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  1. Don't mine an electronic manual vs a paper one but i hope they still provide a pamphlet with the basics if the vehicle as no power to access the owners manual through Sync. I know this sounds crazy, but read the owners manual before you buy since they are on line. I found this in the 2017 GMC Acadia manual. Now really think about GM's statement: California Fuel Requirements If the vehicle is certified to meet California Emissions Standards, it is designed to operate on fuels that meet California specifications. See the underhood emission control label. If this fuel is not available in states adopting California Emissions Standards, the vehicle will operate satisfactorily on fuels meeting federal specifications, but emission control system performance may be affected. The malfunction indicator lamp could turn on and the vehicle may not pass a smog-check test. See Malfunction Indicator Lamp (Check Engine Light) 0 132. If this occurs, return to your authorized dealer for diagnosis. If it is determined that the condition is caused by the type of fuel used, repairs may not be covered by the vehicle warranty.
  2. And yes, i think we need more factory "sleepers".
  3. My 1988 Mustang LX coupe with the GT drive train.
  4. I'm ready to see it as a 2 door
  5. And please change the Courier forum to the Maverick forum. Thanks Steve
  6. Yes, both the Nautilus and XT5 are two row, XT6 is a three row. IMHO none of the XT6/Enclave/Traverse can compete with the Aviator. Aviator is in a class of it's own especially the Black Label edition. The GMC Acadia is a three row but smaller then it's GM cousin's which makes it slightly longer but narrower then the Nautilus.
  7. 4 or 5 hours to swap the grill, i did that on my 2001 CrownVic, 5 minutes. Only car i could speed in and not get pulled over
  8. You get into a BL and it's obvious the materials are so much nicer.  I agree. Every time i open my door it's the wow factor (Chalet). Love everything wrapped in leather, especially the dash. Don't know what it is with leather dashes, fell in love with that feature when i first saw them on the 1978 Diamond Jubilee's and again on the T-Bird Heritage and special edition Ranchero for 1979. You mentioned about blacking out your grill, with the monochrome available now are you going to install one of those grills?
  9. I purchased my BL Nautilus from Witt, they had been sold to Penske but had not moved to La Mesa yet. They had a week to prep the Nautilus for delivery but did nothing, interior dirty, grease smudges so my BL experience no different then a second rate used car dealer.
  10. T hawker

    New Fusion rendering?

    I like it. I don't have a problem with "wagons", i would buy one if it was high enough off the ground (bad back). My Nautilus is the perfect height for me...perhaps that's the difference between wagons and cuv's. Buick has or had one, Regal X or something like that. Too low for me, but i liked it.
  11. T hawker

    New Owner Impressions

    And with the 83 Thunderbird came Fords first talking dash...your door is ajar...your seatbelt is not fastened...your lights are on...glad Ford did away with that after a few years.
  12. T hawker

    New Owner Impressions

    Sure did. Although Ford hadn't water proofed them so when i washed the car it was like going to a disco, all the lights flashing on and off.
  13. T hawker

    New Owner Impressions

    Haha, yes. The first car i had with the keypad entry was my 1982 Thunderbird Heritage . Have always loved that feature.
  14. T hawker

    New Owner Impressions

    The 2020 GMC Acadia has this as an option: RDI NEW! LPO, Keyless Entry Keypad with all-new vertical design, 5-digit programmable keypad located on driverside B-pillar If I couldn't negotiate the purchase of a BL Nautilus (which I did) I was going to order a 2020 Acadia.
  15. I was thinking the lights lit up under the camo are the same layout as in the MotorTrend rendering. I don't recall if the rendering was based on insider info or not.