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  1. Ford has a stake in Rivian, so didn't think this belonged in competition: Full article: https://www.autonews.com/manufacturing/amazon-backed-rivian-confirms-plan-second-us-assembly-plant
  2. Full article for above: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/07/tsmc-signals-global-chip-crunch-may-be-easing/
  3. Good news, perhaps the proverbial corner is close to being turned: 7/15/2021: Carmakers can expect a sharp upturn in chip supplies in the coming weeks, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) said, signaling that a global shortage may have moved past its most crippling stage. In the first six months of 2021, TSMC increased its output of micro-controlling units, an important component used for car electronics, by 30 per cent compared with the same period last year, the world’s largest contract chipmaker told investors on an earnings call on Thursday. MCU production is expected to be 60 percent higher for the full year than in 2020, it added. “By taking such actions, we expect the shortage to be greatly reduced for TSMC customers starting this quarter,” said CC Wei, TSMC’s chief executive.
  4. Harley Lover

    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    How close is Maverick to this look?
  5. Would it be accurate to say that MEB is still the 'Europe solution' due to its size, whereas GE2 is the 'North America solution' also due to its size? Are there any smaller C2 products (I don't think B2 is even being considered) that will be manufactured in North America? If the above is true, what are the chassis plans (EV-wise) for China?
  6. Harley Lover

    Tesla unveils Model S Plaid and Plaid+

    More details of the spontaneously combusting Plaid: One of the first 250 Tesla Model S Plaid performance sedans “spontaneously combusted,” according to the attorney for the owner who claims to have been briefly trapped in the vehicle before being able to exit while the car was still moving. The incident adds to a growing list of safety concerns involving the California EV marker, NHTSA recently confirming that it has launched 30 separate investigations involving Tesla products. The latest incident occurred on June 29, when an unnamed owner of a Tesla Model S Plaid was driving through Haverford, Pennsylvania. The vehicle “spontaneously combusted,” according to one of the owner’s attorneys. The driver was briefly trapped inside and was able to finally exit even before it came to a complete stop. https://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2021/07/more-tesla-safety-trouble-as-model-s-plaid-bursts-into-flames/
  7. Harley Lover

    Ford June 2021 Sales

    Apropos of nothing, MME outsold Mustang.
  8. Agree, makes sense, particularly given the probable low volume nature of the product.
  9. Perhaps a Lincoln Land Rover competitor?
  10. Harley Lover

    The Bronco Has Landed

    Premier, this photo belongs in your sig or avatar or something, it's too good not to show it off!
  11. JPD, do you think there's any possibility that that TE2 will be scalable (ala VW's MEB) and therefore could be sized to fit the needs of Bronco/Ranger (and maybe Everest)? I could see Ford wanting to stick with F150 attributes (not sure if that includes a true frame or not) in vehicles like Bronco and Ranger.
  12. Harley Lover

    The Bronco Has Landed

    Nice damn build. Congrats! Driving impressions soon... ?
  13. Harley Lover

    2023 Transit Connect

    ^^ If we stipulate the above, I wonder what implications that might have for where Ford would plan to build battery plants. An approach could be to locate them in close proximity to the production plants, which could potentially provide jobs for the UAW workers that might lose their positions in the less labor intensive EV plants. Could be a win win for all involved. The Mexico plant might be an outlier in this context, and Ford would have to ship batteries to that plant.
  14. Harley Lover

    2023 Transit Connect

    Good grief, what part of "Lincoln will offer four battery-electric vehicles on Ford's new rear-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive EV architecture in both North America and China, with the first set to debut next year." is hard to understand? It's possible that what was claimed in the article is inaccurate, but the quoted info taken at face value, you're being intentionally obtuse.
  15. Harley Lover

    2023 Transit Connect

    This was already addressed in Ford's announcements/presentation to the investment community last week. "Lincoln will offer four battery-electric vehicles on Ford's new rear-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive EV architecture in both North America and China, with the first set to debut next year. Lincoln President Joy Falotico said that EV would be a new nameplate and an addition to the brand's North America lineup, although she declined to say how much further Lincoln planned to grow beyond the four nameplates it offers now in North America."