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  1. Neat idea. Would work nicely on their off-road models improving clearance.
  2. tbone

    2022 Lexus LX600 Revealed

    That just may be the ugliest grille I have ever seen. Just awful.
  3. Slap a variation of the Focus’ front Fascia on the Escape, and it would do wonders for cleaning up the Escape’s looks. I think the Focus looks sharp. Throw in the ST powertrain while their at it for some real fun.
  4. I ordered these Genuine Ford 2017-2021 Super Duty Super/Crew Cab Mats, HC3Z-2613300-BA, which should be here today. They look like the same type of mat I had in my Raptor, which covers down to the sill. The ones in my Raptor held up very well for the 72k miles I had it. No holes or any wear spots. Most of all I like their rubbery feel compared to the plastic feel of the Weathertechs I’ve had.
  5. tbone

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    It will be interesting to see some more reviews. I don’t think this was a bad review, but at the same time it wasn’t glowing either. It basically implied the new truck will keep Toyota fans happy, which I’m sure Toyota considers important. It will also be interesting to see if Ford will eventually jump on the coil-spring rear suspension bandwagon. I do think it is an option they should look at adding. They could basically steal it from the Expedition, so it doesn’t seem like it should take that much work to do.
  6. It’s not offensive, but it doesn’t really speak to me.
  7. tbone

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Perhaps this was mentioned in one of the 2700+ posts, but I didn’t realize they stripped the ambient lit cup holders on 2022 trucks equipped with ambient lighting. The Ford decontenters strike again. First they cut the ability to change the colors, and now this. Hard to say what gets cut next. Oh yeah, and don’t expect a nice little nylon pouch for your owner’s manual, etc., because that got cut too. That stuff now gets to flop around your glove box unorganized. I know, first world problems, but It’s pretty irritating.
  8. tbone

    Doing some updates to my '75

    I like your wheel color choice. It definitely ties everything together.
  9. tbone

    Maverick Test Drives

    It’s shameful really. It’s a lack of training by the dealership/Ford, but I would also argue a lack of initiative by the sales person as well. How does the public know those details you mention…they do their homework.
  10. There is something about the Wagoneer that just isn’t clicking for me, so I understand where you are coming from.
  11. It’s a nice looking vehicle, though I’m still not sold on the chrome strip that runs up around the windows. Stellantis or whatever they’re called these days, knows how to do interiors. This and the Ram interiors are very nice.
  12. tbone

    Upgrading from 1/2 to 1-ton

    Yep, I get it, and the necessity for the heavier truck. I went from a Raptor to and F250 recently and I feel every expansion joint, lol. I agree with all of your assessments regarding the Superduty though. Quite a bit different.
  13. I think we can let classics slide😉
  14. tbone

    Upgrading from 1/2 to 1-ton

    I hope you are prepared for the ride difference. It’s significantly different😉
  15. tbone

    Consequence of 37" tires.

    Amen!! Just say no to the Carolina squat!!