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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. blwnsmoke

    Ferrari Purosangue

    Despite the majority hating it, I actually love it.
  2. One would think this should be in the Lincoln forum. Regardless, I just went to the Build and Price to build one.. Can't get the Blue with the Red interior. Every other color.. sure but Blue, nope. Ughh!!! $65,000 fully loaded.. Wow for a Corsair.
  3. blwnsmoke

    Vehicle Shipping

    No idea what this has to do with FMC but try uship.
  4. No AWD with the PHEV?? Come on Ford!!
  5. Isn't the Mach e classified as a SUV? If so, the rebate covers up to $80,000 MSRP so nobody is losing it. It's just going in Fords pocket. If it's a sedan, then it's $55k MSRP which majority of the versions still fall under.
  6. Yup, I definitely won't be looking at one any longer as my next vehicle. That's a whole lot of gas you can buy with that.
  7. This is exactly how a car company should take care of their customer. I'll give Toyota props for putting the customer first and going above and beyond.
  8. Lol, it's silly with something like this but this dealer actually doesn't charge dealer/doc fees on any vehicle sale. So yes, with an ADM, it's silly but when buying an ordinary vehicle, they don't add fees to the agreed upon purchase price.
  9. Here is a good one local to me. Only a $45,000 ADM.
  10. So sell a lightning for $30k over sticker and thenise an allocation or 2. They are still way ahead on profit and worth losing a few. They should be cutting their allocation in half, not just 1 or 2.
  11. Interesting video I saw of politicians questioning Pete Buttigieg about the amount of power 2 EVs at every home equals to across the year. Based on average mileage, if each household has 2 EVs, it is the equivalent as each household having 25 refrigerators plugged in and asked him if the grid can handle that type of demand. His reply was no... So how is our grid going to be able to handle this 100% transition to EV?
  12. blwnsmoke

    Ford US ESP at Cost

    Sorry, never even noticed I was at 100%. Cleared out now.
  13. Yes, looks like crap when majority is blocked off. Remind me of the Explorer PIU which looks like 🐕 💩 with their grill. I like big grills if done right. Audi for example looks fantastic and executed well.
  14. But it's not an R Raptor, It's a Raptor R. To me if they are going to emphasize the R now which they are going with the badges at the end with a red R, they should have stayed consistant and kept the last R red on both sides. Again, this would drive me nuts seeing it all the time.
  15. blwnsmoke

    Blazer EV spotted

    Quick video reveal of the EV SS. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRhCGcKM/?k=1