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  1. Deanh

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    good luck...we had a couple 2021s scheduled that were cancelled and had to b ere input as 2022s....be patient!
  2. ?....you may want to research exactly how long the exact same Hybrid drivetrain has held up over the years ( decade plus? ) reference Esc ape hybrids utilized in the New York Taxi Fleet under the guise of the "boxy" iteration of the Escape...yeah...it gos back that far...its still used in the Escape and was used for a LONG time in the Fusion.
  3. thx ice-capades....nice moment among all the current mayhem that is the car business...
  4. this is a Badlands...had to have the 2 litre, after that...hard for me to leave anything alone.... all badges removed, White letters in front changed to black ( they removed the whole bumper! ) had tow hooks painted Red, fog lights changed and red caliper covers in front with 18 inch OZ wheels 245 tires...drives GREAT...and very quiet. Shes absolutely stoked...and I had some fun opting it out. The stereo is even above my expectations!
  5. LMAO...trying to get me to look like a Marilyn Manson impersonator?....wife is stoked with the car...that's all that matters...and I was EXTREMELY impressed with how smoothly it drives!...Thumbs up! Next up my 2dr stick shift...
  6. Deanh

    Custom order using X-plan

    make absolutely sure you get something in writing that guarantees the selling price.....Dealers do NOT have to honoir X plan pricing, and during whats going on now regarding inventories, or should I say lack of. Some dealers are WAY over MSRP and its doubtful they would honor X plan due to loss of profitability. We have actually turned some away due to limited allocation and on in stock units. So cover your backside.
  7. makes you wonder if the Vin tags are actually the first thing made and literally WAIT for a car to be put on....no car...just scrap the vin plate
  8. I had several units that had vins get flat cancelled....hard to figure that one out....
  9. Ive , sorry to say...had several vehicles with vins cancelled......never seen that before. And we were just notified that anyone that places an order for a Mach is is a minimum of 28 weeks out......fingers crossed for you 737....
  10. um...no. That's speculative nonsense...full electric is and will remain a small % of total vehicular sales for some time....and its probably writing on the wall that there will be a shortage of the raw materials required ( minerals etc ) for all these wonderful batteries....either that or the price of said minerals ( of which a majority come from Foreign sources ) will be manipulated and utilized in much the same way as Oil was prior to the US becoming independent...oh wait...we've done a complete U turn there...now were dependent on Foreign oil again AND said minerals.....
  11. customer told me...didn't verify as I didn't really care...but he stated they sold it off and input the cash towards Battery technology....
  12. very well put. My issue...and Ill guess Im not the only one...is NOT having the ultimate choice on how to spend MY money...especially on something that is the exact opposite of what it claims to be....environmentally clean with little carbon footprint.....
  13. with all the Global Warming there should be an abundance of sunshine...cough, cough....