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  1. Does anyone know how to find the sticker or build info for an older model Ford? I bought a 2002 Crown Victoria as a third car (spare) and pretty sure it has the HPP option. Just curious to see what the car was originally equipped with.
  2. Wife and I spent a few days there in the fall, very important piece of American history and well worth it. I'd go back in a heartbeat!
  3. Anyone want to take a guess at this? 92LX302 Yesterday, 10:33 PM What's so unreliable about the 6.2 Super Duty?
  4. tsd98

    Any 2015 Taurus knowledge?

    FWIW, the wife and I just got back from a week driving the Blue Ridge Parkway to the OBX in a rental Taurus Limited and I walked away impressed. The car handled extremely well for its heft and chewed up the miles on the Interstates very comfortably. It was a pleasure to drive and averaged almost 27 mpg over 1,500 miles, including the mountains. The only minor gripes I have are the oddly shaped (cramped) footwell on the driver's side, and the seemingly inefficient use of some of the interior space. The ride/handling balance in the hills overshadowed these minor gripes, and the powertrain and seats were great. I know the platform is aging, but this is a nice car all around, especially considering how safe it is. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good large car at a reasonable price.
  5. tsd98

    Questions About US Built Fusions

    Any updates on when FRAP might start producing Titaniums and hybrids? Wife is still driving "my" new 2013 F-150 while I drive the old one. Would like to put her in a vin #1 Titanium instead of a vin #3!
  6. tsd98


    I have purchased many (~10) sets of Cooper tires as a family friend is a Cooper dealer. They have all performed very well, but I have purchased mostly their light truck radials. Have never had a problem, except for a couple of well deserved flats, and they perform and wear pretty well. Cooper Tire and Rubber is an American based, publicly traded company and has been in business almost 100 years. http://coopertire.com/About-Us/Our-Company.aspx They do a great deal of manufacturing here in the US, but have expanded globally in recent years. Since I try to buy made in the USA products whenever possible, I feel good about buying from them. I also hear that Hankook makes decent tires for the price, but they are a Korean based company so I don't even consider them.
  7. tsd98

    Injector Pulse tapping noise

    I have a 2005 5.4 with 183k miles on it. The injectors have always made that noise, and I too can sometimes hear it inside the cab with the radio off. Have never had a problem with an injector though....it's normal. Just bought a 2013 Lariat Ecoboost 4X4, the direct injectors "tick" even louder than the 5.4's. Hope you enjoy your truck for many miles!
  8. tsd98

    F150 Driver Grab Handle

    I drive both a 2005 and a 2011 regularly. Use the handle on the 2005 to lift myself over the driver's side seat bolster. Very annoying that there is no handle on the 2011.
  9. JC, can sympathize completely....grew up in the pineywoods, completed my undergrad in Aggieland, worked in Houston, and now live/work in Beaumont. I'm pretty sure our Summer ambient temps here are too much for a single pass of outside air over the evaporator coil to handle. I own an older F-150, and drive a F-350 for work. They pretty much have to run on "MAX" for the first few minutes after starting in the Summer months to remove humidity and cool effectively during the heat of the day. Would be really nice if Ford could program their systems to run in MAX or RECIRC automatically for 10-15 minutes when ambient temps are over about 85 F for those of us on the Gulf Coast. The systems obviously have the capacity because they can cool the passenger cabins effectively with manual control in a few minutes. Like others have stated, my wife's Benz carries this task out seamlessly.
  10. Couldn't agree more about the rear quarter windows, R. J.
  11. I didn't buy anything, but asked mom to consider a 2011 Fusion Sport to replace her '03 Explorer. She was impressed and ended up buying an '11 with navigation, BLIS, etc. I'm really impressed with the car and it has not had even a minor issue. Well balanced and a fun drive with virtually no sacrifices*. Would recommend to anyone! *Come on Ford, you've got a growing following with these cars. Knock one out of the park and bring some of that production home to the USA for the new models. If Toyota and Honda can profitably build Camrys and Accords here in the States, you can profitably build Fusions and MKZs. Make us proud, and give my fiance' a reason to replace her Benz with a truly American MKZ! Made in USA is worth a price premium to me.
  12. My mom bought an '11 Fusion Sport with the 3.5 and I'm pretty impressed. I researched that engine family before she ordered the car and only found positive reviews where reliability is concerned. MFT is sweet as well, but may be a little daunting at first.
  13. tsd98

    Ford Unveils 2013 Taurus

    Big, solid, safe cars.....nice that they are getting a refresh. Ecoboost might be spot-on considering fuel prices, too. A few things concern or disturb me however: not fond of the wheels on the SHO, MyFord instrument panel has the LCD screen....an analog-look tach would be nice (especially on SHO), and read lots of complaints about the center console hump intruding on peoples right legs on the '10 design...looks unchanged. Overall, think the Taurus is much better than people give it credit for, like that it's made in the USA (Chicago),and hope for the best with the '13!
  14. tsd98

    Get rid of the SecuriCode keypad

    SecuriCode option on my F-150 about $75, one call to Pop-A-Lock $60, what a value. This is one of my favorite features and I use it often when I don't want to bulk up pockets with a set of keys. Other reasons I love it: A spare ignition and house key in the center console has saved me too many times to count. Can loan the truck to girlfriend, buddies, and family without having to meet them with my keys as I have a company truck also. When I go fishing, spare ignition key stays locked in the truck. Should the weather turn foul or I get stranded on the other side of the lake, I can likely call someone(s) to pick up truck and boat trailer and drive to a closer boat launch. In a Chevy, the stupid keys would be in my pocket and the truck and trailer would be stuck at the wrong launch. When I go hunting, I love the fact that I can never lock myself out of the truck. Accidentally locking the keys and phone inside the truck out in the woods would truly suck. I hope Ford keeps this feature for a long time. BTW several of my Chevy and Dodge driving friends have repeatedly stated that they wish their trucks had a similar feature.
  15. tsd98

    Most American Car?

    As an F-150 owner (3x), I too find this pretty disturbing. Besides some wiring harnesses, the radio, coolers (radiator, condenser, etc.) can anyone tell us what major parts of the F-150 are not made in the USA aside from the Windsor engine? If this is a trend that will continue, I am truly disgusted. Need to keep as many jobs in the USA as possible!