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  1. Decker

    looking at the chevy bolt

    Volt.... Bolt... Chevy is a Chevy to the old long hair
  2. Decker

    2020 The Beginning of the End.....

    I`m wondering with all the rolling totals, percentage of deaths and positive results numbers is there any data for a question that just never gets reported. How many deaths or positive results were of people that practiced social distancing and wore masks? Or isn`t that data a concern for some reason? Could it be that giving a positive percentage of cases along with the percent of mask waring people that test positive might not get the desired media results?
  3. Decker

    looking at the chevy bolt

    Have you considered a plug in hybrid? Or just a hybrid? Then of course you have to realize the manufacturers put rebate on units that... aren`t selling because of all types of different issues. The Chevy hasn`t turn in sales numbers on their volts from day one as Chevy had projected. To save in fuel costs by buying a volt you`d have to drive 40K miles a year for a very long time. Then there`s the cost of fuel when the idea of the electric vehicles (volt) was marketed to the customers, was creeping up on 4 bucks a gallon. that is half or less, now. That along is the push away by a lot of customers from full electric vehicles, currently. I know Tesla Tesla Tesla but way more cost to off set in fuel savings. Ford is still trying to push the full electric units but Ford puts a package together that costs way more than the volt. My opinion a hybrid Fusion is the way to go. Good luck with your decision and the volt is a good little unit. Just remember what it is and if that is what fits then you`ve made a good choice. Good Luck
  4. Just something to think about, but that’s something sheepies only do if their told too and its only what their told to think about…. I won`t take credit for anything in this article cept… my substitutions or rewording if you will. But, how many times will this be put out for people to read and not realized it is all about control. Well money also… As humans we all long for inclusion. It`s in our Levi`s opp`s I mean jeans. But who puts us all in are separate pots that are labeled by who? Then who puts it out there in their completely owned elite media that one pot is causing the trouble or just isn`t quit as good of a pot as the pot the media picks this week? Anyway, nuff of the old longhair rambling, have a read. Then get your bricks, frozen bottles of water and your can of purple hair color ready cause the show is coming to a city near you…. The mock revolution of the elites “The arson, looting, and mayhem that attend these not-so-peaceful protests against law enforcement are violence sanctioned from above. The faculty lounge and the corporate boardroom, the world’s richest man and his newspaper, the one side of the two-party system and the Never a certain group leader… they are all sponsors of this program. They know this lawlessness will not harm their interests: quite the contrary, it will help to defeat the current group leader by making him look like Lyndon Johnson in 1968.(ß dam that`s a long time ago) The current group leaders talk about economic nationalism and his populist defiance of elite norms, on the other hand, do represent an incipient challenge to the authorities that own America. Jeb and Hilda failed to stop the current group leader in 2016, the Russia hype and impeachment effort fizzled, but COVID-19 and cities on fire might be enough to guarantee the right result this November. The trick is to spin the narrative so that the arsonists are the heroes — or just the overeager vanguard of the heroes — and the police are the enemy. “ “This mock revolution marketed by the rich is full of ironies. The purple-haired white ladies and college kids taunting the cops (including black ones) outnumber the actually black members of Black Lives Matter by a perceptible degree: the whole thing is an act of cultural appropriation. And once again, white liberals have taken it upon themselves to approve new designations for the minorities they aim to save (i.e., exploit). Thus, the big media have now decided that black Americans are no longer like white Americans; they are today ‘Black’ Americans, with a capital ‘B’. For the moment, anyway: there was a time not long ago when the elite-approved term was ‘African American’, but the cultural revolution eventually devours its linguistic children. White liberals promoted the homogenized ‘Hispanic’ and ‘Latino’ labels for Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, and others who were happier to identify with specific ancestral nationalities. Then they ran into intersectional identity-politics trouble because ‘Latino’ and ‘Latina’ are sex-specific terms, and so Latinos had to become ‘Latinx’. Lately there have been intense debates within progressive ranks over whether the term ‘BIPOC’ — ‘Black, Indigenous, and People of Color’ — is sufficiently inclusive for all non-whites. We’ll know once Jeff Bezos’s newspaper adopts it.”
  5. Decker

    President Trump Visits Rawsonville plant

    Was the House of Rrepresentitives group leader one of Denny`s guests while we were paying for all those golf outings? I heard along with the imported cigars they had imported chocolate ice cream.... sounds like something that group leader could get into.
  6. Decker

    Conflict of Interest?

    Producing service/police units has contributed too? Seattle proved there`s no need for service units in a certain area. Then really there`s no need for service units out on I-5. Are we on our way to a wild wild west syndrome? Or the first stages of Socialism?
  7. Decker

    CAP When are we going back to work?

    Hey how you doin ididntdoit yep if you can find two things in this society that makes any sense you`re doin real good...
  8. Decker

    CAP When are we going back to work?

