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  1. akirby

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Enough is enough. You’re outta here for at least a month.
  2. akirby

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    But if the top model is priced the same or higher than Ranger and Ranger has the same power, payload, more towing and is a little bigger then I think Ford has that covered. If they don’t like Ford truck styling then they won’t buy a Maverick either.
  3. The point was a 2023 F100 Ranger will be just as capable as a 1977 F-100 Ranger so calling it F-100 is perfectly fine from a capability standpoint. It’s still well below a F-150. And btw I don’t disagree with all the points that were made against including Ranger in F series. Just playing devil’s advocate.
  4. When did they change the definition of ton?
  5. akirby

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    It will absolutely come down mostly to price and styling preference and/or brand preference. I think towing, fuel economy and performance will be far less important as a deciding factor between the two. But it will be important to get the buyer to upgrade once they’ve chosen a vehicle
  6. akirby

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    With a 2.5L turbo and 5000 lb towing it will be in Ranger territory not Maverick.
  7. This is what the order guide says. Apparently those mirrors are part of the package but only on Lariat. They are a separate option on XLT. No idea why they worded it that way.
  8. Ranger max payload is 1500-1800 lbs. and it tows 7500. That easily exceeds a 70s F-100.
  9. akirby

    External Radio Antenna

    Also - the 2021 F150 has 2 sharkfin antennas (one for SiriusXM and one for the embedded modem) AND the am/fm mast. So how can that possibly be cheaper than just putting it in one of the sharkfins? The answer is reception in remote areas and/or a roof height warning system.
  10. akirby

    External Radio Antenna

    So explain why they don’t use it on Ecosport or the old Fiesta where margins were razor thin?
  11. Not necessarily. When gas hit $4/gallon sales tanked and it wasn’t clear whether the market would come back. Then they had to wait for the new F150 platform and f150 launch. Going forward no big changes are needed and most of the F150 changes can be applied easily. And we know full sized trucks and utilities are cash cows so I think Ford will keep it and Navigator updated regularly.
  12. akirby

    External Radio Antenna

    So you think Ford went with the cheapest option on the vehicles with the highest MSRP and highest profit while opting for the most expensive option on their least expensive and lowest profit margin vehicles. Your logic makes no sense.
  13. I never suggested getting rid of the Ranger name. Just adding F-100. The tailgate and order guides would still say Ranger just like Superduty. I also don’t think it’s needed to boost sales or pump up F series numbers. And I don’t think it works with the current or previous Gen rangers because of the styling and/or size differences. I just think it would look good to have all 3 BOF trucks with similar styling (assuming new Ranger takes on the F series styling) being advertised together with the same models and trim packages. It’s also perfectly fine to leave it as is. Not a big deal.
  14. That's why I said F-100 Ranger which would go by Ranger just like Super Duty.
  15. akirby

    Another new V8 ?

    They had the same problem with the 4 cylinders. My 2013 Fusion 2.0eb had great performance but the exhaust tips stayed black and fuel economy was good but not great. And yes it is good that they've corrected it over the years, adding cylinder head cooling and other improvements.