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  1. The gas in the tank should allow operation for several days before filling, if what I read about real world application in Texas is accurate.
  2. But you couldn’t recharge your Tesla if the grid I’d down, just sayin
  3. You think this just might push demand for more hybrid F150s. The best free advertising money can buy is a storm making you new product indispensable in a crisis.(sarcasm) Hopefully Ford can capitalize on this. Does any other truck manufacturer offer such a useful option.
  4. What I don’t understand is how a Grid the handles all that AC in the summer can’t handles the electric heat in Winter. I guess they just don’t insulate to keep the cold in during the summer
  5. 19 foot center counsel with OB weighs more than that. The 2015 Escape hauls it better than our old Edge with the V6 and with less gas used in the bargain.
  6. After watching this review I felt that this would an ideal vehicle to rent on Kauai. Some of the roads to the more remote beaches and trail heads are little rough for a typical soft roader. Last couple of times we rented pick ups, The rubberized area in the back ideal for cleaning out the beach sand. I would replace our current escape with this but the towing capacity isn’t there. I guess I will wait until the two door bronco becomes readily available.
  7. Just read that Amazon bought a fleet of Natural Gas powered Tractors with Cummings engines modified by Westport. The
  8. Where did this desire for all this tech come from, if the buying public wasn’t demanding it, it wouldn’t be there. The internet tells the people manufacturer x has this great new tech, guess what, every manufacturer needs it. I don’t use half the stuff packed into the electronics of my vehicles, but if it wasn’t there the manufacturer would get skewered by the press. The wealth of information and misinformation available to anybody makes it almost impossible to make rationale decisions.
  9. pictor

    Coming Soon: Bronco Warthog

    I just saw today in Autoblog that even Dodge knows the writing is on the wall https://www.autoblog.com/2021/01/29/dodge-future-is-electric-not-v8/
  10. pictor

    Coming Soon: Bronco Warthog

    Just because they shoehorn Godzilla into an raptor doesn’t mean anything to a vehicle based on the Ranger.
  11. You might need to trade it in for one with the 5300 lb rating. Maybe find a similar year coming off lease. Will cost you but at least you will be able to tow what you need to tow. I don’t know know for sure but there are probably a whole slew of upgrades then just a adding a tow bar making the trade up option your only option.
  12. Why do you say this, based on current system low mpg trucks would be paying more per mile. Large heave vehicles also do more damage to the infrastructure. A usage fee based on actual miles used and damage potential makes more sense then the current system. It might even be more adventitious to the over the road industry because it would be based on miles and not fuel used.
  13. Just wondering, how long did take to get from rumor to Bronco.? Work won’t really proceed until they launch the new revised one. Six years from S650 to what ever comes next is realistic.
  14. A little internet research shows Johnson controls makes the the motorcraft battery
  15. Not so sure about that, just replaced my ICE lawn mower with EGO battery job, what a great mower. As for marine, while pulling my boat this fall for the season, I saw a new 20 ft Center Counsel with an electric outboard. So quiet, almost like sailing. The worse thing about screaming along at cruising speed in outboard is the fact that you have to yell in order to communicate with some else in the boat. If I has slip rather than a mooring I would consider an electric outboard. As for chainsaws, most home owners could get by nicely with he EGO chainsaws. B&S Should be worried.
  16. What they really want is the rhd bronco😉
  17. Ever been to MV. It is not like some South Pacific atoll or a barrier island. It isn’t going anywhere fast. Mr Obama has nothing to worry about.
  18. Controlling pollution in ones state that impacts the health and well being of its citizenry should be under the preview of that state. As someone who lives downwind of the air pollution from across the country, I am all for it.
  19. and better towing, at least equal to Escape.
  20. I wonder why the the towing capacity is so low compared to the Escape. I was leaning towards the bronco two door already and that sealed the deal. With just me and wife now at home, no need for extra doors, do need to haul a 19 ft boat.
  21. I have a 2 hp Honda marine on a sailboat and it kinda sucks, my 90 hp Honda on the center console ran 20 years before the transmission finally gave out. Always seem to screwing around with the 2 hp, can’t say I love that little engine
  22. pictor

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    Some people forget this simple fact, like the governor of Florida
  23. I will assume you are naive. While seasonal influenza can cause respiratory distress it is not to the level seen in Covid 19. For seasonal influenza there is a vaccine available that can reduce or eliminate the rate of infection and reduce severity of infection, not the case Covid 19. Throughout the world countries are trying to deal with this highly contagious disease which disproportionately effects the oldest members of our society. That is why ICU units are being strained.
  24. We had an Edge before we had the last generation escape. As a daily commuter car for one person my wife felt it was too much interior volume for one person, but at the time our twins were still living with us it made sense for weekly sojourns to our cottage in Maine. After they left home, we replaced the Edge with the Escape which she said felt more comfortable for daily commute. As bonus the Escape actually was a better tow vehicle for our 19 foot boat. Less sag when the boat was hitched up and better power with the turbo four than the N/A V6. The Edge was a more comfortable cruiser for long trips.