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  1. T hawker

    Porsche Tacyon headlight theft

    Nautilus LED headlight over $3000 each...
  2. Detroitwheelandtire.com has a selection of wheels and lots of information. You will find the MKX wheels are interchangeable with the MKZ, Continental, MKC and Nautilus. Just watch your offset.
  3. T hawker

    Welcome lighting not working

    If you fold in the mirrors via the door armrest button (to enter a narrow garage for example) the welcome mat will not illuminate.
  4. T hawker

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    At Borman in Las Cruces NM this morning for my seat harness recall. About 40 new Fords on the lot vs 250 typically. They did rcv 2 Navigator's (mono paint option) and an Aviator this morning, all 3 in Ceramic Pearl...beautiful color.
  5. I found that my small utility trailer jack will lower enough that the coupler will sit on the ball but my much larger car trailer will not. Requiring me to use a floor jack to lift the coupler then swinging the jack horizontally (yes it's one of those) then i can lower the floor jack resulting in the coupler sitting on the ball. So with the receiver in the bumper vs under it may alleviate my issue. I'm driving a Nautilus, I'm only moving the car trailer from the street to the back yard.
  6. Beautiful car, congrats on your find. Well worth the time spent searching. I remember test driving a Reserve in Salt Lake City in 2017....fast car
  7. Agreed, let Cadillac chase the Germans....and fail. I am in favour of a quiet, smooth and relaxing environment durring my drives.
  8. T hawker

    Expedition XLT now vs 2018

    I would not order a hole in my roof unless forced to do so...current Nautilus. Sun too strong here in the southwest. Have had rain sense wipers on a number of vehicles, aways turned them off so don't know how well they worked. Like the ambient lighting not because i change colors but that i can select the color i want.
  9. How many millions of $ did engineering spend on these suspension systems and then someone comes in and slaps these rubber bands on the wheels. When does it stop, 30 inch, 40 inch wheels...ridiculous, stop with these asinine wheel sizes.
  10. I see a large loss of range while riding my electric bicycle in below freezing temps. Just to play it safe, i charge after every ride during winter.
  11. T hawker

    Most Popular Color of 2020

    Yes, Iced Mocha Premium Colorant (mom's MKC) was Sandlewood Clearcoat Metallic back in the early 1990's. A no cost option i believe, beautiful color.
  12. Just you or you and a spouse your probably fine unless your the out doorsy type. Kids and or dogs i would avoid. I wipe down the Nautilus Chalet seats with a warm damp rag and some ivory liquid soap
  13. T hawker

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    None taken. That's the wonderful thing about this country (or use to be) we can all like different things, have different tastes and that's fine. I would never tell someone they can't have a v8 or v6 or an ev. Get what works best for you.
  14. T hawker

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    Yes, out here in SW NM we still have quite a few Bronco II's and square bodied Rangers running around. Great little work trucks.
  15. T hawker

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    I liked my Bronco II