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  1. tbone

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    I like it, its a nice effort. It will be interesting to see how this non-truck, as Hyundai tried to say, stacks up against the Maverick.
  2. Particularly the Chevy HD model.
  3. Do you think the designers were like, “Oh shit, where are we going to put the license plate?”
  4. tbone

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    They lose me on the front with what appears to be an extra set of headlamps where the fog lights would be. I don’t care for that styling. Nevertheless, it will probably sell well as it is decent looking, and Hyundai competes heavily on price.
  5. tbone

    Genesis Concept X

    It’s interesting and I think I like it, but like stated above, not a big fan of the dip in the lower side of the grill. My first thought on the rear was the Olds Aurora.
  6. It appears to be an ongoing problem for Ford, that needs a new solution. I have and Explorer and an Escape that has the issue. I’ve had the Explorers replaced but it appears it is starting to do it again. It is a very annoying issue.
  7. I do hope they have a version that has body color molding/bumpers to do away with the black plastic, however I’m definitely liking what I’m seeing.
  8. My wife has the option to work where she wants. She prefers to work at the office, and interact with people. There are many reasons why some people prefer one over the other, and I think it is beneficial to have options available, but working from home is a continuation of the diminishment of human interaction.
  9. tbone

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

    Now that I have seen the Escalade on the road, I have not been impressed. On a few occasions from a distance I thought it was an XT6. The dash layout looks pretty cool, but that doesn’t overcome the rest of the vehicle for me. Cadillac’s styling just doesn’t jive with me, whereas the Lincoln styling does, due to its clean lines.
  10. I tend to agree with you on the new generation of F150. I would have liked to have seen a little bolder changes to the body for me, but it is slightly better than the 2014 GM change. With that said, it likely won’t impact sales in a negative manner. But not this bold of a change!
  11. Agreed about the interior. Regarding the rear, the chrome trim pieces make the odd rear really stand out in a negative way. There’s just something off overall about the exterior design for me. I actually thinking the maroon Wagoneer pictured above looks better than the Grand model. The pricing is pretty darn high compared to the competition as well.
  12. tbone

    Buyback Offer

    I appreciate them taking significant action to address your situation. I hope everything works out for you.
  13. Apparently you are not free to jump your TRX wherever you want. Based on the known information, it sounds like a gross overreach to me. https://www.motor1.com/news/494575/ram-trx-jump-driver-charged-18-counts/amp/
  14. tbone

    Kia EV6 Shown

    Pretty nice looking. IMO, Kia has a good design team. I like the looks of most of the vehicles coming out of their studios.
  15. It’s funny how people view differently. I hated the MCE. I thought it was a step backwards in its exterior design. With that said, to the untrained Ford enthusiast eye, the average Joe probably didn’t even realize there were any changes to the Fusion, and therefore sales reflected that.