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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. tbone

    The New 6.8L V8 Thread

    On a sidenote, isn’t GM’s Allison transmission Allison in name only? I thought I had read that GM is actually building the transmissions and not Allison. It is unclear to me how much of the transmission is actually Allison at this point.
  2. tbone

    2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal Event

    Thank God for small wins😄 Where did you see those details?
  3. This version looks really good. I’m a monochromatic guy though, so not surprising.
  4. tbone

    2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal Event

    I just realized it appears they have dumped the tailgate step in favor of the garbage bumper steps, ala GM. That is a major downgrade as far as I’m concerned. I regularly use that step and the bumper steps are nowhere close to the same functionality. I understand copying the mid bed step, but seriously, the bumper? I hope I’m wrong about this.
  5. tbone

    2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal Event

    Didn’t he cut the marketing budget? He probably figured it didn’t matter if he phoned it in because it will sell no matter what, and they need that money for all the EV vehicles everyone is clamoring to get.
  6. tbone

    2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal Event

    Pay more, get less. You didn’t know that is Ford’s new mantra?
  7. This would sell here. Too bad we can’t get it.
  8. I was posing different questions in which the charging situation gets addressed, and perhaps I didn’t articulate it well. As far as sides go. I am not on the side of big government dictating to the masses, and subsidizing peoples purchases, but that’s where we are at now. The market can dictate its own direction if it were allowed to, and the better products will win out. I would love to see where the EV demand would be if it were not supply constrained as it is now.
  9. I don’t live in either of those places and yes we do have electricity. We do have many multiunit buildings and street parking where there is no EV charging capability in place. Who will be responsible for putting chargers in those locations, when government policy is what is driving the transition to electric vehicles? Will the government also subsidize installation of charging capabilities in those kind of scenarios? Will developers be required to include chargers in new developments? Is the tax payer paying for chargers on public streets? Don’t miscontue my skepticism for being anti EV, but I am a realist. I haven’t seen any action to address these kinds of questions in my area, and I’m not a fan of the tax payer footing the bill for these things either, but someone going to have to pay.
  10. I’m highly skeptical all automakers will have a %100 EV lineup by 2030. I have seen little to no planning for EV infrastructure in my area. That stuff doesn’t happen overnight, and eight years is not really that long of period of time.
  11. tbone

    Ferrari Purosangue

    It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. It seems to sit a little bit low and I am a little uncertain about the rear area for a sport utility that isn’t supposed to be a sport utility.
  12. tbone

    2022 F250 Tremor Issues

    I came from my 3rd Raptor because I wanted to try something Different, and I had some heavier towing that I was going to be doing for a project. My plan was to put a lift kit on it with the hope of getting close to a Raptor ride while still being able to tow heavier loads, but after looking at the expense of it, and was told I would likely be disappointed if I was trying to duplicate the Raptor ride with a lift, I figured I would just go back to Raptor. Plus I am nearly done with this project, so I don’t need it as much. I have the 7.3l, and the mileage wasn’t good, but I didn’t expect it to be. The Raptor was surprisingly a little better. I think that would be a worthwhile trade off based on my current experience.
  13. tbone

    Universal garage opener

    That makes it super helpful, because I’ve seen some pretty complicated tutorials on trying to add those.
  14. My Mother is not what I would consider to be technologically savvy, however everything about her XT5 interface seems to be overly complicated and somehow she seems to manage that well, lol. So what I’m saying is she could probably handle the newer interface, but for some reason she can’t seem to figure out her dang iPhone🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. tbone

    Universal garage opener

    Apparently I selected that option and didn’t remember😁