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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. So, why do we have the auto dimming inside rear view mirror, when we can easily reach up and flip a lever, like we used to? That would save some $$$ for the small number of buyers who wants that feature to real function.
  2. Started in the radio broadcast engineer business the day before Regan got elected POTUS the first time, my take on it this. Your trying to have a conversation with someone at a party, who's across the room. However, there is a guy with a bull horn next to you. The electric motors are the guy with the bull horn. At one time, Ford had the best factory radios for reception. Don't know where they stand now. Technology can suppress the RF noise created in the EVs, but it costs money and presently it seems Ford is cutting cost, they've trimmed the fat and now their touching the muscle. In time they could start cutting into the bone. (Can go only so far before making it worse than better.)
  3. Part of me is thinking, it starts with the Maverick or EV/Hybrid models, it there is not huge push back, they'll do it for the rest of the line. The one proposal was to move the AM to digital, to another portion of the spectrum. I wonder if the three totally AM-HD station in the US can be received in a EV vehicle or not.
  4. I noticed this from the 'Maverick Truck Club' forum Ford dropping AM radio from SYNC If this is correct, how much more can Ford strip from the vehicles they sell? I do listen to AM during the week, and no, I don't have a smart phone to stream. Also there are times when an area of the country was hit by a major storm and the only way folks could get information was to listed to an AM many miles away.
  5. Hopefully the trip odometer is accurate. 😂
  6. jniffen

    2023 Lincoln Nautilus Order Guide

    I think I'm seeing Adaptive Suspension 2022 - Reserve (200A) included when 2.7L V6 is selected Reserve 1 (201A) when either 2.7L V6 or 21"Premium Panted Mach. Alum. (64D) is selected Reserve 2 (202A) Standard. 2023- Reserve (200A) Not seeing available. Reserve 1 (201A) 21"Premium Panted Mach. Alum. (64D) is selected Reserve 2 (202A) Standard. So am I seeing this correctly you need at least the Reserve 1 package and 21" Premium rims to get the Adaptive Suspension?
  7. jniffen

    Order Guide Updates

    Thanks, that's good to know.
  8. jniffen

    Order Guide Updates

    Thanks for supplying the order guides. I do have one question, when there are more than on guide available when selecting the vehicle, the 2022 Nautilus for example, there are four. Which one would be the most current? They all have the same name, different sizes. A different letter, -a, -b -c for example, at the end of the filename would help, but I'm not trying to tell anyone how to do things here. Thanks,
  9. Been on it this morning, very slow, reminds me of getting picts from the 28.8 modem. I do appreciate what they are doing, and hopefully the performance issue will be addressed.
  10. As of 2017, nearly 26 million acres of federal land were under lease to oil and gas developers in the United States. Oil and Gas Companies Gain by Stockpiling America’s Federal Land But why drill at all when they are making huge profits. 2 wild charts show how Big Oil profits are skyrocketing as prices at the pump rise Yea, companies' goal are to make profits, but this much? Since Jan 2019, nearly all have doubled their profit amounts, and you and I are paying for it.
  11. I've switched out most of my incandescence lamps with LED. Now my 5 bulb ceiling fan is using 35 watts for (5) 60 watt luminescence equivalent. I prefer Phillips, not those cheap brands found at Home De-Pot. The only ones I haven' changed are the hallway lights, since I would need to change out the enclosure. The LEDs power supply/converters do not like heat, which shortens their life. But the hallway lights are on so briefly, it would not make a big difference.
  12. Securely, hell, if they crooks want it bad enough, the windows would be broken and the trunk lid popped with no effort. To be fair, the Maverick should have had a proper tonnaeu cover, so the security concern is addressed. Plus 8 more boxes out of the Civics' 20 is a 40% more storage. It is noticeable.
  13. I'm still on the fence on either the Nautilus or Maverick etc. My concern was gas mileage, my current vehicle, 2013 Volvo S60 T5, my city driving, combination of highway and city streets, is in the 24 (extreme cold months), to 26-28 in the other months. I was concerned the Nautilus wound be around 20 for that range, so I held off for now. The Maverick, since owning a '79 Mustang, learned not to buy a new model year. We'll see how it all works out.
  14. jniffen

    Maverick ST?

    Bring back the Maverick Grabber!
  15. I'm thinking how the contract is between the dealer and manufacturer. You don't see Apple products too much off the list price and Ford can do it that way too. Also, Ford is concerned it will ruin their reputation when the dealers put an excessive 'market value', so no one wants to buy from them. I will admit many of the Ford dealers in the Twin Cities are are arrogant sas-holes. So, I'm for... wait for it customer.