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  1. Another key quote from the article linked by valve: This echoes what you guys are saying.
  2. Harley Lover

    Explorer PI Hybrid

    Doesn't sound like they will be performing any virtual pilot builds again!
  3. Harley Lover

    VW Taos Revealed

    Would Taos be more of a 'B' size chassis, and Tiguan is now 'C'?
  4. Harley Lover

    VW Taos Revealed

    Has Tiguan grown in size from one generation to the next? The current Tig looks a class larger than what I recall the first one in the U. S. to be - but that might be my eyes playing tricks on me.
  5. Harley Lover

    What do you guys think of the new Corvette?

    You've been very even minded in your thoughts about the car. One suggestion I would make: you need to see it in person. My travels carry me to Bowling Green on occasion (in non-pandemic times) and I saw several of them before they were released to the public or even shown publicly. In my eyes, GM did a terrible job of styling the car, particularly the way in which they chose to convey the car's mid engine position with the overwrought rear fenders. God knows they had innumerable Ferrari's that show the right way to do it; they chose an ugly way. Pictures don't capture this as well as in person viewing. It just doesn't look right or good. I don't question its performance credentials, but my eyes don't lie to me. Those that like it can have it. But in terms of looks, if placed next to a Ferrari, any honest person would be able to determine which one looks really good, and which one is a Chevy.
  6. Harley Lover

    2021 Honda Ridgeline

    Sales figures indicate the market does not agree.
  7. Wasn't the Duratec I4 based on a Mazda engine as well?
  8. The article is short on specifics, but confirms a version of the EV will have a rotary engine range extender: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/confirmed-mazda-mx-30-gets-a-rotary-range-extender/ar-BB19PYPJ?li=BBnb4R5&OCID=HPDHP https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/mazda-mx-30-electric-rotary-engine-hybrid-ev/
  9. If this has already been posted, please delete or merge. Otherwise, sorry to see these beasts go, I hope they return later this decade: https://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2020/10/ford-abandons-mustang-gt350/
  10. My recollection from that time is that the 'behind the scenes' explanation for no sliders was that Ford decided to take the budget for sliders and apply it to the interior (with an inference that they didn't want sliders on the product for fear of association with the dreaded minivan).
  11. No kidding; if one lives in an area full of retirees, then -what do you know!- a lot of retirees drive this or that. I live in an area that is young and active, and Teslas are thick as fleas on a dog's back around here.
  12. Harley Lover

    New Fusion rendering?

    A statement could be inferred when Ford announced the lower prices for MME this week.
  13. 1 point of clarification to my post about Mustang at OAC: I meant a Mustang and Lincoln variant in EV form. Yes, I know it will never happen.
  14. This isn't the correct answer, but what if the 100k sales product is Mustang, the 50k sales product is a Lincoln derivative, and the 3 20k sales products are the Mustang and Lincoln performance variants (maybe 1 of the variants is a BEV Continental built off the Lincoln bones). I'm trying to think of what product from Ford would represent 100k in sales, with a 50k companion product, and those 2 make sense. I cannot imagine Mustang not being built in the U.S., but I can't come up with anything else to fill those sales totals.