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  1. pffan1990

    Vehicle Introductions in Detroit

    I'm thinking next generation F-150 at the NAIAS too. The regular and possibly Hybrid as production-ready while the BEV would be Concept form, I'm guessing. There will be the Bronco reveal which I'm guessing is its own standalone event and then possibly either shown again at NAIAS on stage as 'review' or shown there for the public viewing. I wonder about other upcoming auto shows. Chicago and New York? Those would be good ones to reveal the next generation Fusion 'whitespace' vehicle or Fusion Active as 630land asked. Plus more.
  2. pffan1990

    F is up 2-1/2% today

    Did I miss something? I wonder why Ford is suddenly doing good in the stock market today. I don't know much about stocks so don't even take the risk of investing in it.
  3. pffan1990

    2020 Transit Order Guide

    The Build & Price for the 2020 Transit is loaded with errors and problems, which is expected as that's the case sometimes when they put up all-new vehicle info. The errors would usually be resolved in a week or two from what I seen with other vehicles in the past. I also could not find AWD option however, I may have found a get-around to that. With sliding side door now standard on Transit low roof passenger van with the 60/40 barn doors as option, it was odd for me to see a sliding side door listed as option. I figured perhaps power-sliding door. I selected that option was shocked to see a rise of price to over $4,000. I figured that's the actual AWD option as the wheel style also changed. The wheel style that changed is used for the all wheel drive system though the Build & Price site doesn't actually say that. So my guess is try to click the 'optional' sliding side door and watch the retail price jump to over $4,000 and that's pretty much the AWD system. I figured this out last week and surprised they hadn't even gone in there and fixed it by now. Any others see what I'm talking about?
  4. pffan1990

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    Actually he did on his Twitter. https://www.businessinsider.com/elon-musks-bold-claims-tesla-pickup-truck-cybertruck-features-capabilities-2019-11#it-will-have-a-range-of-at-least-400-miles-6
  5. pffan1990

