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  1. All is not lost with the Explorer, contrary to what many post here. The vehicle is good, and it looks good if it’s style appeals to you. Its performance is good, and listen to the stereo for yourself to be the judge. With that said, there are a few material changes and adjustments that should be made and I think the pricing needs to be evaluated and the options do need to be packaged better. It’s a highly competitive market, and I think there is room within there profit margin goals to make adjustments and not rely on incentives.
  2. The low-entry stepover center console is one of my least favorite features of our Explorer. I think it looks cheap and I would rather it not be there. If it was stylized or trimmed to look better perhaps I wouldn’t mind. Unfortunately it can’t be removed because it leaves a hole in the carpet.
  3. tbone

    2021 Genesis G80 Revealed

    Has this proven to be as good or better yet? It very well could be, but the brand name means a lot in the Luxury market. Another aspect is time. It will take time to eliminate people’s recollection of Genesis’ plebeian roots. It’s only a short moment ago it was the Hyundai Genesis. A Mercedes is a Mercedes, it didn’t originate from a lesser brand, and has been around for nearly a century, which IMO is why it carries so much weight. In today’s day and age with people so easily swayed by celebrity endorsements and social media, perhaps Genesis can accelerate that curve.
  4. I was wondering why this was posted as well, without a comment or context.
  5. I guess we will find out soon enough how it’ll works out won’t we.
  6. Very nice! I’m looking forward to your driving impressions.
  7. Congrats! Make sure you post some driving impressions and a pic.
  8. As an early build ST owner, perhaps I can speak to some of these: 1. Has not been an issue during the 5k miles it’s been driven so far. 2. N/A 3. I hear a suspension noise that my wife nor teen kids do not, but she and my kids think it is quiet. There are no rattles or other noises. For comparison sake, my wife traded her QX80 for the Explorer. 4. The ST has a taut ride, which I prefer based on the way I drive, but suspension valving is something that can be easily modified so I don’t see this as a long term problem. 5. There are some things that I think should be better, but these are also fixable with better components. With that said, I find the statement “heinously cheap” to be quite a bit of hyperbole. 6. Nobody who has driven our ST thinks that. Perhaps the other configuration’s seats are that way, and someone else can weigh in on it.
  9. What specifically are the design engineering flaws that you mention?
  10. That’s an arbitrary statement based on no date to support it.
  11. I totally understand where you are coming from, but like aKirby said, let’s wait and see. I was likely minimizing its capabilities, and I expect some versions to be more capable, but I’m not expecting it to be more capable than the Bronco. The 235 tires available on the BrS are nearly 30 inches in diameter and the same size of tire I had on my Ranger 4x4 back in the day. I would have liked to have seen 31’s available, but this isn’t bad. Also keep in mind there were many 4 cylinder Jeep Wranglers that certainly wouldn’t be called powerful, yet they were competent enough 4x4s.
  12. I was thinking that too, lol.
  13. Well Fuzzy, I thought maybe something constructive may come out of it.
  14. Well to be fair, it is the “Bronco Sport” and not just straight “Bronco,” and the chart does say rugged utility and not serious off-roader.