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  1. pictor

    August Sales?

    You give me hope that it won’t be as god awful ugly as the new LR Defender. The four door worse than the two door
  2. You will have that option open for a pure mustang, but you are not everyone. Non purist won’t give a shit about such things. As for showing up at a mustang event, if a person could stand the the ridicule from the purist, so be it
  3. And do you know how many will sell in the US each month, dozens, maybe. There're lots of nice looking looking wagons around the world, but very few sell well in the US.
  4. But where will it be made, EU or Mexico, or maybe OAP?
  5. pictor

    New Escape

    Always thought the New design reflected a more "sporty" Audi/Porche vibe then the Utility side. That is the job of the Bronco Scout.
  6. Also if I was in the market for an Explorer I would wait for the new model, the depreciation on the old D3 compared to new rev models will be significant. I would also think the old D3 models are going to suffer compared to all the new update competition. New Explorer can’t come fast enough.
  7. Why do you say that, did you expect rapid penetration into fully mature market. I say give it year before calling it a failure or success
  8. Also read taco sales were down as well
  9. I thought I read that they claimed it had room for the hellcat engine
  10. pictor

    New Ford Puma

    Its not just ford, my Audi came that way, the tried to sell me a space saver for $500. Bought a wheel from one site and the tire from a local tire dealer for a third of the price
  11. pictor

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    Unbroken in new engine with unknown and uncontrolled driving conditions makes any comparisons unreliable.
  12. pictor

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    All the reviews I have seen are ok on the the vehicle in general but love all three engine choices, 4 turbo, 6 turbo, and hybrid. Don’t know if the tuned up 6 in the ST counts as a 4th option?
  13. That being said I don't expect buyers of mid size trucks to cross shop the Gladiator with the other mid sized offerings. If you want (not need) the styling of the the Gladiator and nothing else will do, the extra cost is what you pay. I think the extra cost would turn off buyers who are not committed jeep people. Just an opinion, no data to support it.
  14. Based on the cost differences shown in auto blog comparison it would be hard to justify the cost for the gladiator if your interest is a midsize truck as a truck and not a rock crawler
  15. Back to the Bronco Chief, chief is an old Anglo Saxon word for leader derived from the latin word for head. Hence we police chief as title for the head of the police. Bronco Chief is good name for the highest level bronco