    Erich Merkle; Explorer continues to lead the market as America’s best-selling mid-size SUV through June with 101,149 vehicles sold. It really bucked the industry trend with retail sales up 12.4%. That kind of sales growth in a “down” market helped our retail share of the large SUV segment jump 6 full percentage points to 17.5%. The high-end ST model represented 20% of Explorer’s mix in the second quarter, up 42% from a year ago. It’s really my personal favorite, and I believe it acts as a halo vehicle for the entire Explorer lineup.
  9. Decker

    President Trump Visits Rawsonville plant

    sounds like someone needs to cuddle with uncle joe in the basement...... you might have to remind him it`s not 1920, I was ashamed of myself once, for a very short time, but realized the group that always said they were for me and the working people....was full of shit. Whaaa Happened to the post about being ashamed...… with that reference to the current group leader???
  10. Decker

    CAP When are we going back to work?

    Hmmm Explorer a rare bright spot as Ford sales plummet by 33% The Explorer — made at the Chicago Assembly Plant in Hegewisch — bucked industry trends with a 12.4% increase in sales year-over-year in the second quarter. Hmmm “3” Crews start today... Hmmm “Supers” are a Comin... But.... wait wait wait.... the C crew is not comin back---- Hmmm....
  11. Russiangate, Impeachmentgate, ChineseFluGate, Faucigate, Economygate, Pelois/SchumerGate, ClintonGate and the last gate KanyeGate.....
  12. Decker

    Report Out On Your Slush Fund?

    THE PUBLIC REVIEW BOARD “The leadership of the UAW proposed the Public Review Board because the Union is prepared to have a body of outstanding citizens review the conduct of UAW affairs and report its findings not just to a few officials, but to the entire UAW membership and to the public at large.” --Walter P. Reuther, UAW International President (1946-1970) DAMMM whatever happened to that mindset??? Oh wait the DOL & FBI conduct the reviews of the IUAW Executive Board....now.
  13. "The UAW isn’t alone among the biggest names in America’s major unions in both the private and public sectors in facing widespread allegations of internal corruption as well as multiple convictions in federal courts in recent years." "Since 2010, according to a Department of Labor (DOL) official who requested anonymity, the United Steelworkers Union (USW) has seen 112 former officials convicted of a multitude of crimes, including embezzlement, wire fraud, tax evasion, and failure to file mandatory financial disclosures or filing fraudulent reports." "The most recent of the USW convictions was announced by the DOL on June 9, as Brian Arnold, a former New York local financial secretary, pleaded guilty to embezzlement. The second-most convictions since 2010 are the 91 guilty verdicts against officials of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), which is the largest labor organization in the federal workforce. The day before Arnold’s conviction was announced, the DOJ announced the guilty plea entered by Tony Liesenfeld, former president and secretary-treasurer of a Pennsylvania AFGE local, for wire fraud." "Other unions with significant numbers of convictions since 2010 include the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) with 37, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) with 36 and the UAW’s 34." "The DOL has attacked the embezzlement problem from another angle, that of the trusts organized and funded by union dues but not required to file financial disclosures. Trusts, like all IUAW Vice Presidents and Regional Directors operate." "As of April 6, the DOL finalized a new reporting regulation that requires unions to file a Form T-1 Trusts Annual Report with the department’s Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS). The report requires itemized disclosure of all expenses incurred by the trust. This T-1 will be of public record and accessed on the same DOL website as LM Reports." "The new report (T-1) closes a legal loophole that permitted union officials to hide millions of dollars collected in membership dues in unaccountable trust accounts that could then be used as “slush funds,” the T-1 was first introduced in 2002 by then-DOL Secretary Elaine Chao, but it was dropped in 2010 by President Barack Obama’s administration." If they haven`t let me be the first to thank you Barack for all those golf outings and those mouths of all expense paid trips to southern California that Gary, Denny and all your friends on the IUAW E-Board took on the memberships dues. “Historically, this information has largely gone unreported despite the significant impact such trusts have on a labor organization’s financial operations and their members’ interests,” DOL said in a statement on finalizing the rule." Hmm... how would one list 40K of cash in a shoe box in ones garage?
  14. Decker

    CAP When are we going back to work?

    To explain this, would be like explaining why they post a 93% FTT but have 400 units build with the wrong parts. Or charts on charts that shows we are all green for each and every process. Then it would be like explaining why there`s so many wrong color units produces.... I will reference a line in a movie from a while back "Momma, always said stupid is as stupid does" . I will also make reference to the language in the master agreement, "Ford retains the right to manipulate, regulate, fornicate and operate their business as they see fit". Well... maybe not in that specific verbiage but as for scheduling yep there`s not much a union yep can speak out on. This is going to be yet another "Ladies and Gentle Men and Sheepies of all Ages" type of performance... At one point last week the brain trust in the corner office was entertaining a 5X10 for both A & B crew and.... a 4X10 for the C crew. Hmmm Monday, A crew @ 0600, Monday @ 1800 B crew & C crew at the same time. Then Friday A crew & C crew @ 0600 & B crew @ 1800. Then the Super`s that be comin will add a second ring to the circus. Stupid is as Stupid does as Momma always said
  15. Decker

    CAP When are we going back to work?

    Your good ididntdoit