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  1. Well, the 2023 Escape PHEV that I ordered on the 10th of January [and about which I've heard no news from Ford other than (1) an initial acknowledgment of the order back in January and (2) an email last week saying, essentially, "we know you're waiting for your Escape but we have no news for you other than we'll contact you every 45 days to let you know that we still haven't scheduled it"] qualifies for the $3,750 tax credit. That's something, I guess, presuming I ever actually get it....😄
  2. I ordered a PHEV Escape on 10 January 2023, and I presume there are a lot of orders in line ahead of mine, thus I presume it will be a while before I get mine, but I'm always hopeful!!
  3. That's great news. Maybe I'll get mine by May or June . . . . 🙂
  4. Well, according to the Ford Authority web site, the Louisville Assembly Plant resumed production of 2023 MY Escapes and Corsairs earlier this week, doing so after concluding that the instrument cluster software issue that had bedeviled them had been resolved finally. The article said that about 4,400 pre-production Escapes (and about 400 Corsairs) had been built in January and February before production was halted while they worked to resolve problems. My question for someone in the know about such things: Just out of curiosity, what are "pre-production" vehicles and what happens to them? I presume some are used for testing (to get EPA mileage numbers, for IIHS crash testing, etc.), yes? What happens to the rest? Are they modified (if/as needed) and then sold? Are they destroyed (if so, that seems like a whole lot of vehicles to destroy)? I really don't know so I'm asking those of you who do know. Thanks.
  5. If I remember correctly, today (Monday, 6 March 2023) is the day the Louisville Assembly Plant was to start (resume?) production of 2023 Ford Escapes and Lincoln Corsairs. Can anyone confirm whether that is happening? Or am I mistaken about the date? Thank you in advance.
  6. I have had Ford stock for years and used an X plan PIN to get my most recent vehicle (2019 MKZ-h) but, a couple months ago, when I was looking to get another PIN as I was in the market for a new vehicle, I found that getting an X plan PIN based on stock ownership went away last year (June, I think) and if you had a PIN, you had to use it by 31 December 2022.
  7. I completely missed (until this morning) this bit of news, on Ford Authority, about Ford closing the order banks for 2023 PHEV Escapes in late January. https://fordauthority.com/2023/01/2023-ford-escape-phev-retail-order-banks-to-close-next-week/ I presume that the order I placed on 10 January 2023 for a 2023 PHEV Escape is unaffected by this development. I received an email from Ford that same day saying it had received my order.
  8. I agree with you about preferring the plant stop production for a few days to sort out/correct the problem rather than send vehicles out with a known glitch that will only irritate the owners of those brand-new vehicles and require a trip to the dealership for a fix. I would say that Ford needs to make quality "Job 1" for every vehicle and at every assembly plant. (I know...easy to say but hard to do.)
  9. Thanks to all for your responses. So...the question remains: Has the Louisville Assembly Plant been producing Escapes and Corsairs the last week or two? And is it expected to produce vehicles this upcoming week?
  10. Serious question for anyone who knows: Is info on when an assembly plant is in operation and producing vehicles vs. when it is idle and not producing vehicles considered proprietary corporate information the automaker does not want publicly disclosed? It seems to me (an outsider) that it would be rather obvious when a plant is producing vehicles as opposed to when it is idle. If nothing else, the employee parking lot would be full or mostly empty.
  11. Well, my order history for a 2023 PHEV Escape is as follows: 10 January 2023: Placed an order for a 2023 PHEV Escape at local Ford dealership 10 January 2023: Order confirmation email received from Ford Motor Company That's it. 😄 My order was placed exactly one month ago today, thus my history is not as long as yours, Exit32, but I hope you get good news on your Corsair soon.
  12. Can anyone who works at the Louisville Assembly Plant tell us if the plant is in operation, producing Escapes and Corsairs this week?
  13. I agree wholeheartedly. Speaking as a guy who is currently on his 5th consecutive new Lincoln, I regret to say there will not be a 6th consecutive new Lincoln for me. That disappoints me immensely but the reason is that Lincoln has driven me away with its feature-packaging choices. I want a 2023 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring PHEV, I really do, but Lincoln insists that I must accept an all-glass roof (the Panoramic Vista Roof) on even the base-level Grand Touring Corsair. I'm not cheap. The glass roof is not a cost issue for me. It's an issue of living where there are lots of strong thunderstorms with occasionally large hail. (My MKS took at absolute beating from a big hailstorm a few years ago, and I'm lucky that my current MKZ-h just avoided a similar hail-beating last year.) I would happily buy a PHEV Grand Touring Corsair with pretty much all the "bells and whistles" (HUD, super adjustable seats, navigation, super duper audio, massaging seats, etc.) but not if it means I have to accept that stupid all-glass roof. I ended up ordering a 2023 Ford Escape PHEV last month, even though it's not what I really want (I want a Grand Touring Corsair), but on the Escape, you can add all the options you want while the "panoramic" roof/all-glass roof remains an option that one can skip--which I did. Clearly, the Louisville plant is capable of building Corsairs without the all-glass roof. On the Reserve Corsair (the next-lower model, below the Grand Touring), the all-glass roof is an option. Lincoln lost me as a customer because of this. ☹️
  14. Thanks for offering to try but I've not yet been issued a VIN. I placed my order, for a 2023 PHEV Escape, on 10 January 2023.