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  1. Did we slip into a depression without anyone telling the old long hair cause this can`t be happinin …. Jobless rate unexpectedly falls to 13.3%, US adds 2.5 million jobs (adds jobs? more like report back to work!!!) Ok... OK... so Temporary Lay Off`s are different from Lost Jobs Hmmm unemployment was used as it is intended and this time the Fed Fun money was more than the usual SUB Hmmm imagine that. Just another somethin that makes ya go Hmmm
  2. Decker

    DONT drop the soap,Gary!

    Not one penny will be returned to the pot o gold they used for lap dances.....
  3. Decker

    CAP When are we going back to work?

    Yepper`s the C crew is gone forever and the plant is closing and we won`t be building exports and and and sheepies when you get a chance fill out the survey for work available during the first week in JuuuLie…. Oh any chance any of ewe`s wanna work a Friday? or a few Fridays?
  4. Decker

    Stay at home order

    In know way will I try to apply or disguise an Ag Business accomplishment as a contractual law background but, I can find some references or specific language to Ford with holding payable benefit because of out side income when SUB is the topic. SUB is a hand in hand calculation that is spelled out in the master agreement. It`s been carryover language for every master agreement that I can find. Income is a factor in this calculation if one claims income from any source during a week that unemployment benefit is being requested. The claiming of outside income will reduce the unemployment benefit which will then in most cases reduce SUB. If any member that received both unemployment and the $600 federal cares act grant and didn`t go "1099" would look at the check they received from the Department of Employment Securities and if the taxes were calculated based on a total of both unemployment benefit and cares act benefit then Ford will stand on the unwritten or broad interpretation of "income" to reduce or completely eliminate a SUB benefit. The question will have to be most likely put to a higher court in each state which will push a decision to a federal level for just one reason, was the cares act benefit a grant? If so then why was it taxed as income? (if it was) If it is not a grant and is taxable income then that question has to be determined. If that question is determined and it is taxable income then two thing can occur, if one goes 1099 then at the end of the year you will be paying taxes on total benefits received or if you didn`t go 1099 your W-2 will show total gross earnings including both unemployment and cares act benefits. Yep fuzzy you hit that on the head, its how the feds label the cares act benefit and how the states interpret it in the states best interest. Wouldn't it be great to be able to write off a loss like big business does for "loss on revenue" ? Every individual receiving cares act benefit is in the lost revenue boat, just look at a check from last year on the same date as this year.... actually the write off (if we could) would mostly be more than the cares benefit.....
  5. Decker

    Stay at home order

    Of course this headline is being spun as this terrible terrible terrible number. If you read through the Times article it`s a bit overboard on the oh my goodness we can`t tell 80% of the people are infected.... Time Up to 80% of COVID-19 Infections Are Asymptomatic, a New Case Report Says How`s this work? If 80% of the population has no symptom's, ill effects or complications and that's bad? If the 20% is either at higher risk for infection or in a target age group that warrants special precautions and/or responses to safeguard against infection.... lock down 100%? mask up 100%? have we maybe over reacted? have all these models been just slightly off? have we lost 2 months of earnings because 80% have a flu with no symptom`s, ill effects or complications? Yeah I know but but but "they are sayin" the body count has hit a mile stone of 100K. This number is??? get shot and dye in the commission of an attempted robbery by a NYC cop and you turn up as a part of the 100K?
  6. Decker

    Covid 19 Pay

  7. Decker

    Covid 19 Pay

    https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2020/05/24/new-cdc-study-on-coronavirus-should-seal-the-deal-on-debate-concerning-reopening-the-country-n2569367 Annnd it just keeps sneakin out.....
  8. Decker

