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  1. Hamas supporters campround at Harvard. Is that a United Anti American Workers sign or united against whatever you got, sign? Maybe there can be organizers sent to Gaza? Wait even if the UAW organized the Gaza workers the females can`t be members, cause the females are possessions and possessions can pay the altimite dues. Then alphabet soup males can't be members either ... in Gaza, these people are illegal and put to death. No dues there. Even democratic socialits would find it hard to last in Gaza so dues generators? not so much. Then the free speech thing? really look into how well that goes over in Gaza. UAW showing support on campus. Teamsters having classes in Chicago local hall teaching how to say death to America in a language spoke by the Gazan`s.... Labor unionists pushing the inclusiveness thing.
  2. Chaos is everywhere.... Teamster`s local in Chicago having a get together like this. https://hotair.com/headlines/2024/04/15/when-american-anti-war-activists-cheer-for-irans-war-on-israel-n3786506 Death to America? in an American Labor Union house?
  3. This pretty much can sum up CAP well a lot of Ford situations. It is written about Boeing but substitute Ford in place of Boeing and dam it puts things in perspective. DEI or DIE "I interviewed a long-time Boeing insider who explained exactly how DEI has undermined company culture and degraded performance. "DEI is the drop you put in the bucket, and the whole bucket changes." Christopher Rufo But I guess I should be glad that after "13" recalls on the Focas and 11 recalls on the Escape then waiting for the Explorer to be delivered just to get the "dear customer" letter two weeks later.... at least the door didn`t fly off at 600 mph.
  4. Is it just CAP or possibly other Ford facilities? Down week with MP1 build scheduled? Model year balance out starting three days before the last day of producing MP1 ? MPP2 what's that? VIN Roll umm no. 20 to 26% awol daily. Process coaches awol daily. Equipment creating more issues than good units. Anyone can be an engineer even managers from Target. Part shortage one of the favorite excuses to short shift. Close the facility building PHEV and FHEV`s move FHEV production back to the facility that didn`t have the floor space to build FHEV`s. Without adding square footage. FHEV`s will be very low volume mix rate. DAMMM Police FHEV orders are whaaaat? And that is just a short over view of the short list of CAP`s downward spiral.
  5. The machinist union backed this current policy maker with votes & thousands of their dues/political fund dollars. First thing the current policy maker did with a pen? Yep no pipeline work for you union brothers and sisters... Voting for what works isn`t a strong attribute of those that think for themselves.
  6. How the Liberal Media Reacted to Trump’s Latest Comment Is Why Americans Have Lost Trust https://townhall.com/tipsheet/saraharnold/2024/03/17/trump-bloodbath-comment-taken-out-of-context-n2636600 Ford US facilities "9" - US assembled models - "16" Ford/China facilities "6" - China assembled models - "20" Ford/Mexico Facilities "2" Mexican assembled models - "3" Non Ford Mexico/China joint venture facilties "2" assembled models "?" But are just barely president states the UAW is in full support of the current policies and the administration putting these policies in place..... Any chance of organizing Mexico or Chinese workers? To date 14% of Mexican labor is unionized and in decline. No assembly facilities. One parts plant is unionized (about 400 employees) the agreement isn`t centered around rates of pay, mianly hours worked and working conditions. 100% tariff worked before, energy independent worked before, small minority business at and all time high and inflation lowest in so many years worked before. Maybe the just barely IUAW president didn`t care for what worked....
