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  1. 1984Poke

    Multi Contour Seats

    About the seats showing on the window sticker: Is it legal for the window sticker to list an item that is not actually installed? That would seem to me (an amateur, admittedly; I'm certainly no industry insider) to be a violation of federal law.
  2. Let me be sure I understand what you're saying (well, writing) here...are there European Escapes with nicer/more luxurious interiors than are available on U.S.-market Escape?
  3. 1984Poke

    Guesses on 2023 Aviator changes?

    Yep, the Sync 3 in my 2019 MKZ-hybrid is stable and rarely gives me problems.
  4. 1984Poke

    Guesses on 2023 Aviator changes?

    It's really nuts that Lincoln is slow-rolling the rollout of Sync 4 on its next-most-expensive model (the Aviator). For Lincoln to expect people to shell out $70K and up for a 2023 Aviator that has still years-old infotainment/connectivity software--especially when Sync 4 is already available on a less-expensive sibling (the Nautilus)--is just piss-poor management. Seriously, someone in Lincoln's upper hierarchy should get his or her butt kicked for this decision.
  5. 1984Poke

    2023 Lincoln Corsair Spied

    Thank you, voidoid.
  6. 1984Poke

    2023 Lincoln Corsair Spied

    Any news on whether the 2023 Corsair will have Sync 4? I hope so.
  7. 1984Poke

    2022 Lincoln Navigator Reviews

    What, in your view, are the "key lux features" it lacks and should have?
  8. 1984Poke


    I'm glad you received your Aviator. I hope it's beautiful and that you're happy with it. I'm sorry you didn't get the help you expected from your dealer.
  9. 1984Poke

    Battery Status

    I had battery problems with my 2016 MKC and had to call Lincoln roadside assistance twice or maybe three times in the nearly 3 years I had it. However, I will have had my 2019 MKZ-Hybrid 3 years next month (got it in December 2018) and I haven't had a single problem with its battery or anything else, really (knock on wood!).
  10. Hmmm. Is the alarm going off at the scheduled auto start time? That is, does your Z start both its engine (at the scheduled time) and the alarm at the same time? I have never used the auto start/scheduled-start thing on the LincolnWay app for my Z but I do use the app frequently to start it after sporting events (at random times, obviously) so it's warmed up or cooled off by the time I reach my car but I've never encountered the alarm-going-off problem. (Not sure I've helped you any. Sorry.)
  11. 1984Poke

    Where Was Our 2021 Navigator?