    Covid 19 Pay

    That is and has been my point of view completely, I`ve earned the right of choose in so many ways. Service, donations and taxes give me the ability to consider not to or too comply to all these unproven demands. As for body count ideology… it wasn`t a positive method of intended help in the last draw we came away with in southeast Asia. Now NYTimes lists murder victim's in their covid19 body count? Volunteerism....? is what started this hole experiment 200 plus years ago, I volunteer to take my chances on my job. I`ll wear a Ford issue mask instead of a exhale venting N95 in this 90 degree heat if that's required but when I reach the limit, the Ford issue mask will be in my pocket. Generate discipline for that, bring it on.
  9. Decker

    Covid 19 Pay

    Unemployment & SUB add up to about 80% of a 40 hour earnings. Unemployment & Cares Act add up to about 100% of a 40 hour earnings, for some its close to 110%. if you choose the 1099 method... Is there any question why the system players don`t want to come back? Reduce the cost and burden of not wanting to come back and even those people who would consider working fine themselves at odd`s to come back. Then mix in the 551 activist and the 600 activist and the question comes down to how long can we do nothing, produce nothing and expect everything to continue at a 100% or so to not come back? With all the "we" shouldn`t be doing this and all the "we" can`t let them do that statements I hear regularly from our activist, I grabbed the opportunity when granted a moment of the activist time. "your holiness" would it be possible to get some clarity on your stated judgements on the subject of the coronavirus? Sure Decker what is it you seek? After hearing your multiple input and views on the situation and your interview on CNN making judgements and referencing issues in our plant. Is the all knowing going to make any suggestion of how the masses and the company should actually be responding to this virus? Shit!!! there was thunder and the lights dimmed!!!! Dammm IT Decker there you go again!!!! Then with thunder so load and a flash so bright the all knowing disappeared (poof) One thing for sure the bucket of uncertainties is running over and the stack of we should do`s form all the plant floor disciples is never ending. Then there`s the uncertainty of how long the company will continue to cry even after the line does start up. On a positive note there is an Indiana Hot Dog stand open this weekend, an old long hair is going to risk riding the old shovel there for not one but two!!!! Chicago Dogs
  10. Decker

    President Trump Visits Rawsonville plant

    When Obama came to CAP it was the only time there was more guns on the southside then westside.... on top of the powerhouse, paint kitchen and the bridge tower just north of the plant on Torrence. Annd flew in from Gary airport after landing at Ohare. You could reach out and touch SS agents everywhere.... all cabinets had to be unlocked and open so the dogs could do the stroll. To mask or unmask? oh wait that was Obama too.
  11. Decker

    CAP When are we going back to work?

    Ok first things first, yep on this rare occasion I have to say I have no opinion or willing to give any personal thoughts about should we or shouldn`t we be back at work. I will (as everyone will agree I would) reinforce the fact that if anyone is fearful, uncertain or just flat don`t feel up to being back make that personal decision and just stay home. Alrighty now.... our resident activist has got himself an interview on CNN. Shut Up - Yea I know Well our holy activist wasn`t announcing he orchestrated the end to the tiers or bringing charges against a member.(again) He was stating his opinion on how he believes the membership was brought back to early. Went on and on with yep as always all his insights as an expert in all knowing entity that he`s always been. The concern for cancer recovering members, members with immune deficiencies and all those members with all those pre existing conditions. His concern actually showed with a tear or two. Such an admirable, caring and all knowing entity. I`ll take a stab at this.... was our activist pulling down those government fun money weekly checks? those weekly governor Prikster`s stay at home check? Ummmm nope the all knowing was doing the volunteering think. No $600 fun money no no no… No Prikster stay home money no no no… our all knowing activist was volunteering It really helps the all knowing activists level of concern, caring and emotions for his membership when volunteering …….to work at CAP while being paid 7X12`s ahh yes volunteering to go into the same plant the activist is on CNN stating in his expert opinion and belief that its to early to come back into his kingdom. Some of his sheepies may say baaa baaa no way. Well sheepies its as easy as and old long hair did, stroll those four little legs over to the skilled trades board and check out DROT 86760 2D. Then some sheepies might say its unsafe for us but the all knowing is stronger than any virus because 122hours makes him so strong.... No sheepies it wasn`t just one week, how bout 7 weeks
  12. Decker

