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  1. Harley Lover

    My cargo partition

    Nice work and craftmanship!
  2. Harley Lover

    C Max issues

    The one issue that seems to pop up is that they will discharge the 12v battery more quickly than most cars, and tend to discharge the 12v battery if allowed to sit for an extended period. Ford supposedly corrected this issue with a software fix, but you'll still see someone occasionally have this problem. Easiest fix is to keep an eye on the 12v battery, and maybe proactively have it replaced sooner than you might normally do so.
  3. The excuse will be "that was done under the old system".
  4. Harley Lover

    GT electric driving range of 18 miles

    None of which contradicts what I wrote. Even after the EV portion of the battery is depleted, the Aviator will still operate as a hybrid - performance or otherwise. The PIH component of the Aviator is all about EV range, separate and apart from its hybrid capability. When the Mustang hybrid debuts, do you expect it to have a plug? Of course not. But by your reasoning, it will HAVE to have a plug to generate its performance. It won't.
  5. Harley Lover

    Acura Type S Concept

    Good looking, but I can't abide all that FWD overhang.
  6. Harley Lover

    GT electric driving range of 18 miles

    My understanding of how a PIH works is that the EV portion of the HV battery is for EV usage, i.e. EV range. The hybrid portion of the battery is for 'traditional' hybrid function, which in the case of the Aviator is aimed at performance. The Aviator will still function as a performance hybrid after its EV range from the HV voltage battery has been depleted. My C-Max Energi will still perform as a hybrid after I've depleted its EV capability.
  7. Harley Lover

    GT electric driving range of 18 miles

    Here's the deal: If Aviator PIH is a performance vehicle, then why offer it as a plug in hybrid? Why not offer it as a straight hybrid, if indeed the EV range is irrelevant? The fact that Lincoln is offering it as a PIH means that there is an expectation from consumers familiar with that approach that a certain EV range can be expected. 18 miles for EV range is inadequate in this day and age for a PIH vehicle. That range is certainly not a game changer, it's not really even competitive. No argument from me regarding Aviator as a performance vehicle. Its EV range as a PIH is not up to snuff.
  8. Harley Lover

    GT electric driving range of 18 miles

    I don't think the Euro test method results are comparable to test methods for the U.S..
  9. Harley Lover

    First c8 wrecked

    It's lucky that the accident occurred 50 feet later - looking at how that SUV is perched on the guard rail, and looking at the drop off from the shoulder just prior to the guard rail, it appears the guard rail did a great job of preventing the SUV from going over the side.
  10. Harley Lover

    First c8 wrecked

    I wonder who crossed the centerline - the vette or the SUV?
  11. Excellent analogy. Too bad the auto companies can't learn from their own history.
  12. Interesting article about how GM is approaching a build out for its EV charging network.
  13. Harley Lover

    Looks like GM is following Ford and FCA's lead...

    Historically there's always been a resistance within Chevy to having another model that 'threatens' Corvette. For years Pontiac tried to move the Firebird more towards the vette and away from its association with the Camaro, but GM hierarchy would only allow Pontiac to go so far. I wouldn't be surprised if Chevy had been offered Sky but said no thanks.
  14. Harley Lover

    GMC "Jimmy" Bronco/Wrangler Fighter Cancelled

    Back to the issue of dealers - GM probably doesn't want that legal fight.
  15. Harley Lover

    GMC "Jimmy" Bronco/Wrangler Fighter Cancelled

    No one has accused GM of having a cogent plan...