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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Decker

    Two Divisions

    As for the possibilities of the pre mentioned fad being something in that line for "EV", FHEV", and "PHEV" offerings? All "EV" SUV` s, Sedan`s and Trucks have a little something that is just not mentioned much in all the PR. Well lets just say one goes with the popular movement and goes crazy... new "EV" truck or SUV to pull the family`s get a way camper. Load all the gear in the bed or behind the 3rd row seats and put all the kids in the back seat, don`t forget Momma and her laptop. Put the camper in place. Now put your happy foot on the peddle and hear the quite rush of wind on your windshield. Now lets just say you went crazy to the tune of oh say $90K for your get a way green friendly chariot because as the friendly sales person said you gunna get 400 mile between plug in`s. Well umm nope. Any "EV" burdened with rated towing weight and passengers will see ready for this a "50%" range reduction. So.... Happy Trails Too You... as the song goes
  2. Decker

    Know Your Candidates 551

    There`s a young lady in Texas that stated it very well just yesterday, the wave has started. Congratulations Mayra Flores It seems a Democratic Socialist, National Chair of the UAWD got the results and it doesn`t look good for the UAWD or the UAWD Chairman`s nominee`s in the local 551 general election. I guess the National Chair of the UAWD will show up (again) at the Constitutional Convention as always and jump out his clown car ready to hand out charges against the IUAW members. Ahhh the Democratic Socialist's dreams for the UAWD.... maybe the national uawd chairman can start campaigning for AOC or the squad or comrade Bernie
  3. Decker

    Two Divisions

    akirby you have pretty much hit that nail on the head. If I can add some build (launch) information, there is a mindset that needs to be cleared up a little. EV and the FHEV & PHEV are not the same obviously. But this is not as obvious to some. With the EV models there will be facilities that produce (assemble) just the EV models. This will be separate from the FHEV & PHEV units. Example, CAP will continue to produce all PHEV & FHEV 611 & 625 units. Along with all the 625 police or service units, with all three trim/chassis level options currently. In addition CAP 625 service units will be offered in PHEV & FHEV. The 611 & 625 EV`s may not be assembled at CAP this is true for the 2023MY & 2024MY but.... all 611 & 625 PHEV & FHEV`s will be produced at CAP for both model years. CAP will not be at a loss from any current model`s or CAP will not lose any Trim level options from current offerings. There will be an addition of another ICE offering for the 625 service units for 2023MY. There will be slightly different electronic offerings but basically CAP like most assembly facilities will not be at a loss for their facilities. As for the ICE, 2024MY will still offer ICE options across the CAP product line. Unfortunately for the rumor mongers, CAP isn't losing any product capacity. One thing CAP is... we are maxed out on Trim Level options. So not getting (or as some say losing) (how do you lose something you never had?) the 611 & 625 EV`s isn`t a bad thing. Hell by the time the company starts full production of EV`s across the product line, the fad maybe over.... like fat rear wheel Harley`s An Electric Vehicle is a different assembly process from the Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle & Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.
  4. GoooooD Morrrrrrning 551!!!!! (well afternoon) You might have heard it`s that time again, local elections are here There is a little different spin this time and the title has been softly spoken about a group at the 551. That title is UAWD. After the mountain of questions I did a little home work. So grab an ice cold coke and a big bucket of pop corn cause it`s one of those long winded Decker ramblings.... Who? What? or is the UAWD…? The “Unite – All – Workers for – Democracy” is a small group of UAW activists that has taken on the task of working with other groups to get UAWD members elected in Local Union positions to push the UAWD agenda`s. Kinda like AutoWorkers Caravan or New Direction or New Minds etc, etc, etc but, one big difference, UAWD is in your face Socialism. As for the “who” part of UAWD, “In an interview with WSWS the UAWD Chairperson (member Houldieson) referenced who UAWD is aligned with.” World Socialist Web Site - 20 Feb. 2020 (WSWS) “Scott Houldieson, National Chairperson of the UAWD and former vice president of UAW Local 551 at Chicago Ford Assembly.” “The UAWD is largely a creation of the Labor Notes group in alliance with the Democratic Socialists of America.” Then the “what” part of the UAWD is agenda, agenda, and more agenda which…. follows and mirrors the instructions given at the 2021 Democratic Socialists of America`s convention as written in the DSA resolutions. “The Democratic Socialist Labor Commission (DSLC) is a body of DSA`ers who are union members (UAW) and district rep`s, union staff, workers center activists, union officers, labor journalists and union retirees. From the DSA web site, “We (DSA Leadership) also encourage all “DSA members in the UAW” to join the reform movement by becoming members of the UAWD. UAW members who sign up will get more information on UAWD conference calls, in-person meet-ups planned for the Labor Notes Conference, and materials to support the DSA resolutions that should be submitted at their locals so these DSA resolutions can be submitted at the next National UAW Constitutional Convention.” How many times has the National Chairman of the UAWD and his UAWD members tried to submit DSA resolutions at our Local General Membership meetings? “At the 2021 DSA National Convention. One of the resolutions mandated the creation of the DSA at a local union level, with working groups. With a growing network of local labor working groups working in coordination with and via the DSA. That will better support the socialist rank-and-file labor movement comrade`s.” (comrades? ) Is the National Chairperson of the UAWD (Houldieson) and are the other UAW members that member Houldieson nominated for positions in our Local election “DSA rank and file labor movement comrade`s?” Is the Chairperson of the UAWD ultimately strengthening the UAWD to control the UAW Local 551 as a Socialist Union? In looking on the internet I found something else buried deep in these DSA resolutions. Something that the UAWD National Chairperson (Houldieson) must agree with because he is trying to submit these DSA resolutions at our General Membership Meetings. This DSA resolution states “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The DSA Reaffirms — in word and deed — the spirit of Marx’s declaration: workers of the world unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains. We have a world to win.” To clarify, Marxism is a root basis of Communism. There is a fine line between the act of reform and the actions to overthrow. The Chairperson of the Unite All Workers for Democracy, (Houldieson) is following the instructions of the Democratic Socialists of America by being nominated for the position of President of UAW Local 551. He is promoting Democratic Socialists resolutions at UAW Local 551. If elected, will the Chairperson of the UAWD and those candidates’ the UAWD National Chairman nominated for positions in our Local election follow through with the DSA movement to push the UAW Local 551 into a socialist/communism Marxism based UAW Local?
  5. Decker

