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  1. I'm not a GM fan nor a Corvette fan though I do recognize its significance in the American history of cars as a 2-seater sports car. They may as well make it a sub-brand using the Corvette name as what Ford is doing with Mustang. The second name being for the additional family of vehicles. Like the 'Mustang Mach-E' for example while singular 'Mustang' being the traditional rear drive 2+2 coupe/convertible. They can do that with Corvette by keeping its current car the 'Corvette' and the EVs the 'Corvette A', 'Corvette B', etc. but with actual names instead of letters. However, I'm more curious about the 'future trio of electric Mustangs' the article mentioned. Does GM know something we don't know about future Mustang EVs? Specifically the 'trio' of them. Hmm...
  2. Especially when they don't realize how quickly and far along engine technology has gone. Just 15 years ago, the 2007 Mustang GT's 24v SOHC 4.6L V8 engine only had 300 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque. That was actually impressive back then! Now, the engine is a 5.0L with lots of high-tech features... 32v DOHC with variable timing, dual injection, etc. and etc. Then look even further back 25 years ago to 1997 - the second year of the 4.6L V8, by the way - and find that it only put out 215 horsepower and 285 lb-ft of torque for the 16v SOHC and 305 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque for the 32v DOHC. It's impressive with how far Ford has gone with their engine capability and technology, especially considering it's an old engine! Then there's the fact that the 'S650' Mustang actually lives on rather than canceled as many people previously feared. Some people just can't be happy.
  3. Wow you were spot on! 😮 We discussed this before and I liked your idea of evolving the current MME platform into a new one while using tech from GE2 for the 'C2' based US vehicles. A great way to amortize the development costs of the MME platform. I previously suggested the Maverick, Bronco Sport, and even 1st generation Escape for this platform which is now 'CE1'. I also previously mentioned the 2nd generation Escape BEV could eventually be on the GE2 once the Explorer/Aviator was out and all initial production bugs were worked out. I even had an idea of having the next generation MME be on GE2 (I previously thought this was Ford's plan and it may still be that) and then taking the current MME (after it's updated/redesigned onto new now-known-as 'CE1') and rename it 'Mustang Mach-E Sport', creating another new member of the Mustang family. But now I see that the GE2 is apparently a mid-size 3-row BEV? This was news to me because I thought the GE2 architecture was scalable to include smaller 2-row BEVs. This could have eventually been for Escape BEV, the next generation MME, as well as other global small BEVs as well. I'm sure that's still the case but the 2-row BEVs from GE2 would still be a long way off since Ford wants to get the high-margin Explorer/Aviator and other mid-size BEVs out as soon as possible. Makes me wonder what Ford's plans were for the MME in general as well as the true 2-door Mustang BEV if the GE2 was a mid-size 3-row BEV architecture. I may have this tidbit wrong so please correct me if I'm wrong regarding GE2. I think the next generation 'MME' should evolve onto larger GE2 with both 2-row and 3-row (two lengths) as a sporty Mustang-inspired Lifestyle crossover and offered with a 5,000-pound factory tow package. The smaller 'MME Sport' continues as it's marketed but on the newer CE1. This could be offered with a 2,000-pound or 3,500-pound factory tow package. We shall see what happens. This is why your idea of what is now known as CE1 is logical. It's a great short-term solution for smaller 2-row US-based 'C2' vehicles. Until either the actual scalable-smaller GE2 BEVs come out - likely later in decade or early 2030s - or if the CE1 eventually becomes GE2-based smaller CE2, which would be an all-new global smaller BEV architecture. That would be great for 2nd generation BEVs of Maverick, Bronco Sport, Escape, and globally: Fiesta, Focus, Galaxy, etc. I seen some suggested Capri and Cortina, etc. Those would work in Europe and there's old nameplates that could be leveraged in Australia and other places too with the global CE2, but that's still a long way off. By then, at least the development costs would be reduced and hopefully the battery tech by then would enable longer range, quicker charge, and be safer, while still being cheaper to develop and produce. Yes the LAP in Louisville did have a long-term future planned. Ford already done lots of work in making the plant green as possible over the years. They wouldn't have done that if they intended to eventually shut it down or sell the plant in the near future. The new battery plant is not far from LAP which already told me that Ford intends on keeping LAP for its EV future. So I'm thrilled with this new info, though still not 100% officially confirmed.
  4. I agree and it appears that Farley does too. It seems that he's going forward with the GE2 and TE1 BEV architecture for BEVs in North America instead of the MEB-based vehicles as in Europe.
  5. pffan1990

