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  1. While it would be nice to see the dividend return (and that, by itself, likely would boost the value of Ford stock at least a little), right now, I think I would prefer Ford forego resuming paying a dividend and, instead, put that money into a focused, rigorous effort to improve the quality/reliability of the Ford and Lincoln products currently being produced (including Sync system software updates that, at times, have been "buggy"). Make no mistake, I, too, would like to see the dividend return, but I think the long-term interests of Ford Motor Company would be served better by improving Ford's somewhat-shaky reputation for quality/reliability.
  2. I am on my 5th consecutive Lincoln, all bought (or leased) new, with the first one a 2007 model bought in summer 2007 and the last one a 2019 model bought in late 2018. My last vehicle (2016 MKC, leased) was generally a real pleasure but it did have a very annoying squeak coming from the front speakers mounted on the dash. I could press down on the speaker grille and make the squeaking stop, but the squeaking would resume at the next bump as soon as I stopped pressing down on the speaker grille. Very annoying. My current vehicle (2019 MKZ Hybrid, purchased just before Christmas in December 2018) has been an absolute pleasure and, save for the occasional hiccup with the Sync 3 system, has been completely trouble-free in the almost two and one-half years I've had it. I have had not a single problem with it (knock on wood). To be fair, the 2019 model of the MKZ is essentially the same, mechanically (with some improvements), as the first year of this version of the MKZ (launched in 2013), thus Lincoln has had several years to "work the bugs out of" this version of the MKZ. Except for the fact that Lincoln quit making the MKZ (and except for the fact that I always want something different for my next vehicle and never get the exact same model consecutively), I would absolutely consider buying a new MKZ-Hybrid in 2022 or 2023 because of my satisfaction and trouble-free experience with my 2019 MKZ-H. This only deepens my disappointment in reading about the problems other customers are having with their new Lincolns (Aviators, especially, but the Nautilus seems to be having reliability problems, too). Lincoln really is on to something in its current designs: They're beautiful, quiet, and luxurious vehicles that are well-executed but, Lincoln really must get a handle on and fix its reliability issues. I won't have and I won't buy an unreliable vehicle. C'mon, Lincoln, step up. You've got great vehicle designs and we're on your side, but you simply must fix your reliability issues.
  3. Congratulations on placing your order for a 2022 Aviator Reserve, a beautiful vehicle. (And I am a bit surprised you're able to order a 2022 model this early in 2021 but I am not doubting you.) I hope you're very, very happy with it. Good luck!
  4. The face of that Hyundai Elantra is ugly. Ick.
  5. Is there not a process for workers and/or managers who see this problem to report it up the chain so that the supplier is held accountable and/or loses the contract to supply those parts?
  6. Thank you, akirby. I always appreciate your informed insight.
  7. For the sake of those of us who are not auto industry insiders, would you (or someone else in the know) explain, in layman’s terms, what “new electrical architecture” means with regard to a vehicle, please? Thanks.
  8. I wouldn’t expect it until October, at the earliest.
  9. I was perusing the Ford web site via the Ford iPhone app a few minutes ago and noticed it is (supposedly) still possible, in August 2020, to “build and price” a 2019 Ford Flex, selecting my preferred exterior color as well as opting for roof rack side rails and all-weather floor mats, etc. Of course, I have no doubt that it is not truly possible now to do any such thing (except perhaps as a purely academic exercise), but I was surprised to see that such a thing remains on Ford’s web site (or at least the Ford app). Is there some rational reason why such a thing would have been left—intentionally—on the web site and not removed a year ago? If so, it escapes me.... I’m interested in hearing from industry insiders about this. Thanks.
  10. 1984Poke

    Goodbye Continental

    I don’t disagree with you but I must say that I’ve been more than a little impressed with the most recent Lincoln vehicles—in particular the Corsair, Aviator, and Navigator. I’m looking forward to seeing the refreshed Nautilus (whenever it comes out) with the latest Lincoln interior treatment and features (heads-up display, etc.). I hope—I hope—these vehicles are evidence of a renewed commitment to the Lincoln brand by Ford’s senior leadership. I also like Lincoln’s focus on Quiet Luxury (vs. trying to mimic German-style race-track-performance vehicles, of which there are already plenty from other manufacturers if one wants that). I am currently on my 5th consecutive Lincoln (all purchased new or leased) and I look forward to seeing the new ones as I plan my next purchase in a couple years. If Lincoln keeps designing and building winners, which is how I view the current Aviator, Corsair, and Navigator vehicles, I’ll be looking first at Lincoln’s lineup when I decide on my next vehicle. Go Lincoln.
  11. 1984Poke

    Goodbye Continental

    I always appreciate your insight, akirby. Thank you.
  12. bbf2530 is offering good advice. I’ve been using a mini-USB thumb drive onto which I’ve copied the music I want and then I leave that drive plugged into the USB port in my 2019 MKZ-h’s armrest compartment. It works great. (What need help with is naming and sorting the music....)
  13. NJRonbo— From the Lincoln Owner part of the main Lincoln web site, you can check to see if there is a software update to your 2019 MKZ’s Sync system. I’ve done that sort of thing, using a USB stick, for all of my more recent Lincoln vehicles. Have you checked that out? 1984Poke
  14. 1984Poke

    2020 Escape sales

    I don’t think the math works in this sentence. 🙂
  15. Gurgeh’s advice is good, in my view, NJRonbo. I realize you have added the BMW option to the list of things you’re considering but if you’re at all open to the idea of staying with an MKZh for a while, I’d strongly consider what he recommended. Speaking (well, writing) as one who leased his last two vehicles (‘13 MKZh and ‘16 MKC) and is now purchasing his current vehicle (‘19 MKZh), I’ve had very recent experience with both buying and leasing. Like you, I really liked getting (and having a built-in excuse for getting!) a new vehicle every three years AND I liked the chance that leasing makes possible to get the latest technology every three years, so I do “get” the advantages that leasing provides—but, as with everything, there are trade offs. If you choose to buy your current 2019 MKZh at the end of its lease, owning that car will give you a “known quantity” (a vehicle you’ve come to know and, I hope, trust) and—perhaps most importantly—time on your own schedule/your own timetable to jump back into the new-vehicle market at a time of YOUR choosing, without being forced to pick from whatever is available at the end of your lease period—plus you would have some equity/some value in the MKZh you own that should help ease the $ pain of that next vehicle decision. If you decide the BMW is the right move for you, that’s great—good for you. If not, don’t discount what Gurgeh suggested due to the flexibility it would give you. Good luck!