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  1. My 1985 Ranger XLT had "Explorer" badging on the box sides. I was surprised to see it when it arrived. When I placed the order all the boxes were checked so I guess the package was added after I placed my order.
  2. T hawker

    Sulfur smell outside car

    We just got back from a Lowe's and Sam's run to Las Cruces. We had mom's MKC this time and i drove it like a teenager Turned over 1000 miles just before getting home.
  3. Very cool sir! I'm way down between the M and e.
  4. That's one more BL dealer then New Mexico
  5. I think it's more of a cult following then anything else. Owners would be hesitant to complain about their ownership experiences.
  6. Tesla a luxury car?? I thought it was the horse and buggy coming back...go a few miles, stop for the night, go a few miles, stop for the night.... I ended my Motor Trend subscription when they made it car of the year, they couldn't even go from Los Angeles to Las Vegas without stopping for hours to recharge. And don't even get me started on the environmental hazards processing the lithium and manufacturing the batteries.
  7. T hawker

    Sulfur smell outside car

    Deafsoundguy, i have the same Nautilus as you. No odor from mine, i have a sealed garage also (air conditioned). I have been using Chevron 91 octane.
  8. I see two of them every day, my Nautilus and mom's MKC and I'm out here in the middle of nowhere. Haha. When we head east to Las Cruces down I10 i typically see a few newer Lincoln's, ie the new corporate front ends. Mostly see truck loads of Tesla's headed east and border wall sections headed west.
  9. Closest, 210 miles, purchased 640 miles away. Did not buy for perks, Chalet interior. I will do my own oil changes and car washes.
  10. I've only used comfort mode in the Nautilus, really haven't driven it enough to experiment. I learned to drive in a 73 LTD Country Squire wagon, if i could put that one through the twisties i can put anything through them :)
  11. T hawker

    Serial number assistance

    It would be interesting to know how the production line is "stocked or organized". Is it by model, all the Reserves built together, Black Labels, ect or is it by exterior color, all whites then all silvers, ect. Drivetrain, I know the Aviator is basically 4x2 or 4x4, but what about a F150 line. Would all the SuperCrews, Regular Cabs, V8's, 4x4's ect. be built in groups or perhaps different plants. SC at one plant RC at another.
  12. T hawker

    Pimping out my Nautilus wheels!

    18 inch, 16 spoke new wheels (std on Select trims) list at $1k ea, local dealer will discount to $838 ea + $50 core, $888 ea. Caps, tpms and lug nuts not included. Will look for a set of factory take off's. I have seen them listed for less on the web from Ford dealers.
  13. Same attitude with my 2012 Venza, front brake issue.
  14. T hawker

    Pimping out my Nautilus wheels!

    Haha, I agree. My mom gets embarrassed leaving church Saturday night, the way her MKC lights up when she approaches. One thing i was not aware of were the cornering lamps on the Nautilus. They work the same as my 06 MB C350 but those were built into the fog lamps and did not illuminate as well as the Nautilus'.
  15. T hawker

    Pimping out my Nautilus wheels!

    Gurgeh may be right. Drove around town today and the ride is very smooth even with the 21's. Walking through the parking lot approaching the BL it looks soooo good. I may stay with the 21's. Decisions decisions.