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  1. Harley Lover

    2022 Hybrid Escape

    Please update us when you get an answer - hopefully they can determine the issue and correct your Escape to your satisfaction.
  2. Harley Lover

    Ford Mondeo released

    It's official: Nope: https://www.motor1.com/news/561416/2022-ford-mondeo-not-coming-europe/
  3. Harley Lover

    2022 Hybrid Escape

    It might be worth asking the dealer if your EH has noise cancelling technology or not... Ford used this tech on previous hybrids (Fusion, C-Max) and it made a difference in terms of hearing engine sounds at road speed. I notice the difference between my daughter's EH and my older model C-Max, but I'm not sure if the absence of noise cancellation accounts for the added sounds I hear in her vehicle or not.
  4. Harley Lover

    2024 Mustang Spied

    And this is a hatchback/fastback:
  5. Harley Lover

    2024 Mustang Spied

    That is not a notchback (coupe). This is a notchback/coupe:
  6. Exactly. I like their approach, and they are one of the only OEM's (Ford is another) that have enough hybrid sales to use this approach. The more I read about issues with dendrites in solid state batteries, the more I appreciate Toyota's approach.
  7. An interesting approach, makes a lot of sense for Toyota's product portfolio:
  8. Harley Lover

    Next Fusion spied

    Transit must be included in this list too, correct? I can't imagine it wouldn't be, it (along with F150) are the foundation of their plans for continued/expanded small business services.
  9. Including going into EV battery plant construction and supply?
  10. Some facts about this Wuling mini EV: A vehicle with a 110 mile range at most that seats 4, with a top speed of 62 mph. It's not a golf cart, but it's certainly not a credible alternative in the U.S.. Oh, and it looks like this:
  11. If you take her statement at face value, that price is before rebates: "the Equinox EV will go on sale in the fall of 2023 with a price around $30,000." However, we're talking about an auto exec, so anything is possible.
  12. Harley Lover

    EV NEWS: Chrysler Airflow EV concept

    It's more due to using the EV skateboard to differently proportion the vehicle - I think these EVs will have much more interior space relative to their wheelbase, ala the EV Jag. The Chevy Equinox EV shows the same proportions (check out the one in the background):
  13. GM claim they're doing it: