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  1. There's a number of CUVs that aren't much taller, if at all, than my fusion.
  2. AGR

    HOLY SHNIKES..TTAC Opinion on Tesla CT

    I like Tesla (except the Cybertruck), but am not a fanboy. We're talking about opinions from TTAC. WGAF what TTAC says about anything.
  3. AGR

    The Bronco Has Landed

    I don't even notice it on my 2018 Fusion Hybrid. But it obviously works seamlessly with the hybrid powertrain, probably much better than with a conventional powertrain.
  4. More pictures and info: Ford Mondeo/Fusion Successor Spied On The Road In Europe (motor1.com) Edit: this car has no tailpipe. Maybe we haven't figured out the Fusion/Zephyr because they're EV only(?) The article says that the rumors suggest that "Fusion/Mondeo" will be PHEV and that there's a muffler underneath even though no tailpipe is visible.
  5. We've had that problem, too...and training seasoned employees new processes. The company I work for is a big bank, and they will move all employees back to the office after Labor Day. The team members who are working from home were productive at first, but the last 5-6 months they've slipped. This is why I'm skeptical about claims of equal or better productivity from people who WFH. It's anecdotal, but my sister worked from home for the same bank (different department). She liked it for a while, but recently moved to a different company because she was tired of working from home(among other issues).
  6. Motor1.com thinks that one of the four will be a sedan: First Lincoln EV Teased, Coming In 2022 (motor1.com) This would match Cadillac, who has already announced that one of theirs WILL be a sedan.
  7. Agreed. I think the others are getting WAY ahead of themselves talking about the Maverick being a massive hit. Unibody and/or car-based pickups have never been huge sellers.
  8. I don't either. I see a Toyota logo, and think boorrring.
  9. A stand-alone Bronco pickup model is overkill/not needed. It would mostly cannibalize Ranger sales. Ford already has 3 pickups, 4 if you count the SD separately. If there's a small demand for one, Ford or an aftermarket supplier could develop a kit to convert a regular Bronco into a pickup. There MIGHT be a ROI to develop such a kit, but certainly not to develop a separate model.
  10. That was when office furniture guy was running things...
  11. ...or, if gas stations are that far apart, some rural areas might be AHEAD of urban areas in EV adoption. Like I said in another thread, none of us has a crystal ball.
  12. At a different forum I'm on, this one guy who owns/owned a Passat TDI said that EVs were a no go for him. He lives in Maryland and said that when he visits family in Savannah, GA, he drives NONSTOP to get there(650 miles). Yeah right..