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  1. I’m not digging the stance, and I’m visualizing it without the obvious cladding using the teaser photo previously shown. It looks very low for an “suv.” So yeah, really.
  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this Spy shot. I’m having a hard time with the proportions. Perhaps their camo is working really well, because I’m not really digging it. Obviously I won’t pass judgment until the thing is actually revealed though. Fuzzy, can you provide any reassurance?
  3. I agree with you on the looks.
  4. Thats just dumb. Many people like the black wheels and it could impact the sale for such a simple thing.
  5. However, it is ugly IMO, so there’s that to consider.
  6. I would suggest you are wrong, because I haul around a family and I like performance. I suspect there are many others out there like me, because I see a lot of families driving in performance SUVs where I live.
  7. I suspect you may be right, but every vehicle has comprises unless cost is not a factor. Let’s wait and see what the official number is before casting stones. If they could have jacked up the range without it being at the expense of the power and other capabilities, and not driving up the cost substantially, I suspect they would have done so. I’m sure we will know soon what the real deal is. For the record, I would put myself in the camp you mention above, but I would not be willing to sacrifice power for economy.
  8. tbone

    Acura Type S Concept

    I am feeling the Camaro in there too. If I were trying to stay in the sedan game, the sporty strategy would be my approach as well.
  9. tbone

    My Second Ford, first Lincoln

    Welcome! I personally think the Continental is a nice looking car, so congrats!
  10. You don’t have to accept this one. I would reorder to get exactly what I want.
  11. tbone

    Aviator stop sale

    Not really. As an example, Range Rover quality is terrible, yet they still sell plenty of them. Lincoln’s quality will far exceed Range Rover’s.
  12. tbone


    Awesome! Welcome aboard. We need pics!
  13. tbone

    2020 GT500

    The two GT500s coming into my dealer were already spoken for when I talked to them about it so I was SOL.
  14. tbone

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    I find that styling to be a little too soft. Perhaps it will be less so in person. On on a side note, I had an Edge Titanium service loaner for a few days and found it to be a very competent vehicle.
  15. tbone

    2021 Chevy Traverse Refresh Spied

    I think the current Traverse has some Explorer styling characteristics in it. Perhaps they are adding some elements from the 2020 Explorer 😁