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  1. tbone

    Raptor vs f250

    You are in luck. I did exactly that in Oct 2021. I traded my Gen2 Raptor for a 22 F250 crew 7.3l I had ordered with the intent of lifting it. I drove the truck for two weeks and had discussions with a couple of different lift shops and decided the ride quality would never meet my expectations (nor my wife’s, lol) without significant investment, and decided to order another Raptor instead. Another annoyance to me is the F250’s steering is much less precise than the Raptor, and requires more concentration to drive. Perhaps the 23 is better regarding the aforementioned observations, but I suspect it is just inherent in heavy duty trucks. With the lift, tires, etc it was going to be $8k plus pending on lift setup, and they advised it would be better but it still wouldn’t ride like a Raptor. The Carli lifts are probably about as close as you are going to get to a Raptor ride and the cost would have easily exceeded $10k and I just didn’t think the value was there for me. I have a tandem axle trailer rated at 7000lbs that I periodically use, which the F250 pulls great, but my old Raptor pulled it fine for the distances I am using it, with some squat of course. With that said, I still don’t have the Raptor after all this time. I’m sure you are aware of the difficulties of acquiring a Raptor these days. After waiting on allocation for so long it went into production on 08/16/22. Apparently there were missing parts and it sat around for a long time because it finally shipped on 01/17/23. It will hopefully be at the dealer any day now. Ford makes it difficult to get excited about a new vehicle these days with all the uncertainty surrounding their ability to deliver, but I’m glad it will be here soon. It boils down to what the most important characteristics of the truck are to you. For me it ended up being the ride and driving dynamics for daily use. If you have any specific questions let me know.
  2. Nobody can conceivably exceed the range of a BEV, you are just being anti-EV. The 42000 miles between my two 22 vehicles are imaginary because I can’t possibly be driving more than 300 miles beyond my home on any given day.
  3. dmpaul….stop with your logic here, it is not wanted. Since you aren’t towing the party line that BEVs are the best thing since sliced bread you will now be castigated and labeled anti-EV. Everyone lives where there are an abundance of supercharges everywhere, there are no issues with power delivery systems, range issues, or affordability issues, to just highlight a few of the positives, so stop being obtuse. You can’t like BEVs and point out limitations at the same time, it’s against the rules. You sir, should no longer be qualified to own a vehicle following these baseless public posts😉
  4. I understand conceptually what they are doing, but they have to somehow do better.
  5. tbone

    2024 Tacoma shown off

    Agreed, but not offensive enough that it won’t sell. People have been driving basically the same Tacoma for so long they will be clamoring for an updated one that look different.
  6. Unfortunately, I can see the wheels are terrible. Why do most EV wheels have to be so ugly.
  7. Of course it can, but how about letting people wait it out if they want. Rarely is the case there are zero parts available of the course of the model year. It would save the trouble of reordering at some point if that was the case. There are some options I don’t want to compromise on and if the truck showed up without them without my prior consent, I wouldn’t take the vehicle.
  8. This thread is tiresome. Buy what you want and use it as you please. Problem solved.
  9. I don’t know the answer to your question, but they really need to start giving people the option to wait for these options if they want them. Put it in the hands of the customer, instead of arbitrarily screwing everyone.
  10. I think it looks pretty good, but would be a lot better with a front bumper. The Ranger Raptor appears to have a bumper so perhaps there’sa chance the NA Ranger will still have it.
  11. Agreed on both counts, as there should have been red flags on this transaction. Most Raptors were selling for $10k over so it would have been very odd for the seller to only want $75k. If they didn’t claim owning it outright, they would have needed bogus financial institution info. There definitely would have been a number of fake documents involved. I know it can happen but c’mon.
  12. I wondered what was taking so long to get my Raptor, lol. How the heck was this transaction able to completed without a title? I’m curious about the details of this.
  13. It certainly is a consideration when engineering and capacity are constrained.
  14. I don’t think we are as far apart on the best approach as you had originally thought. Ultimately they cant ignore the desires of the traditional truck buyer if they hope for mass adoption.
  15. Point 1: I concede it is shaped like a truck, albeit one with odd proportions that are not particularly appealing to me. Point 2: You say It's time for truck styling to become more refined and elegant, and less primitive. That’s your opinion, which seems inconsistent with the fact the best selling truck nameplate is about as conservatively styled truck you can get. Point 3: I don’t disagree that the manufacturers could offer some additional truck type vehicles, such as this Ram, however these should be lifestyle vehicles and not their mainstream truck offering that gets the most production capacity. Regarding your argument, the Avalanche ran from 2002 to 2013, as one example. These are just Ford truck statistics. As you can see they were pretty substantial. Add the GM siblings and Dodge /Ram into the mix, and the truck market was very large, not small. The Great Recession was even thrown in that mix. Ford F-series 2021 726.004 2020 787.422 2019 896.526 2018 909.330 2017 896.764 2016 820.799 2015 780.354 2014 753.851 2013 763.402 2012 645.316 2011 584.917 2010 528.349 2009 413.625 2008 515.513 2007 690.589 2006 796.039 2005 901.463 2004 939.511 2003 845.586 2002 813.701 Point 4: I actually think you made my point for me. Do you think your volume seller should be directed at non-traditional truck buyers, who may enter the truck market and then disappear a few years later? You stated your family HATEs most trucks, yet there's a Maverick in your garage. While I consider the Maverick a truck, and I think it’s a great vehicle, it’s styling is non-traditional truck with the unibody construction, and is not being marketed to the F150 on up buyer. Maybe towards Ranger, but I have nothing to support that. I have no issue with a two pronged truck approach but who do you think Ford should target their volume leader style-wise? You, the first time truck buyer, or me, a multi-time repeat buyer of Ford trucks?