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  1. Harley Lover

    Cobra Jet All-Electric

    Nice close up:
  2. Perhaps that's why the linked article described it as "the most track-ready 5.0-liter Mustang ever.".
  3. Yet again evidence that the tech is not ready for prime time: https://insideevs.com/news/426312/video-tesla-crash-stopped-truck/
  4. Key money quotes about pricing: and performance: Not sure what those openings in the grill feed, but I bet it relates to the performance mission stated above.
  5. Harley Lover

    Edge ST Line

    And how is Ford doing in Europe?
  6. Harley Lover

    Edge ST Line

    Why couldn't this be the new 'Sport' trim, and try to save the ST name so that is means something? Or is that now Ford Performance? Or SVT? Or... ?
  7. No question about it; it was not a coincidence that the 'spy shot' photos of finished vehicles hit the net just before the originally scheduled reveals, and then suddenly there were no spy shots of finished vehicles when the reveals were pushed out.
  8. Harley Lover

    New Ranger Details/Rumors

    Hmmm... possible hint for what will be installed in the Mustang hybrid? Except the Mustang would presumably be hybrid only, no plug in capability.
  9. It's an odd thing with Toyota when it comes to drivetrain updates - when they upgraded the Sienna to an 8 speed transaxle, it took them a couple of model years to work the bugs out and nail down the driveability aspects. I would not buy a Toyota product in its first (and perhaps second) year of a drivetrain upgrade.
  10. Harley Lover

    Another Ford in the driveway

    Nice vehicle, good job getting her into a Ford!
  11. Harley Lover

    Hank the Third

    Sorry Kyle, level 2 is not in the zip code of 'autonomous' - I didn't miss anything.
  12. Harley Lover

    Hank the Third

    To be clear: there is not an auto company that continues to tout "100%" autonomous anymore, except in very controlled settings/environments. There's a reason that GM and the others have gone strangely silent in recent months about their autonomy plans, after having 'engineered by press release' for several prior years.
  13. Harley Lover

    Toyota Venza

    This appears to be essentially the 'Toyota RX 350', which makes sense. Edit: Just saw the factoid that it's slightly larger than the RAV4, so perhaps that should be 'Toyota NX250'.
  14. I would posit that you contradicted yourself. What is a factory or a school if they aren't "large social and public gatherings"? You are kidding yourself if you don't think the schools will be a shit show - parents routinely send in their elementary kids with snot running noses. The admin and teachers will be put in a terrible situation having to deal with this on a daily basis.