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  1. dfs

    Goodbye Continental

    I took advantage of the incentives offered on the last of the Continentals. Very happy with my choice. With 500 miles on the clock, took a trip to the mountains and got 26.4 MPG. Coming back and averaged 29.1 MPG. Finally, they allowed us to buy what we wanted, 18” wheels and Nav.
  2. dfs

    Results, Fact not Fiction

    According to the CDC, the 53 reporting stations used many different ways to report Covid-19 infections and deaths. They asked that the reporting be standardized. This resulted in many discrepancies in counts. Hospitals are paid a premium when reimbursement claims list Covid-19. Consequently, confirmed cases, tests for antibodies (which could have been from months earlier) and merely suspected cases were reported. What you reward you get more of. Once reportIng was “standardized” we see there were on average 2.6 comorbidity issues like liver failure, cancer, lung disease, accidents, etc. many of which could have been the cause of death. So, the media saying Over 200,000 died “FROM” Covid-19 is incorrect. Some number died with the virus, or had it earlier in the year, were suspected to have the virus, or were fabricated to receive a larger reimbursement!
  3. dfs

    Goodbye Continental

    The post mortems should include the fact that 40,000 people expressed interest in the Continental when it was introduced. But the marketing types thought they would cream the launch by restricting content, requiring unwanted features and driving up the prices to maximize profits. I, like many others at the introduction, decided to pass because I couldn't configure the vehicle the way I wanted. Consequently, only 15,000 were sold. I know they will defend their strategy by claiming complexity cost required simplified option content, market trends and customer focus groups liked big wheels and skinny tires but it drove customers away. Now it is gone! So sad, could have been a big winner.
  4. Yeah, deployable. Auto correct is my worst enema!
  5. I don’t see running boards, fixed or power deplorable??? Anyone know if they are there in a package, etc. or available from the factory. I understand the fixed can be added later.
  6. dfs

    2nd row bench 2020 Aviator

    Thanks. What I need is the specification- second row bench hip room in inches. Order guide I have, specifications no.
  7. dfs

    2019 Fusion Energi Order Guide

    Pretty easy to order! Pick your colors and roof or no roof. All else standard.
  8. I need “hip room” for the 2nd row bench seat (three booster seat issue). Thanks.
  9. I hear the hybrid electric motor is in a new transmission and it is suitable for many rwd applications. Ill wait for that.
  10. 40,000 potential customers for the Continental when first introduced. Imagine how happy the stockholders would have been if that many had purchased them. Unfortunately, the marketeers decided to restrict content (navigation) in order to force customers to upgrade to adequately equip a luxury vehicle. And, while doing that, forced options like 19 wheels. Im one of the 40,000 that didnt buy because Nav was not offered on the base model. I dont want 19 or 20 wheels because they dont ride as well, cost more to purchase and replace and have less traction than smaller diameter tires. So, as you pat yourselves on the back for forcing customers upscale to get navigation, realize you missed a ton of sales as a result. 15,000 sales is a far cry from the potential.
  11. dfs

    2017 SHO lease

    Last trip, 165 Miles, 65-75 MPH and 26.4 MPG. Very pleased.
  12. I anticipate that the replacement vehicles for the discontinued cars will be “carovers”. Crossover like vehicles, taller, higher ride height and higher profit units, on a car like chassis. I doubt the discontinued cars will be missed by many once they see the alternatives.
  13. dfs

    2017 SHO lease

    Very pleased with our SHO. 25 MPG. Quick and sure footed. $8,750 incentives. Best bargain around if you want the driver safety package (auto cruise gap maintenance, lane departure, parking assist) and AWD. Not a fan of 20 wheels but replacing tires will be up to the next owner.
  14. Order bank open, but no order guide to be found. Delayed Continental purchase until Lincoln offers the options and features I desire. I want 18" wheels and Nav. N/A for 2017. Why 18's? Smoother ride, better traction, less cost up front and at replacement. 17's would be better yet!
  15. dfs

    No Discussion needed

    Even if a foreign vehicle maker has 80% USA content, they can put most of the vehicle profit on the remaining 20% of the parts and avoid corporate taxes here. The profit goes back to the homeland where they get favorable tax treatment. How is that for Corporate Citizenship?