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  1. The grilles are 100% interchangeable... just be ready to swap headlamps where necessary.
  2. Rumblings say they're pushing like hell to move Job 1 up a bit...
  3. Over 190,000 current reservations, and they're now expecting a 72-75% capture rate. MY21 has been "simplified" to meet increased production targets. MY22 will get new options, but will be nearly - if not entirely - consumed by reservations. MY23... the real fun starts. -PREMiERdrum, who is still very much excited by his MY21 reservation (and who is coincidentally back in contract with the Premier Drum Co).
  4. Last I saw it was 2nd week of March. May have slipped a week or two from there but they're fighting like hell to avoid that.... hence this week's announcements.
  5. Literally 20 minutes from my place. We can preparty in my garage! 🤣
  6. It definitely said 12" a few hours ago... that was a quick catch and correct.
  7. I saw the 12" display as a standalone option on BD, did they already pull that?
  8. Start planning! https://www.brewdog.com/usa/locations/hotels/doghouse
  9. Got mine done on the first go - absolutely no changes from what I was planning on: Big Bend 4 Door 2.3L / Auto Cactus Gray exterior / Black Onyx and Space Gray cabin MIC Hardtop Signature Lighting Mid Package w/ CoPilot 360
  10. MIC is a plastic roof with the color moulded into the material... they aren't painted. They're the base roof on the 2door and thr less expensive optional hard top on tgr 4door. The black / white / body color roofs will be painted, and will have the "modular" pop out rear windows.
  11. Plenty of people are against the color of the MIC top. I love it.. with most paint colors, at least. Looks like the Black Modular Hardtop will be a Job2 add for MY21, and white / body color roofs will wait until MY22. This is a Webasto supply issue, but I've heard they're rethinking the workflow of so many roof options at MAP. Curious if @fuzzymoomoo has heard anything...
  12. Well hey, I'll be "celebrity" bartending there on Friday, December 4th, as they're hosting a fundraising night for the HS Drumline I teach. If anyone is looking to visit beautiful Central Ohio....🤣 Epoxy floors are on the list... but not until the driveway and garage floor are torn up and re-poured. Ugh.
  13. FAR more reliable.
  14. My family and I are no strangers to the Bourbon Trail... it's not a bad drive at all from central Ohio. Back to Ohio beers... Brew Dog's (of Scottland) only American brewery is only about 20 minutes from my house and it's an awesome place to hang out. Good beers, good food, and a new boutique hotel that has beer taps in every room!
  15. https://www.insidehook.com/article/vehicles/filson-ford-bronco-firefighting-concept-vehicle