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    Mach-E Recall

    I think the "root cause" is more subtle than what you say. What I haven't seen anyone in this discussion question is Ford's quality procedures for assessing incoming parts - or in this case, it might be an entire subsystem. Presumably the supplier would be sending some sort of Certificate of Analysis (COA) confirming that the subsystem meets Ford specifications and showing the test values that demonstrate meeting the spec(s). How is it that the subsystem would presumably be reported to be in spec as delivered (with a COA confirming the appropriate tests were conducted and showing those test values), yet these didn't meet spec? Does Ford have some sort of statistically valid approach for randomly testing these bolts to make sure they are tightened to spec? Or is the supplier carrying some sort of ISO accreditation that should negate the need for Ford to do those tests? Did the supplier not perform the tests? Did the supplier provide false results on the COA? Did Ford knowingly accept parts with some failed spec values? Who failed here? I have no idea. Perhaps there is shared blame. But I'm sympathetic to those who see Ford blaming the supplier in its press release; as I described above, Ford sets specs for incoming parts. Ford should be getting affirmation from each supplier in the form of COA's that the parts meet the specs. I think the issue here is Ford cannot 'call out' the supplier if indeed there was some sort of malfeasance on their part, because then the issue gets into the realm of legal issues - it's one thing to say the supplier 'may have' supplied a faulty subsystem, it's a much higher threshold to pin down exactly what they did (or didn't do) and air it in public. It seems to me like Ford tried to thread the needle here, but I am sympathetic to those unhappy with Ford 'blaming the supplier'. Ford owns the quality process for incoming parts, and they need to own the outcome of what that process did (or didn't) catch.
  2. Regarding the '77-79 model: If the purpose of a car company is to make money, we have a winner. This model was a runaway success in its era. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Thunderbird
  3. First this report: If that report is accurate, does that perhaps offer a prediction for a future Bronco drivetrain? https://www.thetorquereport.com/ford/ford-ranger-plug-in-hybrid-headed-to-europe/ Mods: If this is already under discussion elsewhere, please move to the appropriate thread.
  4. One less future competitor: https://www.thetorquereport.com/ram/new-ram-dakota-is-dead/
  5. Interesting competitive info in the article: So from this, we can reasonably infer that Ford are at level 4 with their work that they have said will be deployed in the future (I think in Florida?). My understanding is that they intend to deploy a commercial fleet in a geo fenced area when they roll it out. Also: Interesting that sainted GM appear to be no further along than Ford with Argo. They really love to 'engineer by press release', however. Full article here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/vw-aims-to-have-autonomous-id-buzz-vans-for-commercial-use-by-2025/ar-BB1e3EuL?li=BBnb4R5&OCID=HPDHP
  6. Harley Lover

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

    Not everyone will like the throwback styling, but this vehicle debuts their new global EV chassis, and it has impressive capabilities: Here's where pictures make it difficult to assess: I've read elsewhere it's roughly the length of a Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV-4. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a35590236/2022-hyundai-ioniq-5-revealed/
  7. Harley Lover

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

    They beat the hell out of the Mustang II from the 70's. "The boss is back."
  8. Harley Lover

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

    The packaging of the interior is what I see as being different - they went with a flat floor, and really stretched the interior space (similar to what Jag did with their EV) - it has much more interior room than a vehicle of its exterior size. The 800v system (with 400v capability) is what sets this apart from many other current mass market offerings - it will make a material difference in fast charge times. Too bad they aren't ready to announce the price - this could be an interesting alternative if the price is right, or DOA if they price it way too high.
  9. Harley Lover

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

  10. Harley Lover

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

  11. The high voltage battery is much larger in a PIH and allows for pure EV driving range limited by the size of the high voltage battery. Most seem to have 20 - 40 mile EV range, so in concept the vehicle could be used for short commutes or local errands and not use the gas engine. Then recharge the battery via plug overnight and repeat. It can also be used as a straight hybrid when the high voltage (EV dedicated portion) of the battery is depleted. Straight hybrids have much smaller high voltage batteries dedicated only to hybrid application.
  12. This little advertising ditty shows a silhouette that supports this illustration (although the long hood seems closer to MME):
  13. It will be turned into a 'political issue' ala climate change, and any negatives will be immediately decried as 'non believers'.
  14. Ford is invested in Solid Power, who is very close to automotive scale solid state batteries: https://www.denverpost.com/2020/12/19/solid-power-louisville-colorado-battery-electric-vehicle/ The part I bolded is key: if I understand it correctly, the tech would allow existing equipment to be used to manufacture these solid batteries, meaning Ford could move on a battery plant now, and still upgrade to solid batteries later. https://cleantechnica.com/2020/12/11/solid-state-batteries-theyre-everywhere-theyre-everywhere/
  15. Here we go: https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/ford-only-sell-full-electric-cars-europe-2030?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20210217&utm_content=hero-headline
  16. Yes, interesting how this quote is very similar to what was said about the Mach E when its prior design brief wasn't working:
  17. BZ, be honest, you know Autoexpress might be the least reliable illustrator out there.
  18. Ford statement here: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/feu/en/news/2021/02/17/ford-europe-goes-all-in-on-evs-on-road-to-sustainable-profitabil.html
  19. Harley Lover

    EVs and Their Drawbacks

    Don't tell Fordbuyer.
  20. There might be a change of heart afoot, based on what premierdrum has indicated about the Escape update.
  21. Thought this merits its own mention, since it's specifically about Hyundai: https://insideevs.com/news/487363/sk-innovation-hyundai-ioniq-5-launch-us/
  22. Harley Lover

    Jaguar cars to go all-electric by 2025

    Agree, but they are probably chasing China like all their competitors. I would imagine Europe is a given.
  23. Harley Lover

    Jaguar cars to go all-electric by 2025

    Not if their primary markets are China and Europe.
  24. Wow, this was a bombshell contained in the end of an article on BEVs. Assuming the veracity of the quotes from today's J.P. Morgan call, I consider this a big deal. Previous understanding was MEB use was limited to Europe, and Ford would have its own bespoke Gen2 EV chassis at Oakville. Obviously not the case. This also makes me wonder why this change was made: is MEB superior to what Ford had designed, was Ford 'that far' behind on EV work and had to take this route, does using MEB allow Ford to conserve capital to be better deployed for other investment (versus developing another EV chassis), or... ? Full article: https://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2021/02/fords-all-electric-f-150-on-track-for-2022-debut/