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  1. Pretty sure this will be the first vehicle that you will see a constant moving fuel gauge (from F to E) while idling... 10mpg city, 14 highway, 12 combined.. holy crap.
  2. So within the last week, Tesla has no dropped the 7 day return period and also dropped their 4yr/50k used warranty to now 1yr/10k. Tesla never announced it, they just quietly changed their terms in the fine print if you will for others to spot it. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/tesla-just-slashed-warranty-used-193000306.html
  3. blwnsmoke

    Explorer PI Hybrid

    Don't care what Ford is saying. I see it all over Facebook and the forum I mod. There are significant issues with the Explorer. No different then the 5th generation back in 2010/2011. Took them a few years to work everything out and still the EPAS and PTU are major problems. 2020 still has a ton a of trans issues (leaks, failure, full replacements) as well as a ton of electrical failure sending all kinds of warning lights on the dash. I have seen more buybacks and lemon laws then I would ever expect. On top of that, let's not mention the 20 recalls, TSBs and SSMs issued on the 2020 already. https://www.explorerforum.com/forums/threads/6th-generation-ex-and-aviator-recalls-tsb-fsa-and-ssm.481543/
  4. blwnsmoke

    What do you guys think of the new Corvette?

    I was passed by one on the highway. The front and sides looked great but the ass end was terrible. Too flat and too wide.. did not look right at all.
  5. blwnsmoke

    Explorer PI Hybrid

    Don't know about the hybrid but there are still plenty of issues with these explorers.
  6. blwnsmoke

    2020 F450 Buyback Joke

    So they are only charging you for 26,000 miles? Your June post about your trans you had 50k on it. Sounds like they are cutting you a break on the mileage. If you are already in escrow, they already pulled your credit. Shouldn't matter if all you are doing is refinancing the same loan you have. Also nice to see your couple of posts are just complaining about your truck. Why come here? Clearly not here to participate or help anyone else out.
  7. Can anyone post the actual documentation on this? Just was issued, I believe it is an updated trans cooler support bracket that address all the oil cooler leaks.
  8. blwnsmoke

    Those poor explorers..

    ya, had some link issues... finally got it working. Wonder how that phone call to Ford went.
  9. Shocked to see this on the Massachusetts Turnpike just now.
  10. So when will Ford announce the 21 Raptor and steal all their thunder?
  11. blwnsmoke

    Tesla stock

    Yup and now with the cost far lower, a lot more people will be able to buy in.
  12. Looks like August 17th for the unveil. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/hellcat-powered-2021-ram-trx-145900079.html How the hell is this starting at $56k yet the Durango with the same engine is about $90k.
  13. Price cuts because standard options/features are no longer standard.
  14. blwnsmoke

    Next-Gen Wrangler not due until 2027

    Crazy to me, Wrangler has to be a cash cow and it is just a simple box on a frame with 4 wheels. It won't take much to update it and I doubt they will just sit there for 7 more years and watch their sales plummet.