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  1. Yes, this makes sense now that you explained it. I do think that if the Thunderbird is indeed coming back, it would be EV rather than ICE, unless it's hybrid/plug-in hybrid only. I do think Ford's days of all-new ICE vehicle may be done with. The Bronco/Bronco Sport/Maverick would likely be the final all-new ICE vehicles in Ford's lineup. The existing ICE would only have redesigns (F-Series and Expedition/Navigator for example), heavy updates (S650 Mustang for one example), and basic/light updates (Escape, Explorer, etc.) from here on out until full transition to EVs. Having said that though, the Thunderbird could have styling as a mid-engined 2-seat sports car in both coupe and roadster form while being EVs which would have two good trunks. Or have few Birds as part of a sub-branding, all in EVs, that could be built in one plant. The aforementioned mid-engined sports car, 4-seat/4-door coupeish hatchbackish wagon, larger 3-row SUV, for example. All with similar-but-yet-unique styling to make it instantly recognizable as a Thunderbird. The singular 'Thunderbird' name could be attached to the mid-engined sports EV car to compete with Corvette with the others having different secondary plural name. Like what Ford has done with 'Mustang Mach-E', using the 'Mach-E' as a secondary name to denote the new expanded family member of the Mustang family. Same can be applied to Thunderbird by leveraging its past to denote different layout. There was a 4-door Thunderbird sedan back in the 1970s, called the 'Fordor', so perhaps that could be used as 'Thunderbird Fordor'. Then something like 'Thunderbird Touring' for the 3-row CUV (just as an example of naming that they can do). That could work too. Have 'Mustang' be coupe/convertible ICE only with Mach-E being the existing BEV CUV and maybe a BEV sedan-ish version of it too. Then the Thunderbird as the 4-door/4-seat coupe-ish for BEV. I'm sure Ford will figure something out.
  2. Eh, I think we should just take this article with a grain of salt. Remember that Ford Authority is the one that posts recent spy shots of the next generation Lincoln Nautilus as if it's the new Ford Fusion Active. They act as if they were so sure it's the new Fusion Active when most of us already known it's the new Nautilus. I wonder if the same sources that 'told' Ford Authority that the test vehicle being the new Fusion Active is the same sources that told them that Ford is being considered the Thunderbird. Keyword: 'being considered'. Not an actual fact that Ford is indeed working on a Thunderbird project. I'm sure Ford may be considering it or may actually be working on it. I just think we shouldn't get our hopes up quite yet. Personally, I would like a T-Bird return... I didn't know this. I wonder what made Ford change their minds not to use the Thunderbird name? It does make sense to have the upcoming Explorer/Aviator BEV on its own alongside the ICE versions, as part of transition, while still maintaining the Explorer as part of Ford's ICE Icons.
  3. pffan1990

    Maverick ST?

    Oh I'm sure that's coming. It's inevitable that Ford would apply the Timberline to the Maverick after success of Explorer and Expedition. There was an insider here that did mention some time ago that the Maverick was going to get a Timberline. I do think I remember him saying it would be available for the 2023 model year. Edited: It could be possible the ST would be applied for the Maverick. I'm sure that if they do, there would also be the sporty ST-Line trim as well. I agree with some others that there could/should be the Rattler trim as well as a step up above the FX4 package.
  4. Yes, I figured this as well. It's been said that the TE1 Lightning would be a departure of the ICE F-150. So I didn't know whether the current Lightning plant at Rogue Detroit would be re-tooled for TE1 since it would be different than ICE F-150 (next generation) of the time. The current placeholding Lightning shares cab and bed from the ICE F-150, hence the newly-built addition to the Rogue Plant. Also, ExplorerDude's comments answered my questions plus the questions I hadn't asked here yet so I think I get the picture now.
  5. Do you know the approximate max capacity of BOC Tennessee? I know you said 'at least' 300K for BOC but I would think it has capability to produce around equal to combined Dearborn and Kansas City (600K) to meet demands once more buyers switch to BEVs. Also, there's supposed to be next generation ICE F-150 coming soon; I think around 2026 or so? So the Dearborn and Kansas City plants will definitely be busy pumping those ICE F-150s out for quite some time. The Kansas City plant will continue to produce ICE Transit and the current E-Transit too. Speaking of which, would the TE1 E-Transit be built at Kansas City after re-tooling it or built elsewhere while current E-Transits are built during the transition? There's also Ranger EV that will be coming at some point too in addition to other EVs. At least right now, Ford has officially begun production of the F-150 Lightning, marking history for the company. Exciting times!
  6. Lincoln just announced the 10PM EST reveal for the electric concept on their FB page (and surely the other social media accounts too). Will be watching.
  7. That would be a good idea. Keep T6 EVs prices as low as possible by doing this for a few years or its first generation. Then eventually shift the T6 EVs onto the TE1 architecture either during the MCE of the TE1 F-150 Lightning or wait until TE2 rolls out. I wonder if Ford would apply this with current Mustang Mach-E? If possible, use current Mach-E as basis for EVs of Escape, Edge, Maverick, new Transit Connect; for 'C2' sized EVs in North America. All within the next few years while the Mach-E gets redesigned into the GE1 architecture. By then the GE1-based Explorer/Aviator would have already been on sale. All to keep costs and prices as low as possible. Edited to add: This is exciting times we are witnessing with the April 26th celebration of the F-150 Lightning. A new era we are witnessing!! Can't wait to watch the livestream and see the truck succeed.
  8. pffan1990

    LA Auto Show Surprise?

