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  1. pffan1990

    Explorer King Ranch

    The one really unique feature of the King Ranch, regarding the powertrain at least, is that rear wheel drive is offered with the 3.0L EB V6 engine. The engine was previously only offered with all wheel drive for the ST and Platinum. Yes, I also think the brown/tan lower two-tone paint would have been nice for it. But I do like the new Explorer King Ranch with how Ford has done with it. I'm not usually a fan of brown/tan interior but always liked how the King Ranch looked on the other Fords.
  2. The Explorer may not have been separate models per se but there was a time when there were three bodystyles. The regular Explorer for the 4-door, Explorer Sport for 2-door, and then Explorer Sport Trac for 4-door pickup. I guess I should have said bodystyles instead of models regarding the Explorer. So there was a short-term confusion later on when it became just one Explorer since only 4-door SUV was offered and they started offering the Sport appearance package for the XLT trimline.
  3. pffan1990

    Coming Soon: Bronco Warthog

    I am too. I wonder what he said. lol
  4. I was speaking about the 'Sport' name in general where people had gotten confused at first thinking it was just a sport appearance package such as used on the Explorer's XLT trimline rather than separate model like the old 2-door Explorer Sport. Or a trimline like Fusion Sport. But yeah, it does seem like Ford likes having people thinking the Bronco Sport is the Bronco. The Mach-E name is brilliant because it recognizes the old Mach 1 trimline name but with E to denote electric, as part of the second name after Mustang to show it's a separate model of the Mustang (as the Sport is separate of Bronco). To show that both smaller variants are the 'inspired' versions of the originals.
  5. Actually, that's a good name. Ford just needs to properly market the 'Sport' name for Bronco and Mach-E so enthusiasts and customers will understand that the Sport is the separate model, not a sporty appearance package.
  6. pffan1990

    '23MY S650 mule spied

    That's been my frustration too. Some others do the reveal and then enter production/arrival on dealer lots within months. Hopefully with Farley at the helm, the time gap in between will be much shorter. Perhaps starting with the Maverick/upcoming Fusion crossover/S650 Mustang, this will finally happen.
  7. pffan1990

    Gen 3 Raptor

    I'm wondering the same myself. The delay surely has to be that 6.x V8 motor unless they needed more time to fine-tune the 5.2L SC V8. Who knows as Ford hasn't quite said much regarding Raptor and the Raptor R.
  8. pffan1990

    2022 Nissan Frontier

    I guess Nissan has gone from looking like Ford (Titan) to GMC with the new Frontier. I actually like the current Frontier compared to the new one.
  9. pffan1990

    Microchip Shortage Downtime

    Gotcha both. Makes more sense now. Yes, the ones that placed factory orders will have to wait a long time. Or at least have an option to pick out the ones on dealer lots.
  10. pffan1990

    Microchip Shortage Downtime

    I get that but I was wondering if there was only one chip maker company or others. It appears as if only one company makes the chips for all the automakers and only as if it's in one plant. Surely there's other companies that can step up to the plate to build the chips. But that would still take time though to do all this. Let's hope that all goes well with resuming production of the chips for all automakers. There's still lots of new vehicles sitting on dealer lots that can tide them over for the time being.
  11. pffan1990

    Microchip Shortage Downtime

    I'm not sure I understand the full issue here. I get the shortage of the semiconductor chips causing reduction in shifts or even closing down the plants. But who exactly makes the chips and where? It sounds as if only one company makes it and that it's in a location where covid impact is high. Aren't there multiple companies spread out globally making the chips that carmakers can rely on? They knew since late last year that this day was coming so why didn't automakers reach out to other chip makers? Other chip makers could have stepped up to the challenge and start making them for the automakers. Or is it really that complicated that can't be explained in layman's terms? Now it's said that the problem may continue through summer? Is it really that complicated to get other chip makers in areas not impacted by covid to start producing them for the automakers? Edited to add: disregard this as it's been clarified by few users here. I now have further understanding of the issues.
  12. pffan1990

    Gen 3 Raptor

    All that build-up hype for a brief ad and then... done? Edit to add: Antaus beat me to it regarding the 'more coming 2022' thing at the end. So I'm guessing second engine option coming for 2022 model year. But still no details at all. I bet RAM is laughing now since Ford didn't even pop the hood. lol
  13. pffan1990

    Ram to Challenge Raptor

    Oh okay. I'm confident too and counting down the minutes until the live YouTube video. I figured since you work at MAP that perhaps you know something from the inside even though you don't build F-150s.
  14. pffan1990

    Ram to Challenge Raptor

    I take it you know something we don't? 😮
  15. pffan1990

    Return of the Thunderbird?

    Interesting read in your thread. We'll see what Ford has planned for it in the near future.