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  1. Decker

    What do you think?

    Not only the Australians understand the truth about the American push overs that the Demo team use and use like.... but it took a Canadian Immigrant to just flat call a moron a moron....
  2. Decker

    What do you think?

    For the Saturday people out there.... foreign policy does have it`s benefits. 8 years of being wishy washy and just plain timid or flatly intimidated, aiding those that want to eliminate a democracy and never bringing the middle east together like it is curranty being brought to the table. With peaceful benefits and results, putting in place a unique feeling for the middle east....hope. https://hotair.com/headlines/archives/2020/10/trump-may-pro-jewish-president-ever/
  3. Decker

    What do you think?

    Thanks again fuzzy, Amazon delivered the book late yesterday afternoon. Just to clarify some of the text messages this morning (most that have not read or listened to the whole speech won`t understand) but, here`s my category, label or grouping. As for a smiling fox with deception on the mind or a smiling wolf waiting to eat, I`m neither. "I" am as I`ve been taught (Saturday people thing) to assimilate and with the training/education I`m a "sheep dog" that at times smiles.
  4. Decker

    What do you think?

    Sorry about the large size, but still learning how too`s….. https://dailypost.ng/2020/10/22/end-sars-you-foisted-a-cruel-tyrant-on-us-fani-kayode-blames-hilary-clinton-joe-biden/ A possible window into our future is unfolding in my daughter in laws home land, Nigeria.
  5. Decker

    What do you think?

    UN... Believe...Able that those UK`ers could even think of talkin this... https://www.theepochtimes.com/teaching-white-privilege-as-fact-is-breaking-law-equalities-minister_3547000.html
  6. Decker

    What do you think?

    Most here in our country have grown to adulthood and beyond with the constant "don`t worry about this or that we will take care of everything" type of governing on all levels. From parents that do everything even when advised to let the kids try. To elected officials that win elections by telling everyone what they want to hear. Then all along our journey the pay me to think and do for you and the I`ve got your best interests first on my list. All imbedding the complete lost of or just plain no need to think for yourself mindset. Then the everyday news is put through every form of strainer before its sold to the general public. Yes...sold to us. This adds to that same "no need to think or question the true intensions" of the ones we pay to do the thinking for the masses. Our current team leader is a threat and has been from the moment he decided to bring his non articulate, inability in hiding his faults or no politician experience self into the room. The other team screwed up 4 years ago by their own underhanded promises to each other. The then team leader had to put shit in the game because he sold his soul to be team leader and the payday was when he had to sallow a pill to push the extreme agenda. For the life of me I could never figure out why in 8 years of control the then team leader could not have groomed the team for a successor that was... of a more expectable, sellable, right or whatever that team needed to win the money bucket. But, he didn`t. This put in place the question in a lot of minds that still isn`t put out in the news or talked about in general, the question is "who has taken over American Liberalism"? To us that do think for ourselves it`s pretty clear and has been reinforced in the last 4 years. Even more of my Saturday people are realizing the truth about one teams statements are far from the truth. Look at the middle east, if anyone that follows these parts of the world can`t now see the missed opportunities or unwilling to take the opportunities, by the team that has had the Saturday peoples support for decades then they to have the common sense infection. Badly. Because the current team leader has these faults he can be questioned and of course not liked by those that are infected and can`t see just what is happening in our world. I for one have always been the type of a.. be prepared type of person from very young and realizing I was different from the Sunday people to the all expense, all inclusive get a way (training phase) part of my life. So for those that think it`s time to be a---fraidddd… Don`t be afraid. Because thinking for yourself is the key. Being prepared helps also. Thank you fuzzy for the book info and Moukanoid and John.
  7. Decker

    What do you think?

    Malcom X had a very enlightening speech back in the mid 60`s that can still be related to in this point and time. The Ballot or the Bullet as it`s referred too put in place the needs and suggestions that are needs to this day. If there is something to listen to, this speech is it. It will open many eye`s and for many it will bring to light what is needed to consider today. If your an independent thinking person give it a listen. Remember this was recorded back in the mid 60`s and how it relates to today.
  8. Decker

    What do you think?

    For the record, there is another large group of team liberal supporters out there that fall into the same category as the group Malcolm X described as pollical chump`s. This group of team liberal supporters are the Saturday people. I am one of the Saturday people. But I`m a member of the Saturday people minority (30%) who don`t support the current team liberal. There was a post from about 3 days ago by Bari Weiss, it`s long but a good read. It goes into how what once was a team liberal is now a team that will and is currently putting in place an ideology that will erase what the 70% Saturday people believe team liberal stands for. https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/stop-being-shocked Mom & Dad (Saturday people) taught be to "think for myself", I can only hope the 70% give it a try. Thanks John
  9. Decker

    What do you think?

    TheEpochTimes.com Hotair.com These two outlets give a different view of what CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NYT...etc want you to swallow. “The Democrats are playing you for a political chump and if you vote for them, not only are you a chump, you are a traitor to your race.” Truth spoken but... not heard. Candace Owens is another person who see`s the truth and makes all aware of the very similar view she understands as did Malcolm X. But the current team liberal has no response to Candance`s fact based points. For those that want to support the liberal team, good luck with enjoying being chumps of the team. Please remember all the advancements made in the 8 years in the recent past with the liberal team in control. There`s an old saying trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me. I will never be tricked again by a team that plays all but the elite as chumps.
  10. Decker

    2020 UAW election endorsements

    I head that... and agree .
  11. Decker

    Another One.....

    Dennis Williams just another lying piece of shit. But, Gary said it was all above board.....Denny told the judge. How bout selling out the membership with those fuckin tiers? selling out the retiree`s with reductions in benefits? years of nothing in the way of increases in hourly rates that screwed all membership benefits from dependent benefits to LIB benefits.... Now we have our resident act-o-vist with an all new reason to start a website... the same guy that sent a few 100K to Dennis`s region 4 learning center to rebuild after a fire? The same guy when asked "Region 4 didn`t have insurance?" said I don`t know... oh and yes he said the the tried and true sentence..."it`s time for a change". G-d I get sick hearing that BullShit.
  12. Got my ninety cent raise and nothing from the IUAW in the way of see what we got ewe`s....? Wait the IUAW might still be busy figuring out who`s next
  13. Decker


    Broke valve spring? Replace "a" valve spring? Only? Sure easier on a V2 just start by pulling off the rocker box.... and get a S&S catalog.
  14. Decker

    2020 Voluntary Incentive Program

    You are unbelievably frickin swift with that hammer
  15. Decker

    2020 Voluntary Incentive Program

    Ummm …. OK