    Yep, it's their official account. See that blue official account checkmark next to the 'Ford Mustang'? That logo I posted is on the top left as 'profile picture'. Also, I didn't notice this post from earlier until just now. Looks like Ford has begun the kickoff of the Mustang Week. Makes me wonder what they have planned with the 'leading up to Sunday...'
  9. pffan1990

    LA Auto Show Surprise?

    Yeah exactly. That's what I said on the previous page while users were speculating at the time what could be revealed at the LA Auto Show. This week's New York Auto Show press days are on the 13th and 14th. The public viewing days are from the 15th to 24th. There may be a chance that Ford may do some kind of Mustang celebration on Sunday the 17th. Whether it's an actual reveal or some marketing tease, we'll see.
  10. pffan1990

    LA Auto Show Surprise?

    Interesting that Lincoln just announced few hours ago that it has an electric vehicle concept to be revealed on the 20th. I guess it makes sense to do that as a standalone reveal after the New York Auto Show to avoid getting buried with all the other reveal articles. This is the first I heard about new head of design, Anthony Lo. He wants to do more concept vehicles and said this in the article I linked: “We’re going to have a lot of opportunity to take our nameplates and try to reinvent them,” Lo said. “The nameplates are our equity – very, very precious and valuable, but I think some change is necessary. We’re going to do our best to preserve what makes them special and mix that up with the best digital and physical experiences." https://fordauthority.com/2022/04/ford-design-chief-wants-to-roll-out-more-concept-cars-going-forward/ On a related note and back to the Mustang, the 'Ford Mustang' Facebook page has changed its profile photo to the 'Global Mustang Day' '04-17' logo. So clearly, Ford has something planned for the S650 Mustang marketing soon.
  11. pffan1990

    LA Auto Show Surprise?

    I remember the Ford GT reveal. I loved the gasps and applause from the crowd when the GT drove on stage. Now that you mention it, Lincoln has been doing their social media teases lately regarding their 100th anniversary of Ford ownership. They did say that they will reveal the electric concept later this year as part of that celebration. So perhaps Ford intends to do the same type of marketing with the Mustang starting April 17th. There is the Detroit show later this year where the S650 Mustang could be revealed to wrap up the online marketing teases. There are also the next generation American Ranger and the F-150 Raptor R that have yet to be revealed too. I guess we'll see what they have planned for us.
  12. pffan1990

    LA Auto Show Surprise?

    It appears that Ford doesn't have plans for the New York Auto Show either within a few days. Was hoping for teaser of the S650 Mustang or actual concept reveal to tie into the April 17th historical date. But I guess Ford isn't going to do that any time soon. https://www.autoshowny.com/media-press/ I apologize for bringing this thread up to mention the New York Auto Show. I wasn't sure whether I should have started up a separate thread for that particular auto show or not.
  13. pffan1990

    F-150 Rattler?

    Yep, it's an XL with FX4 plus fender flares, badging, dual exhaust, 18" wheels, along with other features. Makes for basic off-roader below Tremor. Will be offered later this fall as 2023 model year. Makes sense to do it this way for those who want good basic off-roader without the bells and whistles like the high-demand Tremor and the Raptor. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/autos-trucks/the-ford-f-150-rattler-slithers-off-road/ar-AAVBr4S? Was hoping for a street performance truck. lol There's still the Raptor R that should be getting a reveal sometime soon though. But I do like the idea of the Rattler as a 'stripped-down' off-roader.
  14. pffan1990

    F-150 Rattler?

    Oh I would love to see the F-150 street performance truck make a comeback. Low-riding with rear or all-wheel drive and high-performance engine. Last time we had that was the one-year-only 2014 F-150 Tremor with regular cab and short bed, as a final-year steel-bodied F-150 send-off, before the all-aluminum 2015 redesign arrived. 😮 What did the article say? It has already been removed. So it is a street performance variant? Oh please say it's the 6.8L V8... I wonder when the embargo will lift? I don't think it will be at midnight, as embargo have lifted just before opening of stock markets for most of previous reveals. Except for those with specific reveals at other times like the Ranger Raptor one.
  15. That was my first thought too. Probably a good idea at the time. It will be interesting to see how the Mopar fans will react to this new I6 engine.