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  1. I have wondered why Ford didn't use the natural aspirated version of the 'S197' Shelby GT500's 5.8L supercharged V8 for that generation's Boss 351 along with that generation's Boss 302 that was also offered during that time. But back on topic though, the Shelby GT350 and GT350R have been great and here's to the GT500 to finish this generation's run in terms of factory Shelby variants. I'm sure the GT350 and GT350R will be back for the 'S650' generation... hopefully.
  2. There are lots of posts over at Bronco6G forum where they talk about Filson too including the same Forest Service Green paint code info you presented. I never even heard of Filson until just a week or so ago so it would be a good way to promote their products at least for people like me who never heard of Filson. Just like Eddie Bauer and King Ranch; never heard of them until their partnerships with Ford. Speaking of King Ranch, I wonder if Ford will eventually offer a King Ranch type of package or trimline for the Bronco at some point over the next few years?
  3. pffan1990

    Unifor contract update

    How many more years do you think the Coyote has left? It's been a good engine indeed.
  4. pffan1990

    Unifor contract update

    I was talking about the age of the 5.0L V8 which dates back to the old 4.6L Modular well over 20 years now. Perhaps I should have mentioned that in my post. The engine in 5.0L size is good but they did have to enlarge it to 5.2L with some modifications for the Shelby GT350 and supercharged for GT500. The new engine for Windsor, which I now realized is actually 6.8L not the 4.8L as I previously thought, would be good because it is all-new (even if based on 7.3L) and will provide many years of performance capability. Though likely in limited annual volume, however, due to CAFE and gas guzzler tax.
  5. My guess is that the large CUV would be the next generation Lincoln Continental. As for the other vehicles, I would guess perhaps the return of the Ford Thunderbird? Could be a sub-brand of it with the large T-Bird CUV as one of them and the 'performance models' being perhaps the low-volume 2-seater roadster and 4-seat coupe or 4-seat coup-ish wagon-ish whitespace type of vehicle. With the Mustang as sub-brand and return of Bronco, the Thunderbird's return would make great electric-only sub-brand for Ford, I would think. But I am just talking out of my head. Oacjay98, have you found out more details about this '6.8 engine' project that was announced by Dias last week? I am hoping you got some details about it.
  6. The 'Fox Body' era base Mustang LX had optional 5.0L V8 from the GT. This was during the 80s-90s however and not that recent but was first to come to mind. I actually like the idea of 3.0L EB V6 as standalone option for XLT, Limited, or maybe even Base. I'm actually surprised that Ford also haven't offered the Hybrid on Base and XLT too instead of only Limited.
  7. pffan1990

    Unifor contract update

    I'm prepared to be wrong too and be quite surprised. I still think, as I stated in one of my previous comments a few pages back, that the 6.8L could be a simple misprint/misspoken and actually the 4.8L that was once planned in Windsor. I do think lots of development work was already done to the 4.8L before it was shelved and perhaps it was Farley himself who decided to green light the project. Just speculation on my part. The 5.0L Coyote is getting really old and pretty much already reached its maximum capabilities. But we'll see. It does make sense to have the 6.8L V8 be the replacement for the SC 5.2L since it's closer to its end. What does 'Atmo' mean that you mentioned? If it is indeed the 6.8L, and not the 4.8L as I think, it would make a good limited engine for performance purposes only as to not impact CAFE numbers.
  8. pffan1990

    Unifor contract update

    Remember news reports a few years back about a new 4.8L V8 engine to be made in Windsor to replace the old 5.0L? I'm wondering if the 6.8L is actually a misprint and supposed to be 4.8L V8? Here's an old article about it. Looking like the 4.8L engine project may have moved forward if that's the case? https://www.torquenews.com/106/future-ford-f150-could-get-new-48l-v8
  9. pffan1990