    I cannot help you with your 2nd question (and I'm not 100% certain I can help with your 1st one) but I'll tell you about my experience: When the 2013 MKZ-H I ordered in May 2013 arrived at my dealership in late June 2013, it had (I think) 35 miles on its odometer and I was told that was because it had been put through extra quality control scrutiny at the factory. The factory was reportedly having some quality control issues with that new model and every 10th MKZ was pulled aside and given a more thorough "going over" and testing to look for and address any problems before it was released for delivery to the dealership. At least, that is what I was told. My factory warranty was adjusted to make allowances for those 35 miles. That is, the new car warranty on it was good until 36,035 miles (or maybe it was 48,035 miles; I forget now). I don't know if that is what happened with your Navigator, I'm just telling you of my experience. Good luck!
  12. I used the X plan in late 2018 to get my current Lincoln (2019 MKZ-H) and I really liked the low-stress simplicity of it. If you are one who loves to haggle and if you are good at negotiating and haggling, you probably can get a better deal by doing that rather than using the X plan. However, if you'd prefer a simple and straightforward good deal without all the sturm und drang of haggling, go with the X plan. I've used the X plan only once (didn't know about it before) but I intend to use it again if I stay with Lincoln (as is my desire) for my next purchase. I was surprised and pleased by how quickly I got the PIN. I collected all the needed info and forms, scanned and sent them to the appropriate email address, and received a PIN from Ford the same day (within a few hours).
  13. I agree with you on that point. CR's reviewers b!tch and moan ad infinitum about Lincoln's push-button transmission system setup, something they constantly call "fussy" when it's about as simple as it can be and is a system that took me all of 5 seconds to master. Irritating. However, having been one of their subscriber/car experience participants for three years (it was about 10 years ago), filling out rather detailed reports on the cars I owned during those years, I do put some trust in their reliability information especially when what they report on that topic seems to echo/line up with other reporting on reliability.
  14. I never said I was going to switch to another brand. I said I would "start looking at other makes" but that's as far as I went. I want to stick with Lincoln but any intelligent and reasonably cautious person will look at what is offered when in the market for a new vehicle. I am not having problems with my current Lincoln (2019 MKZ Hybrid). It has been wonderful. Of course, the 2019 model year of the Z was also the 7th consecutive year of production of essentially the same vehicle, with improvements (and appearance changes) along the way, thus by the 2019 model year, pretty much all of the "bugs" had been worked out of the MKZ. My previous vehicle (2016 MKC) had a couple annoying things that made me not regret turning it in 3 months before the end of its lease (I asked about getting out of that lease earlier than 3 months but was turned down), and some of the earlier models I've had (2013 MKZ-H, 2009 MKS, and 2007 MKZ) had an issue or three, here and there. I am always looking ahead at candidates for my next vehicle, planning at least a couple years ahead for a possible next purchase. What I have read on this web site about quality/reliability issues with current Lincoln offerings and what I have read in publications like Consumer Reports tend to give me pause. Thus, I guess I am one who just "read something about them being 'not reliable'" and I don't apologize for that, although I will continue to collect information and continue to evaluate things as the time to buy nears. Three of the current four Lincoln models have "Far Below Average" ratings for reliability in Consumer Reports (only the Navigator has as much as a "middlin" reliability rating of "Average"). That disappoints me as I really want Lincoln to do well. After all, I own F stock, plus I've had a lifelong "thing" for Lincolns (my first girlfriend's dad was mayor of the town, and he used to pick up my girlfriend--his daughter--and me at the junior high once a week and take us to the drive-in for lunch in his new, chocolate brown Lincoln Continental Mark III; I remember thinking even then that someday I, too, would drive a Lincoln). I do considerable reading and research before committing to any major purchase. I won't buy a vehicle that has a "far below average" reputation for reliability. I just won't. For 3 consecutive years, I was one of those chosen to submit customer experience reports to Consumer Reports on the vehicles I had then, a 2009 MKS, then a 2013 MKZ-H. The magazine uses those ratings in building its customer experience reports. As new-vehicle purchase time nears, I will do more and more reading and research. I realize fully that any vehicle's reliability can improve over time as the manufacturer gets more experience with building it and as customers identify issues needing work. I can't buy another 2019 MKZ-h. Lincoln doesn't make it anymore. I have to look at what Lincoln is offering at the time I am in the market for a new vehicle. During the last few years of the MKZ's production, its reliability improved a lot, thus my satisfaction with my 2019 Z-h, but my great experience so far with a vehicle that Lincoln had been building (and improving) for 7 consecutive years is no guarantee that my next Lincoln of a completely different model will be equally reliable and equally well-behaved. It doesn't work like that. Each model is different and, based on what I have read, 3 of the 4 current Lincoln offerings have serious reliability issues. I am not "done" doing my research. I am not yet ready to buy. Weighing the "pros and cons" will be an ongoing thing until I make a decision and sign the check. Darling Wife thinks my MKZ-H looks sharp but she would like something that's easier to enter/exit (we are no longer spring chickens) so I'm leaning toward a small or mid-size SUV. I hope very much that by the time I am ready to sign the check for a new vehicle, whatever vehicles Lincoln is offering by then will have at least good (better yet, very good to excellent) reputations for reliability--enough so to give me confidence in a 6th consecutive new Lincoln for me. My position stands unchanged: I love Lincoln. I sincerely want it to do well. But, based on what I have read recently, the current offerings have reliability issues (3 of them especially). I don't and won't apologize for being cautious and judicious in how I spend my money. Lincoln, I love you, but you need to work on your reliability issues.
  15. Again, while I'd like to see a return to dividends as much as the next investor, I'd rather Ford delay spending to reinstate a dividend for a bit and, instead, do a "full court press" on investing in improving reliability of its current (and future) lineup of Ford and Lincoln vehicles. I'm on my 5th consecutive Lincoln (and before that a Ford Explorer and before that a Mercury Sable), all bought or leased new, and it's more than a little disappointing to see the very poor ratings Ford and Lincoln are getting for the reliability of its current crop of vehicles. It's enough to make me, a long-time Ford and Lincoln customer, start looking at other makes (at present, Lexus and maybe Cadillac; something that, in the past, I never would have considered) for my next vehicle. I don't want to leave Lincoln but I am not interested in buying something that is currently earning a reputation as "not reliable."