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  1. cecilmeyer

    Stay at home order

    Already did. He is beyond clueless as he has always been. Besides a friend of mine went in and they did not make him sign anything.It was all B.S. We did not have to go in anyway.
  2. cecilmeyer

    Dearborn called. Voluntary delay of retirement

    First they tell people you have to leave now with the pandemic they want you to stay. How nice of them LOL
  3. cecilmeyer

    Sales slowing down? Chicago Effect

    No retirees will not be delayed unless you volunteer. My retirement check has been processed and will be deposited on April 1st. For Non skilled employees will not be able to revoke their application.Skilled trades is another issue.
  4. cecilmeyer

    Stay at home order

    I know I work at CAP. I am retiring March 31. Went in and turned my coveralls into the coverall bins and ID Tuesday to a lady in Labor but kept 6ft away. I then get a call telling us we need to come in to sign a form stating we turned our coveralls ad ID in. Really????? I called my benefits rep and this wizard tells me " Well thats the procedure otherwise they could charge me for my coveralls and ID" . What a bunch of incredible @SSHOLES. I said you want to me to disobey a State order to stay to sign a form about something I already did?????????????????????????????????????. Is our Union truly this pathetic?????? You gonna give my maybe infected coveralls to somebody else??????
  5. cecilmeyer

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    Benefit Rep at CAP told me there is a meeting at 12 Pm tomorrow about out release dates.
  6. cecilmeyer

    Effective date

    I was told by Labor relations in CAP Dec 1st for the attendance policy changes
  7. cecilmeyer

    Effective date

    I went to clear for missing a day and Labor told me Dec 1st is when the new attendance policy goes into effect.
  8. cecilmeyer

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    I am at CAP and I voted yes so I get an exemption.
  9. cecilmeyer

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    Sorry Fats I gotta go. Like I said before Ford ran just fine before I got there and will run just fine after I have left the building.......Thank You very much!!!!!
  10. cecilmeyer

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    I know I want to know asap also. If I hear anything I will message you!
  11. cecilmeyer

    Contract Ratified

  12. cecilmeyer

    Video cameras on workstations

    So can the Locals say no till the IUAW says they have to let the company implement it system wide?
  13. cecilmeyer

    Ratification Meetings & Voting Dates

    Looks like from the spread sheet only the HVC voted so far.
  14. Who are you referring to when talking about CAPs roving gangs?