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  1. Those fenders really cover those 37 nice.
  2. jose

    $9000... Really????

    Recalls,terrible timing with launches for Ford. GM has a strong presence in Mexico on profitable vehicles,Buicks made in china shipped here also helps the bottom line.
  3. Before the current ranger was here in the u.s I would see one with a a right hand steering wheel driving on 94. Seen a couple times @ metro airport.
  4. While I would tend to agree with this. The fact that these 2 vehicles b.s and mach have had a successful launch Says something about Ford's Mexican operations. Hopefully we can follow suit with the Bronco sooner than later.
  5. jose

    Bronco Delayed

    Gonna be real interesting to see how all the new hires (basically the whole 2nd shift) at MAP adjust to that place. It gets extremely hot in that plant along with long hours the union and management have their work cut out for them.
  6. I really like it think it looks great.
  7. If true hope that's all,the only thing I heard was maybe the 12/18 being the last day.
  8. jose

    Dependent eligibility verification

    This isn't the first time FORD has audited its hourly employees. They nailed a bunch of people around 20yrs ago.
  9. Would of liked to see more coverage of the Mach E,still good on Ford. Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson tease 2021 Mustang Mach-E on social media
  10. Driving home from work today seen a white mach E on 94. It had basic wheels and just looked boring in white.
  11. Exciting times that's for sure!
  12. if the whole country doesent shut down except for essentials whats the point in just some individual business? I see the speedway by my plant just hopping with business. I personally dont have a problem working,but understand others concerns. so either everyone or its gonna be ground hog day for the next 2 months.
  13. I referred to my 2001 focus wagon as my f-.25. loved that car,abused the hell outa it.
  14. jose

    Romeo buyouts

    exactly,its in the contract.
  15. ^^^^^^this is so true,some of are actually mechanically inclined. This is becoming very worrisome.