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  1. It will be interesting when he gets his hands on the new bronco. If Ford put as much thought into it as he they did into the Mach E, it will be a rock solid performer. kudos to the Mach E engineering team, the engineering is in impressive.
  2. No more ridiculous then the map update Ford keeps trying to sell me for the Escape. I just use google maps. Makes we wonder how many people actually buy the map update for the 250 bucks.
  3. I recently started a new position as head of a Tech Services Dept. for pharmaceutical consulting firm. I was drawn to the position with the knowledge that I could work from where ever I had access to a strong ISP. This includes my home in Boston, my summer house in Maine or a short term rental in the location of my choice. Flexibility in my work location was a key motivator in my decision to accept the position.
  4. They built 21 C pickups in Feb.
  5. They built twice as many bronco sports as Escapes, that tells you something. I have actually seen more Bronco Sports on the road then New Escapes in my Boston neighborhood
  6. The gas in the tank should allow operation for several days before filling, if what I read about real world application in Texas is accurate.
  7. But you couldn’t recharge your Tesla if the grid I’d down, just sayin
  8. You think this just might push demand for more hybrid F150s. The best free advertising money can buy is a storm making you new product indispensable in a crisis.(sarcasm) Hopefully Ford can capitalize on this. Does any other truck manufacturer offer such a useful option.
  9. What I don’t understand is how a Grid the handles all that AC in the summer can’t handles the electric heat in Winter. I guess they just don’t insulate to keep the cold in during the summer
  10. 19 foot center counsel with OB weighs more than that. The 2015 Escape hauls it better than our old Edge with the V6 and with less gas used in the bargain.
  11. After watching this review I felt that this would an ideal vehicle to rent on Kauai. Some of the roads to the more remote beaches and trail heads are little rough for a typical soft roader. Last couple of times we rented pick ups, The rubberized area in the back ideal for cleaning out the beach sand. I would replace our current escape with this but the towing capacity isn’t there. I guess I will wait until the two door bronco becomes readily available.
  12. Just read that Amazon bought a fleet of Natural Gas powered Tractors with Cummings engines modified by Westport. The
  13. Where did this desire for all this tech come from, if the buying public wasn’t demanding it, it wouldn’t be there. The internet tells the people manufacturer x has this great new tech, guess what, every manufacturer needs it. I don’t use half the stuff packed into the electronics of my vehicles, but if it wasn’t there the manufacturer would get skewered by the press. The wealth of information and misinformation available to anybody makes it almost impossible to make rationale decisions.
  14. pictor

    Coming Soon: Bronco Warthog

    I just saw today in Autoblog that even Dodge knows the writing is on the wall https://www.autoblog.com/2021/01/29/dodge-future-is-electric-not-v8/
  15. pictor

    Coming Soon: Bronco Warthog

    Just because they shoehorn Godzilla into an raptor doesn’t mean anything to a vehicle based on the Ranger.