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  1. I guess this means the model that we've seen covered in the spyshots (the 3 row vehicle) that has gotten woeful feedback in consumer clinics has been consigned to the scrapheap, and Ford is doing a full on redesign/greensheet with lessons being learned from the skunkworks project currently underway.
  2. Doors are an expensive item to differentiate between platform mates; it's most likely a cost issue (i.e. not worth the added cost to have different door for the Expy and Navi).
  3. Mods, the word "alleges" should be added to the subject title. Otherwise, the title is simply parroting the allegations of the lawsuit as being true, when, in the OP, an expert explains the fallacy of the central allegation of the lawsuit.
  4. Another one bites the dust: https://www.macrumors.com/2024/02/27/apple-cancels-electric-car-project/
  5. I'm not so sure about that. Look at how close the union vote was to accept the eventual contract. There are a lot of people who, for whatever the reason, are not doing well financially (particularly in the 20-35 group). Fuzzy posted in part: I think there is much truth in that. I'm not defending the thought process, merely observing that it's there and perhaps pervasive among the younger group. The inflation of recent years has only exacerbated things.
  6. It doesn't show that at all. BOC and the battery plants might represent expenditures of cash, but in terms of profit/loss, they are depreciable assets that do not fully contribute to Model E losses. Most of Model E's losses are being generated by the operation of the Lightning plant in Michigan and the Mach E plant in Mexico (presumably both plants' operation costs are being billed to Model E), and obviously by the loss leader sales of those 2 products.
  7. Re: Hydrogen. If I recall correctly, the Japanese government provides significant incentives to its OEMs to develop hydrogen tech for vehicles. I *think* the same is true of South Korea. Perhaps the Japanese (and maybe Korean) governments already have in place (or are planning) a significant hydrogen infrastructure for their country's vehicle fleets? I could see a geopolitical angle to such an emphasis, as it would diminish their reliance on imported fuels. Not saying any of this is true, just speculating.
  8. Nope. Detroit show has been moved back to its former timing in January. Next show is in 2025.
  9. My point is simply that Ford does not appear to have enough (engine/tranny HEV/PHEV) supply to add a C2 based Edge/Nautilus with hybrid and PHEV. Adding BS HEV/PHEV might make the most sense if supply were accessible, as that volume might give Ford more bang for the buck in terms of impact on CAFE.
  10. Unless Ford are able to significantly improve supply of the battery/tranny/engine for hybrid and PHEV, that's a zero sum game. Current evidence is that Ford can't keep up with existing product offerings (Maverick/Escape).
  11. You need to update the fleet details in your signature!
  12. Perhaps indirectly - it's much more likely the Ford models upon which the Lincolns are based might be making a pivot towards enhanced hybrid capabilities, and the Lincoln models are just along for the ride.
  13. Good catch. Maybe if sainted Honda do this first, it might create more acceptance when/if Ford release their vehicle.
  14. Also: GM desperately wants this issue to be confined to the Blazer only in the eyes of the public (courtesy of the media) when in fact the Blazer's Ultium platform mates already in the market (Hummer, Cadillac) are having similar issues and more.
  15. The InsideEvs unit is apparently a tester (the writer says they were supposed to have it for one week) whereas the Edmunds vehicle was purchased (mentioned in the quote in the OP).
  16. Nobody sweats the details like GM (for those that remember the ad campaign). First, InsideEVs: Full story here: https://insideevs.com/reviews/701169/2024-blazer-ev-stranded-broken/ Next up, Edmunds: Full story here: https://www.edmunds.com/car-news/2024-chevy-blazer-ev-long-term-faults.html Please read the full stories at the links. In both cases, the problem appears to be software. But read and decide for yourself. For all the bitching we do about Ford, I don't recall anything like this. And it doesn't appear isolated - both vehicles seem to be suffering from similar issues.
  17. If you've expanded capacity at the plant to build 150,000 a year, and your 'best-ever sales month' is one third that rate, I'm not sure you should be popping many corks quite yet.
  18. Please, tell the whole sordid story. After the Cruise AV hit and rolled over the victim, it then proceeded to reengage and dragged dragged the pedestrian underneath the vehicle for another 20+ feet. Nasty.
  19. Wow, an opinion piece trying to pose as news! Dealers that know less about the product than the customer? As if this is only true with EVs? LOL
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