  7. If MAP is going through what CAP is going through it might be a while before MP1 or MP2 reaches Job1. The VO teams have little experience and no planning abilities then here at CAP they go from a 2024MY new body style components to changing their minds and making 2024MY a VIN Roll and push everything new and unproven over to 2025MY. I get it 5 weeks of down time but again no experience and no planning lead us to utter confusion. One VOME group doesn`t communicate last minute chances to another VOME group. The unknowing VO group then has to stop and try to make changes after the non communicated changes. Less than professional. (complete BS) Of course the 2024MY has all the issues from 2023MY because a VIN Roll is just that, don`t fix the issues just push everything to model year balance out. Annnnd dam there`s the same issues. Now mix all that with the boxes checked promotions and you have customers waiting for their 2024MY units and then the phones calls trying to get the customer to consider canceling and reordering a 2025MY toooo wait more. Roll in 20 to 25 precent AWOL of hourly and then have three process coaches per crew in one department...one is off per crew regularly. CAP has FHEV orders coming out our ears. Police/Service FHEV orders are 20% higher than 2023. Open a facility for PHEV`s & FHEV`s but someone decides hey lets close the FHEV & PHEV facility, imagine the savings was said. Imagine all the people coming to the main facility Hey!!! we will cover all the AWOL`s. But wait... the FHEV & PHEV facility was opened for??? not enough floor space in the main facility... Did they think to add some square footage to the main plant? Before closing the other? Did bringing the people from one facility to the main plant make the AWOL`s go away? You can answer. all three questions with two letters N-O. I thought 2020 was a VO & NMPD total disaster well we are fixing to make 2025 another launch to remember... Good Luck MAP but some of the VOME`s with their liberal arts degrees are the same here at CAP and buncing back and forth to MAP. Thank goodness the all electric eco fad is starting to fade away like those super fat rear tire custom Harleys.
  8. This may be hard for some who know me but... I`ll never stand squarely with this just barely president. I was just made aware of our just barely IUAW president did an interview with the Sharpton Little Fella. Our just barely president went on and on how the economy is in a good recovery, how he secured so many jobs in the big three EV manufacturing facilities, inflation is well under control and how he has his membership squarely behind the only president that has ever walked the picket line with the UAW. The last UAW member leaving the Lighting plant, please turn off all the lights. The UAW membership is squarely behind open boarders, soft on crime, foreign policies that benefit Iran and China and the newest policy "unlimited vacation". Reminds be about something in polisci, didn`t Rome have a leader like we got.....
  9. Chicago Teachers Union - we don`t need no stinkin audit - asking for one is racist.... Chicago Teachers' Union Got Some 'Splainin' to Do – HotAir Hmmm wonder what the IUAW LM-2 is going to look like for this year, when posted next year? IUAW, Political Spending may be interesting next year too.
  10. Most white pages leave some form of an open end or future negotiations references on the subject or topic. As for record offering by no means is SRI an amount record but, with all the previous SRI`s times are different. The group I look at as the best off when they excepted their SRI was the150K (before taxes & liabilities) group and no Ford heath care insurance. Most that took this SRI had a spouse working for Ford also. Take your 150K and become an insurance dependent. Even those that took this SRI and had no spouse to be covered under they now are eligible for UAW VEBA so pretty much not a bad SRI. JMO Me I`m good with the 50K.
  11. “Ford Motor Co.'s decision to resume construction of its electric-vehicle plant in Marshall, but at a much smaller scale, marks another sign that looming expectations for EV sales growth aren't keeping pace with ambitious targets embraced inside and outside the auto industry.” “The Dearborn-based automaker said Tuesday it is scaling back its expected gigawatt capacity for the Marshall project by about 43% and will decrease the number of jobs created through the investment by about 32% to a new total of 1,700 jobs. The company still plans to complete construction by 2026.” Willie Clay and Farley know there is no reason to assume that Old Joe will be calling the shots on January 20th, 2025 which means there's no guarantee Willie Clay or any one of the big three will see an endless stream of our tax dollars to help subsidize these pie in the sky projects…. Umm does this mean our just barely UAW president won`t be counting all those future dues? Woo Woo make the deposits and give me an exit date
  12. Well..... wishes do come true, now for the deposits lets talk exiting dates too hey, has there been a lot of transfers from CAP to Kentucky?
  13. 2023 UAW/Ford Contract Totals; Total votes cast; 30783 20546 or 66.7% - YES 10237 or 33.3% - NO
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