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  1. Ever been to MV. It is not like some South Pacific atoll or a barrier island. It isn’t going anywhere fast. Mr Obama has nothing to worry about.
  2. Controlling pollution in ones state that impacts the health and well being of its citizenry should be under the preview of that state. As someone who lives downwind of the air pollution from across the country, I am all for it.
  3. and better towing, at least equal to Escape.
  4. I wonder why the the towing capacity is so low compared to the Escape. I was leaning towards the bronco two door already and that sealed the deal. With just me and wife now at home, no need for extra doors, do need to haul a 19 ft boat.
  5. I have a 2 hp Honda marine on a sailboat and it kinda sucks, my 90 hp Honda on the center console ran 20 years before the transmission finally gave out. Always seem to screwing around with the 2 hp, can’t say I love that little engine
  6. pictor

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    Some people forget this simple fact, like the governor of Florida
  7. I will assume you are naive. While seasonal influenza can cause respiratory distress it is not to the level seen in Covid 19. For seasonal influenza there is a vaccine available that can reduce or eliminate the rate of infection and reduce severity of infection, not the case Covid 19. Throughout the world countries are trying to deal with this highly contagious disease which disproportionately effects the oldest members of our society. That is why ICU units are being strained.
  8. We had an Edge before we had the last generation escape. As a daily commuter car for one person my wife felt it was too much interior volume for one person, but at the time our twins were still living with us it made sense for weekly sojourns to our cottage in Maine. After they left home, we replaced the Edge with the Escape which she said felt more comfortable for daily commute. As bonus the Escape actually was a better tow vehicle for our 19 foot boat. Less sag when the boat was hitched up and better power with the turbo four than the N/A V6. The Edge was a more comfortable cruiser for long trips.
  9. If you can wait a year, I would wait until the Bronco and Bronco Sport arrive.
  10. I believe it will sit beside the escape, not below, the rugged non urban CUV
  11. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/03/09/baby-bronco-leaked/#slide-2215561
  12. pictor

    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    If 15,000,0000 Americans come down covid-19, the est number who had the flu this season, based on a 2% death rate, we can expect 300,000 deaths. This would be 20 times higher than the number of flue rated fatalities. Just because the covid -19 numbers are small now, it could get really bad if not taken seriously. The number of flue patients is relatively low compared to the general population because of immunization and residual immunity in the population by prior infections. This is not the case for Covid -19 where no vaccine currently exists and no residual immunity exists. For 80% of the population who acquire the virus it will be a minor irritant, for the remaining 20% it will be a more severe illness. In Developed nations with a higher percentage of older residents, death rate maybe higher.
  13. pictor

    Ford Puma Review

    If they could deliver this to US consumers at decent price, this could replace the entry level cars that have left the market.
  14. pictor

    1999 7.3 driving funny.

    Sound similar to the symptoms of what happened when a disgruntled person put water in my wife’s minivan gas tank many years ago. Had to have the tank completely drained. Not that this happened to you but when I went to fill the tank residual mud was observed on filling aperture. They weren’t please with her parking in front of their house even thought it was perfectly legal parking spot.