    Unifor contract update

    That does make sense what you said regarding the Ohio plants. I been reading in other threads about talks of new Medium Duty for 2023 along with the purpose-built cab which I'm wondering if incoming CEO Farley made some changes to the Ohio plans to include the two latter. Sounds like he has plans for more of commercial vehicles built at Ohio meaning the previously-planned BEVs to be there are now moved to Oakville hence the longer-than-planned Ford/UNIFOR talks. Whatever happens, though, I hope means Oakville keeps running and that workers can keep working. Maybe even add more jobs there.
  10. I have wondered whether or not Ford is actually working on that now as we talk about this. This could perhaps count as one of the 'derivatives' to be produced at FR alongside the S650 Mustang as part of the recent union agreement. I'm all for expanding the Mustang into a subbrand as long as they add the second word to the name as part of the name to show that it's the additional member of the subbrand while the Mustang (one word) stays the true 2+2 rear drive coupe/convertible that's been around for 55+ years now. Ford has already done this with Mustang Mach-E for the electric-powered crossover. The Mach-E is not the trimline of the Mustang but rather the two words as part of one name shows that it's a separate vehicle that is Mustang-inspired. I won't be surprised if there will be an ICE version of the Mach-E but with name something like Mustang Mach-G for Gas-powered engines (I know it's not good name but I'll use it here as placeholder for now). This sedan you mention could either be Falcon so that it could be sold in other places as Australia or another Mustang variant with a different secondary name to it. I'm thinking Mustang Fairlane as an example. Then take the upcoming S650 2-door Mustang but turn it into a sporty rear drive pickup where the rear seat and trunk is an open bed and call it Mustang Ranchero. Let's not forget an exotic rear-mid-engined version of Mustang too which would make a good replacement for the Ford GT when that eventually ends production. Have a rear-mid-engined car styled like Mustang so that it's recognizable as Mustang but engine in back and make it much more affordable than the GT but yet competitive with the new Corvette. Ford would have an advantage with this because it's a subbrand of Mustang and yet the rear engined car would be recognized as Mustang-inspired instead of a Ferrari-lookalike as the Corvette is. Not sure what it could be named but I'm sure Ford can go back into the archives to find a good name for it. They did experiment with that in 1967 with Mustang Mach 2 so perhaps that name can be used. Recently, there were articles published about a 1969 Mustang E which was a 6-cylinder engine tuned for fuel efficiency. Interesting that the E naming was carried over to the Mustang Mach-E naming as continuing the efficiency of driving range. So I'm sure they can dig into archives for good names to be used for the additional members of the Mustang subbrand. In the meantime, the 2-door Mustang for the S650 and further on can continue in coupe and convertible form. They can even bring back the hatchback last used on the Fox Body era or even introduce a true 'shooting brake' wagon of the 2-door. Ford did experiment with this a nice looking 2-door wagon in 1965 but was rejected. Maybe even consider the 'Active' version for each member of the Mustang family including even the 2-door one with a slight lift but with sporty proportions and offering of all wheel drive with basic off roading capability like gravel and dirt. The other variants like the sedan and crossover/SUV can even be designed to do basic towing as well to offer customers more capability. The ideas are endless but just have to be careful with how they name it. They got it right so far with the Mustang and Mustang Mach-E so let's see how they do it with the other variants.
  11. I wish Hackett the best of luck for his future and thank him for what he has done for Ford... especially the Bronco. I also wish Farley the best of luck with his new job and am confident he'll do well. Was thinking the same thing as soon as I saw this thread. 😂
  12. Left me surprised too. I was watching it on FB and thought I got cut off. Went to the YouTube livestream and saw that was done. So it was about 10 minutes long ad then rather than a formal live reveal. While I do think the long ad was brilliantly written and done, there should have still been an official live reveal like the F-150 with more details shared.
  13. Can't wait to see the reveal and further announcements regarding the lineup, including the higher performance model. Also, can you comment on the floating Bronco video that was posted above? Is that legit or some clever edits?
  14. pffan1990

    2020 Continental Production Information

    Does Lincoln plan on making the 2020 the final year of the Continental? I ask because there's no info for ordering and Job #1 dates of the 2021 model year listed above. Just curious.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/thebronconation/ Check out the Instagram of the site which happens to have a photo of the 2-door Bronco in camo off roading. Edited: Here is direct link to that particular post I mentioned.