    Maintenance / Skilled Trades List

    20 years ago, skilled trade aptitude test taken. Followed by 10 years of non active employee status. Followed by 10 years of active employee status. No knowledge of an assigned date of entry. Interesting Good luck
  6. Ford Just Released An All-New 2023 Taurus Sedan (motorbiscuit.com) 2023 Ford Mondeo / Fusion Spied Completely Camo-Free In Michigan (motor1.com) Hmmm where`s the hole in the left fender for the extension cord? Oh wait only here where we have been told what we want do we get the extension cord units and of course "we" don`t want a unit with the sedan label anyway?
  7. Decker

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    Is this like the twilight zone or what? https://twitter.com/i/status/1518783714167304199 The fakers have completely lost whatever little bit of a mind they might have ever had. "WokeNessIsum" is the true virus.... Hell this isn`t slippin this is a train full speed down a mountain type of wrench
  8. Decker

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    Dad on my flight home… the tension in the terminals & inside the plane was gone. Arguing and staring gone, too. It was like the communist feel of the whole thing was gone. This statement from my former Cali Girl What the WH isn`t appealing? What doctor doooom isn`t on every netfakework news channel? Ahhh the little things just keep slipping out.
  9. Decker

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    Wow road turtle you are moving faster than any turtle.... ever
  10. Decker

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    CNN panelist blasts Biden: Americans 'have not had a sense of leadership' since last summer (msn.com) Imagine that.... that`s not just plain slippin out that be just plane crazy type saying what others been thinkin for going on two years.
  11. Decker

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    Surface to Air works on Naval Ships also. Pray for Ukraine.
  12. Lets see, are we getting a clearer picture the further along the democratic socialists' path we get? Gas prices? Food prices? Inflation? Deadly exiting policies? Throw the gates open and leave them open policies? But there is relief in sight, E85 crap and a Ford 3% increase in our hourly rate this year.... (Cost of Living increase )
  13. Don`t talk on the book of faces or to the twitters about the Ford facilities. OR ELSE..... Ok Ok I`ll watch what I say. (big brother is watching) But there`s one shortage that I just got to point out, "Experience". Back in the day (<-- yeah I`m old) if two experienced decision makers talked it over must likely you`d have a workable plan or a point to start refining the plan. Today... you can put a bucket full of these diverse decision makers together on a WebEx or in a conference room and you get the completely screwed up plans that come out their not a drop of common sense faces. BUT.... we are posting profits I guess whoever figured out that expanding the final assembly process all over the countryside was a frickin genius, definitely one of the better guessing decision makers. Who`d a thought ground based and overhead conveyance for moving units would give way to tractor trailers for final assembly. Ford is multi national, inclusive, a rainbow coalition but over flowing in manufacturing application background and experience? not so much. Remember the decision makers great idea for profit making....the Sollars - St. Petersburg plant.... ahh experience.
  14. Decker

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    Summthinn just isn`t right here???? MSNBC - NBC - CNN (I know CNN) bringing up the Biden Boy`s name in news reports whaaa?
  15. Decker

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    Biden administration resumes plans for oil and gas drilling on federal land – HotAir Whaaa No Really HEY!!!! Get some Prozac or Valium ready Greta is goin to loose it!!!!