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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    Ok... CAP has all the boxes checked but we are completely lost. We have people in orientation classes that use to go to the floor for a day maybe before never returning. But now we have people ask in orientation how much they will be getting paid and about benefits, after the answers are given, they get up and walk out. New Process Coaches unsure of their jobs and get a bucket full of lies from newly appointed team managers. LL5`s leaving for every other company. HR is frequented by former Belvedere former employees, then are overwhelmed in days. VO and NMPD sending advisors that have never walked on a plant floor. But have a backpack full of new CAD that will fix all that CAP gets wrong. It's like giving a uniform to a person and sitting them in the driver seat of a tour bus. Then go into denial when the driver gets lost before leaving the parking lot. I hope CAP is the only lost process in the assembly process but if not Ford is doomed to repeat history.
  2. Decker


    For all those Ford employee`s that have a woman, young female adult or daughter in their life.... we should be so lucky to have this type of message come from our corporate leadership. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2023/04/20/egard-watch-company-ad-n2622190 Woke, is not the truth.
  3. Decker


    Inclusion promotions, equality in no experience, accountability for no one and now add in a man that was a district committee rep at a 1071 member local before spending the last bunch of years as a an IUAW VP office helper, now the president of our international union. At his first presidential speech he asks "are you ready to rummmmmbbbbllllleee". I kinda expected some WWF wrestlers to jump off the stage. This at the special bargaining convention.... We are going to see some real interesting times not to far down the road.
  4. Decker


    Ford has worked hard to become in step with the woke ideology. There's every form of diversity plugged into every position of authority. Ford holds hard to the excuse generation process so as to hold no position of authority in any way accountable for any decisions made. For the last two or three model year launches the results of the launch processes can prove the basis of the lack of one category of diversity that Ford has forgot or purposely over looks to fulfill the woke mindset. The diverse background and/or thinking has left Ford. Then of course Ford has forgot how experience plays in any position of authority. Is Ford`s positions of authority repeating its mistakes, again?
  5. Decker

    2023 UAW Contract Wish List

    Ahh contract years are always interesting. But, then the things about Ford having just plain poor decision makers slips out. Ford Cannot Manage Itself (msn.com)
  6. Decker

    2023 UAW Contract Wish List

    Chicago uses the new assembly process also. Contract truck drivers with three unit trailers to transport units to one of 5 storeage lots. Allow units to sit long eough to receive the chips, scratch's and dents then load the units back on the three unit trailers to be moved to another storeage lot or back to the plant the plant. Then the new production process starts over every shift. But thanks to orders we have sold all Police/Service units we can produce. for the 2023 model year. Now there isn't much thought of delivery dates. FTT is still being generated for all the pretty charts and visitors. I suggested we keep a tally of FTISL... first time in storage lot
  7. Decker

    Warning -- Warning

    The CFO sends out warnings to the Ford salaried team members. Pack up all your suit cases now and hit the turnstile or possibly leave a big suit case behind next year. Hmm the reason for this warning is the possibilities of a market dive. I`m sure the bottom line that the CFO is glued to has some barring on the warning, also. Then why no warnings from the IUAW? Market dives and bottom line will effect VEBA, Ford/UAW Retirement Benefit`s and oh yeah negotiations. Wait never mind, I forgot the IUAW is busy training new EBoard members.... Has Ford ever stopped falling into the black hole since Mulally left? "Ford CEO Farley, tells retired engineers fixing quality will 'take several years'. Why discuss quality with retired engineers? Kinda like talking to 5 year olds about unicorns...... maybe he`s begging them to come back?
  8. Decker

    Bread & Butter or Jelly & Toast

    Economy was what? Union members working OT? Disposable spending at its highest in years? Did everything to get rid of what? As far as sitting down for dinner or drinks naa I don`t think he`d be first on my list but one thing for sure the "would have done" list sure would be better than our current state of affairs.
  9. Union Worker Lash Out After Biden Betrays Union Works...... imagine that.... Democrat's & Union`s go together like fools and their money.....
  10. Decker

    2023 UAW Contract Wish List

    Well the knuckleheads and their rumors have Ford not only giving away golden eggs but the goose too. Signing bonus that will pay off mortgages, insurance coverage that cover anything and your dogs & kitties too, retirees finally getting the rumored (for decades) $3500 a month (after Taxes) and the alternate work schedule & all the tier are Hiss Torr Eee.... so the story goes. The next contract will be very interesting, I am sure.
  11. Decker

    2023 UAW Contract Wish List

    Non Legacy have no side to be thrown too. It was said, it would be a good thing, for us to help the poor auto industry stay in business by agreeing to these benefits. Legacy members, LIB`s most likely will be as stagnant as they have been for years.
  12. Decker

    2023 UAW Contract Wish List

    IMO, the first five items are possible. Number six is something that would take a bit more work. Seeing as pensions within the auto industry are now less and less of importance at the negotiation's because the group of members eligible is getting smaller by the day. Number one on my wish list would be a complete one time payment of all monetary pension benefits. Next months IUAW elections could make things very different from past negotiation's.
  13. Decker

    Don`t Be Surprised

    CAP is lost.... but we got our boxes checked. Box cars full of money sent to the plant through 2019 for the 2020 model. Was it spent as it was reported out to be? Not so much. ABB has the all-new equipment completely assembled in their facility and running. Send it to the plant and dam the naa we don`t need that or let's hold off on these thingy's, starts. ABB engineers state the programing wasn`t set up for the CAP changes. CAP engineers state umm what? programing? Shit ain`t ran as planned since day one. CAP engineer`s "Ooooo" that looks cool. Buy it!!! Special Order----> 250K stacker - 25K charger - 30K extra battery.... hmmm it can`t be used with Magna Drums... Opp`s What you mean it`s non-returnable? You can`t make this shit up
  14. Ok when the tables are set with all the popcorn, chip`s, cookies and bottled water free for the taking at the entrance of the plant, most just grab and go... There was this kind of set up at CAP this week. A small booklet was there for the taking "UAW - FORD JOINT TRUSTS". Reginal UAW Rep`s said their howdy`s and how are you`s but little in the way of what the exchange was other than it is in the last contract. In the booklet it lists 14 committee`s in the Trusts Governance with two main headings as LMC and VEBA Trusts. VEBA Trust Fund? This Trust Fund is listed as covering Tuition Assistance Program, ESSP, Joint Apprenticeship & Training and the Voluntary Employees` Beneficiary Association. After the last few less than favorable contracts and the facts now in place these contracts were negotiated by current inmates, I`ve lost a lot of interest in keeping up with the fine print. So it was news to me that the retiree`s health care insurance VEBA (handed off to the IUAW with a big bucket of cash and stock) is such a large umbrella for all these different trust`s. Are all the programs being funded by VEBA in general? Could that be why the co-pays for meds and office visits go up for retirees`? August of 2022 what a coincidence, when do the fine cigars and high back chairs get rolled out in Dearborn for the gathering of those with our best interests in mine?
  15. Decker

    So, when do we get the bonus?

    Russian Bot Alert...............