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  1. Maybe VW isn't allowed to sell the Amarok in North America, but they want a piece of the pie anyway.
  2. Lost in all this debate is another prototype sighting: Ford Fusion Active Prototype Spotted With Dual Exhaust, Tow Hitch (fordauthority.com)
  3. Car and Driver seems to think it's the new Fusion Active, too: 2023 Ford Fusion Active: What We Know So Far (caranddriver.com) It actually makes more sense as the Ford. I expect Lincoln to be all-EV (except for the Navigator) by 2025-26 timeframe, mirroring Cadillac.
  4. I don't know, ask that designer.
  5. The VW design boss had a now-deleted post on his Instagram page showing both a pickup and SUV: VW will revive Scout nameplate for electric pickup (autoblog.com)
  6. AGR

    Stellantis inline 6

    Unless things have changed in the last few months, they were planning Charger and Challenger models with the I-6 along with separate EV versions. Edit: I googled it, and the rumors are all over the place. The only thing that's "confirmed" is that there will be EV versions. Some say EV only, others say both. I dunno, I'm not a Chrysler/DCA/Fiatsler/ED Motors expert...
  7. AGR

    Stellantis inline 6

    From what I've read, the next gen Charger and Challenger were a big reason for the I-6. The Alfa Romeo RWD platform (used on the Guilia and Stelvio) would not accommodate the Hemi V8s.
  8. AGR

    Fallacy of Electrics

    Nope, your analogy is faulty since ICE vehicles MUST use petroleum products while EVs can use electricity from any source. Nuclear is probably done; the existing plants are nearing the end of their lifecycles and new replacements are too expensive. They may succeed in getting a few minor dams removed, but the bigger dams aren't going anywhere.
  9. AGR

    Fallacy of Electrics

    I'd take you up on that, but the Greenies are getting our nuclear plants shut down. And all the regulations to build new ones even on the sites of current ones are so onerous that they can't be built and operated without being heavily subsidized.
  10. AGR

    Fallacy of Electrics

    Nobody said it was. EVs and power generation are separate issues. Like bzcat said, an EV is agnostic towards where the electricity is coming from. Even the most biased studies (like one that was widely circulated in conservative media about 5 years ago) can only get EVs to be "dirtier" if the electricity comes from coal. Gas, and obviously nuclear and renewables are MUCH cleaner than ICE. So any attacks on EVs because of "coal generated electricity" are an indictment against coal.
  11. AGR

    Fallacy of Electrics

    You want to make that an argument against EVs, but it's really an argument against coal. Coal has went from over half of our generating capacity to 20% in about 15 years. What bzcat said. And do you think the utilities are just sitting around doing nothing to plan for the increase in EVs? Plus the infrastructure law passed year has $65B in it to upgrade the electrical grid.
  12. True, but discussing the issue with the other extreme is tiring as well.
  13. IMO, that's what we have here. The Edge would be replaced by a lower crossover/wagon that can be built at FRAP, one that would fulfill the promise to the dealers that they would get a new "Fusion" to sell. To my untrained eye, the CUV wagon in the picture from my link above has 19" wheels, which give the vehicle a height of just under 60". I don't know how high a vehicle the restrictions allow at FRAP, however.
  14. According to this article, it's only replacing the Hemis: 500+ hp Stellantis 'Hurricane' I6 previews a world without Hemis (autoblog.com) I agree with the Autoblog article, it's no doubt too long to be used in transverse applications. I would bet that they'll still make the Hemis for use in the Ram 2500/3500.