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  1. PREMiERdrum

    Return of the Thunderbird?

    The last planned Thunderbird revival was shelved about 6 years ago.
  2. After talking this over with my cousin (a dealer GM)... these dealers were likely expecting a bit more headroom in the numbers and rolled the dice on a huge # of early Bronco reservation conversions would pay off in dividends with the increase in allocation in later model years. I have to echo Dirty Bronco's concerns that they will try to make up this difference in shorting trades when able. They're set to lose at least a few hundred bucks per unit with some of these deals.
  3. Gotta push those ESP's, undercoating, and Scotchguard treatments...
  4. PREMiERdrum

    Bronco Pickup Sketch?

    In development: Bronco pickup Not in development: Full size SUV Bronco
  5. PREMiERdrum

    Bronco Pickup Sketch?

    This... wasn't an accident. There is still a Bronco truck moving through development. It will be very different than Ranger. That's all I can say.
  6. This is symptomatic of the initial plan to release these "themed packages" instead of trim levels. As the idea was watered down a bit prior to launch by turning the packages into pseudo-trim levels, the curated nature of each identity became a bit less palatable. I expect the Big Bend's two interior palates will be made available to OBX and WT buyers my MY22, and perhaps a backing away of one of the other interior schemes.
  7. It's a great sign that the MIC hardrop option has been removed from the list of commodity concerns.
  8. I just got the call from my dealer's "Bronco Specialist" asking me to get my build sheet in to him this weekend so they have it ready to go in the WBDO system Tuesday afternoon when ordering opens. They are trying to submit orders in reservation timestamp order, and I'm reservation #1 at their store. 😳 I'm not sure if this is just because my cousin is the dealer's GM, but there is no requirement to physically visit the dealer to sign anything. They are just using the buildsheet I submit to order. Wish me luck!
  9. It's legit - it matched the one "leaked" by BN yesterday (fed to them by Ford via their marketing agency).
  10. They actually said in the call yesterday that a 4 door Big Bend Auto 2.3 Auto soft top has the lowest risk of commodity issues of any possible combination... so my only risk is the MIC roof. When you're in Columbus this Summer we're meeting up for beers (and Broncos of course)!
  11. Production intent for MY21 is set at 70,000, running from no later than May to the beginning of December. Most late availability items should be more accessible come September. Heritage package, Mansquatch, and color changes will come online with MY22 in December.
  12. Almost the same as mine! I thought you were in an OBX. I'm a 4 door Cactus Gray Big Bend Mid Package with the 2.3 and the MIC top, and a 7/13 - 9:45pm timestamp. Short of more delays, I'm hoping to see her late June / early July.
  13. September if not a smidge earlier, not as bad as first thought.