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  1. FordBuyer

    Ford Mondeo released

    Thought the BS covered the subcompact CUV segment, especially if Ford offers a FWD stripped down BS. And thought retooled OAP is going to build a BEV that replaces Edge and Nautilus. And besides Escape S pretty much covers Ecosport SE price range and gets better fuel mileage.
  2. FordBuyer

    Ford Mondeo released

    I would think that the CUV/SUV segment is covered by Ford from top to bottom in just about every price range and Maverick covers the bottom. So if Ford is looking at any other segments that offer opportunity, then the Evos concept would be it. Best of both sedan and CUV segments being attractive and functional/practical. Fits those who don't want a sedan or generic CUV. There is room for the Evos. Cool name also...21st Century. I'm talking North America here, not Europe or China.
  3. Yeah, you really have to wonder how well all electric will work in extreme cold climates that don't see 32 degrees for weeks on end. Even ICE struggles with those extreme temps. Guess that is many ICE batteries fail during winter and need to be jump started. I still remember my MI winter motorist days vividly.
  4. FordBuyer

    Ford Mondeo released

    I hope Ford does not import any Chinese built vehicle into the U.S. Just not a smart move in these times when our relations with Russia/China are so precarious. And they are getting worse by the day.
  5. FordBuyer

    Ford Mondeo released

    Again, Flat Rock is still sitting using about 1/3 of its capacity. I still hope Ford does the Fusion Active though instead of a conventional sedan.
  6. I assure you with the Escape hybrid, the transition is seamless. And the system has 200 hp, so acceleration is decent. Can't comment much about cold weather living in Fl, but we do get cold mornings in winter, and haven't noticed much difference. And after 10,000 miles, we are averaging 46.6 mpg. What's not to like?
  7. Some day in the not too distant future, Tesla will be seen as just another auto company competing for market share. And when that day comes, the stock price will be adjusted accordingly. For those who own Tesla stock and have done well, the problem will be making the decision of when to sell. Musk certainly has made that decision.
  8. If you really think about it, Hybrids are the sweet spot of the market, not plugins or all electric. They sip very little gas, do not use the grid system, are cheaper, weigh less, and run in electric mode most of the time in city driving. Maybe some day BEVs will be in the sweet spot, but that is years off. Toyota gets it, and Ford keeps offering new hybrids almost every year lately.
  9. Spot on I suppose. If it does show up in future, I suspect it will be more conventional in design. The design was easy too polarizing if not downright ugly. And competing against the traditional Big 3 in pickups is not easy.
  10. Yep, most were well optioned, low miles, full warranty, and great deals price wise. I lucked out getting the Cortina GT. Today, they go for big money. I know Wheeler Dealer redid one they bought and got big bucks for it. They still race them in vintage racing series. My next vehicle was Capri V6 and they were awesome racers.
  11. Yeah, a hybrid sedan/crossover design seems to be the way to go with better aero and still very functional/practical. Basically, my Escape hybrid pictured up above is a sedan/crossover that is a raised Focus hatchback in essence. A good way to meet coming 40mpg average fuel mileage standards. For that matter, the Explorer looks like a raised station wagon.
  12. There was a B plan back in the day. Ford management got a vehicle as a perk and after a few months turned them into the B plan lot. Then any Ford salaried employee could pick out and buy one off the lot and all had less than 6,000 miles. Ford employee could also give the vehicle to family members like me who was the don of Ford engineer. Don't know if Ford has similar program today. Ford does something with its Ford Executive perk vehicles.
  13. Seems to me Ford did this with A and B plan buyers.....can't resell it for at least 6 months after purchase. As a teenager I got a Cortina GT through B plan and couldn't resell it for at least 6 months according to Ford. So there is precedence and as mentioned with Ford GT. I believe Ford won those cases as with John Cena.
  14. Mullinax has about 20 Broncos and about all are used as demos to be sold later after some light miles. And I would guess be sold for much higher price than sticker. Expect them to do the same with Lightning. Seems to be the model for mega dealers. Looks like Mullinax does this with the Mach E also.