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  1. This worked with Porsche, why can't it work for the Mustang.
  2. With "The Large Single Wing Rear Spoiler" I can't help but think of the Super Bird 😄 Where are they going to put it?
  3. And I want to win the Lottery. There's desires and there's science. Look how long the smart phone batteries take to recharge, it sure isn't 20 minutes.
  4. I just miss the days when cars used to have a front bumper. ? A definite 'no' vote on the front grill. Too much a KIA/Hyundai look.
  5. Well, my wife’s 2015 XC70 does have a switch to increase the brightness of the tail lights, for foggy conditions.
  6. So in other words, the same length of time to get my 2023. Ordered Jan 9th, signed the papers May 25th. ?
  7. I too have been enjoying my '23 Reserve I ordered and picked up in May. The 2.7 is extremely fast, and while I try to baby it the best I can, I'm getting between 23 - 28 MPG weekly. Most of the driving into work is down hill and it's fun to see it hit 30 MPG before turning into the parking lot after the tankful... ? I love nearly everything on it except for two things, when I lean into the cargo area, I must be moving enough because the lift gate starts to close with the warning. The other thing, I wish the playing of my USB drive was a little more forgiving. On my previous car I was able to play all the albums from an artist and then it would go down the line to the next and simply keep playing. The Sync 4 will play only one album and need to be told what to do next. Otherwise, I hoping to keep Natie (still working on a name for her), for many, many years. I hope your your team is proud of the work you've done, and hope Ford keeps the Oakville plant for many decades. When the time comes our family needs to purchase the next vehicle, whatever you folks are building will definitely be on my list to check out.
  8. They did that with the Pinto. Nothing drastic on the overall design, but mechanically making improvements along the way. I do hate to hear from those who really don't know, the wagon did not have the rear end gas problem and that the News organization to create the explosion problem had to jack up the front end of the other car to cause the gas tank to break open. I will say, 'Yes, Ford should have never let the car leave the factory without the $65.00 correction part.'
  9. I'm thinking this is going to be Tesla's 'Edsel', or 'Diesel Cadillac.'
  10. To me, that’s taking the touch screen too far. Right now I simply reach and move the vent. I can see taking my eyes off the road too long to change the touch screen menu, decide if I want oscillate or not, then move my finger on the screen, which puts me in a different position to feel the breeze, so I have to repeat the process. I’m, “more buttons for climate controls, not less”.
  11. Wonder how it will on the crash tests. Anyone betting on how well it will survive the NHTSA front end collision? Also, will the IIHS even be testing thing?
  12. The factory tires from my 2023 Lincoln Nautilus, (18" wheels) came with Michelin Latitude HP, which are all season with light snow. With my 2004 Lincoln LS, I had two sets of rims, one all seasons the other winter. The car has been gone since 2015. My plan is to get a set of winters and put them on the OEM 18" wheels, then purchase these rims for the summer and put the factory tires on it. My question is, have anyone heard of this manufacture? ALUTEC Ikenu Metal Gray The price is not to high and not too cheap. Then of course finding a set of winter tires. The 18" selection is not the greatest.
  13. I've been driving for 49 years, driven FWD RWD and AWD in the mid-west to upper states. I will take an AWD over the other two for winter driving, especially in deep snow and icy roads any time. Have had two accidents (knock wood or rub plastic) and neither was my fault. I do take insult to the blanket comment . "Seems a lot of people buy 4WD/AWD to make up for lack of driving skills.." Generalizations such as these doesn't help any discussion, only intensifies heated arguments. I will say I do see a lot of stupid drivers going too fast in bad weather conditions, the 4WD/AWD will reduce the chance of getting stuck, but they won't stop you any quicker.
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