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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. ICE powered F150 will be in production through at least the end of 2033 and ICE powered Super Duty will be in production through at least the end of 2034, so it seems it is premature to panic about the issue. Who knows what world will be like then? I likely will have purchased my final vehicle by then.
  2. Don't assume what those of you in the most liberal and urban part of the country want is what the rest of the country wants.
  3. ehaase

    What happened to Fordinsidenews?

    I know that the main moderator at FIN became discouraged with Ford when it discontinued most of the sedan models and stopped posting. He posted here a lot also, but I don't remember his name.
  4. Of course, for 71 it was Boss 351, which was its only year. Boss 302 and 429 were 69 and 70 only. I like both the 71-73 and the Mustang II, which was a decent car for its era, contrary to popular opinion. In my opinion, the current model is too expensive, too overstyled, and maybe too capable.
  5. ehaase

    Jeep Cherokee plant being idled next year

    Auto Forecast spreadsheet shows Cherokee coming back in mid 2025 on STLA Large platform in Toluca, Mexico where EV Jeeps Recon and Wagoneer S will also be made. My understanding is STLA large can be ICE RWD/AWD or BEV FWD, AWD, or RWD, so I don't know if it means Cherokee comes back as EV or RWD/AWD ICE vehicle closer to the old Jeep Liberty. Also, Cherokee was almost same size as Compass, except for longer front section needed to accommodate the V6. Compass is being improved with standard 2.0L turbo and AWD. Auto Forecast spreadsheet shows Compass moving to STLA Medium platform in late 2025 and will be made at Canadian plant now making LX cars.
  6. The Auto Forecast spreadsheet says the BEV Mustang coupe will arrive in 2029. The SUV coupe arrives 2026.
  7. Law enforcement and old fashioned people, just as with the last ten years of the Panthers.
  8. Spreadsheet shows Aviator EV and Navigator ICE as only Lincoln products after 2025, but spreadsheet is probably not 100% accurate or complete.
  9. programdirnam.pdf (motor1.com)
  10. That Auto Forecast spreadsheet also showed an Escape EV (CX 823, GE 2.1 platform) going into production at Louisville 1/5/2026, but I would think a Maverick EV and Bronco Sport EV would make more sense.
  11. Perhaps Ford expects affluent and forward thinking consumers to embrace Explorer EV, and CD6 Explorer will be the new Panther, unless Ford can close Chicago plant.
  12. ehaase

    2023 Maverick Tremor

    My 1985 1/2 Escort with the 1.9L had 85 hp. My father's 1981 Escort with the 1.6L had 69 hp. Life wasn't so terrible.
  13. Also the source of raw materials to manufacture them and the cost to those not in the upper and upper middle classes. Climate Policy Is a Much Greater Threat Than Climate Change - Mish Talk - Global Economic Trend Analysis
  14. It will be interesting to see how the Charger does. If it flops, Ford may reconsider whether an EV Mustang coupe/convertible is worth developing.