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  1. Also, here's a report doing it's best to say the Maverick is setup to fail. Maverick Pickup: Ford’s Fear of Failure Is Setting It Up For Failure Getting a bit anxious to see what this little baby turns out to be.
  2. Sorry guys, when I mentioned AWD I was thinking it be 4WD or if it is going to a FWD leaning AWD, like the Edge, Escape etc. Just not a fan of torque steer in FWD, much prefer a RWD or better RWD leaning AWD.
  3. It is too bad this isn't going to be a RWD or AWD setup. I have to wonder with FWD, if anyone puts enough items in the bed will make it handle strangely. Depending on it's looks and it's general design, it might be a possible replacement for my 2013 Volvo S60. All I'd ever hall in it would be bikes, snowblower or lawnmower. Yea, i know none of them would not be a weight problem, as long as I stay out of the bed while it's running down the road. 😄 Any possibility it could be a 'Subaru Baja" style of truck?
  4. When i go to such car shows I look for the unique vehicles. We have the 'Back to the 50's' at the MN State Fair Grounds, (which by the way is not owned or operated by the Mn state government). When I've gone, I've looked for the 57; Rancheros, Couriers and Ranch Wagon for example. Love the '53-56 F100s but they're easier to find. If all goes well for 2022, I'll be looking for 66 Rancheros, any 66-70 Falcon and the Mavericks. Of course I'll be looking for the 67-70 Cougars and Mustangs (even the Mustang IIs).
  5. Yea, I know it's a way out, but I'm hoping the CV-19 will be under control by then. So I'm planning to head out to the Carlisle Ford Nationals for 2022. I don't know if it will be a big deal but during the event, but it will be the 55 anniversary for the Cougar. Any suggestions of where to stay or visit while in the area?
  6. Again, like it used to be, a tone started when the door was opened and the key was in the ignition.
  7. If this is the justification, then why couldn't they just activate a buzzer, tone etc. to let the person know the car's engine is still running when the driver's door is opened? You know... like they used to? If you leave the keyfob in the slot in the dash and open the door there is a tone.
  8. jniffen

    Ford Gets First Truck Win At Atlanta!

    I stopped watching NASCAR when they became metal frames with fiberglass bodies of cars that weren't being manufactured. Anyone ever see a two-door Taurus?
  9. That is the $64,000 question. Is this version of Ford in the car/truck production business and making money, or are they making money by producing cars/trucks. What comes first, the customer or profits. There is a difference.
  10. It is feeling like the Mustang's first launch? Obviously it shouldn't match the same number of sales but the enthusiasm seems similar.
  11. Wished they had a Deep Forest Green color as an option. Seeing the 1.5 three banger only option for the Base, Big Bend and Outer Banks, makes me uncomfortable, like it's being a cheap design. Kind of like the Eco Sport, a little too entry level. Hope it sells well.
  12. jniffen

    Goodbye Continental

    Again, it wouldn't happen, but I'd like to see the Mach-E in a Lincoln style, maybe with gas engine, maybe electric. Just make it available as AWD only. I'm going to miss the Continental and MKZ.
  13. Looks like Wall-E's big brother. Whoops, Sorry TrailHicker, I didn't see your post until after posting this onen
  14. If he gets a new boss, he won't be able to buy the Bronco.
  15. Did a bit of snooping around and found a good example of a lowered Ranger I was thinking.. Definitely looks less "I'm going 4 wheel'n this weekend." Not sure if this is a RWD or 4WD.