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  1. Love that movie, have it on disk. (All the old Fords)
  2. Know what you mean, i could not pedal against the winds out here that's why i went with an electric assist.
  3. Been retired for last 8+ years. Take Nautilus out about every 10 days to go grocery shopping. I ride my electric mountain bike with a dog trailer every day to check up on mom and do the yard work ect...so not a lot of change except shortages at the store. I do have my parts list made out to convert the BL 21's to 18's. Will order those wheels and parts when things get back to normal. Cancelled travel trips obviously but will make up for it later. Everyone take care of yourselves and family.
  4. Congrats on your delivery. Hope you enjoy your ride for many years.
  5. Someone has a white Aviator Reserve here in little-ol Deming NM. Saw it today.
  6. I also liked mine and i too still have the 2 EB bags. Plus i still have the EB bag from my 1995 F150.
  7. And thank you Ford. Not all home owners need a F150 for small clean-ups and home improvement tasks. Please, a 2 door AWD variant.
  8. Ranchero, bc it is a classic Ford nameplate. For those that are too young to know the Ranchero nameplate...well it's all new to them.
  9. T hawker

    Australia Focus Wagon Review

    I watched this review a couple of days ago. Good review but curious about something. Car is right hand drive but the gas petal is still on the drivers right as with left hand drive. I guess i was expecting it to be on the drivers left, towards center of car like the left hand drive vehicles. Anyone know why this is? Am i just thinking backwards.
  10. Need a little help. Would someone please verify the size of the exposed lug nut on a late model Continental. I'm guessing it's 21mm but 19mm is possible also. I believe the wheel size doesn't matter. Thanks, Steve
  11. Courier (Ranchero) for my22? Based on the Focus?
  12. T hawker

    Finally put order in ...

    BL Nautilus Chalet Theme, every time i open my door i say WOW! Your going to love it. Congrats!
  13. Same here! My parents had a 79 Mustang coupe, 2.3 with a 4 speed manual. Grandparents had a 79 Zephyr wagon with the 5.0. Parents made me use the Mustang for my driving test bc of the manual, i wanted to use the 73 LTD Country Squire wagon with the 6.6l Ah, the good old days.
  14. I seem to remember 79 Mustangs and Fairmonts. So manufacturers making changes 10 years prior to the actual reason for the change i don't think is unusual. I think it's standard operating procedure.