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  1. wildtrak is late availability...youll get to tweek the order when its placed 4th quarter.
  2. going to be very interesting on how long it takes to get a vin number....congrats.
  3. cool, keep me posted...I have hunch DORAS may be some time away though....not exactly confident in how Ford has handled this roll out at all....
  4. easy to think my eternal skepticism is actually sarcasm when I always quip about release dates.....always add 2-3 months....ALWAYS....Ford has shown redoubtable skill at screwing up releases....
  5. the only Badlands we have coming in ( and keep in mind its the only Sport variant with the bigger 2.0 engine ) are Service "Demos" like this guys was....and they show incoming, and YES...we too have had multiple calls...
  6. irony...the Badlands you cant get built right now....commodity issue of some sort....
  7. love this combo barring the white door handles. Would be my chice currently...but theres a color in Fords 2021 color brochure that would be awesome...Dark Matter Gray.....its a gray version of Antimatter Blue...almoset looks black until light hits it...stunning.
  8. I saw the late availability list and had a serious WTH? moment...four that stuck out were 2.7, 2 door, Sasquatch and Hardtop...I mean seriously.....that embraces a LOT...that pretty much defines slim pickings ( at least initially, it even checks 3 boxes for the Wildtrak alone )
  9. good things come to those that are patient....
  10. theres quite a bit in that late availability column....
  11. I didn't think any hard tops were avail barring the MIC...?
  12. not defending dealerships tactics...but sight unseen trade in values are ripe with error.....I can raise my hand to that one...
  13. which rears THIS question...how did a different dealership get your contact info and know the vehicle you were interested in?....
  14. to re-iterate...as far as I know, and what has been shared by Ford Corporate...there is NO employee pricing or plan pricing on Broncos....
  15. find a local CARMAX and cover your backside....get a buy bid.