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    2015 MKS

    Just wondering why the MKS did not come with power folding mirrors and power trunk pull down? This was Lincolns top of line vehicle
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    From Victor, New York
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    Dave; How are you today? Ok the x plan is for my mother; Rita T. Paige, 211 Estate Dr., New Iberia, LA 70563 last four of SS# 2231 and my email address is: expedition99_red@yahoo.com. Thank you again and I hope the draft goes well for CHIEFS. Greg
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    Dave; Thanks a lot the x plan pin is for my mother. How much does the x plan get you off towards a Ford Vehicle? What do you think the Chiefs will do with there draft choice? I say we need defense help and of course a quarter back. I have Chiefs season tickets and I am looking forward to the up coming season. Again thanks for the x plan pin and I'll get the info to you in the next couple of days. GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I need a x plan pin number for 2006 Mercury Milian