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  1. Decker

    RIP 551

    ididntdoit, "we" were the only ones to vote down the last ratty contract? The proposed by-laws changes have nothing in the language remotely involving or changing the procedure of filling a vacancy. The vacant position will be filled with an election that any member is free to seek. As for the language striking (going back to the prior wording) the total nominations of all elected officers that is a complete reversal of our activist from the language he wanted and got to what he now wants to change back. That change he stood on as a change to do everything including save the membership money. He sold the change to his followers got a great trades rep to buy into it and it screwed that rep out of the insurance of possibly losing the general election position and then running as a district rep. This change is just that, a change of heart by our activist after screwing his followers out of their.... loss one race and run in another option. As for the proposed change for adding the language to have a process of validating a hand count of ballets, IMO I would vote for any process that would lower the chances of BS in an election. ididntdoit have you considered bidding off the short work week line?
  2. Decker

    "Make no mistake about it",

    Agency Membership is by Michigan law a very viable opinion for members in Michigan. I wish Illinois gave me that opinion. Since the law went into effect how many members have got as disgusted, offended or fricken fed up with what is going on to become an agency member? In Michigan? Could anyone imagine the shock wave that would happen if a true protest of the actions of our representatives, that started by having members walk in to their locals and sign the paperwork to slow the gravy train down? The Fox News and Detroit Free Press would jump on that like stink on shit. A membership protest based on the corruption of the IUAW leadership, imagine that.....
  3. Decker

    RIP 551

    Well.... as for "everyone else voting "yes" ummm not really. It`s easy to figure out which local`s voted "no" just look at the plant`s with the multiple years of steady work category and most likely that will be the "no" voters. Then the level of shadiness, ummm have you witnessed our resident activist in action? That resident activist was so slick while the sheeppies kept him office he out slicked the sheeppies, his crew and himself. Putting in place with all the underlining political hopes and self gratification the activist made his proposed changes to the by-laws and the sheeppies just went along with there water walker. The activist even talked a great trades representative into going along with the water walker`s vision of a perfect dictatorship. Then.... the votes have been counted, (drum roll please) the water walker and the disciples are wondering what in the water walkers perfect dictatorship world those frickin sheeppies didn't understand. Ummm now the water walker is in a cave out in the dead sea carving out some scrolls (no glamor magazine to use) with the by-laws changes that he will make the disciples understand and believe in. BAMMMM New By-Laws Proposed Changes 551 has always had a way of looking bad but, have you read any fake news lately???? the 551 is small taaators compared the those big timers in the not so solid house..... We gunna be okeedoekee ididntdoit really. Hell I have my $18,500.00 signing boneus spent already. Season Tickets at the best ball park in the world and all the ice cold Miller & pizza I can eat!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!GO!!!!!!!CUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hmmm in on the deal or not the brightest VP on the EBoard????
  5. I`m wondering if "Union Official #1" and "Union Official #2" are getting their singing voices ready? I`m sure any president can`t be aware of every little thing going on in there organization but, being a president of an organization that has so many of these little things going on in so many corners of their solid house.... makes the average due`s payer wonder.
  6. Hmmm Who’s Next ??? Training center scandal now includes ex-UAW official connected to union's GM department 23,000 watches The allegations against Grimes focus on a number of alleged schemes. In one case starting in 2006, the filing said, Grimes recommended a vendor to provide 23,000 watches to the GM center to distribute to one of GM's powertrain divisions. After "Vendor A" got the contract, "Grimes approached Vendor A and demanded a loan to purchase property in Rose Township, Michigan. When Vendor A refused Michael Grimes's demands, Michael Grimes threatened to cancel the watch contract." The vendor provided $60,000 for a mortgage for the property in addition to a "consulting agreement" worth $1,800 per month that eventually increased to $3,800 per month, the filing said. "In exchange for Vendor A's kickbacks, Michael Grimes would secure the 'watch order,' ensure the retention and maintenance of Vendor A's retail stores in the GM plants and secure future business contracts between Vendor A and the UAW GM Department. In November 2006, Vendor A paid Michael Grimes $60,000," the information said. An additional $900,000 in bribes, painted as consultant fees, were paid in the form of 27 checks from November 2010-October 2017 to either "KKG Consulting" — a sham company — or one of Grimes' relatives, the information said. Team UAW jackets In another case in 2011, Grimes recommended the same vendor for a $6 million contract for 50,000 "Team UAW-GM" jackets, the information said. Another official, described as "Union Official 1," wanted a cut of that deal, and Grimes was directed, by someone known as "Union Official 2," to demand $300,000 in kickbacks. "Union Official 2" got $30,000 of that money, the government said. As part of the deal, Grimes was also able to pay off a land contract for a house in Fenton with a $530,000 check from the vendor, the information said. The paperwork references other deals, including a $5.8 million contract to provide 55,000 backpacks for UAW members and a separate watch contract involving a different vendor. It also noted that a piece of real estate in Fort Myers, Florida, and a 2017 Jeep Wrangler are subject to forfeiture if Grimes is convicted on the wire fraud conspiracy charge. The Florida property, according to Zillow.com, is a 2,722-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bathroom house that sold in February 2017 for $730,000.00 I got one of those backpacks at the ConCon 😎
  7. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    Ummm who will be the target? Will there be at target? The old school technique was to announce the target on Labor Day.... (get it "labor day" hehehe) Other than the last contract when all that lets help Fiat stuff was being talked about (bought ) the UAW business partner was put out front as target more times then not. A lot of times the rumors slipped about the business partners being close even before the target was announced. Then it would sneak out... Ford is the UAW target. Oooo Ford is the target in one sentence and we bee`s close in the next sentence. This business partnership goes back a long way. Some of our youngin`s weren`t born when this professional negotiations was being acted out. Ford, UAW Agree on Concessions By Warren Brown February 12, 1982 “The United Auto Workers union and the Ford Motor Co. announced agreement last night on "a basic economic framework" for a new two-year contract calling for major wage and benefit concessions by the company's 106,200 union workers. Both sides emphasized that critical job security issues must still be resolved before full contract agreement can be reached. But UAW President Douglas Fraser said they did not appear to be "insurmountable." There was no immediate indication of the total labor savings involved, but there were some estimates that the savings could be as high as $500 million over the life of the agreement. Ford is expected to announce a 1981 loss of more than $1 billion next Thursday. Negotiators said full agreement could be reached this weekend. "We have a few details to finish in the economic proposal . . . but we don't see them as insurmountable," Fraser said last night in Dearborn, Mich., where the two sides have met for the last 11 days. Yes, as far back as 1982 the UAW Ford Division gave the company what other division said no too. Hmmm divide and conquer…. Back then. The new contract agreement, if approved by the union's 225-member Ford bargaining council and a majority of its rank-and-file members at Ford, would replace a three-year contract expiring Sept. 14. It would also give Ford--the nation's second largest automaker--both an economic advantage and a public relations victory over the first-ranked General Motors Corp. GM's efforts to win concessions from the UAW ended in failure Jan. 28. The union and GM had based their talks on an "agreement in principle" that any labor cost savings would be passed on to consumers in the form of lower sticker prices on GM cars and trucks. Though details of the Ford negotiations were few, the union appears to have gone along with the company's basic economic proposal calling for a freeze in cost-of-living allowances, a lower wage for new hires, and a sacrifice of eight paid personal holidays.” For those young members your UAW has been reaching into our back pockets for a long time to help their business partner. Can any of you recent members believe the old school members actually got "8" days of paid time off above and beyond the vacation hours and personal business hours paid for the simple reason the company had worked the membership so many hours (while earning record profit's that are pale compared to the last ten years) a year that even the business partner agreed to get the profit`s by other means? (hire more people to cover for paid time off and keep the line rollin) The year we got the PPH`s there wasn`t a signing bonus..... or cut in pay.
  8. Decker

