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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Thanks for the info, Shanej830. I hope production can resume soon!
  2. I saw something on Facebook yesterday or the day before that purported to be a type of "welcome back" notification, dated 19 January 2023, from the manager of the assembly plant in Louisville KY. It indicated the plant would start production of '23 Escapes and Corsairs very soon and expressed his hopes the plant would produce high quality vehicles for Ford's and Lincoln's customers. Presuming that was legitimate, it seems to indicate that '23 Escapes and Corsairs should start rolling out the factory doors any day now. I hope so.
  3. Perhaps so, although isn't it Lincoln's intention to electrify (eventually) all its future vehicles--the one being teased in TV commercials lately as well as other new Lincoln vehicles that, presumably, are coming for the North American market? If your point is that Lincoln is taking its sweet time (that is, taking too long) to get more electric vehicles in showrooms, I would agree with you about the understandable reluctance of Lincoln dealers to shell out large bucks in the near term to meet Lincoln Motor Company's requirement.
  4. Congratulations on the notification email on your Escape's upcoming manufacture scheduling. I ordered an Escape on 10 January 2023, which is not very long after you placed your order in late December. I hope I'll hear something in a couple weeks on an expected timeframe for mine to be built, too (although I'm not holding my breath; I doubt I'll benefit from the type of good scheduling allocation you're expecting from your dealer). Still, congratulations!
  5. What did you order, an Escape or a Corsair? In either case, congratulations on getting a production date. Others on here, people who are industry insiders, are likely to give you a more-informed answer than I can but, based on what I've read here, if a feature is deleted from your order by the assembly plant, that deletion will be noted on your window sticker and some kind of price reduction will reflect that deletion. I've heard that the hands-free lift gate has been a casualty of the shortage of computer chips for others, but I hope not for you. For your sake (as well as mine, as I ordered a 2023 Escape PHEV just last week), I hope there won't be any deletions! Good luck.
  6. Escape17, I have looked and looked at the original window stickers for our current two vehicles (2019 MKZ-h and 2022 Bronco Sport) and cannot locate any dates liked you described at the tops of those stickers. The only dates I see are near the VINs. Any ideas?
  7. It doesn't really make a difference. I just like knowing/understanding things. Chalk it up to intellectual curiosity. I've been blessed (or cursed) with it all my life.
  8. So...just to be clear (as I am definitely not an industry insider and don't pretend to know how all this stuff works): The date that shows on a vehicle's window sticker is not necessarily an indicator of the date said vehicle was manufactured, correct? Indeed, if it's true that that date is really just the day the order was sent to the plant, and if it's also true that plant employees may get a string of robo calls/texts telling them not to come in (due to supply chain issues?), then there's no guarantee said vehicle was produced even in the next few/several days after that date, correct? I'm not trying to be argumentative, I just want to understand. Thanks.
  9. Out of curiosity, I used the Ford web site to do an inventory search for 2023 Escapes at dealerships within 100 miles of my location and found only five, some of which were dealer orders that had not yet arrived at the dealerships. I looked at the window stickers of all five. As I recall, two of them had dates on the window stickers of 12 December 2022. I think the other three had dates of 9 January 2023 or 10 January 2023, thus I presume those dates mean that Ford is manufacturing Escapes this week, yes?? Separate but related question: I believe I've read somewhere on this board that it typically takes a couple days, from start to finish, to manufacture a vehicle. Is that true? Or did I dream that? 😄 If it does take a couple days to manufacture a vehicle, does the window sticker date indicate when that vehicle was started, or does it indicate when it was finished/completed? Thanks.
  10. My salesman told me he would place the order that day (yesterday, 10 January 2023) and he made sure he had a good email address for me. He also said I should get an email from Ford later that same day, confirming that Ford had received my order (I did get such an email). If you didn't get such an email, I would recommend contacting your salesperson to inquire and request a status update. (I don't know how things work for orders placed in Canada. Sorry.) Good luck to you!
  11. Good luck to you, Exit32, and thanks for the story of your order saga. I hope your Corsair arrives soon and that you love it!
  12. Thank you. That's got to be frustrating....
  13. Ah. That's interesting (and helpful). Thank you.
  14. I placed an order yesterday afternoon (10 Jan 23) for a 2023 Escape PHEV and, later that same afternoon, received an "Order Confirmed" email from Ford. Yaay. My salesman had no idea if Ford had started production of the '23 Escapes and Corsairs (I asked; he didn't know). I am grateful to everyone who replied with information on this. Good luck to all (including me!) who have placed orders and are waiting for their vehicles to be built and then arrive at their dealerships!
  15. Robo calls? While I understand the term "robo calls" in the context of everyday life (callers wanting to sell you an extended warranty on your car or wanting you to sign up for a Medicare Part D plan, for just two examples), I don't grasp what that means in the context of an automobile production/assembly line. I appreciate your info about production numbers, but the rest of your message has piqued my curiosity. When you have a moment to do so, would you elaborate, please? Thank you.