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  1. I bought my second Lincoln, a 2022 Nautilus Black Label in Flight Blue Metallic with the Luggage Tan Flight interior. (I passed down my first Lincoln -- a 2018 MKC Reserve -- to my sixteen-year-old daughter). Our other car is a fully loaded 2018 Chrysler Pacifica plugin hybrid. Previous cars included two Acura MDXs, a BMW 328i wagon, and a Volvo V70R wagon. I could not be happier with my Nautilus. The 2.7T AWD powertrain is smooth and powerful. The ride and handling in all three modes (Comfort/Normal/Sport) is exemplary. The interior is beautiful and supremely comfortable with excellent ergonomics. The SYNC 4 entertainment system with wireless CarPlay and 19 speakers is simply terrific. And Crest Lincoln in Woodbridge, CT is the best dealer I've ever done business with. That said. I've seen the announcements about the 2024 Nautilus. And as owner of a small manufacturing company with 60 employees in CT and OH, I will never buy a Lincoln -- or any other car -- made in China. I prefer products made in the USA, but I have no problem buying goods made in Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, etc. because companies in those countries (like those in the U.S.) respect intellectual property rights, generally offer reasonable pay and benefits, and usually act responsibly when it comes to the environment. Not so with China.
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