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  1. blwnsmoke

    Next-Gen Wrangler not due until 2027

    Crazy to me, Wrangler has to be a cash cow and it is just a simple box on a frame with 4 wheels. It won't take much to update it and I doubt they will just sit there for 7 more years and watch their sales plummet.
  2. The explorer is still a quality control disaster. Missing parts still, transmissions failing, horrible shifting, trans fluid leaks, warning lights going off like crazy, ac failures, faulty cameras and wiring.. the list goes on and we are just 1 year of production. This is far worse then the 5th gen in 2011.
  3. cybertruck doesn't sell.. With 200k+ orders, why would he say this? 3... 2... 1... Go. https://www.yahoo.com/news/elon-musk-says-tesla-create-200604650.html Tesla didn't perform any consumer research on the truck's Sci-Fi inspired design, Musk said. The move stands in stark contrast from rest of the pickup-truck market, where designs are extensively tested with potential buyers. But if people find the truck too unusual and aren't willing to pay for it, he's open to the idea of a more conventional-looking Tesla truck. Musk said he realized the Cybertruck could be "a complete failure," but the company has a back-up plan.
  4. And then you use forscan to disable that annoying double honk 😆
  5. ^^^ google works pretty well for you huh? Feels like rperez Jr is in the house.
  6. blwnsmoke

    Tesla stock

    Interesting you say that since Ford said they will be producing 50,000 Mach E vehicles a year at a minimum.
  7. blwnsmoke

    Tesla stock

    The point is.. Tesla isn't profitable if it wasn't for those credits. To state anything otherwise is comical. What would Tesla do if other manufacturers were not buying the credits right now? What would Tesla's financials look like? How "advanced" would they be?
  8. Why would anyone get a $200 deductible? You almost break even with a $100 deductible ($130 more) after 1 repair. You are $100 ahead if you do the $50 deductible on your 2nd repair compared to the $200 one. I always found having a high deductible pushes me to hold off on simple annoying repairs until I have a few issues. I always buy the $50 and any little thing it gets dropped off... because it's only $50 and I get a free rental while they fix it (enhanced first day rental).
  9. I love my ST but there is nothing about the Explorer's looks that make it look like an offroader. Just changing up the tires isn't going to do anything for it and I don't think it looks good with them.
  10. blwnsmoke

    Tesla stock

    https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2020-07-22/tesla-earnings-analysis "Subtract regulatory credits from the picture and Tesla continues to lose money. Tesla earns those credits because its electric cars, which spit out no tailpipe emissions, give it a credit surplus it can sell to companies to help them meet average fleet-wide emissions standards as they remain dependent on internal combustion engines. In the second quarter, Tesla said it sold $428 million in credits, all pure profit. Net income for the second quarter came in at $104 million. Without the credits, the 17-year-old company would have lost $324 million. For the first half of the year, Tesla’s net income was $120 million on the strength of $782 million in credits. For all of 2019, Tesla sold $594 million worth of pollution credits. “Tesla’s business model is currently 100% predicated on selling one-time temporary credits to guys who increasingly don’t need them,” said Gordon Johnson of GLJ Research, which assesses company finance and strategy for big investors." so 17 year old company still losing money without selling credits... Ahhh.. got it
  11. Looks like Ford raised the First Edition to 7,000 units and they are all still taken. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/2021-ford-bronco-first-edition-211300320.html On the same night the 2021 Ford Bronco was revealed and the reservation site launched, the one-year-only First Edition sold out. That was 3,500 vehicles reserved in one evening. Obviously demand was high, so Ford saw fit to go ahead and double production of the First Edition. However, it's still sold out. The announcement arrived in a message to reservation holders, and was shared on the internet at places such as online forum Bronco6G. Interestingly, the message notes that anyone who had reserved a First Edition Bronco could cancel the reservation if they wanted now that there will be more. Somehow we doubt the dip in exclusivity is going to dissuade reservation holders. As for being sold out, still, that came to us from Ford, which confirmed the increase in production. Apparently every two-door and four-door Bronco First Edition reservation is filled. So if you didn't reserve one earlier and want one, be ready to scour dealers when the deliveries go out. And if you end up buying one that was reserved by a dealer, prepare for a hefty price tag. The cheapest two-door First Edition starts at $60,800, and the four-door starts at $64,995. And any dealer with one to sell will probably be asking more than MSRP for it.
  12. My wife does and isn't on any forum. And the way people talk about all these reviewers and the TFL fiasco and people coming to their defense, there are a ton of people on car forums.. hundreds of thousands??
  13. blwnsmoke

    Nissan Ariya

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/nissan-just-debuted-first-major-195253969.html Nissan unveiled its first all-electric crossover, the Ariya, during an online event on Wednesday. It's the first major EV debut from the brand since it launched the Leaf all the way back in 2010. According to Nissan, it will have up to 300 miles of range, two battery options, and an all-wheel-drive version. The Ariya will go on sale in the US in late 2021 with a starting price around $40,000.
  14. https://www.motor1.com/news/434165/ford-bronco-goodyear-wrangler-tires/ Automakers are like politicians – they're loathe to acknowledge a rival. Instead, other brands and their products are “the competition,” or something similar. But in developing the 2021 Ford Bronco to beat the snot out of the Jeep Wrangler, the Blue Oval ran into an issue: one of the most popular off-road tires on the market is the Goodyear… Wrangler. Oh dear. It just wouldn't do for Ford's most significant new product in years to feature its arch-rival's name five separate times on the exterior. After all, how silly would a Mustang look with “Camaro” all over it, or an F-150 with multiple “Ram” logos? Exactly. And that's why when the new Bronco arrives in Spring 2021, it will do so with special Goodyear tires that lack the typical Wrangler badging. But not entirely.