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  1. T hawker

    My New Toy.

    Congrats. Love the color with all that chrome. Enjoy!
  2. My 1988 Mustang came with Goodyear Eagles, funny, the back tires only lasted 15k miles...
  3. Took an 850 mile trip yesterday. Only saw 1 new Lincoln, an Aviator (besides my Nautilus). Did see at least a dozen MKX's and a dozen MKZ's but the surprise was all of the new Expedition's out there. At least a couple of dozen, did not track reg vs max. So i averaged just over 31 mpg at 65 mph on the back mountain roads between sw New Mexico and Salt Lake City. Started off with 2200 miles on Nautilus, awd v6, so mpg will probably increase. As a note my old 2017 Acadia with fwd 3.6l v6 averaged closer to 33 mpg. The 2.7l TT, as you can imagine was never lacking for power. The car was fully loaded with luggage and the a/c running.
  4. Same here, mobile android
  5. Now now, i like my center console. I like the soothing simplicity of it. The headlights i thought were great on the freeway, i will be taking the Nautilus through the mountain passes in a few weeks. I'll let you all know my impression of the drive and the gas mileage when i get to Salt Lake City.
  6. T hawker

    Goodbye Continental

    When i purchased the Nautilus, the dealership had a Black Label Continental in the Chroma Chrystal Blue with the Chalet Themed interior. Absolutely gorgeous.
  7. I know old thread, but i we have a second Aviator here in little-ol Deming.
  8. T hawker

    Goodbye Continental

    Or perhaps referring to the interior space. I thought there was less room in the Coni front seats then the MKZ.
  9. T hawker

    Goodbye Continental

    The Nautilus is a perfect height for me getting in and out of. It keeps my back happy. The sedans i test drove, Coni, MKZ, Lacrosse ect were too difficult to get out of. The last MKX i drove was a 2017, the Nautilus has a much smoother ride, I'm happy with Lincoln's "new" direction.
  10. T hawker

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    I like the updated body. Disappointed with the interior, still looks like a lot of hard plastics. The model with the lay flat seats had a nice contrasting seat color but everything else was black. I'll take a look when they hit the lot, perhaps the video doesn't do it justice.
  11. T hawker

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    I thought the same thing. I understand Ford's position, personally i would have gone with the buttons aka Lincoln. It didn't take any time at all adjusting to my Nautilus.
  12. T hawker

    Thank You Dearborn!

    Congrats on the new ride. Both look great. Enjoy!
  13. T hawker

    Ford vs Ford vs Ford action

    That can be said for any size trailer. It's amazing the crazy stuff you see on the road.
  14. I think deafsoundguy is going to love that grill.
  15. T hawker

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    IMHO, Ford is not trying for another family hauler, that's covered. They also are not trying to offer a truck that you can put an entire kitchen remodel in, that's covered. I'm thinking back to when i was growing up. Mom had an LTD Country Squire wagon, the family hauler. Dad had an early 1970's Datsun pickup. He needed something cheap for running back and forth to work but could use it to make a dump run or grab some lumber at Handymans (does that date me). Never intended to move the family or a house full of furniture. That small 2 door truck was perfect for the average middle-class home owner.