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  1. going to be interesting...Ill fess Ive put two reservations in, as I want to see costing with desired options and then weigh Badlands or Wildtrack….theres a bit of a time frame between the two reservations too...so potentially more downpayment...
  2. not just that...there was an adheisive they used in the transit connects that could only be described as smelling like a Camels outhouse....
  3. its absolutely idiotic...my wife works for the DMV...she was recently handed a 10 % pay cut, 2 days mandated furloughs and no overtime...apparently the cutbacks were to assist in bolstering California's deficit. Newsome himself didn't take the pay cut apparently. I personally think they would have been better off launching a full blown audit to address misappropriation of funds into such questionable pet projects as Bullet trains to no where, Sanctuary cities, pandering to Illegal immigrants, a fleet of unused BMW I3's, etc etc ...list is long. Perhaps those funds could have been better utilized to bolster first responders regarding wildfire issues, addressing an antiquated electrical grid to avoid rolling blackouts during the yearly heat wave, let alone necessary PPEs if theres ever a pandemic...I literally feel like banging my head against a brick wall sometimes...
  4. actually, color me impressed with the Sports capabilities...its a lot more off road focused than the Escape...in a significant way. But, yes...much like Raptors going to Grocery stores....
  5. I did not know about the 100k cap....it will be interesting if that gets significantly adjusted post first year...we shall see...stillthink its a superior alternative to the Escape...has something the escape doesn't...character....Escape blends in with the crowd...
  6. Ill come right out and say it...Escapes diamond is the hybrid and plug ins...take those out of the mix I believe the Sport will outsell the Escape....
  7. business has to go where the $ are or the company gos under ...even Toyota and Honda are struggling with their Camry and Accord sales...and in all honesty, given the rebates and incentives on Fusion, I truly doubt Fords making diddly squat on those vehicles. Niw. given the market has swung towards more upright Sedfans...ie CUV, that CAN be sold profitably, the business case for the Fusion has become null and void...I don't blame them in the slightest...why continue with a vehicle that REQUIRES heavy subsidy's to remain numerically viable...let alone monetarily.
  8. saw those...is the mish mash of colors indicative of different steels or alloys being used in different places?...fuzzy?...
  9. I wonder if that bodes well for a manual Ranger?
  10. interesting the licence plate ...400?
  11. me jonesing for the manual with the 2.7 obviously didn't have enough clout....dammit!
  12. Deanh

    Electric F150 News

    makes sense I guess...will be interesting how the Rivian co op and Ford Platforms differ...
  13. Deanh

    Electric F150 News

    where exactly does this leave Rivian and Fords investment? More or less upscale...less of a workhorse, more lifestyle...seems to me this almost borders on making that joint effort redundant.
  14. not to mention they resemble the thickness of an Encyclopedia...