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  1. Honestly it's not really bothering me at all, I know it's going to be replaced at some point. I'm making noise about it here and elsewhere to keep pressure up for a proper fix. The question, of course, is what becomes a proper remedy? I don't think it's realistic at this point to think that Webasto can manufacture these with the expected quality. Could another supplier? I'm not sure, the design seems to have some fundamental flaws. So now you're going to have 25,000-35,000 MIC hard top 2021 Broncos running around with faulty roofs. What happens when they start flexing and cracking? Keep putting new bad roofs on? There isn't an obvious solution but the clock is ticking for them to figured it out. In the meantime, I'm having a blast in my rig.
  2. New snakeskin texture on both sides of the middle roof panel that wasn't there yesterday. It's crazy how quickly this seems to appear. Once it's there, so far, it doesn't go away.
  3. Have you been here since Steel Vengeance opened?!? Currently in line to ride it for the 5th time today. Absolutely indescribable. No kids or spouses today, just me and a friend, so we bit the bullet and did FastLane Plus and I can't imagine this day without it. BUSY.
  4. Hi guys! Great day here with the Bronco at Cedar Point.
  5. The MOD tops are different and going to a different supplier now. The MIC roofs are complex but can be made as designed, Webasto just has demonstrated no ability to reliably do so. I don't know what the future holds but they'll be replacing thousands of MIC tops in short order with... something.
  6. It's rough, but I suppose a brand new model with new components from a new supplier launching during a global pandemic had a ton to do with this. The truck is awesome and I love driving it. People stop me daily to talk about it. They smile. It's fun to look at and more fun to drive. The roof is being poorly manufactured, the fruit of a business relationship that has already fractured beyond salvation. The design behind the roof was likely too complex to pull off in real world manufacturing situations. Webasto assured Ford they could and Ford trusted them. I have to believe these will all be replaced at some point, as they're not exactly repairable and are already falling apart. I'm still enjoying every bit of driving it while they sort out the mess.
  7. New today: my MIC roof has developed the "snakeskin" texture of another early build, where the honeycomb core actually shows thru the outer laminate panel. The raw seam down the back of my clamshell also shows signs of delamination and a lot more material shedding. I've had it 3 weeks.
  8. I'm a little troubled that the severity of the roof issues legitimately might not have made it up the chain in Dearborn until now... Jalopnik put out a piece today about the MIC roof issues linking to the B6G thread that had my pics and info, and Motor1 did the same. The trees are starting to shake. Wonder what will fall out?
  9. Unfortunately, there have been plenty that arrived for customer delivery with poorly-fabricated tops including delaminating edges and obvious areas where the mould wasn't fully filled with material. I've been one of the "lucky" ones whose top arrived without issues, but it's obvious now there there may be some degree of failure baked into the design. Looking at mine three weeks in, there isn't an apparent fix beyond replacing the whole roof unit. Multiply that out time about 65% of orders on a hotly-received product earning tons of free press and 125,000 pre-orders and the situation gets really bad really quick. They should pull the plug on the MIC entirely until it can be reworked, promise existing MIC owners a new roof unit once it becomes available, and provide a soft top kit to those whose MIC roofs become unusable (this will happen once we get into the freeze/thaw cycles around here).
  10. The supplier - Webasto - is an absolute mess, with huge system issues over the last 18 months. I can't speak to the particular resins involved, but the basic structure is a textured outer panel and thin inner panel laminated around a core of lightweight honeycomb material. From what I can tell most delivered MIC units have at least some degree of problems.
  11. This is at the front windshield where the 2 front panels meet. This was the first seam to start sagging, and I instinctively "poked" it back into place several times before bringing it to the attention of my dealer's service advisor. He has reached out to his rep to see what to do about this This is at the back of the driver's side front panel near the B-pillar. The corner of the material was actually doubled-back and folded under it during installation. This also shows the fraying starting in the acoustic carpet and the uneven cuts in places around the latches. This shows some of the exposed edges where you can see the 3 layers of laminate. The center layer has quickly faded to white / light gray and is showing cavities where material may have already been lost. The reveal line here on the passenger side clamshell appears to be flexing a bit, becoming wider in the center than it is at the edges. I've started measuring this to track how it changes. The drivers side is not doing this.
  12. Three weeks tomorrow since I took delivery of mine, and both the design and engineering of these things is still blowing my mind. We played 2 gigs this weekend and both of them briefly turned into mini car shows with people wanting to crawl around my truck. Of course I let them... it was fun to talk Bronco with a bunch of car guys. They all loved it. HOWEVER... the MIC roof is quickly being exposed as the Achilles heel. I now have a few edges that are starting to show delamination, where the middle "core" layer of honeycomb material is starting to chip away between the outer and inner layers. Since the edges are "raw" and exposed, I can only imagine what seasonal changes will do to these things. My free sound-deadening headliner is also separating from the roof in several places, showing the vinyl "sticker" used between the raw MIC roof interior and the acoustical carpet. A user at B6G also shared how the honeycomb core texture is now visible on the exterior of his roof after waxing it, likely the result of the outer layer being cast unevenly and the "thin" spots letting the core show through. I can't see how Ford doesn't end up having to replace every MIC roof that's left the factory so far. The design of it may work if the manufacturing were 100% flawless, but in reality it just isn't possible.
  13. Bronco Sport and Maverick. Absolute home runs.
  14. Did you have any accessories or post-build options added? That's usually what a gate release to Ground Effects would signify. Otherwise, I'm so excited for yours to arrive! I know you'll love it.
  15. PREMiERdrum

    The Bronco Has Landed

    I had my heart set on a two tone, but my cousin (Sr dealership GM) found this one for me and I was able to pay cash for it. So no two tone. So now I have a two tone Bronco! Funny how that works.