    Signing Bonus?

    Ahhhh that ever so clear picture of all things past, that some have.... 95 you`ll be fine just vote the way you want. As for what was given up or gave back to do this or that it`s all water under the bridge. Our union never looks back or in some cases they can`t remember 3 or 4 years ago much less the details of what was in the last contract. A good example of their memory was the concessions that just slipped their minds during a following negotiations and they never put none of them on the table. Our contract is a done deal, I can hear it now.... here`s your signing bonus and we get to keep what we have now and EWE`S SHOULD JUST BE THANKFUL EWE`S EVEN HAVE A JOB (a jimmy flash back from the past ) A little correction 95, maybe the membership didn`t have their eye on the prize but the IUAW did... as for getting newbee`s in well it was sold as getting an increase for retiree`s (cost of living rollover) and yes the ever popular new product line but, the getting newbee`s in was the carrot our IUAW saw like money in the bank. Whaaaa we can start charging due`s from day one!!!!!
  9. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    Sometimes the paint fumes come in very handy here in paradise
  10. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    OMG take a few deep breathes ididntdoit click your heels together three times and keep saying St. Louis is gone... St Louis is gone... St Louis is gone The sky isn`t falling ididntdoit …..really your gloom and doom is showing again just let it go
  11. Decker

    Norwood Jewell

    Is that? Could that be?? Looks like our Jewell? Naaaa he`d be driving a Fiat while in Paris
  12. Decker

    Norwood Jewell

    Jewell is going to a fed`s day care facility, compared to other facilities it`s got all the amenities of home. Most likely visits from his IUAW Executive Assistants too. Maybe he could sit with the others IUAW Executive Board members that are already there and pass the time calling big jimmy at his new appointment to city hall. Maybe they all will be Detroit City Hall meet and greeters? Makes for a good nights sleep knowing the Jewell helped hand pick the negotiators sitting at the table right now.....
  13. Decker

    Norwood Jewell

    Well ….. "us" paid all their defense costs. Attorneys fee`s on the most current LM-2 is an unreal listing of what "us" paid and continue to pay. As for the IUAW pension... well, not only will the Jewell get his monthly benefit check but is covered by the 100% IUAW health care coverage while he`s on home detention. No co pays of course. Google the General and Wifey's honeymoon and check out her posts on book of faces or tweets (whatever) the social media bragging was off the chain. Not to mention the old news of 248K payoff of the house.
  14. Decker

    Automation of ford factory.

