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  1. Yeah I knew you were and I appreciated that since I thought I was the one having problems not seeing any photos or anything. The forum has been acting odd lately with the 'too many users logged in' error message that prevented me from logging in, to loading up so slow, and not working properly. Just today I came back to this thread and saw that there's now a link to the Facebook page when it wasn't the link at all the first few times I seen it as it was just plain text. However nothing happened when I clicked on the link. Then the forum acted up again with the same 'too many users logged in' error message. I think server issues or something. So I'm glad that jpd80 posted the photo here. Thanks for posting here. I actually think that's a good custom work honestly. Looks nice, I like it.
  2. That's all there was were words that I can see in first post. No pictures or links or anything. Not sure what was supposed to be shown unless it has been deleted. I knew it was humorous because first post shows akirby having clicked the 'laughing' Like button.
  3. I don't see anything nor is there a link. Can someone post a screenshot of the prototype?
  4. pffan1990

    Ford Mustang Mach E and Baby Bronco

    Thanks for the info. I'm a bit of a Mustang purist but even excited about the Mach-E. The idea of Mustang's inspiration for an electric-powered 4-door crossover is a good one. I was not happy at first with the idea of running pony logo but starting to slowly accept it as part of the 'inspiration'. As for the 'Mustang' name on the sill plate, I will hold off thoughts until the actual reveal in November and hear what they say. If they can succeed with marketing and selling the Mach-E as part of Mustang's inspiration as part of the family while still calling it the Ford Mach-E and use the pony logo as in the image you posted, then I can see that working out okay. I'm now actually very excited about this and can say as of now with the info you just provided as well as what I already known for awhile now (aside from the 'Mustang' name on sillplate), I can say Ford may have a huge hit here! :) It actually makes sense to use the 'Bronco' lettering instead of 'Ford' as part of Bronco family of vehicles. I'm excited about this also! Oh, I wasn't even aware that the Baby Bronco was going to be revealed sooner than the Mach-E. I figured at Chicago Auto Show in February as the soonest meaning the Mach-E being the first new Ford to be revealed in November. I'm guessing Baby Bronco will have its own standalone reveal which makes sense and surely the execs will discuss at length in details regarding the Bronco family as well. What did you mean by 'launching'? As in reveal or go into production? Oh, now you got me excited about the new F-150 too! :) If you don't mind me asking, do you know when the next generation F-150 will be revealed and when it will go on sale? Just knowing there's more all-new and refreshed Fords and Lincolns coming with what I already known as from this forum and official Ford announcements as well as what you provided, makes me even more excited and giddy. hehe :)
  5. pffan1990

    August Sales?

    Thanks. Couldn't remember what were the concerns fans had regarding the 2005 Mustang but yes I liked it too. The round headlights along with many other features. So I'm now confident that the new Bronco will be done right and be a hit. Counting down the months until the reveal (I'm guessing Detroit Auto Show in June of 2020).
  6. pffan1990

    August Sales?

