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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.

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  1. road turtle

    Trailer Backup Camera Not Default Reverse View

    before the latest update, no.... but the update changed the screen views some. I'm hoping it's viewable now, but i won't be hooking back up for a couple of weeks.
  2. Did try searching and didn't find it. I remember reading about adding a part to the drivers side rear seat back like pass side seat back. Does anybody know where or who makes the part?
  3. road turtle

    Gave the f350 more "behind the seat" storage room

    Math is hard.... Not sure how I got dragged into this conversation with my taxes...???
  4. road turtle

    DEF Gauge

    I've given up tracking DEF fluid levels. I did make the mistake at one fuel stop, seeing it was showing 1,500 miles left, and literally 100 miles down the road, I got an alert that I was down to 500 miles. Now, if I'm fueling up in a truck lane, and have less than 1/2 tank, I go ahead and refill DEF. It goes through a lot while towing, and virtually none when not towing. Secondary issue that DEF does go bad, so I don't try and keep it full when not towing.
  5. road turtle

    Warning -- Warning

    IMO, the quality issues start at the top. When you literally force cost reductions through without following through with complete testing, and then wonder why there are quality issues? When you go with lowest cost supplier no matter what condition the supplier is in, what do you think is going to happen? When you literally layoff your most experienced engineering staff, who is going to handle issues that develop?
  6. road turtle

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I had over a couple of decades at Ford in salaried positions and had a pretty deep contact list. Even I couldn't get my truck moved off of the train's destination lot. Dealer called me and said your truck arrived, and then told me the story the delivery driver told him. Apparently the driver was given a stack of vehicles to load and deliver... couldn't find a single one. They gave him another stack, couldn't find any of those. Mine was in his third stack, and he only find 2 or 3 in the stack and they told him to just take those. I'm thinking this is a combination of first in last out inventory management, with a mix of anarchy thrown in for good measure. I often wonder on some of these that can't be found how many were stolen for parts.
  7. road turtle

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I'd bet money it was a financial decision to go with 2.5" over 3". Somebody determined that very few customers "need" 3" receiver and it's lower cost too. Supplier capacity issues could also play into the decision.
  8. road turtle

    Bread & Butter or Jelly & Toast

    Just wait when the reality of off the development money pouring into electric vehicles back fires. With very few exceptions, company cutting top line revenue do not increase profit margins. In fact the usual ends up happening. Ford has pushed up the price of trucks so high, it's a struggle for most to even buy a new vehicle. Look at the sudden and substantial increase in Lightening pricing. once you get past early adopters, that market will fall drop like a rock. A good portion of SD market is to construction workers. As the housing market is collapsing, so will construction jobs.
  9. Friend sleeps in his suburban while traveling the country. Interesting note, he has a luggage rack with LED flood lights on all 4 sides. In a rest area, somebody woke him up banging on the window. He flipped the switch, and daylight. Guy literally took off running. I'd love to set that up on my SD, but don't want additional height.
  10. road turtle

    Lost a key in Retrax Tonneau Cover

    Sorry for the late update! Magnet was a most excellent idea, and my first attempt at finding the key, except it didn't work. I emailed the mfg, and their suggestion was loosen all the bolts and slide the whole mechanism rearward and remove the front cover piece. BUT, after loosening all the bolts, I had to move a LOT of stuff in front of the hitch. After all the bolts were loose, and I had to move crap out of the way, what should I see, but my key! It never went into the canister!
  11. road turtle

    $5000 to fix Adaptive Steering Fault??

    I decided for the first time in my life to add an extended warranty, along with maintenance contract. Looking at the cost of oil changes on the 6.7L, the maintenance contract was almost a wash, and it gained me extra coverage on the warranty too.
  12. road turtle

    $5000 to fix Adaptive Steering Fault??

    An oil formulator believes he discovered the cause of the Hemi "tic". He believed the valves were not rotating and would get "stuck". By adding {I don't recall the additive) to the oil, it would prevent the tic. I actually started running T6 in the SRT Challenger. Oil analysis is showing good results.
  13. road turtle

    Bed Bike Rack or Holder?

    Hitch on the front is another option
  14. I will completely disagree with this. If a person learns and practices on the "knob", they will be as competent as you are on the steering wheel. As an employee I trialed the system while it was still in development. I hated it, and actually backed a trailer through an S Course not using the system... but I have decades of experience backing up trailers. I've seen people do an awesome job with the knob. I tried to show my wife how to use the knob, but it was clear, she was learning better without my "help". She has a ways to go to get proficient, but it works for her.
  15. road turtle

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    It's not like we can trust dealerships either. I couldn't get Ford regional sales manager to admit what happened on my order. The stunt they pulled was bad enough, but the fact I couldn't get a straight answer told me volumes.