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  1. Does this imply a potential hybrid T Connect?....and cheaper than the current one?....hard to justify $19995 for a base Maverick and 5-8k more for a TC...
  2. my update...I guess it will be sitting for 3 months weathering...its built waiting for the chip...new ETA...Sept 19....anyone wonder when I chuckle at Ford delivery dates...repeat...ordered Feb 1 ! Sep-19-2021 Micro Chip At Plant On Hold
  3. sorry to pop bubbles, but ANYTHING on a dealers lot right now is most likely at or above MSRP due to significant shortages...and the light isn't even visible at the end of the tunnel right now.....we usually carry 450 - 500 cars, we are down to less than 40 and vehicles are being presold PRIOR to them even being produced at the Factory...absolutely NUTS right now. Never seen this in 36 years in the business....
  4. Ive been circumventing that asinine Ford reservation system and putting orders in immediately...all my orders start with the letter D so I can track them easier, plus by putting them in immediately theres no wait...taking the "law" into my own hands....lol...
  5. yep...barring crazy ass wheels and tiny side mirrors....
  6. Happy for you brother...its strange to me how some models seem immune whilst others aren't...I heard they were trying to funnel as many chips as possible to the F150...meanwhile my Wifes Sport, ordered Feb 1st is finally built and sitting on hold at the factory for the bloody chip!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!
  7. awesome...just hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as a lot of inventory...built then held awaiting a friggen CHIP!...and that's not as Eric Estrada reference...
  8. D & D is averaged across the whole country...that wont change....if you had it based on distance imagine the uproar let alone Ford having to print different MSRPS and invoices dependent on final destination...now, to put this in perspective...how have they handled something as relatively simple as online reservations ?, and product releases?....ahem....best to keep everything as simple as possible...
  9. they should have had the words PUMBAA in the camo....
  10. Aerostars...oh yeah...I had a transportation Company that utilized them...he was upwards of 800k when he retired them...some he didn't even know the total as the speedo would reset...crazy!
  11. ?...huh?....Pintos, Mustangs II and Tempos ...albeit questionable cars ...had a reputation for being unbreakable...that 2.3 4 cylinder never died
  12. Ill say it again...and thus my own car will most likely incur further delays as punishment for stating IT WONT HAPPEN....add a couple of months at least, Id guess 4 minimum before they hit lots...all one has to do is look at all the delays across the board and if anyone thinks the Maverick wont incur the same they are dreaming...why would the Maverick be immune?....the telling date will be when they get shipped....someone remind me to eat Crow if Im wrong...
  13. Deanh

    2022MY Scheduling

    sounds like you've experienced theexact same issues as we have...everything defers to Zone Reps ….who in my hands on experience are as dumb as a doorknob and are NOTHING more than FORDS buffer between the Dealers and Corporate...Corporate will NOT interact one on one....they utilize "yes men"....and weve had some right doozies! ( barring one who was actually a Ford Relative with the appropriate last name...)
  14. Deanh

    Mid-Year Pricing Actions

    Cant be true, NYT didn't report that.....or CNN...
  15. Deanh

    2022MY Scheduling

    most of the time I would agree with that....however a LOT of information relayed to the Dealers can be absolute bull$hit….they have a great habit of tap dancing and deflecting any information which could refect badly on themselves...its the very reason I label Dealers as a buffer between the customer and corporate....Ford corporate is completely in the dark when it comes to dealing with people one on one...