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  1. Can someone clear something up please. In England ford say's 370 miles on a full change.
  2. In europe the trim level titanium is sports with luxury
  3. Looks like ford is raising the interior in the class again link to item http://www.worldcarfans.com/
  4. This is the sort of head lines ford is getting from the mags these days witch it it deserserves total http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/fi...s_the_road.html
  5. pms jones

    b max

    just found this on gmi. Could this be the new b max http://totalcar.hu/magazin/hirek/?main:2008.10.17&366718
  6. pms jones

    Ford of Europe sales down 11.5%

    You all so forgot to tell how vauxhal have been giving cars 3000-4000 pounds off and 0% loans all month and that is just the small car. The vectra has 7000 pounds of is this part of the country
  7. Keep on reading about the gm, chrysler merger or just have gm obsorb chrysler. But what if ford was to absorb chrysler would the deal be better with ford.As not realy having rear wheeldrive cars or minivans in their line up plus the hemi engine would be a good thing for ford to use as it own.Plus with the explorer going unibody you can slim down the crap from jeep and keep the good cars . ford main street mercury europe style smail cars chrysler semi lux dodge sports jeep offroad
  8. Ore could it be the b- max witch is going to replace our fusion here in europe.
  9. pms jones

    Ford C-Max spied

    You hit the nail right on the head. Ford needs more than one c class sized car to make up the numbers of trucks and suv sales that it is losing in the market place
  10. pms jones

    Ford C-Max spied

    I think you are getting the C max and the S max mixed up. The C max is just a taller focus 5 seater with the S max being the 7 seat-er .The C max should be Mercury and be sold along side the ford focus
  11. pms jones

    2009 Focus RS pics

    Ford jellymoulds you do talk a load of rubbish some times ford will have no trouble selling the 5000-7000 cars a year.If you think that 300 bhp is a fake car then i suggest you give up on being a car enthusiast
  12. pms jones

    UK introduces new road tax bands...

    Well to day as i was driving around cambridge i saw a ford escape hybrid with dealer plates on. so could this be some testing for a future car for europe
  13. pms jones

    Focus Sales slipping in Europe down 8% this year

    May be it could be that they now only count the focus not the focus and focus cmax together
  14. Well to start with the fiesta is the old man of the b car group
  15. pms jones

    fiesta picture

    Just to let you see but auto express has a picture of the next fiesta plus some information on the details of engines like petrol 1.3 1.6 1.8 sci direct injection http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpr...ord_fiesta.html