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  1. Decker

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    CAP can not release anyone until the 2021 launch is complete in September of 2020...
  2. As long as Nancy doesn`t talk directly about Donny at the lunch the Rouge gives in her honor, everything is cool.
  3. Decker

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    Key Word "rumors".... orders orders orders and "down time"? Of course then you have the CAP`ers that say well..... "they" put up a banner for unemployment sign up at the Hall in the parking lot for March, so you full of shit Decker. Hmmm full of shit maybe but, these CAP`ers don`t read much of anything all the way to the bottom. It was pointed out the banner has been there almost a year, naa Decker you full of shit. Funny thing we had down time when... Feb. and Mar of 2019. 2019 at the bottom of the banner or 2020? I heard... They said... CAP won`t be releasing SRI or STEP members till September 2020. Oh that's what Someone told me
  4. Decker

    Where is my family day?!

    Posting since 2006? try to remember the last contract.
  5. Just a suggestion, go to your plants home page then look for directives, polices or use search. But be aware of one over riding policy, freedom of expression and/or speech.
  6. Decker

    They Were Blind, Now They See....?

    I agree Fatso but, nothing will change in the election process if the delegates vote, for the members. The delegates are put through the circus act before they even get to the voting. Then the incumbent caucus is completely in control of everything. This incumbent caucus picked every person sitting on the IUAW Eboard currently. So everyone now holding a position has had to look the other way, ask no question and/or got their share. I know what goes on at the Con-Con, did it twice. Then I never excepted another nomination after becoming aware of what was actually going on at a con-con. I`ll never forget my second and final clear view of what the union con-con truly is. Denny sent the boys to have me come and have a discussion.... at that father son discussion he stated he had high hopes for me and would be a staff member in my next term, if I would just drop my change the world personality and to just go along with what dad needed to get done. If the incumbent caucus controls everything from the free food to the locals sending puppets nothing will change.
  7. Decker

    They Were Blind, Now They See....?

    "The United Auto Workers international executive board on Thursday named acting president Rory Gamble to head the union until June 2022 as he pledged a series of reforms following a criminal investigation into illegal payoffs that has rocked the union." Hmmm all those activists talking about demanding a Special Con Con.... guess the same blind IUAW EBoard members put an end to that BullShit. Rory nor any other IUAW EBoard member wondered or say anything about the 3.5 million dollars worth of watches being bought and sitting in a warehouse somewhere in Detroit? But they know Rory is the man for the job? the same IUAW Eboard that didn`t see anything wrong with Gary when the incumbent caucus put him in as president? or the same EBoard that build Denny a hideout by the lake.... would have loved to been able to over hear that eboard meeting discussion.... Remember this... This is some goofy shit....
  8. As long as the political attire is... skin tight or see thru.... its ok
  9. Decker

    Performance bonus

  10. Decker

    They Were Blind, Now They See....?

    How bout we have Denny, Gary and any of the other band of thieves stop getting their premium health care benefits and sign up for VEBBER....
  11. After reading the latest from our IUAW fixers Ray Curry and Rory Gamble I`m still wondering, these two didn`t think anything financially strange was going on over the years they were IUAW board members or regional staff members? But now they have started the clean up process? “Dues dollars are sacred,” said Acting President Gamble. “Secretary-Treasurer Curry and I, along with the entire International Executive Board, are committed to establishing stringent financial controls and new procedures to address and fix any weaknesses in the system. The UAW will hand over to our membership in 2022 a financially safeguarded union.” Hmm sacred? But nothing in their planned house cleaning about bricking retirement checks of the other members of the E-Board and regional staff they have been working with and going to conferences with for years.....? How bout put our SACRED DUES back to two hours a month? Now (period) I mean Denny`s bullshit speech about "we" need to increase "our" dues was just that, bullfrickinshit!!!!! Want some of the membership to buy into the clean up crews attempts at stopping what shit they didn`t see or understand was going on? for frickin years.... REDUCE MY DUES TO WHAT IT WAS BEFORE DENNY NEEDED MORE CIGARS!!!! LAP DANCES!!!! GOLF SHIRTS!!!! ETC FRICKIN ETC......
  12. Decker

    GM`s Federal Filing

    I heard that Fatso, they are out there I`m sure of it because I`ve met them also. But for to long the system of "grooming" over experience and knowledge in the representatives selection process has been a built in way of securing the steeling from the members. This will take so much hard work to replace the greasing of the palms methods and the steeling from the every member from the locals on up the ladder to international and even including retiree`s. How many current elected members couldn`t say a thing about the steeling they found and had proof of because of retaliation? So even our honest rep`s are human with the human trait of fear. Now don`t get me wrong here, I don`t think the super activists are the answer either because as we know at CAP our super activist has a "I`m always right" syndrome that would be just as bad for the union as those currently in IUAW positions and had looked the other way or were getting their cut of whatever. (he looked the other way, many times how else did the 7K a month glamor magazine keep getting funded?) (Thanks to our current E-Board for stopping that 7K a month "I`m always right platform") This will be a point of learning from these thieves and moving towards true union ideology. Do we have members in our ranks that have the knowledge and experience to put the rank and file back at the top of the representatives concern list? I believe we do.
  13. Decker

    GM`s Federal Filing

    Wonder how much an IUAW E-Board members monthly retirement check is Wonder if the medical coverage for an IUAW E-Board member is switched over to the VEEBER Wonder if an IUAW E-Board member gets to keep all the golf equipment? Come on fake news does Denny get to keep his custom (non union) made BBQ pit?
  14. Decker

    Performance bonus

    At least one time, just once, you`d think the whiners would get it..... how comes mines was so much less than his!!!!! lets see.... not FMLA hours... not AWOL hours... 4% on those mysterious things called...hours worked... pecker heads
  15. Decker

    Signing bonus

    Ahhh Yesss more "FREE STUFF" for all those with no personal responsibilities or accountability..... brought to you by those endless deductions each week from those working knuckleheads