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  1. My only logical speculation with the design change is that perhaps it was Hackett that ordered the change from original boxy design to the new aero design. Now it's Farley trying to do what he can with the change as that was already undergoing by the time he took over. So the new aero EV will likely have a name change - as it should - with hopefully the originally-cancelled boxy EV proposal being resurrected as true 'Explorer' EV sometime soon. As I previously mentioned, there is a new ICE gen Explorer coming soon so there's time for the boxy Explorer EV to come out. So my speculation is that Farley's doing what he can to get the ongoing projects out to market, while possibly going through the previously-cancelled projects, and deciding which ones to resurrect. That's my only logical guess. But then again, it's Ford. They've done this before where they decide what the market should want and then wonder why customers don't buy them.
  2. That's a good idea and I like your logo proposal. Didn't Ford actually trademark 'Evolve'? Seems like I seen something like it.
  3. That made sense why the 'Explorer' name was going to be attached to the EV. It originally had the traditional Explorer design before they changed it. As I said in my previous post ('They can still do a true upright, boxy midsized TE1 EV with 'Explorer' and build that at BOC. Or as a GE2 at OAC if there's room for three EVs.'), they can still do the proper Explorer EV. There is a next gen ICE Explorer coming soon, IIRC, so there's time for a true Explorer EV to be sold alongside it. I'm guessing the 'Explorer' EV may have undergone similar route as the C-Max EV replacement where it was started over into what was eventually the Mustang Mach-E. I just thought of something. When Farley spoke at the Capital Markets event, and discussed the upcoming the 3-row EV, he didn't actually call it Explorer. It was referred to having the interior room of ICE Expedition while being the size of ICE Explorer. No name of this EV was ever spoken at all. So could it be possible that Ford has changed the name to it? It's already been known and reported numerous times that the Explorer/Aviator EVs were going to OAC. Now all of a sudden, he didn't even mention any names to this new EV at all during the event presentation.
  4. I'm thinking Borg may have meant that it wasn't loved in terms of 'Explorer' name attached to the vehicle in that low-riding aero style. The Explorer has always been upright, boxy, and higher up. Even with the 2011-2019 unibody front driver/all wheel drive one. So I do agree that this vehicle should not have 'Explorer' name at all. They can still do a true upright, boxy midsized TE1 EV with 'Explorer' and build that at BOC. Or as a GE2 at OAC if there's room for three EVs. As for 'Thunderbird' name, I would wait for confirmation before we react or overreact. Let's see an announcement first or confirmation by an insider or two here. Having said that though, it could be well-executed. Remember that the C-Max replacement was quickly redone as a Mustang Mach-E with huge success. It could be done with this one as 'Thunderbird' with various recognizable retro styling cues. The upcoming UAW talks will be quite interesting, to say the least, regarding upcoming products and their nameplates.
  5. Thanks! I occasionally lurk that Ranger6G forum but didn't see that particular post from Dave (All Terrain Nation) with the embargo time. I just went there and now seen it via forum search. I figured it would be 6AM since that's usually when Ford would release info onto their sites, including the Ford Media page, for new vehicles that don't have reveal events.
  6. Does anyone know the time that Ford plans to reveal the new Ranger via their linked site in the short ad video, their media press page, as well as when general embargo ends? I keep seeing 'Wednesday May 10th' but no time.
  7. pffan1990

    Ram "Rampage"

    Of course Ram gotta use the Ranger Reveal Day to make their announcement. 😂 But yes, the Ram Rampage would be a good guess for what's coming. Competition is good so the Rampage would be a welcome addition to the small trucks market.
  8. https://blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/74863-2024-us-ranger-without-camo-spotted/&page=13 Yes, you're right on that. It was an ad during the Kentucky Derby. JX1 also posted that video link in the 'US Ranger without camo' thread linked above but also included the Courier Journal article about Derby ad. You'll see my below quote in reply to his on that link.
  9. Thanks! Looking forward to reveal to see all the info. The description in that linked video, as well as shown at the end of the video, points to a page on Ford's site regarding new info about new Ranger. I'm guessing they'll just post all the info including videos at once on that page rather than a live/pre-taped-and-edited reveal event. https://www.ford.com/rangerready/
  10. Spot on once again! It's brilliant of Ford to run a quick 15-second 'announcement' ad during the Kentucky Derby that Ford sponsors. Lots of audience viewing the ads prior to the actual Derby horse race. I'm just an hour and half south-east of Louisville in Kentucky, so this is awesome that Ford chose this race to announce the new Ranger reveal. Of course, Ford also build the Super Duty trucks and the Expedition/Navigator at KTP and the Escape/Corsair at LAP in Louisville. But you all already know this. lol So it makes sense for Ford to sponsor the Kentucky Derby races.
  11. pffan1990

    Mustang Raptor?

    I agree. I would love to see the return of the hatchback since the S650 has some Fox Body styling cues such as the headlights resembling the pre-1987 Fox and the interior dash/center console pieces, etc. The ability to have the sporty hatchback with back seats folded down would add to practicality of sorts. Then to have that for the potential off-road variant to compete with the likes of Porsche 911 Dakar is a brilliant idea! Especially with how popular the Mustang is in Europe. I have always liked the old 911 rally cars and liked how Porsche done with the new 911 Dakar. Can't wait to see how the Mustang Raptor (not sure if they'll call it this) turns out. Apparently Ford really is working on this then.
  12. Configurator is already up! 😮 https://shop.lincoln.com/build/nautilus/2024/model/customize/standard/
  13. Can't find a way to stream the reveal at 7pm. Seems like it will be an event of some kind since they specifically said New York City. Or will it just be a short edited video dropped along with embargo lifted?
  14. Whoa!! 😮 I didn't think we would see anything this early but an order guide is already out. Thanks!! So they're already taking orders of it last week even though customers haven't seen nor heard anything about it? Or did you mean that order banks open this Friday? But thanks so much for all this. Looks like the Edge gets the 2024 extension while the current Nautilus ends as a 2023 with the new imported one as 2024.
  15. I'm actually looking forward to seeing it and learning more about it. Maybe there will be some leaks before the debut with additional pictures and even some tidbits. I do wonder where we can stream the debut event.