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  1. Just curious to get an idea of how long these can run. How many miles on yours? What year is it? Have you had any major problems?
  2. PolarisCobra

    Liftgate Limit - MKT

    I found those instructions, does not work for my MKT. My guess is it works for the newer stuff, but with the MKT being an older platform, that feature does not seem to have made it in. I found a less sophisticated fix that looks like it will do the job.
  3. PolarisCobra

    Liftgate Limit - MKT

    Purchased a 2019 MKT last week. Really liking it. The liftgate raises higher than our last SUV, and touches the garage door. I have raised the limit on the door travel as far as I can, but it still just kisses the door. Don't want to see the finish get damaged. Has anyone figured a way to limit the travel a bit?
  4. PolarisCobra

    Greetings from Central MA

    Just picked up a 2019 MKT Reserve, 13000 miles. Really liking it so far, lots of features, very comfortable and powerful. Not a cookie cutter design, and seems to be pretty rare. You just don't see them on the road very much. This replaces a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica that we bought new. That gave us great service for 15 years, I am hoping this MKT serves us as well. Have not owned a Ford product since my '69 Mustang way back when, nice to have one back in the garage.