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  1. road turtle

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    My dealer at delivery doubled down on the statement that Ford told them Stock orders are built first and then retail orders. I raised a pretty big stink when they switched my retail order to stock, and requested help from Ford corporate.
  2. road turtle

    Sync 4 Question - Modem

    I bought a solid mount for both my phone and garmin 890. https://www.bulletpointmountingsolutions.com/products/metal-series-ford-f-150-2015-2020-universal-dual-20mm-ball-dash-phone-mount-13th-generation
  3. road turtle

    My first 5th wheel tow

    IRC, the dry weight on this 5th wheel came in at 11,600. GVWR is 14,300. 5th wheel arrived at the dealer mid August. We leave mid november. We had a lot of stuff from the TT, but wife wanted some new stuff too. I'm putting in a bigger and better TV, including surround sound.
  4. road turtle

    What does your Super Duty Pull/Tow?

    This was our longer term retirement plan, didn't expect to pull the trigger for a couple more years, Covid basically pulled everything ahead. I'm still working, albeit from home. We didn't kill each other in a 19' TT, so that was good. We ordered the 5th wheel sight unseen. I'm very pleased with it. We leave in another month for 4 months to FL. Taking our first real vacation in years to key west, and then to our winter location near Tampa, where I will continue to work from home.
  5. road turtle

    My first 5th wheel tow

    Wow, just wow. I've pulled trailers of various types for decades. First 5th wheel, and I'm a bit over trucked for a 30' 5th wheel with a F350D CCLB, but wow. We had a 9+ hour drive home after picking up the new trailer. I drove first shift of 3 hours, I was comfortable in the first two minutes. Wife took the 2nd shift, and some dumb A (me) forgot to program the GPS to avoid Chitown,. I was sleeping at the critical junction and she followed the GPS, which put us in Chitown, slightly after rush hour, complete with non stop construction and accidents. She was in the drivers seat for FIVE HOURS! We have virtually no chance to change seats, and I was thankful for the HUGE gas tank. Side note, we were over 800 miles on the first tank of gas driving to the RV dealer, without refueling. She handled it like a pro! Finally cleared Chitown, and the first oasis on the toll road was closed. Next oasis, I looked at the long line of trucks getting off, and said can you continue? Finally got to a truck stop, to fuel up, get something to eat, and switch seats. Went to get back on the freeway and see nothing but a sea of brake lights... nope, staying on surface streets and getting around the accident. Side not, I believe a trooper racing to this accident, and himself gotten into an accident several miles earlier. So, on surface street, advertised height of my brand new trailer is 13'5". I knew I was sitting slightly nose high, how much, I didn't know. Came up to a bridge with a posted height of 13'8". Puckered cheeks is an understatement, but we cleared the underpass. Late, driving for way more hours than we should have been driving, but a bad case of get home itis. Now it's late, heavy rain, and I set the cruise and adaptive cruise kept me behind and following an 18 wheeler. I just followed his tail lights through even through yet more construction. Get home and pulled into an empty lot next to our home. All that rain made the ground really soft. Moving the trailer the next morning, made me really appreciate the 4WD. Even two wheels with locked rear diff, was just digging a hole. We have pulled our TT for almost 10 hours and I said never again. This 12 hour drive wiped her out for a couple of days, and I wasn't far behind her. The capability of this truck surprised me. It was barely breathing hard and ride was incredibly smooth. Sync 4 did very well, but we are barely touching on it's capabilities. Very happy with the truck, and also the 5th wheel!
  6. road turtle

    Ford pay

  7. Salesman tore the truck apart. Sales manager tore the truck apart Service tech tore the truck apart At our overnight stop, we got takeout and while we were waiting I took the time to get some of the junk from the F150 to put away, including hand sanitizer. Wife put it in the little pocket on the pass door. When she dropped it in there, it went ching... Keys were all the way towards the inside and you literally couldn't see them.
  8. road turtle

    Sync 4 Question - Modem

    Where do I sign up for connected Nav? Kenneths, the number rounds up to $6.67
  9. road turtle

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I ordered from a Lansing dealership. Two trucks that came off the line same time as mine were shipped by truck. Mine was listed as HOT, so it came by train. And the Flatrock depot is a freaking mess. Only reason I got my truck, the delivery truck driver, his first two loads could not be found. Mine was his 3rd attempt.
  10. road turtle

    Sync 4 Question - Modem

    $20 per month
  11. road turtle

    Sync 4 Question - Modem

    That's what I was afraid of. I'm going to be hard pressed to pay $20 a month to be able to start or lock the car from my phone. Connected nav is a bit more concerning, however, I use a Garmin when towing, and always use waze.
  12. road turtle

    Sync 4 Question - Modem

    It's $20 monthly to keep the modem activated. I know not paying that I'll lose hotspot. How much Navigation content is lost without continuing the service?
  13. road turtle

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Yes it's confidential, but you being a party to that information, it can be shared with you. Dealer can't send it someone that is not a party to your order.
  14. road turtle

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    F350D Antimatter Blue SRW CCLB Lariat
  15. road turtle

    Maintenance Plan for F350D

    I took Flood ESP pricing into the dealer. They "claimed" Flood's ESP pricing was below their cost. HOWEVER, when we combined maintenance plan, their price was a couple hundred over Flood. For the maintenance, doing the math and having someone else do it, literally the maintenance is prepaid oil changes. As we are looking to spend time traveling, this takes the burden off me to plan out oil changes and being home when they need to be done.