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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. it has been a BIG issue inthe Transit Connects....and replacements are $$$$$$...
  2. lol...welcome to the Geezer club...Id love one of those trucks right now...
  3. lol...understand that...but what does a Ranger start at now?.....and actually the 2.3 motor with the stick shift was absolutely unbreakable...I believe the same engine resided in the Tempo and was avarient of the Pinto drivetrain!....as for problematic engine...probably pertainiung to the 3.0 perhaps, I know of a few owners that had issues ...but problems werent a guarantee...my boy drove his for 300,000 miles.....and it STILL runs...
  4. lol...sadly we veiw the Maverick as "affordable"...this may give away how long Ive been in the business, but I recall we had Rangers advertised ( no A/C ) stick shift std cabs advertised for $8995........scary...probably explains my crotchety nature at times...lol.
  5. remember a BIG part of BEVs gleam is the questionable Global Warming/ Climate change alarmists that deem BEVs as one of the holy grails to Earth reparations.....another set of subjects that Mainstream Media/ GOVT has focused on given its polarizing subject matter...more clicks more Advertisng revenue...screw it if certain subjects that dont support the writers narrative are conveiniently glossed over or end up on the editing floor...
  6. not to mention the Hybrid would eject the horribly trouble prone 8 speed transmission!
  7. from my standpoint we cant keep our hands on any of them, but theres significantly more interest and calls on the Hybrids....and the prices the used Hybrids are fetching is ridiculous
  8. money and political affiliation would be my guess...one only has to look at an outlets owner, and which Political Party they contribute to, to know which way their narrative will err......and THATS sad as people/ voters are easily manipulated, news IS party line propaganda now...apologies if im de-railing this, but in my mind BEVsare in fact a Political Chess piece appeasing and pandering to a certain "block" of voters...
  9. accountability for innaccuracy on the public stage promoting BS may/ would help curtail half of the bull$hit. I have no idea how some of these outlets get away with half of the bogus material they publicize..and sometimes it gos on for months/ years...if we didnt learn anything from the COVID kneejerk debate box, or the "Russia Russia Russia" debaucle its rather sad...and what pisses me off...whats the common denominator?....damn Politics, and now the whole BEV subject , to me at least, seems to be going down the same lines....ARG!
  10. so true....weeding through several "outlets" to get some basis of truth and reality has become the norm...Im not sure it hasnt been this way from the get go, but it seems the BS has upped its game in the last few years...doesnt help when certain EXTREMELY important information gets tamped down prior to important election years...and thats been exposed for going on for decades...the Media has become a very important Political tool...rather sad...want to talk Political interference, Media would be the #1 proponent...absolutely inexcusable.
  11. on the money mate...i know most of my agnst is having it rammed down my throat with ZERO choice...flaws aside ( although they have a propensity to be casually swept under thr rug, which i also find annoying....can you tell?.....lol )
  12. redundant...someone already posted the explanation...little bit of "shake and bake :" marketing by Ford....
  13. well, apparently 400 Ford dealers have pulled out of being part of Fords EV revolution.....maybe that will change, but right now cant say I blame them...
  14. Deanh

    Glacier Gray

    Ford missed some serious oppurtunities on the Broncho colors as well...theres hould be an Olive drab....Avalanche Grey....just to name two....
  15. Deanh

    Glacier Gray

    remember Chameleon???????