    I agree with Fatso, automation and technology is the means of reaching higher productivity or through put and of course that is what any company needs to fill demand and generate profit. With spending a life time in one facility, for one company I`ve witnessed the dreams of a company for the race towards the profit carrot. I`ve experienced the fears of being automated out of employment. With both the dreams and the fears neither were given a lot of thought for the long term. The company saw a large amount of money laid out as a sure bet for greater profits with automation and shipping production to areas of lower cost for labor and over head. The bet showed promise for a period of time. The fears of loss of employment were realized and the side effects from this fear added an element to the bet the company didn`t really count on or possibly didn`t want to see. For years automation and the move in production caused unemployment for the two main groups in the company. (hourly & salary) The company started to see the profit drop and kept betting on automation and the moves of production. To make a long story short, the company has somewhat figured out that the bet needed one thing that just isn`t in the other area`s of production or the elimination of customers through automation. Profit can only be had when money exchanges hands. The company`s founder realized this and he made the money exchange hands from the founder to the employees. This simple business move generated profits for the company, employment for the customer and the economy in general showed the benefits of money changing hands. Keeping your customer base employed will generate profit. The company understands the need for productivity, through put or units per hour so automation is and will be a necessity. But the fears have been lessoned by the fact that those profit carrots are not realized by automation or foreign facilities. The world may be considered the market place and there are hands exchanging money out there but, the facts are no other spot in the world is there a consumers market like right here, where the companies started. What is the average automobiles per household here? The number of cell phone per family unit here? Computers? TV`s? Trips to Starbucks? All this and yes carrots too because money exchanges hands. Automation has been installed in my facility at a level completely undreamed of when I first walked through the gate and when I first walk through the gate our employee/customer total numbers were just over 1600. Now as Fatso explained at his facility, we here at CAP will see close to 6000 employees yes potential customers in a very short time. Danielle, with all the advanced technology in Germany and the level of automation they have in manufacturing don`t you think their society has shown there isn`t a large fear of loss of labor? VW, Mercedes and other manufacturers are constantly moving laborers into new fields of employment, to keep their customer base exchanging money. I could touch on how these German companies fight to retain employee`s/customers with benefits and hourly rates but that's another issue our US based companies are just now starting to understand with our labor shortage here. Good luck
  15. Decker

    Signing Bonus?

    "My generation is already screwed because there’s people won’t retire, I won’t let them take money from me!!" "This was very eloquently said, but I’m sorry it has to fall on such deaf ears because I don’t care what’s in the contract as long I’m still working and the signing bonus is there. Everyone’s situation is different that’s understandable but I’m not risking a steady paycheck to fight for things I don’t care about. I already have two side hustles just to live a similar lifestyle to people that have been making $30 per hour for 15-20 yrs. I just got to this point and now I’m supposed to stick my neck out for them?? Not happening, sorry." Two extremely great examples of the dividing of the dues paying membership by the IUAW. This business technique might not go down in history as such but it will be referred somewhere in a business journal as the way to manipulate a supplier so as to get the suppliers product for little or nothing. The IUAW supplies "labor", you and I are the product the IUAW supplies. The minute the supplier representatives agreed to become a Ford Motor Co. partner the labor became the center of reduction in the labors worth. Consider, our supplier representatives sit down to agree that the same work requirements and performance, preformed by two different people (products) costs two different amounts to the company that the supplier representatives are selling us too. This alone showed just how non business minded, non business orientated and no real business experienced our supplier representatives are and continue to be. It also shows how the product (us) have given up on what those that also had side hustles and wanted similar life styles for their families that others had, back years ago fought for and took the chance to get a higher amount for the product they at the time were selling to the same company. This too will fall on deaf ears, because the partnership is stronger than the product that will be sold to the company for far less than it`s worth. Wring out the skills, craftsmanship, semi skilled and the designated classifications and it becomes just "work" at the negotiations table. This generalized work (product) in the eyes of the buyer is something anyone can do after three days of so called training so why pay any more for that generalized product that anyone can supply? Good Luck 95Triway, I hope for you like every member the same luck if not better then I`ve had. But it will take work and independent thinking on your part to reach the 2232 weeks of payments for the product I have sold Ford Motor Co. You will make it, hustlers always do.