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  1. I have no question the Bronco will be successful and profitable. I just wonder how many people will be willing to pay over $30,000 for a Bronco Sport. I do look forward to the Maverick and hope there will be a basic version that is non-Eco Boost that will be in the low $20,000 range, especially as a replacement for the EcoSport is uncertain.
  2. Then it's a good thing Ford got out of the sedan market and is building Rangers, Broncos, and Bronco Sports instead.
  3. Ford needed to put the Focus and Fusion on a 5 year redesign schedule to compete seriously with the Asians. There should have been a complete redesign for the Focus for 2017 and Fusion for 2018.
  4. Ford didn't make a mistake when it pulled out of the personal luxury car market when it discontinued the Thunderbird and Cougar after 1997 (yes I know Thunderbird returned a few years later as a 2 seater on DEW98 and Cougar came back as a 2 door Contour), it didn't make a mistake when it pulled out of the minivan market when it discontinued the Freestar and Monterey, and it didn't make a mistake when it pulled out of the station wagon market after the 2007 Focus and 2005 or so Taurus. Segments contract, leaving room for only a few players. I'm not interested myself in a crossover or pickup, but Ford isn't obligated to produce a sedan for me at a loss or minimal profit.
  5. Some say "Fusion Active" is Europe only to replace Mondeo. How certain are you it will be produced for North America?
  6. Some say Biden has neurological issues from having a brain aneurysm years ago, not necessarily memory issues or dementia. I suspect he will win and taxes will go up a little, defense spending will be increased less than under Trump, and social and environmental spending will also go up a little.
  7. Used Escapes from CarMax might be Ford's idea of an EcoSport replacement.
  8. ehaase

    Ford Q2 2020 financials

    Wouldn't surprise me if the next redesigned Mustang is the final version with internal combustion engines and the generation after that is electric with lower sales volume assembled at a plant also producing electric crossovers.
  9. Maybe today's equivalent to Ford's full size sedans of the 60's and 70's.
  10. For what it's worth, Borg said on GMI that plans for the Maverick based crossover have been dropped. He also said that 2.5 Hybrid will be the base engine in the Maverick, while the 2.0L EB will be optional. The 1.5L EB will not be used on the Maverick. That's what Borg said - I don't know how reliable he is.
  11. OK, wealthy people who love technology
  12. I can see the day when Ford manufactures only the F series and its derivatives, Transit, Ranger, Bronco, and a potpourri of electric vehicles to satisfy the granolas.
  13. The 96 Taurus was ugly, but I feel it was a solidly engineered car because I frequently saw them on the roads until a few years ago. Many seemed to last 20 years or longer. I agree the 2000 and later was cheapened, though slightly more cargo space and better looking.
  14. ehaase

    Toyota Corolla Cross

    Not any more crowed than Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet, and Nissan.
  15. I imagine the Cherokee, Compass, and Renegade, currently using Fiat platforms, will move to Peugeot platforms when redesigned. Don't know the future of the minivan or the Dodge RWD cars. I thought Fiat wasted a lot of money reviving Alfa Romeo, just as Cadillac did on its RWD platforms.