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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Didn’t choose the Y, chose model 3 over model y as range was more important than capacity. I have Mav for that.
  2. And as of today they get the 7500 tax credit and in my state an additional 3500.tax credit on the model Y. The model Y was the best selling car world wide and the fifth in the US. Around me there are 5 Super Charger sites within 5 miles of my house. While the NACS adaptor and eventual conversion to NACS will help, closing the cost gap and the source of the battery materials will be more important . The funny thing is that after the the tax credit and trade in, my out of pocket for the Maverick and the Model 3 were the same. I was considering the LR MME but the out of pocket difference was deciding factor. With home charging the need for the super charger network is a nice to have for long trips. In the three months I have had my Tesla, I have used a Super Charger twice. I will use it more this summer when we go to Maine for the Weekend but will perform most of the charging in my garage
  3. I love driving my Model 3, the most fun I have had driving a car since I was 16 driving around in a 67 Cadillac deville convertible. I think the media is over playing the hate for EVs. As has been stated many times, the biggest hurdle is the cost.
  4. Agreed, I bought the model 3 LR because it was hard to argue with the 11,000 tax benefit, 7500 feds, 3500 Massachusetts. A great trade in offer for 9 year old Audi and the online buying process made this the most painless car buying experience since I purchased my first new car back in the 1980s. Looked at the Mach e, the Hyundai’s, Kia’s among others and nothing even came close for a plus 300 mile range vehicle from range and cost perspective. The vaporware cars such as the Pear or model 2 may fit the bill but I was looking to get an EV before I retire early next year. Between the Maverick for hauling stuff and towing the boat and Model 3 for kicking around town or driving to Maine on the weekends, we are pretty well covered.
  5. Same as here. Just ordered a long range mode 3. Would like to have ordered a Mach E but the cost after incentives and trade in of 9:year old Audi would have been around 15,000 more to get a car with similar range. I evaluated the final cost of all similar range EV’s and nothing from VW, Kia, Hyundai, Chevy came close for 300 mile plus range vehicles. So far the buying experience has been painless, the user experience on the website exemplary.
  6. Do you mean a Bluetooth thumb drive to connect to a cell phone for apple play, Works great in the Maverick.
  7. While in the Azores two weeks ago saw my first raptor ranger in the wild. The Azores had more pick ups on the roads than cars it seemed. Very agricultural based economy with lots of small pick ups, mostly Mitsubishi, The Raptor really stood out in that field, pun intended.
  8. Broadcast anything (am, fm, tv) could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn’t notice. But Take away the internet and cellular and I would be lost. I am in my 6th decade and grew up with broadcast media but have no use for broadcast media now. Hell I don’t even know if the CD players in my cars still work. I live in an area of the country with great 5G coverage and take fast cellular internet for granted. I don’t think my daughters have ever listed to AM in their lives. I am waiting for the day they remove the 12 volt power source ( cigarette lighter hole) and just have more USB outlets, another archaic holdover that takes up space.
  9. Saw the New redesigned shortage on way home from Maine and nearly gagged. Way over the top, can see this looking for dated very fast.
  10. pictor

    Next Gen Mustang Thread

    How can this a be new car design, the grille is not stupidly oversized
  11. Here is a crazy idea, did you look in England for Kuga shocks, I saw them listed on the ford parts website. It might cost you to ship them here from the uk,
  12. https://www.autoblog.com/2022/03/10/ford-mustang-gt350-mule-spy-photos/ what is that really large scoop on that mustang? Any guesses
  13. You do realize petroleum products are a worldwide commodity, right! Domestic prices reflect worldwide supply and demand. When supply was plentiful and demand lower price goes down , as demand increased , supply becoming limited, price when. Elections impact, none
  14. The way price of gas have shot up, diesel might be looking better to some.
  15. pictor

    2023 Explorer Facelift?

    Not that I am in the market for an explorer but I hope we don’t get that overly large grill. Will this trend of overly large grills only end we we go electric.