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  1. No she has been looking on their order bank. She said the Nautilus has been different than all the other models. If the Nautilus was the same as the other models, I would have had my window sticker a month ago, but it still isn't available through any site (the Lincoln order tracker or the various Ford window sticker websites), it is still a 404.pdf. She specifically told me that they have not been getting invoices on the Nautilus until they were in country, she didn't know why, I suspect it is a customs thing or Ford is just not billing the dealer until it hits Portland.
  2. Showing as shipped as of 6/4. Yesterday though it still showed as built. Either way the window sticker is still 404.pdf, so no joy there. My salesperson said she hasn't seen an invoice yet and seems to think that they don't actually get an invoice until it hits the port in Portland, guess once it clears customs, which from a Ford billing standpoint would make sense. I suppose the window sticker will go active then also. Just under 2 months from order to build, about another month from build to shipping. I am guessing 4 to 6 weeks on the boat and another 4 to 6 weeks to get to the dealer. So looking at 2 to 3 more months likely.
  3. Farley mentioned on that last interview he did that Superduty and transit vans have a multi-year order book, whether that was specific to commercial fleet orders or just in general he didn't say, but your best bet is to talk to several dealers.
  4. I wonder if the gross stock numbers include vehicles in transit or only vehicles on the showroom floor, because based on the numbers of Nautiluses vs Corsairs, Aviators, and Navigators you would think my dealer had a bunch of Nautiluses available for sale, but right now they have 18 Navigators, 13 Nautiluses, 12 Aviators and 9 Corsairs listed, but if you narrow down by eliminating the "in transit" vehicles you end up with 15 Navigators, 3 Nautiluses, 11 Aviators and 4 Corsairs. And I am pretty sure the 3 Nautiluses listed as in stock aren't actually on the floor yet. Shipping and logistics from China are hurting sales for the Nautilus.
  5. Difference being that in ships and locomotives, there is no battery to buffer. The engines vary their output to produce the power demanded by the drive motors and other systems. The benefit is that it is easier to package with direct drive electric motors vs having a transmission and driveline components.
  6. The sunroof frame is just over $2000 msrp on ford parts. So there is half the cost. 10+ hours labor is going to be rest of it besides shop supplies and taxes.
  7. The CT doesn't have center caps. They were supposed to be covered by that funky wheel cover that matches the sidewall pattern of the tires, but those were recalled early on when the sidewalls were getting cut by the covers. So now CT owners are left with exposed lug nuts and axle nuts.
  8. It doesn't as expected, gets the same please check back later. The shop.lincoln.com site and the forddirect site get the sticker from the same source, so I wouldn't have expected them to be any different. The whole process has been different. Build week before VIN, then get VIN and build week moves up 3 weeks but no window sticker, shop site showed in production and says the window sticker is in the link below but it isn't, shown as built and window sticker link finally shows up but it is the 404.pdf. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't invoiced (and stickered) until it ships or arrives from China.
  9. Well the window sticker button finally showed up today with status showing as built. But with good news comes disappointment, I hit the button and get the sticker not available check back later.
  10. Figure 25% for your pin weight with a toy loaded in the back, so even with 15k of trailer weight you would be looking at 3,750 lb of pin weight. With that kind of trailer weight, I assume you aren't getting a gasser (7.3l). Your max payload is going to be significantly lower with the 6.7PS. You may very well be into F350 dually territory with that trailer. I would definitely not do an F-250, you will be out of payload well before you exceed the pulling power. Best advice I have is ignore the salesman and go look at the payload stickers on in stock trucks to see what they really are.
  11. Mustangs don't have blue oval Ford logos on the front, just the pony. The blue oval is on the windshield for cup cars next to the driver name.
  12. Well mine is in production, but still no window sticker. Has anyone else seen this happen? The order tracking site says "In the link below, you will find the Window Sticker for your new Lincoln!" but there is no link below. Just the dealer website link and the link to view full details, which isn't the window sticker.
  13. Got an update from my dealer yesterday. We now have a VIN and our production week has moved up to 5/6. I don't look at this as getting an end of model year vehicle. It will be December '24 or January '25 before any 2025 Nautiluses show up in dealers.
  14. Cats are like all other parts. Had one replaced on the Expedition at around 78,000 miles under the emissions warranty. Occasionally a part fails due to manufacturing defect. I am not worried about another one, but I also have a 7/125 Ford Premium care plan, so if another fails, I am still good (at least for another 2 years and 40,000 miles).
  15. Funny, we are scheduled to week for May 27th, but don't have a vin yet. I need to check back with my dealer to see if there are any updates.
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