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  1. 1984Poke

    Goodbye Continental

    I always appreciate your insight, akirby. Thank you.
  2. bbf2530 is offering good advice. I’ve been using a mini-USB thumb drive onto which I’ve copied the music I want and then I leave that drive plugged into the USB port in my 2019 MKZ-h’s armrest compartment. It works great. (What need help with is naming and sorting the music....)
  3. NJRonbo— From the Lincoln Owner part of the main Lincoln web site, you can check to see if there is a software update to your 2019 MKZ’s Sync system. I’ve done that sort of thing, using a USB stick, for all of my more recent Lincoln vehicles. Have you checked that out? 1984Poke
  4. 1984Poke

    2020 Escape sales

    I don’t think the math works in this sentence. 🙂
  5. Gurgeh’s advice is good, in my view, NJRonbo. I realize you have added the BMW option to the list of things you’re considering but if you’re at all open to the idea of staying with an MKZh for a while, I’d strongly consider what he recommended. Speaking (well, writing) as one who leased his last two vehicles (‘13 MKZh and ‘16 MKC) and is now purchasing his current vehicle (‘19 MKZh), I’ve had very recent experience with both buying and leasing. Like you, I really liked getting (and having a built-in excuse for getting!) a new vehicle every three years AND I liked the chance that leasing makes possible to get the latest technology every three years, so I do “get” the advantages that leasing provides—but, as with everything, there are trade offs. If you choose to buy your current 2019 MKZh at the end of its lease, owning that car will give you a “known quantity” (a vehicle you’ve come to know and, I hope, trust) and—perhaps most importantly—time on your own schedule/your own timetable to jump back into the new-vehicle market at a time of YOUR choosing, without being forced to pick from whatever is available at the end of your lease period—plus you would have some equity/some value in the MKZh you own that should help ease the $ pain of that next vehicle decision. If you decide the BMW is the right move for you, that’s great—good for you. If not, don’t discount what Gurgeh suggested due to the flexibility it would give you. Good luck!
  6. NJRonbo— The opportunity to get a very nice hybrid Lincoln without paying a premium for trying out a hybrid (as with my leased 2013 MKZh—and my experience with that car is why I now have a 2019 MKZh that I am purchasing) was the deciding factor in convincing me to try a hybrid 7 years ago (May 2013). I love my 2019 MKZh Reserve II and, at present, have no intention of not getting a hybrid-type vehicle for my next vehicle. (Not sure when that will happen!) Good luck to you!
  7. I feel the same way about sedans. I know lots of people have moved away from sedans. I am not one of them. I’m currently on my fifth consecutive new Lincoln—all (but one) have been Lincoln sedans. The one exception was a 2016 MKC, which I acknowledge I did like (primarily because its higher seat-height made Darling Wife happy), but I was very happy to go back to an MKZh sedan at the end of the 3-year lease on the MKC. I am buying (still paying for) my 2019 MKZh (got it the weekend before Christmas in 2018), so I don’t have the “my lease is ending so I have to find something else now” problem (if you can call that a problem! 😀). It does increase my flexibility in terms of when I decide to get my next vehicle. If, by then, Lincoln hasn’t changed its mind and started making a sedan I want, then I acknowledge I would consider either a Corsair or a Nautilus. But I’d rather have a car....
  8. 1984Poke

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    I’ve got a 2019 Lincoln MKZ, the closely-related corporate-cousin of the Fusion, and it’s terrific. Looks great, drives well, handles well, is very comfortable, and—so far— very reliable. I’ve had it 15 months so far (got it the weekend before Christmas in 2018) and I’ve had zero regrets with this vehicle. Ford and Lincoln did good jobs with the latest versions of the Fusion and the MKZ.
  9. 1984Poke

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    The governors of Florida and Georgia are perfect examples of the militantly ignorant.
  10. I still like the idea of a Cartier Continental (or, better yet, a sharp two-door coupe). I thought the mid-1970s Continental Mark IV cars in the Cartier designer series were really sharp.
  11. I always thought the Cartier editions of the Continental Mark series cars were really sharp. I’d take a real look at one if they were offered at the same time I was in the market for a new Lincoln. (No time soon for me, I just bought a ‘19 MKZ 10 days ago. 😀)
  12. I use Sirius frequently for sports play-by-play of non-local teams’ games, or to listen to audio of some television programming or to the BBC for an international perspective on the world, or, if my wife is in the car, to tune in 50s on 5 or 60s on 6 (her favorites). And I agree with CKNSLS that satellite radio is very welcome when driving in the western US and away from major metropolitan areas with their dozens of FM or AM stations.
  13. Looks really sharp. Congratulations.
  14. 1984Poke

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    So...just out of curiosity, how long do the manufacturing plants close for the holidays? One week (as in the week of 12/24/2018) or two or more weeks? Is the number of weeks of closure the same across all Ford/Lincoln plants in North America (that is, including Canada and Mexico as well as the U.S.)? Thanks.
  15. 1984Poke

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    I do realize that and I thank you for your input, but there’s just enough “Type A” personality in me to cause me to worry about these things even though, as you point out quite correctly, it will be built when it’s built regardless of what I hope for. 😀