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  1. It specifically says in the US manual that the tow hook is in the spare wheel storage tray.
  2. blwnsmoke

    Homelink on new Fords?

    My ST has it.
  3. Yup.. and Teamsters are honoring the picket line and wont cross it. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hoffa-teamsters-stand-in-solidarity-with-striking-gm-uaw-members-300918310.html
  4. blwnsmoke

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    O2B was give. Mid June.. there are a ton of orders through end of June that were retail orders still sitting as "in productuon"... yes, over 2 months this way. Just go look at the Ford tracking forum. The worst part of it all is Ford isnt saying a damn word to anyone..
  5. As an ST owner.. this type of BS gives owners zero confidence in the product. After a 2011 disaster with numerous recalls and TSBs, I expected a recall here and there but this many issues already.. this many delays... and zero communication from Ford to customers really angers me. Thank god I have an 8yr/150k ESP on it. Here we go again with. Being the Guinea pigs and being their damn testers paying premium pricing at launch. I already have 3 issues.. 1) missing the tow adapter that screws into the bumper ( all explorer forum members are missing them.. great QC). 2) trim piece scratched on the outside, 3) reclining lever is scratching the seat base.
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/fc8ac22e-822f-335e-b3e8-e775d3db37f0/general-motors-recalling-more.html
  7. blwnsmoke

    How to check if a vehicle is a CPO

    If you are still under the b2b, a premium esp with the same coverage may be cheaper than paying the cpo premium. Just something to think about. A 6yr/100k premium esp can be had for under $1,300 for example.
  8. blwnsmoke

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    There will be a way to turn it off, I am 100% confident. It is just a matter of finding it. All it requires is changing a "1" to a "0" in a particular line of code. Voiding warranty? Lol, never... it is no different than putting it in Excite mode.. or hitting the off button upon startup every time. It does not do anything else and there is no way anyone could or would avoid your warranty on something the vehicle already does. No I am not affiliated with Forscan but have used it many times.
  9. blwnsmoke

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    I have never had a Ford that requires you to completely remove your foot off the brake for it to restart. It has always started as I barely lift my foot off and completely restarted before I even get my foot to the gas pedal.
  10. blwnsmoke

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    The 2020 Codes are completely different. We have not found the right code yet for the 2020 Explorer but the Explorer and Aviator should be the same. Once found, you will be able to disable it permanently. It just may take some time before everyone figures it out. It took 2 weeks just to find the damn "bulb out" coding so you don't get hyper flash changing to LED bulbs (Explorer doesn't have Led on the rear turn signals).
  11. blwnsmoke

    Lincoln CPO vs PremiumCare?

    Lincoln CPO is far better than Fords CPO. 6yr/100k bumper to bumper. You can also buy an ESP on a CPO vehicle for up to 12 years if I recall correctly. A 6yr/100k Lincoln ESP is about $1,500 so really you are getting a $1,500 warranty for free but paying the upcharge of a CPO.
  12. blwnsmoke

    2020 Porsche Taycan Finally Debuts

    No, it is an analog clock that comes on all porsches. When you change the time through the steering wheel through the menu settings, the analog clock changes automatically.
  13. blwnsmoke

    Gm Diesel engines not compatible with US Fuel

    How would the material of the engine cause the pump to grenade? It's the pump causing g the issue and because the metal particles of the pump then goes through all the fuel lines and injectors, it causes the whole fuel system to be replaced. Has nothing to do with the motor or what material it is made of.
  14. There is, I can black out my 10" screen in my Explorer ST through the settings. One touch of the screen turns it back on. Edit - guess Ibshould have read your full post before replying.