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  1. How ironic regarding the BEV redundancies compared to possible success to skunkworks team considering Ford had just reduced the ICE engineering workforce due to redundancies. lol But I've seen where Doug Field, having been involved with skunkworks team and T3 project, will bring over much of skunkworks onto the T3. It's a good thing because whatever the skunkworks have figured out to keep costs low and selling price low could be applied to the T3. Perhaps that's one reason why the T3 was delayed by one year. Apparently it won't be called 'F-150 Lightning' either, according to CFO Lawler. Perhaps the 'F-150 Thunder' name will be used as that was trademarked some time ago. Hopefully the skunkworks methods can soon be applied to the current generation BEVs as part of updates/refresh if it's possible. This would include the Mustang Mach-E (keeping with this thread topic), F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit. https://fordauthority.com/2024/04/next-gen-ford-f-150-ev-will-benefit-from-low-cost-platform/
  2. What is BOD review? It's a shame that the U760 'Star' may have been shelved as I liked the concept of it. Also, not to take this off topic, but do you know what Ford has planned for the 60th anniversary event on the 17th? Any particular packages/trims reveal or is it just a celebration and then the '60th Anniversary' GT package, as expected? Thanks. It really is a shame that Mulally didn't approve the global rear drive platform for the vehicles you mentioned. This would have fit his One Ford vision he set out to do. Looking back, it's also easier to say that Ford should have redesigned the 2020 Explorer onto the C2 platform, along with the Edge/Nautilus at some point. The Evos (likely with a different name for America) would be great addition here too. By now, these C2 vehicles could each have hybrids too.
  3. I didn't even think about this possibility. We may know within six hours from now. Maybe not all the details of the vehicle until actual reveal but enough to know what will be shown. Edited to add: Sometimes embargo gets lifted later in the morning around 6am or so. So we may wait longer. I'm still looking for livestreaming link and surprised Ford hasn't said anything about this on their social media sites.
  4. They could be revealing a 60th anniversary model of the Mustang tomorrow or something else. I'm now thinking the 60th anniversary exhibit display at the NYIAS is to basically kickstart the celebration by having it at there for the show's attendees. I took another look at the photos in the link below. Most Mustangs shown in photos appear to be owned by various enthusiasts and not owned by Ford. It's possible that this exhibit is something NYIAS organized and the enthusiasts submitted their cars to be shown there. I attended the Louisville Auto Show in Kentucky back in 2020 and there were some various cars displayed there by local enthusiasts (in addition to some new vehicles displayed by few manufacturers and local dealers). So this Mustang exhibit at NYIAS would be separate from Ford's own traveling exhibit that was announced yesterday. https://autoshowny.com/exhibitions/mustang/ Bob Rosadini previously mentioned the possibility of new color choices of the Ford Transit to be revealed tomorrow. He's right that Ford didn't reveal anything at the recent Work Truck Show. However, Ford did release a press announcement about the Transit during the WTS which is also on the WTS website. It was both a 10-year celebration of the Transit's success and about the upgrades and enhancements to the E-Transit. They would have mentioned new color choices in the press release but they didn't. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2024/03/05/ford-pro-marks-10-years-of-u-s--transit-by-bolstering-e-transit-.html https://www.worktruckweek.com/WTS/WTW24-press-conferences/Ford-Pro-celebrates-10th-Anniversary-Transit-van-America-upgrades-E-Transit-WTW24.aspx Yes, I'm now thinking this could very well be the case. Ford's reveal slot is only 20 minutes so that's plenty of time to do some drum-up talks, reveal, and discuss features of it.
