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  1. One taught them a lot that they used for the other. This wasn't plan A, B, or C for the Bronco reveal, but from what I can tell you won't be disappointed.
  2. Mine seats 7, but no Flex seats 8 (legally).
  3. The change in the Flex's interior from 2012 to 2013 was fairly substantial, IMHO. New stack, all new switchgear, new gauges, new steering wheel, etc. The hardpoints were the same but it's at least on par with other MCEs.
  4. PREMiERdrum

    Another Ford in the driveway

    Her family is mainly "Jeep people" but they fell in love with the Flex the second I bought it. As of today, my wife has an Explorer, her brother is shopping an Edge (from my cousin), and her parents are considering replacing their Cherokee with an Escape.
  5. PREMiERdrum

    Another Ford in the driveway

    We've had rain for the last 10 days or so. The little bridge over the Licking River to get into our corner of the neighborhood was washed over with a few inches of water for the last few days.
  6. PREMiERdrum

    Another Ford in the driveway

    The both have the 3.5 / 6A 🤣 I'm convinced to her, "nimble" means the corner lean from the increased height. She is *not* a car person. Asked me to pick something for her and tell her where to sign.
  7. As you may have heard me mention a time or two (or ten), the leased Cruze my wife brought into our relationship was the only blemish on an otherwise perfect woman. The *long* lease term is finally up next month, and we took advantage of a weak market to upgrade her last night. A close cousin of mine is Sr. G.M. for a family owned chain of 15 dealerships around central Ohio, and his office is based in the brand-new Ford spec building a few miles up the road from home. Last night, we brought home a very gently used 4WD Explorer XLT in Magnetic with black leather interior and seemingly every option box checked save for the Pano roof. She couldn't be happier, and neither could I. She really warmed up to driving my Flex over the last couple years, but likes the higher seating position and "more nimble" feel of the Explorer. I finally traded in my '08 Fusion that's been a glorified driveway decoration since I got the Flex, and with a small down payment we are paying considerably *less* than she was for that awful leased shitbox Cruze. Interestingly, as we were finalizing the numbers he told me that the Ford lot has been absolutely swamped with new car sales in the last 2 weeks. They're working under minimized staffing due to the "Safer at Home" rules, but each of the sales associates are juggling 2 or 3 deals at a time most evenings. In the last 30 days, this one lot alone is down by 145 inventory units. He's been told not to expect significant deliveries to begin for another 6 to 8 weeks at least.
  8. PREMiERdrum

    Yahoo article on Fusion Active

    Correct. (Sorry to interrupt the grammar discussion)
  9. PREMiERdrum

    Yahoo article on Fusion Active

    BORG has 2 (that I know of) well-placed sources. His info on Ranger is right. His info on Fusion Active (or "Fusion" as we'll likely know it) is wrong.... unless this decision is less than 48 hours old.
  10. It's been studied and sketched, but as of now it's decidedly not happening. They'll do what they need to do to protect the trademark.
  11. PREMiERdrum

    Yahoo article on Fusion Active

    The rendering is off but the info is good.
  12. We're all stuck inside with little to no good news. The orchestration of all this may have been improved by the lockdown speed bumps... and we're still in the thick of it.
  13. Talent! "Look, guys. No hands!"