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  1. I'll bet that the story behind this crash is very similar to this early Tesla crash back in 2016 - https://www.tesla.com/blog/tragic-loss "....What we know is that the vehicle was on a divided highway with Autopilot engaged when a tractor trailer drove across the highway perpendicular to the Model S. Neither Autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied. The high ride height of the trailer combined with its positioning across the road." Also see: https://cdllife.com/2019/roof-sheared-off-of-tesla-in-fatal-crash-with-turning-semi-truck/ -Ovaltine
  2. To paraphrase 'ole Crocodile Dundee - "...that ain't a Mach 1......THIS is a Mach 1!" 😉 ( In fact - the '69 Mach 1 was the *original* Mach 1!) -Ovaltine
  3. To paraphrase Master Yoda though: "It will be......it..willllll...beeeeeee!" 😉 -Ovaltine
  4. Ovaltine

    2021 Hyundai Elantra Debuts online

    I'm a casual H/K fan - and I agree......*blech*. 😝 -Ovaltine
  5. Ovaltine

    Chevy Impala discontinued

    Here's the backside of the same car, which was the last year of the iconic 6 round taillights - a major styling selling point for me:
  6. Ovaltine

    Chevy Impala discontinued

    If I could pick an Impala to own, here's what MINE would be: 1965 Impala SS! (w/327 CID 300 HP / 4 speed) Original location: https://photos.classiccars.com/cc-temp/listing/117/3183/14852361-1965-chevrolet-impala-std.jpg
  7. Wow..... this article covers A LOT of ground, but the section on future CEO Farley is alarming, if it's anywhere near being an accurate assessment of Farley's activities to-date. FORD’S HIGHWAY TO HELL. http://www.autoextremist.com/ Excerpt: "...Am I picking on Farley? Hardly. I have only scratched the surface in describing this egomaniacal character and his blatant power grab, and now that he has been given the reins and deemed to be the heir apparent, he could wreak havoc on the company’s future for years. And this simply shouldn’t be, of course. One bad actor shouldn’t be causing this much consternation and hand-wringing throughout the enterprise, threatening to jeopardize everything the Ford Motor Company stands for. " Hmmmm.... <gulp> -Ovaltine
  8. Ovaltine

    KIA and Lincoln not cross shopped.......

    I agree with that!
  9. Ovaltine

    KIA and Lincoln not cross shopped.......

    This particular thread reminds me of some of my earliest posts back in 2006 (still available on here, btw) about how impressed I was with a new design 2004.5 Kia Spectra EX I had purchased new as a go-to-work vehicle. It was very nicely optioned, and all for about $13.5k US out-the-door. I shared with the forums here my observations about how really decent the Spectra was, and I was practically laughed off the board. I later pointed out the quick rise of the H/K duo in the various quality ratings, and again was met with derision. So I must admit that I take a little pleasure in reading this thread. 😉 For the record though, I truly am happy for Ford that the Lincoln lineup is looking so polished and robust these days. And I actually would have to say that I prefer the Lincoln's SUV styling efforts over the Telluride. It's very heartening to see the resurgence of Lincoln over Cadillac, after all the years of Caddy looking like it was the one American luxury line that would survive and thrive. I just wish that Lincoln would revive a Continental Mark (or better yet - a new Thunderbird!) line in a nice 2-door coupe - but with the current trends for sedans/coupes, we all know that that isn't going to happen any time soon. I just *wish* Ford would do more towards avoiding the predictable vehicle launch issues, the usual "big ticket" engineering faux pas de jour (Focus trannys?), and the plethora of little-but-imporant-part breakages that only seem to happen on Fords and not many other high volume makes. In any case, I'd have to say looking back 13+ years now that my predictions and observations about the Koreans weren't too far off the mark. -Ovaltine
  10. It looks like the DCT debacle is coming to a head.... EXCERPT: "DETROIT – They knew the truth and kept quiet. Their secret wasn’t a secret at all in engineering, product development, research, design or manufacturing within Ford Motor Co., say seven current and former employees who worked to develop and launch the Fiesta and Focus cars that would become known for defective automatic transmissions. “My hands are dirty. I feel horrible,” said an engineer who played a key role in developing the popular compact cars." https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ford-workers-break-silence-faulty-145800004.html
  11. Nice information page here on the "Grabber" line..... https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/1971-75-ford-maverick-grabber-2/
  12. And here's that '72 Nova "image" I was referring to....
  13. Being a child of the 1970's, and like a '72 Nova SS is to the name 'Nova', this picture is what I forever will see in my mind when I read the words "Ford Maverick"! -Ovaltine
  14. FYI - NAAO Chief Bob Rewey's obit from 2014. Very Interesting sounding guy. https://www.autonews.com/article/20141201/OEM02/141209980/robert-rewey-ford-marketing-exec-who-moved-the-iron-dies-at-76
  15. I worked at the NAAO building on that site for a couple of years in the late '80s as a contract programmer on the LUCID PC application project. I have some good memories of talking to older guys high up in various vehicle programs, and hearing some of their old war stories from the TRULY "Old Days" of the late '50s, '60s, and '70s. The little "New Model Year" car show out in the south parking lot during the late summer was a fun event to go to. Seeing disguised vehicle mules in the parking lot there, and esp. in the EEE lot during my install visits there was very cool - in the pre-Internet "spyshot" world of 1988/89. One thing I still chuckle about is how after various big meetings would get out, a stream of staff would parade through the offices of the stats people I worked for asking for this data and that data and the request was ALWAYS for "Bob" - aka Bob Rewey who was in charge of the complex back then. The guys I reported to would mutter about how "busy" Bob's surely going to be if everyone gets the data they're asking for! LOL! The other anecdotal story I remember is someone coming in and telling us how he had just left a meeting where they had spent almost an entire hour arguing about whether to greenlight (or not) a .20 cent backseat ashtray in a Lincoln! He was massaging his temple and looking for some aspirin at that point! -Ovaltine