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  1. FordBuyer

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    There will be no dividend until Covid is under control, and that won't happen until at least sometime next year or even later. In the meantime, expect more shutdowns because of excessive absenteeism as winter kicks in.
  2. FordBuyer

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    A lot of dealers are complaining about their low inventory that is not getting better. Reports that auto plants have extreme absenteeism and it's an ongoing problem. Very little reporting about infection rates in these plants. The Midwest has exploding Covid cases and it has to affect supplier and assembly plants. Out of control Covid is NOT GOOD.
  3. I think it's a brilliant idea for Ford to do a Park Ranger/Firefighter Bronco if in fact Ford does it. Positively brilliant that will make the Bronco the go to offroad, rugged vehicle of choice.
  4. Yes, brings back memories of our 1955 Ford sedan.
  5. Some dealers don't charge doc fees or keep them as low as $50. Mullinax Ford advertises $50 doc fees only.
  6. Let me guess...it will have same curved touch screen as the new Escalade. Or it better have for $100,000.
  7. So how is the Lincoln stand alone goal going? It has been years now and really don't know if Lincoln is making headway or not. I know that the Ford/Lincoln dealerships in Ocala, FL are combined and near me Plaza Lincoln recently merged with Plaza Cadillac and share same facility...weird. Only stand alone Lincoln near me is Orlando Lincoln and Lincoln is popular in Central Fl. Very soon Lincoln will be down to only 4 vehicles and no sedans to compete against MB, BMW, Cadillac, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Genesis, Porsche, and so on. Leave it to Ford to end scores of nameplates with no replacements anytime soon and expect dealers to invest millions in new facilities.
  8. FordBuyer

    Explorer PI Hybrid

    Three cheers for Navistar!!! I can still remember being behind those Navistar engined Super Duties as they stutter stepped down the highway belching black smoke and sometimes having to pull off the highway as they could not keep up with traffic because they would at times run so rough. Ford is pretty hit and miss with their products...this was a miss.
  9. FordBuyer

    Wow! Really???

    Yeah, that is what I was thinking. And the way the virus is exploding in Cook County, who knows how much longer that crazy plant will remain open.
  10. So what do you guys think of GM's relationship to Korea when it comes to small CUV's like the Encore, Encore GX, Trax, and Trailblazer. All are sales hits and GM can't keep the new Trailblazer in stock. Again, wish Ford still used Mazda's expertise with small vehicles.
  11. Or download the manual at your expense and time. Beancounters at work. Wish they had more power when it came to dct Focus trans and other multi billion dollar snafus.
  12. FordBuyer

    Explorer PI Hybrid

    That's not what Ford is saying. Article quoted above says all is well and the warden has full control of the prisoners again. Also sounds like all the robots are finally calibrated.
  13. FordBuyer

    Explorer PI Hybrid

    Isn't the police version built in a separate assembly area? I believe police assembly launch came later offsite from main retail assembly.
  14. There is a rumor that the Voodoo engine will be used again in some form.....maybe a Raptor? Or maybe another Ford GT hybrid?
  15. What's really bad about this is the headlines in article after article state that 2020 Escapes or Escape Hybrids are catching fire. Very lazily written articles that besmirch the total Escape brand. Not good as Ford dealers are going to have to tell buyers that it's only plugins that are not available. Most people just read the headlines and ignore the rest.