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  1. DSPF150

    Making ventilators

    Just got a call about going to Rosonville to make ventilators. 2 12 hour shifts 7 days a week
  2. DSPF150

    Making ventilators

    Just got the call asking if I wanted to go to Rawsonville to make ventilators. They are working 2 12 hr shifts 7 days a week starting Apiri 14th
  3. DSPF150

    Stay at home order

    The governor in the state of Michigan orders all unessential business to close and the employees to stay at home until April 13th and the first thing Ford Motor Co does is try to get a exemption to have us come in to work. All of the dealerships are closing for 3 weeks, everyone is out of work and they say to stay 6’ apart and they think that we should be building trucks? Are you f***ing kidding me? Are we trying to stop the spred or prolong it? It’s about time the people that run this company get their head out of their ass and do the right thing.
  4. DSPF150

    Covid-19 testing

    Remember be your brothers keeper unless it gets in the way of profits.
  5. DSPF150

    Covid-19 testing

    I know that’s it’s impossible for all of us to work from home but what is possible is for management to do a temperature scan of all employees entering the buildings. Those with high temperature could be sent home for testing. I know it’s probably not going to happen but if covid-19 gets into the plants it would not be good.
  6. DSPF150

    Bye, bye Gary jones

    Do not use any union money to defend these crooks and when convicted they should have to pay back every cent that they embezzled from us.
  7. DSPF150

    Bye, bye Gary jones

    Im pretty sure at the last convention they said that if the strike fund reached a certain amount that dues would go back to 2 hrs pay a month. It doesn’t help when they take the interest and pump it into Black Lake. Maybe building a few houses for past presidents. Maybe the some of of us common folks can stay there when they are in Palm Springs or better yet behind bars.
  8. DSPF150


    Last contract the union and the company came up with the bullshit of giving us half of OUR profit sharing after signing the contract some people thought that was a bonus. That’s our money anyway nothing extra. The union should never agree to that. Then some members bitched when they only got half of their profit sharing in the spring
  9. I’m glad that the theme for this year is “We are one” so we should be getting a big payday in September. Just like our leadership has been stuffing their pockets for years. Lock the Double talking self serving assholes up and take their UAW pensions away.
  10. DSPF150

    Norwood Jewell

    His own lawyer call him a negligent dope. Great defense. This is the type of person that our leadership appoints to a VP position. Sad.
  11. DSPF150

    Norwood Jewell

    Who paid for his legal defense? I sure hope it wasn’t us. He also should have to forfeit his UAW pension. If that happened they might think twice before they screwed us. On second thought maybe not.
  12. DSPF150

    Legal defense fund question

    Another thing we got screwed twice. The first time during the negotiations for the contract when the negotiating team took less for the membership so they could stuff their pockets and second by using our dues to defend themselves. BULLSHIT!
  13. Why in the hell are we the membership on the hook for $1.5 million for starters to pay to defend these assholes for stealing form us? Do we get a bottomless money pit (our dues) to use for legal defense if we need it, I don’t think so. Let them use the same uaw legal program that they nagotated for us. Seeing that we are all equal. Problem is that they have their best interest in mind not ours. LET THEM ROT.
  14. Let me get this straight $1.5 million in union dues have been used (so far) to represent these crooks. If and when they are found guilty make them pay for their own legal Representation
  15. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/chrysler/2019/04/02/uaw-legal-fees-rise-amid-corruption-scandal-jewell/3331454002/