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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Wait...you mean there's someone that's STILL using this lame argument? If there's 300K people without power, then their neighborhood gas stations are all out of power, too.
  2. My grandpa had a '77 with that same two-tone paint scheme. It was an F-350 Super Cab Camper Special with a 460. He bought it and a 20-something ft camper and took a month-long vacation to Alaska.
  3. According to a guy that used to post here (now at GMI), the Nautilus with the Continental-style door handles will be exported to the US.
  4. I'm not a fan. As I have stated previously, I would rather have a Mustang II (Restomod of course) than the 1971-73s.
  5. The 1971-73 Mustorinos didn't really look like Mustangs either.
  6. They're not dropping the Cherokee, just moving production to Mexico. I do wonder if Belvidere is having the same issues as CAP, it is in Chicagoland after all.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, the batteries made by CATL are cheaper than SK's batteries. My guess is once the TE1 F150 Lightning comes around, the current Lightning's technology will get handed down to Ranger and possibly Bronco for T6-based EVs. Having cheaper batteries would be a plus. JPD posted in another thread that VW is planning an Amarok EV in 2026. I find it unlikely that they would do a T6-based EV by themselves, especially when it's not their platform. The TE1 Ranger and Bronco aren't coming until the late 20s(according to that spreadsheet), I wouldn't think they would wait that long to bring out Ranger and Bronco EVs. Who knows, maybe they'll shoehorn batteries into the S650 Mustang. The GE2 Mustang isn't coming until the late 20s as well.
  8. More sub brands? Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Camaro Are the Next GM 'Brand Umbrellas' (caranddriver.com)
  9. Not the Corvette, but semi-related: Chevy FNR-XE electric sedan concept takes Ultium to cars (greencarreports.com) There were rumors of a sedan to replace the Malibu and Camaro, the production version of this might be it. It doesn't look too far off from a production car.
  10. Probably the coupe and convertible, a sedan, and the Mach-E.
  11. General Motors will be doing the same in California near the Salton Sea.
  12. The Prius isn't even Toyota's best-selling hybrid in the US, the Rav 4 Hybrid is.
  13. According to Ford Authority, there will be one more generation of ICE Explorer: Next-Generation Gasoline Ford Explorer Will Likely Debut In 2026 (fordauthority.com)
  14. AGR

    2023 Escape

    Per Mike Levine, 2023 Escape to unveiled tomorrow: (1) Mike Levine on Twitter: "New style. New Tech. New Ford Escape! See it on Tuesday, Oct. 25. https://t.co/RuZhBNmu1H" / Twitter Ford Authority article: 2023 Ford Escape To Officially Debut On October 25th (fordauthority.com)
  15. AGR

    2022 GMC Sierra Thread

    Not directed at you in particular... There's something I've been wondering since GM showed the Silverado EV. Is the separate cab and box actually still needed on half ton pickups? Or is it just tradition/looks? Obviously, it was needed back in the day, but the frames are much stronger and stiffer now. It wouldn't surprise me if the new truck destined for BOC did the same. Maybe they will do both: a more traditional F150 Lightning made in Dearborn, and a "unibody" F100 Lightning for BOC.