    2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal Event

    I agree. The timing and lighting reminds me of the Expedition reveal fiasco few years ago where it was hard to watch the presentation screen. So it was good that they at least showed actual videos of the new Super Duty instead of the videos on the screens that the audience saw. I actually thought that Ford Pro leader Ted Cannis gave a great presentation. The way he spoke was passionate and energized. He spoke through it without any problems. But speaking of looking like a slob that you described Farley, what's the deal with Ted's hair? He looks like Kelso from "That 70s Show"! 😂 Am I the only one that usually cringes whenever Farley speaks? Something about the way he talks and presents is cringy. He is a smart businessman and a great car guy but I would rather read his interview quotes and his Tweets than hear him speak. He usually doesn't stumble like he did last night so I'm guessing he was nervous or didn't practice his speech. Aside from the disappointing 'reveal', though, I do like the changes made to the Super Duty in general and simplifying the lineup, such as making 2WD only on XL. I'm guessing the Twin-I-Beam front suspension is still used on the XL 2WD? I do find it odd that we actually learn more from the pdfs and short videos that Ford posted online, and the videos that some YouTubers made with such details, than last night's reveal by Ford. There were too many speeches, and then finally the trucks drove and parked, and then more speeches. There was hardly anything to make it 'all new' as they had been calling it. The new S650 Mustang being marketed as 'all new'... sure, that makes sense due to lots of upgrades. But the Super Duty is literally just a refresh.
  6. pffan1990

    2024 Mustang Info

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is actually one of their plans. This would help sell the Mustang in Europe by the time hybrids are required there. Also be a good option for America as well as other places as Australia.
  7. pffan1990

    2024 Mustang Info

    That is what I personally think is actually the plan as well. There are plenty of changes they can make with the MCEs of the S650 over the years to keep it updated and fresh. The Mustang 2-door coupe/convertible EV could still be styled like traditional ICE Mustang but I think the soonest the EV can happen is 2028, from what I been seeing here.
  8. pffan1990

    The New 6.8L V8 Thread

    I had been thinking the same about the 7.3L V8 with few power levels. I mentioned this couple days ago in previous post here that's quoted below. In addition to my previous post, Ford does the same with the diesel for the Medium Duty with few power levels. I have wondered if this is what Ford has planned for the Super Duty, whether it's pickups, Chassis Cab, or both. I think the 6.8L V8 may have been cancelled as part of my own speculation. But I don't see why Ford Performance couldn't use the 7.3L V8 for the performance if they wanted to versus the 6.8L V8. We will see in a few days what Ford's actual engine plans are for the Super Duty.
  9. pffan1990

    2024 Mustang Info

    There is a possibility that the 8th gen could be an all-new platform engineered for both ICE and EV to share packaging and designs. The EV version could come out sooner and ICE come later when S650 ends. But it is odd that Farley is talking about the 8th gen this early when they just revealed S650. I do agree with jpd80 that he could be working both sides for now.
  10. pffan1990

    2024 Mustang Info

    The S650 may not be the final ICE Mustang after all. At least, according to this Australian article, which quoted Farley saying the ICE Mustang lives on with the 8th generation, as long as customers want the V8. He was also quoted as saying the ICE will continue to be invested. To be fair though, it's possible Farley's quote was taken out of context by the author or the author was confused with what Farley may have meant to say. This is the only article out there regarding this tidbit with the ICE Mustang living on beyond the S650. https://www.whichcar.com.au/news/ford-mustang-future-petrol-power-safe-farley
  11. pffan1990

    The New 6.8L V8 Thread

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned here in this thread, but there are already two separate tunings for the 7.3L gas V8 in the Econoline E-Series Cutaway and E-Series Stripped Chassis. There's the Premium tuning for those needing more power and towing and the Economy tuning for those seeking fuel efficiency and longevity. The Economy is derated/detuned version of the 7.3L V8 Premium and likely has other changes to it as well to improve fuel efficiency. There could be a possibility that something like this could be done to the upcoming Super Duty F-250 and F-350 refresh. Have the 7.3L Economy be standard on F-250 to replace the current 6.2L SOHC V8 and offer 7.3L Premium as option. The 7.3L Premium be standard gas V8 on the F-350 and F-450 or they may offer the 7.3L Economy on the F-350 as well. Perhaps they are planning this route for the upcoming Super Duty F-250 - F-450 pickups (I'm not talking about the Super Duty Chassis Cab) instead of the 6.8L that they had previously planned. That is if the 6.8L V8 has indeed been canceled like some rumored.
  12. This is a very good update. Makes it look much better than now. I love the red interior look!
  13. Interesting. I figured the Escape would stay at LAP until its end later in decade (or whenever they planned). If it's moving to Mexico, then what would be built at LAP in its place, do you know?
  14. pffan1990

    Dodge Hornet Debuts

    That's actually a good question. It could be that Stellantis wants to simplify their brand offering in North America. This would be a way to do it. I would guess Fiat may be the next to go as well.
  15. pffan1990

    Lincoln's Twitter Posted This

    Looks like we both called it: it's a coupe!! 😮 It does look like it could hint at Mustang EV. I like it. Will make its debut at Pebble Beach this weekend.