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  1. jniffen

    Continental Delivery Delayed

    Nice wheels, OK the whole car is beyond cool. Here's to many enjoyable, carefree miles and few issues with your new ride.
  2. I too was more impressed with the strap. To if the had three or more log chains (if they could do the job), would have made it more dramatic. I wonder if they experimented on how fast to pull a d when to stop since it appeared they were near the end of track.
  3. jniffen

    New Escape

    With the two picts, I reminds me of the cartoons watching as a kid with the car smiling for some reason. The bottom one looks like a caricature.
  4. jniffen

    Oldie but a Goodie!

    Planning to do much to it? For example, rims and tires etc.
  5. Well, one can only ho- Na, forget it.
  6. Wait, you order in August 2017 and took deliver in January 6, 2019? You have the patience of a saint.
  7. I won an Alexa unit last year. Once I powered and set it up, I felt it was only there to "help" me buy more things from Amazon. Turned it off, put it back in the box, never to take it out again.
  8. Worse is even HD radio is not available unless you move up a trim level or two. It's what stopped me from buying the MKX a few years back on the one I was looking over. Plus there's no monthly fees etc. But the owner of the HD technology wants too much for the chips etc.
  9. Also, it's sad to see the Taurus is no longer made, being at the Chicago plant. Three decades, (yes, not contiguous) is pretty impressive.
  10. Actually it's to test the sound system to ensure it can go loud enough to cover up the rattles and squeaks. 😄
  11. jniffen

    New Ford Puma

    Praise above they ddin't call it, 'Cougar'.
  12. jniffen

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    $$$$ Usually keep my cars for 7 - 10 years otherwise I can't afford them. I have the current one for 4 years this November, my wife just sent the last payment this week. Now I can start saving for the down payment when the time comes. I have to admit I am still more of a car guy than SUV/CUV, those are a bit top heavy for my liking. But we'll see down the road.
  13. And here I was gong to say a turbo I-6... 😃 Gas, not diesel.