  5. Who knows what it is, but could it simply be the start of the Mustang's 60th anniversary celebration? Going to the Visit tab and selecting Daily Schedule in its drop-down menu brings the schedule of the public show. You'll see Ford Mustang's 60th Anniversary Exhibit that will be held at Level 1. Clicking on that takes you to the page about the Mustang's 60th anniversary where many vehicles over the decades will be parked there for viewing as part of the anniversary celebration. Seems odd that they would do this if they wouldn't reveal some kind of 60th anniversary edition model or some other surprises at the show prior to the public viewing of the old Mustangs. Logically, April 17th standalone event would have made sense for 60th anniversary model reveal. Maybe it's start of the celebration to build hype until April 17th which is on Wednesday. https://www.autoshowny.com/events-calendar/ https://autoshowny.com/exhibitions/8009/
  6. He did come back here with a new username of 'Assimilator' and then left on February 4, 2020. As for Ford EV plans, who knows what's going on since Ford will likely change these new plans in just a few months from now. lol It's certain that the F-150 T3 project is still set as planned at BOC in Tennessee. Same with the Kentucky battery plant (1st is almost complete, if not already, with the 2nd plant delayed). The Ford 3-row EVs, is still a mystery. ExplorerDude said above that Job 1 is around March of 2025 at OAC. I feel for the OAC workers who are still out of the loop as to what's going on there regarding re-tooling plans, what the EVs look like, etc.
  7. The Chicago Auto Show in February would likely be the time and place to reveal the new Navigator and updated Explorer/Aviator. That would be around the time production of carryover 2024 Explorer/Aviator winds down to prepare for production of the updated 2025 changes. Ford may do the reveals via online streaming at another location prior to the auto show. Then have the vehicles parked at the show for the visitors to see in person.
  8. Perhaps this would help. I drew a line over where the rear door could possibly close into. It's from the C-pillar down to the rear fender.
  9. See where I drew the thick black circle? There appears to be a line from the C-pillar down to the fender where the rear part of the back door closes into. The same line is as thin as the front part of the front door from the A-pillar to the bottom of the car. Compare this to the photo of the concept car that silvrsvt posted. That C-pillar-to-fender line isn't there. The B-pillar is also thinner on the concept car compared to the thicker B-pillar in the Christmas ad. That's just my observation and it could just be a quick graphic that they mocked up for the ad and I'm just looking too much into it. lol
  10. It's not bad, IMO. Is this the 4-door version? You can see the front doors seem shorter and there appears to be the back doors. Perhaps suicide/coach style rear doors. Could just be my eyes and imagination. lol
  11. Is someone cutting up onions here? This is so nice to see this happening. Her face lit up seeing all the Broncos from old, mid-years, to current ones. You can see at some point she was holding a model Bronco that someone gave her.
  12. While the Lincoln EV version of the boxy Explorer EV was cancelled (or possibly delayed), it's possible that the Aviator name will be used for the upcoming aero Lincoln EV. That's why I think both the Ford and Lincoln aero EVs need new names and resurrect the cancelled boxy duo with Explorer and Aviator names on them. There was a Rivian-based EV that Lincoln was working on with its own tophat which would have been the Continental EV. However, that project was abandoned. As what DeluxeStang said, the aero Lincoln EV is said to have styling cues of this Rivian-based Continental EV. Hopefully we'll find out soon. The Los Angeles Auto Show, that's going to happen this week, would have been a good opportunity to at least show a concept or two of the EVs for Ford to get public feedback.
  13. If Ford does proceed with the plans to do the two EVs at OAC, they should give both all-new names. Resurrect the previously-cancelled boxy Explorer EV and build that and its Lincoln version (Aviator) at OAC as soon as they can. That would provide at least four EVs built at OAC by the end of the decade. But then again, it's Ford. They don't even know their own ever-changing plans the next few months. lol
  14. Not to throw this thread off topic, but for those previously talking about inline-6 engines, here's an interesting article from FA. Take it with a grain of salt since the author tends to make numerous mistakes from his 'sources'. Apparently Ford was working on a new EcoBoost inline-6, based on the 1.5L EcoBoost I3. This would have been the 3.0L EB I6 engine. It appears that it was just the one inline-6 engine rather than a family of them. While an inline-6 or family of inline-6s would be nice, I really don't see a need for it since the current EcoBoost I3, I4, and V6 engines are already good enough with the occasional necessary updates to last through this decade. https://fordauthority.com/2023/11/straight-six-ford-ecoboost-engine-cancelled-exclusive/
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