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  1. Google seems to mention it in Fusion, edge, Mustang and others so maybe it was widely available at one time at least.
  2. But was that ANC or fake engine noise? Different animals.
  3. He started bitching about everything and essentially begging the moderators to ban him. The last thing I remember is he got his panties in a wad about which forum things should be posted in then just started name calling.
  4. You weren’t kidding when you said OG Zephyr.
  5. I don’t think Ford models ever had it - at least not that I remember. I only know about it on the MKX/Nautilus but I assume it’s on all the Lincoln models.
  6. I just threw up a little……. That might be the most hideous BMW I’ve ever seen.
  7. Here is a prime example of too many option combinations. Premiere - drop 100a and just have 101a. Reserve - drop 201a and keep 202a Grand Touring - drop 301a and 303a. Keep 302a. Add a technology package.
  8. I think people get too hung up on days inventory and should be looking at sales vs production. For something like F Series with so many versions and options it pays to have more inventory. As long as inventory doesn’t continue to grow and doesn’t require big rebates then it’s a non issue.
  9. Stupid web developers. Looks like a roughly $4K increase from 2018 pricing after accounting for inflation. Which roughly matches the difference in rebates ($2500 now vs $7K then)
  10. Don’t forget the gt3 cars in race trim only make about 450-500 hp. Whereas the street versions can be 600-800 hp.
  11. Or maybe just do a GT3 based unlimited class, so same chassis but fewer restrictions on engine size and power and other components. Active aero and suspensions. Supercharged V8s. More exotic materials. And no freakin’ BOP adjustments.
  12. I just looked and could not find a single 2wd F150 XLT within 100 miles. I paid $37K for my loaded (back then) 2wd XLT Supercab 3.5l ecoboost. Due strictly to inflation that’s $46K today. Add back the $10k I got in rebates and discounts and you’re at $56K. It’s a combination of more features, less or no discounts and simple inflation.
  13. Purchased in Wyoming but assuming he lives in NY.
  14. That would be fun to watch but in the end only the teams with the deepest pockets win and the cost to compete would be astronomical by using so many super expensive materials and engineering resources. The new hypercars are roughly 25% of the cost of the previous ones and that cost was what caused most of the mfrs to pull out a few years ago.
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