    I also agree about that I would rather it be done right than rushed and messed up or ruined. I forget, are you insider/work for Ford or know some sources. Sorry for asking again. I figured it would have the Gen 1 styling and I'm glad it looks different than the Bronco II renderings (you mean Baby Bronco?) that I'm guessing you meant shown by Ford at dealers conference some time ago. I was concerned that the Bronco would have Gen 1 styling but a bit feminine while the Baby Bronco would be even more feminine in styling. But I'll see how the reveal goes sometime next year (I'm guessing Detroit Auto Show in June 2020). As I said above, I'm also glad that the delay is worth it if done right. What you just said though about what you had heard in the past few weeks actually gives me hope considering you work at MAP with the Ranger production where the Bronco will also be built. So I trust that you know some real good inside stuff so I'm giddy with anticipation of the news and reveal of the Bronco. I'm not sure I understand what you mean as in what was wrong about the 2005 Mustang? What were the fears and concerns fans had about the 2005 Mustang or did you mean 2015?
  7. Interesting about your description. I do have a question about the running horse logo: is it exactly the same style of the Mustang or a different variation of the running horse? I ask because you said it will have a different pattern than the aluminum look. Not sure what you mean by aluminum look... the way the Mustang's horse logo is shiny like it's aluminum-made, you mean? As with @Twin Turbo below, I don't like the idea of the exact same Mustang horse being re-used. At least make a variation of it like the Bronco has a galloping horse kicking dirt. I think something like a horse leaping with front feet slightly up in the air as if it's about to leap over something. As if the vehicle is leaping into the future of electrification while still having the soul of an ICE Mustang intact. But with different horse logo and different name of course. That way the Mustang uses the same fast-running Derby horse/wild open-field horse and the electric vehicle (Mach-E) has the leaping forward logo as I mentioned/envisioned. I have no problem with headlight/grille and taillights being very similar to the Mustang to give the resemblance. Like how Porsche did the Panamera as a 4-door front engine/rear drive without actually making a 4-door 911 coupe but yet retaining the soul and look of the 911. But I understand you don't want to reveal too much prior to November's reveal though. Yeah I'm not happy with the same Mustang logo being used if that's the case. Also hoping the Mustang name isn't being used as part of the vehicle's name as well. I am also curious about the next generation (S650 for 2021??) actual Mustang myself if @averagengineer knows and can say.
  8. Where did you get the pictures of the Baby Bronco? Insiders of Ford or are you insider yourself? Can't wait to see how it looks, what it's called, and how well it will do in the market. I like the camo icons on the test vehicle as it hides the details of the Baby Bronco as well as show what it will be capable of doing.
  9. Am I the only one weirded out about the hood length proportion compared to the rest of the car? Mustangs are known to have long hood/short deck. If they want to have this to be "Mustang-inspired", then long hood/short hatch would be the proper design. Even if it's a purely-electric driven car on a BEV platform/architecture with motors possibly mounted at the wheels, then they still could have stretched the hood distance a bit to give it that 'Mustang' proportion. This actually looks like it has a transverse-mounted front drive engine layout just from how short the hood length is as well as how long the front overhang it has. Are we sure this is the Mach-E 'Mustang-inspired' crossover or something else entirely? I'm wondering if this is actually the next generation Fusion 'whitespace vehicle' we been hearing about in mule setup. It wouldn't be the first time auto journalists gotten the spy test photos wrong.
  10. I'm thinking the Mach-E would be a better name for the upcoming Mustang Hybrid model. There's the Mach 1 that can be gas V8 with Shaker Hood scoop and then Mach-E which would be V8 hybrid. As for horse logo, I like how Bronco also had a horse logo but it's galloping and kicking dirt. So I would have no problem with the 'Mach-E' vehicle having a variation of the running horse to tie it to the Mustang inspiration as long as it also gets a different name too. I'm thinking as a logo, it would have horse running fast but jumping over something like a fence or a barrier but the head and front legs are looking upwards and in the direction to the left similar to the Mustang. But jumping as in it's leaping into the future. That way the Mustang is on a flat land running fast and Bronco is galloping and kicking dirt while the electric crossover is leaping into the future being that it's electric powered that Goes Like Hell with over 300 miles of range. Think of marketing that they can run with the leaping logo. Glad to see others agree with me about not using the exact same Mustang logo as well as name attached to it.
  11. I have no problems with Ford using the heritage to sell the BEV but only for the styling, not name and running horse logo. Just because you or some others like the idea doesn't mean I should just get over it. There was an uproar when the vehicle was originally announced to be called the Mach 1, after the old high performance Mustang trimline. Uproar so huge that Ford had to backtrack on the name and even marketing. I do like and appreciate how they're calling it 'Mustang-inspired' but still need to be careful how they market it. I have no problem if they even call it Ford Mach-E, just not Mustang Mach-E or anything with Mustang as part of the name. The styling alone would allow anyone to associate the Mustang with it which would be okay. I have seen the official teaser picture of it with the back end. I love it!! I seen a video on YouTube where one of the YouTuber got to meet Jim Hackett and the guy asked him if a Mustang 4-door was coming out. Jim paused and had the look on his face like 'are you crazy?' and told him that Bill Ford is a huge Mustang guy and encouraged him to ask Bill that question. The guy told Jim that he did ask Bill and Bill told him to ask Jim. Jim then explained that there was a time when Ford wasn't doing the Mustang right (Fox Body era with plans to turn it into front drive era?) and even said he has a Shelby GT350. So I do have confidence somewhat that Jim Hackett and others in higher-up at Ford are doing it right but still need to be careful.
  12. Thanks for this. I'm guessing Los Angeles Auto Show for reveal as it's the show of choice for green vehicles. While I'm all for Mustang-inspired electric-powered crossover as they said, I don't think they need to use the Mustang running pony logo. I have an idea of how they should market the vehicle. Simply name it Leopard after one of the fastest running land animal. Cheetah is already taken by GM, if I'm not taken. But Leopard as the name and use the running Leopard as a logo which would be similar to how the Mustang running logo is. That way, two fast animals are used with both sharing same design styling cues. This would preserve Mustang as a true 2-door coupe/convertible pony car with I4, V8, and Hybrid while the Leopard as a 4-door crossover with electric powered or the rumored gas-powered version as article suggested. Ford needs to be really careful not to ruin the Mustang name and identity if they intend to use the Mustang running horse logo on the crossover (Mach-E??) as shown by Ford at the auto show. I know that image they used was a CGI picture for visual purposes but they really need to be careful how they design it and market it. I'm still looking forward to the reveal of the crossover as well as see how it goes.
  13. It was messing up on me last night after midnight with the re-direct to 2019 Escape configurator. It was fine by noon earlier when I tried again. It is working fine for me with both the steps I suggested earlier as well as the link that was posted above by few others. I figured it was Ford having issues with their site when the configurator went live last night and they spent most of the wee hours fixing it. It could be a cookies thing on your browser/device as you mentioned or your browser cache may need to be cleared. I have Firefox browser and I make it a habit to clear all cache and delete all cookies except for the ones that I use to autologin sites (like this one for example) and then close browser when I am done for the night. That way, the browser is fresh and ready for use in the morning when I get up. Maybe you can try clearing cache and deleting unneeded cookies, close your browser, and re-open and try again. If not, then it could be that Ford's site is still having issues for some viewers for unknown reason. I'm sure it'll clear up for all viewers by later this week.
  14. Thanks for your added bold info to the above list. That helps with the list of upcoming vehicles. Wow, lots coming and kinda hard to keep up. But that's a good thing if hard to keep up since there's more coming within the next five years or so. Just imagine how much better Ford and Lincoln will be doing in terms of sales and profits and all that within just a couple years from now and on!
  15. I have that problem too. The get-around for me at the moment is to click on Change Vehicle under 2019 Escape at the top. It takes you to the full-lineup page. Scroll down to the bottom to the Future Vehicles and click on the 2020 Escape there. That should take you to the correct 2020 Escape configurator. At least, it does for me. The 2020 Super Duty and 2020 Transit full-size van are also listed under Future Vehicles but the links to those only re-direct to the main pages of those vehicles as the configurator are not yet set up for those vehicles. So the two are listed under Future Vehicles are just there for place-holder at the moment. On a related note, the 2020 Mustang configurator is already up and has been for over a week now. Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500 are not yet ready, however.