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  1. I just read today the Honda was de contenting the Fit, removing sensor packages for the lower model lines, everybody does it. They did not reduce the price.
  2. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/12/09/2020-ford-escape-hybrid-fuel-economy-2/ "The most frugal variant is the front-drive model, which delivers 44 mpg in the city, 37 on the highway and 41 in combined driving. The all-wheel-drive version's city fuel economy dips to 43, highway economy stays the same, and combined is 40."
  3. The escape was launched when and what kind of inventory is out there. I think the escape and explorer will pick up once the volume in inventory gets distributed. Has Dean weighed in on this discussions. I would like to know the opinion of the guys having to sell these models to the public.
  4. So, what is the Tesla model y rated for. I found lots of speculation?
  5. I don’t know if this has contemplated, but, if a dealer ship wants to get on the selling electrical vehicles from Ford, they need to install public charging stations. How big a network would that create?
  6. So the 8F35 is the one that is not getting the complaints and the 8F57 is?
  7. which 8F35, the gm joint project on the modified6 F35, I am confused
  8. As far as I know it has nothing to do with he 6 speed
  9. Back in the early eighties while in college, I worked as PM mechanic at a truck leasing firm. It was 90% COE GM’s. They has a couple of COE Freightliners and couple of Peterbuilt tractors used by a company that processed chicken waste into fertilizer. Shaw’s supermarket has a fleet of Brigadiers. Almost everything in that shop used Detroit Diesels . Things have changed a great deal since the old days.
  10. Remember the baby bronco is coming as well, between the escape and the baby bronco Ford could take market share.
  11. That would make sense as the bronco is baseball on the ranger, now if it was a bronco jr pick up truck......
  12. You make very valid points, the environment we live in today would be much worse without this provision of the law
  13. Just saw that CRV just released their hybrid in the US, timing is fishy
  14. pictor

    August Sales?

    You give me hope that it won’t be as god awful ugly as the new LR Defender. The four door worse than the two door
  15. You will have that option open for a pure mustang, but you are not everyone. Non purist won’t give a shit about such things. As for showing up at a mustang event, if a person could stand the the ridicule from the purist, so be it