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    Whatever happened to that claim of towing 300,000 pounds he bragged about before? The 500-mile range is good along with the 2.9 0-60 though.
  6. Mine would be the First Edition AWD with Extended battery and in Grabber Blue with Onyx Gray interior. But I'm not in market either. I also thought it was funny to see the group pose at the end of the presentation and there's Jim Farley standing on the far left completely silent with an awkward smile. The others including Idris Elba were talking and thanked the crowd while Farley just stood there. I cringe when hearing Farley speak as there's something about the way he talks that cringes me. Then that awkward presentation conversation between Farley and Hackett during the Explorer reveal which led me to wonder if Hackett decided to not let Farley do the speaking for the reveals anymore but just to stand there quiet and smiling oddly. I thought that was funny. And that Mach E pronunciations as you mentioned too.
  7. Yep, he has a Shelby GT350 and his wife has a Mustang GT convertible.
  8. What Facebook group was this post made in? My guess would be either new Mustang Coyote Hybrid to make further connection between Mustang and Mach-E or the next generation F-150 in either Hybrid or Electric powertrain setup. Would make a perfect troll for Tesla that will be showing their electric pickup later in the week Yes, I agree. The shortened Panamera with only 2 doors would make a great modern day 928. In fact, I'm surprised they hadn't done that already. Yes, the traditional 2-door Mustang is definitely not going away. Especially after announcement of the Coyote V8 Hybrid coming soon and all the engineering and investment already done for the 2020 Shelby GT500. So this gives me hope for the regular Mustang now that the Mach-E is coming. That's a very good point. The FWD Mustang that Ford had planned was going to be the Mustang instead of second variant as part of branding. Ford has clearly learned from this and continuing the traditional 2-door layout Mustang but adding the Mach-E to what is now the Mustang family branding. While I was skeptical about this at first, I'm now accepting and excited about this Mustang family, now that the images and info were leaked as well as more info having been revealed the past week. I'm looking forward to tonight. You have brought up excellent points here. I was one of those who hated the idea of EcoBoost-powered F-150 when it was first announced. I thought it would either cause the F-150 sales lead to decline or the eventual loss of the V8 engine. I was wrong about that. EcoBoost engines now make up more with both the 2.7L and 3.5L than the 5.0L V8. And the V8 is still here. In fact, Ford just came out with literally an all-new 7.3L big block V8 for Super Duty, Medium Duty, and the E-Series Cutaway/Stripped Chassis. I had no problems with aluminum as the main material but I did see many people make beer can jokes only to be surprised at how much sturdier the trucks became with aluminum. Count me in on the bandwagon of those excited about the expansion of Mustang brand which I had been skeptical and not happy about until just yesterday actually. Having seen the leaked pictures and specs along with other info got me to thinking that this is indeed the best way to save the Mustang brand. The traditional 2-door Mustang is here to stay and will soon be updated and then redesigned. It's not going anywhere. The Mach-E will do more to the Mustang in terms of branding and sales as the Wrangler Unlimited did to the traditional 2-door Wrangler which... is still here of course. Which is funny because I also thought the popularity of Unlimited would spell the end of the traditional 2-door Wrangler which is definitely not the case. Oh yeah, I was also one of those who thought death and glory to Ford as leader of police industry when they decided to kill off the Panther trio... but I was wrong about that. In fact, Ford has expanded and now offer even more vehicles for the police industry. I actually like the ActiveX seating material so would have no problem at all with this being the seat material, even if leather will never ever be offered. It's comfortable and quite durable. I still don't like idea of Charger sedan though I do see the popularity of it because of that. I do admire and respect the performance and handling of it as well although I'm much more of a Challenger fan due to its traditional 2-door design and how much similar to the classic one it looks. I remember a time before the 21st century Charger when it was actually a 2-door front drive K-Car as well which I still see some driving around here. I highly doubt Ford will go as far as to do Mustang sedan but yes, the Mach-E is a good plan and all will be fine. I have always trusted what you said since you work for Ford as well as know insiders. So this pleases me to see you say this. I know Bill Ford is one of Mustang's biggest fans and he'll make sure the 2-door Mustang will continue to live on. I thought the same when I saw the photos. I do know that Edd is actually quite tall so thought that was him in the back seat showing how much roomier it is back there. However, having gone back to look at the photos, I'm not sure if it is him. The first photo of him looking at the rear hatch does not look like him in the face even though it's kinda blurry. But does look like him in other photos.
  9. I wonder if articles will be published online just past midnight on the day of reveal when embargo passes? Edited to add: I like the renderings especially the light green one. Can't wait for the reveal and to hear what they have to say about it.
  10. Oh I got that but again, the brand was expanded with all-new names. They did not attach the 911 to each of the new names such as 911 Cayenne, etc. But we'll see how it all lays out next week.
  11. There's a big difference though. A huge difference. Porsche did not expand the 911 into a sub-brand by calling the new vehicles: Porsche 911 Cayenne, Porsche 911 Macan, and Porsche 911 Panamera. There was not any association with the 911 or Boxster/Cayman or any other existing vehicles in their lineup to the new SUVs and sedans. They used similar styling and may have even marketed 911 inspiration but it was not considered and expansion of the 911 at all. The Panamera looks like a 4 door 911 sedan in some ways, depending on some angles you view it, but was not intended to be the '4-door 911' type of vehicle. Only the soul of 911 incorporated into the new vehicles but they were given different names without the 911 attached at all. Ford wants to use Mustang's inspiration and use the running horse logo, both which are okay with me as I've come to accept the usage of horse logo, but to attach the Mustang name to it is not going to sit right with the purists. Look at the uproar when it was originally announced as Mach 1. I'm sure you remember the uproar in the 80s when Mustang was basically going to be turned into what ended up as Probe. That was before Internet and social media, mind you, so imagine the bigger uproar if announced as Mustang Mach-E. Even if the regular Mustang will still be long hood/short deck, 2-door rear drive pony car, the name should not be attached to the 4-door electric powered vehicle that looks front drive. Someone suggested Probe name which is genius I think. However I understand Mach E as a dig at Tesla's desire to have Model E. Someone has said the Mustang name will be attached to it but referred to as Mach E just as much as the F-Series Super Duty is referred to as Super Duty. This I object as Mach E should be good enough name as is. I seen the recent spy photos of it with minimal camo covering and I love it! Even with horse logo, it's okay. Only the 'Mustang' name is what I object to it if as part of it. But it's a week from today for the reveal and announcement so we'll see what all happens. That's how I always pronounced it. I didn't know that but I still think people will continue to say the Mock. I'm guessing the pronunciation of this word won't be settled like the tomato and tomahto. lol
  12. pffan1990

    Rivian/ Fully Charged interview

    Good catch. The doors do have the drop down line design towards the mirrors as the F-150 has had for years now.
  13. Pardon my ignorance and the fact that I only got few hours of sleep, but what do you mean by that? Wouldn't hurt to let Ford execs know of the Probe name idea. They may very well like it and make a last minute change.
  14. And it's a good idea too. I know you have lots of inside info about Ford. Are you employee or have sources. I know I asked before and forgot; apologies. I'm wondering if you have told your sources or the higher-ups if you do work there about the Probe name idea. It's a perfect name for it.
  15. Actually though, joking aside, the Probe really would be a good name for this 'Mustang-inspired' crossover due to fact that Probe was going to be front wheel drive Mustang at one time. I like your humor but that would work as the name. But I highly doubt Ford will do that though. I also get what @Twin Turbo thinks about running horse logo which should be only used on Mustang but I have grown to like the idea of Mach-E being Mustang-inspired with styling cues and all that. I have slowly started to accept the logo usage but really would be thrilled if they just stick the Ford oval logo as seen on the recent CAD leak. I just hope the Mustang name won't be used anywhere on it or in marketing, sales paperwork, titles, etc. Ford knows they need to be really careful with this or else they'll see a repeat of the Probe uproar. Look at what happened when this vehicle was originally announced to be called Mach 1. Purists were angry on social media sites to a point that Ford had to backtrack with the name.