    Stay at home order

    After wondering a few things I found a site of history on the US pandemic`s over the years, https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/pandemic-timeline-1930-and-beyond.htm After doing the non sheepie thing it became apparent that this pandemic may have some underlying factors. Not only the level of hysteria and the political under tones but something that few want to express.... Then yesterday a medical group leader kinda shot some holes in another medical group leaders way of explaining his points with all those models and well possibilities and the I`d advise but not completely sure type of ramblings... Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Sunday suggested that the underlying health conditions of Americans, in particular in minority communities, contributed significantly to the death toll from the coronavirus. "Unfortunately the American population is a very diverse ... It is a population with significant unhealthy comorbidities that do make many individuals in our communities, in particular African American, minority communities particularly at risk here because of significant underlying disease health disparities and disease comorbidities -- and that is an unfortunate legacy in our health care system that we certainly do need to address," he told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union." When Tapper pushed back, asking Azar if he was implying the reason so many Americans had died from Covid-19 was because they were "unhealthier than the rest of the world, Azar said no, that wasn't what he meant. Then the head of the HHS emphasized again that the US had a "significantly disproportionate burden of comorbidities ... (including) obesity, hypertension, diabetes," adding that "these are demonstrated facts that do make us at risk for any type of disease burden." Earlier in the show, Tapper pointed out that the US death toll is approaching 90,000 from the disease. Azar later said the health of Americans was a contributing factor to that toll. When Tapper asked Azar if he meant to suggest that the death toll from coronavirus was the fault of the American people, Azar explained "this is not about fault." "Oh, no, Jake, please don't distort -- no, this is not about fault. It's about simple epidemiology and stating that, if we have hypertension, if we have diabetes, we present with greater risk of severe complications from this coronavirus," Azar responded. "That's all I was saying. And you know that," Azar said. Azar continued, saying, "This is not – a blame an individual for their health conditions. That would be absurd. It's simply a statement that we do have greater risk profiles here in the United States." (Ok so what I had to look up Comorbidity so what ) Funny??? after reading about the multiple virus`s through the last century it now makes a little more sense about all the mortality rate discussion and deceptions, this calculating of these numbers may start to look a little different. I remember the group leaders in NY and NYC added how many to their mortality numbers over night that? had no tests or mention of underlying factors. Why? Sure wish more of those CAP C crew peep`s would have said they`d come in today.... CAP is runnin so smoothly
  13. Decker

    Stay at home order

    18 May 2020 @ 0600 will be the beginning of a new chapter in the Ford Motor Company`s history. At CAP the unknown is generating all kinds of questions. Then the unknown is adding all kinds of excuses. One excuse will be meet with some clarification from the Prickster, he has instructed the department of employment securities to work closely with employer's to inform the department if work is available and if any work has been refused by unemployment benefit recipients. Then the statement "I`m frightened and don`t think I`ll feel safe to return to the plant now". One response given recently to that statement was, "employee`s with vacation or PB hours can apply to use them. For those making the "why did the call us back" statement, with the follow up of "they don`t even need these units" and " no one is buying anything" that sheepie talk is shot down with the fact, all F series truck have reached a large back order level. Explorer service units and ST units are in a high level of back orders also. Dealer`s in Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties have ran out of there trading units they use to do dealer inventory trades for the sold units they have deposits on. I`d use all these years of being on the plant floor to put my two cents in..... this is gunna be really weird
  14. Decker

    Livonia Transmission plant .

    The robo calls are being made at CAP. 18 May will be return date at CAP. 2 crews with C crew having the privilege to work or not. But C crew will most likely lose that option in about 2 weeks.
  15. Decker

    Stay at home order

    fmccap for some time now I`ve been reading about, looking into his senate record and watching his actions and listening to his opinions. Today in the hearings I was impressed with his knowledge of the big picture. I understand your views. I`d support the team member from KY.