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  1. A big nothingburger right now, but at least confirms the rumors that another special edition was coming:
  2. I thought those 2 vehicles were not based on Mach E, but a gen II (my phrase) version of the skateboard EV chassis?
  3. Harley Lover

    Cadillac Lyriq EV Teased

    I have a hard time believing Cadillac will get many buyers at $75,000.
  4. Harley Lover

    No corporate "history book" !

    Which company is the most profitable?
  5. How much debt load did the U.S. government remove from GM's books to allow them to that profitability? How many debt holders were screwed over (non sequitur). It's far too simple to claim they "shrank their way to profitability".
  6. Do you not recall the 'aluminum F150'? I'm not saying that every vehicle Ford developed was BIC. I'm contesting your statement "He gave the engineers and designers carte Blanche to make them best in class. That’s something that neither Mulally or Fields came close to doing on the product development side." with regard to Mulally. And I gave the citation to support it.
  7. I call BS on your comment on Mulally - there's too much revisionist history around here on Mulally lately. https://www.inc.com/marli-guzzetta/how-alan-mulally-turned-ford-around-inc5000.html
  8. Harley Lover

    Cadillac Lyriq EV Teased

    Not sure - it doesn't appear to have any functional purpose, merely a (poor) styling gimmick.
  9. Harley Lover

    Cadillac Lyriq EV Teased

    If this lightened image of the side is accurate, not good. What the hell is going on with the D pillar:
  10. Harley Lover

    My New Toy.

    Very clean ride. Congrats!
  11. Harley Lover

    Hummer EV unveiling this fall (spy pic too)

    This profile makes more sense:
  12. Agree with your sentiment, but accusing a bank of 'moral sentiment' is a non starter - they have none.
  13. Harley Lover

    Claim: Ford Developing EV Ranger

    Does that suggest that the 'EV Ranger' claimed to be under development is essentially an offshoot of the EV F150 already well progressed in its development cycle?
  14. Harley Lover

    Claim: Ford Developing EV Ranger

    Hard to believe Ford would hand VW the keys to that vehicle in EV form - it's the backbone of their commercial fleet in Europe, and not unimportant in the U.S..
  15. Harley Lover

    Claim: Ford Developing EV Ranger

    EV Ranger/Amarok is stated to be due in 2022 (perhaps Amarok goes first?). Is the "1-ton electric van" a Transit Connect size vehicle?