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  1. cecilmeyer

    Effective date

    I was told by Labor relations in CAP Dec 1st for the attendance policy changes
  2. cecilmeyer

    Effective date

    I went to clear for missing a day and Labor told me Dec 1st is when the new attendance policy goes into effect.
  3. cecilmeyer

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    I am at CAP and I voted yes so I get an exemption.
  4. cecilmeyer

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    Sorry Fats I gotta go. Like I said before Ford ran just fine before I got there and will run just fine after I have left the building.......Thank You very much!!!!!
  5. cecilmeyer

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    I know I want to know asap also. If I hear anything I will message you!
  6. cecilmeyer

    Contract Ratified

  7. cecilmeyer

    Video cameras on workstations

    So can the Locals say no till the IUAW says they have to let the company implement it system wide?
  8. cecilmeyer

    Ratification Meetings & Voting Dates

    Looks like from the spread sheet only the HVC voted so far.
  9. Who are you referring to when talking about CAPs roving gangs?
  10. cecilmeyer

    CAP Vote

    I am not wrong, I said nothing about The World Socialist group. I was just talking about the difference between the two political groups I mentioned.
  11. cecilmeyer

    CAP Vote

    Communist and Socialist are not the same. Scandinavian countries are Democratic Socialist and have the highest standards of living in the world. On your other statement I agree I work at CAP and the "Decisive Rejection" is based on complete ignorance , misinformation and a the workers elevated sense of greatness that Ford cannot function without LOL.
  12. cecilmeyer

    CAP Vote

    Fats I for one do not believe in the bringing down skill trades pay for my benefit ,never did. You guys have more skills ,went to trade school so you have earned the extra money. I am at CAP and tried to reason with a few non legacy employees. If I am reading the highlights correctly all full time employees will be at top pay after the end of the four year contract. One guy was mad that they made him start over to become full time keeping none of his pay or seniority.I told him that was not right but the temps were not the only ones who lost. We lost our asses in the 2008 concessions. Raises,COLA,job banks ,GIS,legal plan,pensions for new hires,lower starting pay,etc. He said in the future they would vote to cut legacy workers pay and I said so you going to take a cut too because you know you are at full pay LOL. I said so in the future when people come in making less should they vote to cut your pay to have more? He was saying the UAW should strike and that way we would get a much better contract. I said look at GM they were out for almost 2 months for plant closings and guess what ,they came back to work and those plants are still closing and GM told them to expect 3k less on your profit sharing. So basically they financed their own strike which ended in failure. He said the UAW would be behind them all the way. I said really? Who do you think brought this contract to us and why are they recommending it OMG! If they really cared about the GM strike they would have raised the strike pay up to at least $800.00 a week so people would not get starved out. But they did not do that did they? These guys are getting charged left and right with stealing money from us so who's side do you really think they are on ours or the companies? Look I am a Union guy and a believer in Unions but our Union officials are not directly elected by us so we cannot do shit to these guys and they know it that is why these contracts are basically a wash in the sense we are not really making any big gains or getting what we lost back just treading water! What is funny at CAP and I am sure we are not unique is that these workers actually think we have Ford over a barrel and they are really scared and cannot run without us LOL. Until ALL workers unite and I mean All of us, Unions grow exponentially and the trade laws change the rich and powerful are in complete control. I will fight for a cause when I have to and when I know I have a very good chance of winning but we workers cannot beat these guys at this time. They are in COMPLETE control of the banks,trade laws,labor laws,energy production,food production,etc. I have over 31 years and have been through a plant closure, lots and lots of layoffs. They offered 60k for me to leave. I wish it would have been the 70 like last time but hey how much does Taco Bell are Home Depot give you when You retire?.....NOT SHIT!!!! I am taking the money and running out of there as fast as they let me sign up. Hell if they told me the day I sign up you have to go today I would ask " Can I at least get my lunch box and backpack first? But then again if you want that you can have that too ......I JUST WANT THE FLYING FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!I have had enough!!!!! UNCLE,UNCLE, UNCLE!!!!! I hope this contract passes and yes I voted YES. Too bad over half of my plant did not even bother to take the time to vote but will surely take the time to bitch about how we are getting screwed to take 9k just to go back to work!
  13. cecilmeyer

    CAP Vote

    CAP vote 1497 NO 913 YES Skilled trades 117 Yes 102 NO
  14. cecilmeyer

    2020 Ford Retiree Health Plan Options

    Take from salary to give to the UAW?? WTF are you talking about? What about how salary assholes get a bonus when they eliminate line workers jobs and pile that work onto other line workers? No its the GREEDY salary and management that will put the big 3 out of business. Funny I do not remember the UAW have a fleet of private jets and 20mil + salaries. Hey salary asshole its the factory workers that actually do the work while you sit on your ass bitching and get paid for it.
  15. cecilmeyer


    I am not retired but hope to be in the next few months depending on when Ford will allow us to leave and get our incentive. My question does VEBA pick up what Medicare does not cover or do you still have to buy the extra insurance plans like a-j or whatever they are? I have not quite looked into them yet