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  1. Nice information page here on the "Grabber" line..... https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/1971-75-ford-maverick-grabber-2/
  2. And here's that '72 Nova "image" I was referring to....
  3. Being a child of the 1970's, and like a '72 Nova SS is to the name 'Nova', this picture is what I forever will see in my mind when I read the words "Ford Maverick"! -Ovaltine
  4. FYI - NAAO Chief Bob Rewey's obit from 2014. Very Interesting sounding guy. https://www.autonews.com/article/20141201/OEM02/141209980/robert-rewey-ford-marketing-exec-who-moved-the-iron-dies-at-76
  5. I worked at the NAAO building on that site for a couple of years in the late '80s as a contract programmer on the LUCID PC application project. I have some good memories of talking to older guys high up in various vehicle programs, and hearing some of their old war stories from the TRULY "Old Days" of the late '50s, '60s, and '70s. The little "New Model Year" car show out in the south parking lot during the late summer was a fun event to go to. Seeing disguised vehicle mules in the parking lot there, and esp. in the EEE lot during my install visits there was very cool - in the pre-Internet "spyshot" world of 1988/89. One thing I still chuckle about is how after various big meetings would get out, a stream of staff would parade through the offices of the stats people I worked for asking for this data and that data and the request was ALWAYS for "Bob" - aka Bob Rewey who was in charge of the complex back then. The guys I reported to would mutter about how "busy" Bob's surely going to be if everyone gets the data they're asking for! LOL! The other anecdotal story I remember is someone coming in and telling us how he had just left a meeting where they had spent almost an entire hour arguing about whether to greenlight (or not) a .20 cent backseat ashtray in a Lincoln! He was massaging his temple and looking for some aspirin at that point! -Ovaltine
  6. I don't know anything about the new guy - but this Crains article points out that his primary experience is with the finances of Amazon and SnapChat - both of which obviously are not even remotely automotive-related. https://www.crainsdetroit.com/people/former-amazon-snap-exec-succeed-retiring-ford-cfo EXCERPT: ""We're so excited to have Tim join Ford at this incredible time for our company as we strive to become the world's most trusted company, designing smart vehicles for a smart world," Hackett said in the release. "He was a key player in the incredible success at Amazon and he understands the principles of fitness and growth as complementary virtues for Ford's future." What does everyone think of this move???
  7. Ovaltine

    A Retro Styled Panel Truck

    Hey - if they won't build me a new Thunderbird, then NO retro-anything-elses! LOL!
  8. Ovaltine

    A Retro Styled Panel Truck

    Here 'ya go - just sitting on the lot and ready to TAKE HOME! LOL 🤣 https://www.carfax.com/Used-Chevrolet-HHR-Panel_w148 -Ovaltine
  9. It looks like FCA needs do some sub-contracting, and pick up some Ford 9-inchers for use in those Demons! LOL 🤣 https://www.hotrod.com/articles/9-inch-ford-rearend-strongest-rearend-due-hypoid-distance/
  10. Heard this iconic tune by homeboy Bob Seger on Detroit's WCSX this morning, and it resonated with the sentiments I had when I created this post/thread. Needless to say, that I'm STILL hopin' that someday Ford will be "Makin' Thunderbirds" again! 😉
  11. Ovaltine

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    Other than incorporating the "split", Ford had the Ram's technology down pat back in the '60s! LOL We LOVED the "Magic Doorgate" in our '68 LTD Country Squire when I was growing up. It was the usual lime-ish green w/fake wood sides, common for the era. DEFINITELY the inspiration for Clark and Ellen's "Wagon Queen - Family Truckster"! I've attached a pic of a '66 version - which is the essential the same setup we had. Btw - that 390 CID in that wagon hauled a** - quite literally! 😄 -Ovaltine
  12. But - I'm doubting that any Lincoln (other than a 2-seater) would have as minuscule rear seat as a 'Stang - thus I'm assuming that a Lincoln version would ride on a lengthened Mustang chassis. If that assumption proved to be correct - then a Thunderbird COULD then in theory share that platform fairly economically. With that said, that name: Thundercougarfalconbird IS starting to grow on me a little!!! LOL 😂 -Ovaltine
  13. THUNDERBIRD.....THUNDERBIRD.....THUNDERBIRD.....THUNDER............ It HAS been done before! "The sixth generation Thunderbird debuted in the fall of 1971 as a 1972 model. With a 120.4-inch (3,058 mm) wheelbase, an overall length of 214 inches (5,436 mm) (growing to 225 inches (5,715 mm) by 1974), and a curb weight of 4,420 pounds (2,005 kg) (over 4,800 pounds (2,177 kg) when equipped with a 460 cu in (7.5 L) V8), it was the largest Thunderbird ever produced by Ford, sharing the assembly line with the Lincoln Continental Mark IV. " 😎
  14. A-fricken-MEN! I totally agree, esp. on the concept of EV's being good in urban areas. I work in A2, and EVs will make total sense in this kind of enviroment. However - until "Doc" invents the flux-capacitor and the "Mr. Fusion" for electric vehicles, the prospects of sitting stranded on a cold snowy isolated road in Northern Michigan in dead of winter with a completely drained EV has NO appeal to me whatSOever. A gasoline-hybrid would be the largest step I'll be taking into that realm until A.) petrol is non-existent or prohibitively expensive or B.) "Doc" shows up with the DeLorean! 😉 LOL -Ovaltine