suppliers is they squeeze them too much on cost. Imagine if they had given 1/4 of the $2B they spent on warranty costs recently to the suppliers up front. It takes discipline to spend the money up front and not be tempted to cut corners.
  6. ST-Line was a European thing. I thought it would cause mass confusion but not the case with Edge buyers at least. The ones who want a ST know the difference and the ones who don’t want the ST don’t care. They just like the style. Active may have also come from Europe. It does sound better than Base or S.
  7. Oh you mean the way Japan has been doing it for over 50 years. What a concept. Good to see he recognizes lack of engineering talent as a big contributor.
  8. Totally different contracts and union leadership.
  9. My wife was in a union job for years and I’ve seen first hand how difficult it is for the company to do anything about bad workers unless they do something illegal or against code of conduct. And Fuzzy - who lives it every day - agrees. I think some of you just love the idea of the union taking as much as possible from the corporations and do t have a clue how this type of co tract works in the real world.
  10. The entity is the UAW contract and UAW management. Not because it’s a union but because of how this particular union and contract operate.
  11. Are you that naive? The union won’t let bad workers be fired or disciplined. That’s the problem. In a non union shop bad employees would be warned then fired, the union contract prevents that in all but the worst cases.
  12. Amazon has a dedicated delivery process 100% in house from warehouses to delivery trucks. Thats a lot easier to control. For Ford or GM or Toyota to implement such a system would be enormously expensive. Or just put IOT trackers on each vehicle. It’s not that it can’t be done, it’s just enormously expensive to replace the existing system. And remember in normal times only about 10% of sales were orders. Not sure where we are now but at the peak of the pandemic it was around 50%. When you’re selling from inventory it doesn’t matter nearly as much.
  13. akirby

    Cybertrucks Rusting???

    I still blame Musk for this one. I think the engineers were given an impossible task.
  14. Back when I first started coding we had designers who would give us logical designs on paper as to how something should work. The difference was their paper design never had to be compiled and could t be physically tested like our code. So many times they gave us logic that just didn’t work and when you tried to argue with would just say fix it in the code. So frustrating. One time my mentor threatened to actually code it the way they wrote it.
  15. So you support a big pay cut for the CAP employees based on the problems and ongoing quality issues? I don’t disagree that failed CEOs do t deserve golden parachutes. But it’s a little hypocritical to call that out when the union contract protects bad workers the same way.