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  1. jniffen

    New 2020 Navigator

    My first car was a 1970 Mercury Cougar. I could drive 4 hours in that car, get out and the knee just a little stiff. Of course it may have helped I was 16-18 at the time
  2. Congrats on your purchase. Hope you have many trouble free joyous miles.
  3. jniffen

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    These, the Del Rio Ranch Wagons and the Rancheros were the vehicles I would try to find, in the St Paul's "Back to the Fifties' a few years back. I think the '57 was the best looking year of the 50's for those models. I hope they go with Ranchero name first, but would be OK with Maverick.
  4. jniffen

    are new orders being accepted now

    Scariest scenario, the company, would not be around and the parts would not be around.
  5. jniffen

    are new orders being accepted now

    double post
  6. jniffen

    are new orders being accepted now

    I have to admit, with all the possible $$$ all the car manufactures could go through, would you buy any new cars during these times?
  7. Heck, if I remember even the Lego's Mustang isn't cheap. How long did it take to build it?
  8. Inside Radio Tesla Offers Infotainment Upgrade That Removes Radio What I don't understand is, this is the dashboard of the car. So the driver will be distracted while the passengers watch Netflix? Musk knows how to get attention, no matter how dumb the idea.
  9. Corona Virus PSA by Moe Howard It's a shame that there is better more accurate information from the Three Stooges that from DOTUS. My favorite part is when he covers stay home...
  10. In the spirit of the Lincoln MKT the new compact truck could be named: FKT 😄
  11. jniffen

    New Doug DeMuro Corsair review

    Makes me think of a clown car, with the really tall ones coming out of a little tiny one. And you know these 'reviewers' have to find things wrong, unless it's a sponsor's product.
  12. It won't be, but I'd hope the next gen Nautilus is geared toward RWD, like the Aviator, especially with FWD torque steer issues. At work we have a RAV4 AWD and when passing quickly, the torque steer is troublesome, the car actually will pull one side then the other for a second or two.
  13. jniffen

    New Doug DeMuro Corsair review

    Have to wonder how many people do have the seat all the way back to drive. Seen too many with the seats tilted like they were driving in a Lazyboy....
  14. jniffen

    Went to the auto show and...

    I was planning to go to the Twin Cities Auto show, but with all the carloa concerns, decided to skip it. I guess they are showing the Bronco, if true would surprise me, unless it's only videos on a large display.
  15. Volvo is still making sedans, the smallest being the S60, (about the same size as the MKZ), but their hybrids starts around $57K (ouch, for me at least). I'm trying to remember when the Continental's production is stopped.