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  1. PREMiERdrum

    TFL/ Bronco news

    Can confirm... The integrated portrait screens are incredible.
  2. PREMiERdrum

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Trying to stop the craziness from growing legs, one day at a time. Seriously though, the big, vertical HVAC vents flanking the larger screen should have been all they needed to see. But to each their own.
  3. PREMiERdrum

    news coming....

    I'd chalk this up to trim / package differences. The version we saw was mostly locked in.
  4. PREMiERdrum

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    It doesn't have the same interior.
  5. PREMiERdrum

    Mercury Cougar Veyron

    My first car was a Contour, I knew what I was in for.
  6. PREMiERdrum

    Mercury Cougar Veyron

    I came [-] this close to trading my Fusion for a mint 2002 Cougar a few weeks ago... it was a 25th Anniversary edition with crazy low miles. Back when I was 19, I was on my way to trade my Expedition for an '02 Cougar but got t-boned by a drunk driver on the way to the dealership. They sold her while I was sorting out insurance, costing me my chance. I've wanted one ever since. Finally talked myself out of it as it would have been even less practical than the Fusion for baby carrier duty. Once the lease is up on this awful Cruze and we get her something proper... I'll have something fun again.
  7. PREMiERdrum

    Mercury Cougar Veyron

    Absolutely incredible work inside an out.
  8. Things at GM are set to get really ugly, really quick. Management is absolutely ill equipped to handle this.
  9. The variety of problems being experienced is interesting... Glad to hear that they're catching, fixing, and re-shipping them, but good heavens.
  10. PREMiERdrum

    August Sales?

    Last I heard, it was being discussed to launch several key products (Bronco and F-150 among them) at a debut event before the Summer NAIAS and not tied to any one auto show. Kind of a "we're back, baby!" event. I'm sure certain specs and details would be saved for traditional auto show press conferences.
  11. PREMiERdrum

    August Sales?

    Farther along than "discussed" but not greenlit for production. 😉
  12. PREMiERdrum

    Ford Mustang Mach E and Baby Bronco

    As far as I know, we'll see a mix of portrait and landscape-oriented screens over the coming years. I believe the current design edict is moving towards horizontal screens in most applications.
  13. The new screen layout is landscape, not portrait... anxious to see how it's integrated. I think the traditional F-150 dash layout of: I0I (-------) I0I [ ] I0I______I0I is done for.
  14. This new F-150 plus continued aggressive incentives from Ram is going tor make things much, much worse for the boys at the RenCen.