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  1. Flying68

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Well as much as I wanted an Aviator, I found a Platinum Expedition fully loaded for 6415 off MSRP plus an additional 6500 in rebates (2250 rcc, 1250 fmc cash, 3000 pco on Expedition only). Financially couldn't pass that up. It isn't as sexy as the Aviator GT that I was lusting after, but all the delays and low inventory leading to high asking prices made the decision easier. Maybe in a few when we replace our MkC things will be settled down, of course by then we may go BEV.
  2. They would have been better off starting with a low rate production and ramping up while maintaining quality.
  3. Flying68

    Aviator Reviews

    Did they release the official EPA rating yet?
  4. Flying68

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    You are looking at probably December before any Aviator GT's show up on lots. Production doesn't start until end of September or early October if it goes as scheduled and then you are looking at another month before they get the ok to ship to dealers. Some dealers have been saying don't expect them until next year, others are more optimistic saying late this year.
  5. Flying68

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    I would venture to say that most sales associates really don't know any more than we do. Frankly we probably know more because we research it to death. You can always go onto owner.lincoln.com and download the owners manuals for both the regular and PHEV versions of the Aviator and see what it says.
  6. Flying68

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    I am not sure anyone knows exactly what the behavior of the Aviator GT will be as no one has one and press usually don't comment about those kinds of things. I am sure a lot will depend on what drive mode you select. I would guess Excite would always leave the engine running, Normal would operate off the battery more in city driving, Preserve EV would be regular start/stop (no EV usage), Pure EV would be battery only until it can't keep up. Eco would probably delay normal ICE operation but engage after you are moving.
  7. I think all 2017 models have NA 15 installed, at least our MkC does. This update is only for NA 18, so almost 2 full years out of date as the date reflects data as of Q1 of 2018. So three years newer than what we have.
  8. Flying68

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    While I have no experience with how it is enabled in MB and Porsche, I do have experience on how it is on a 2017 Toyota Highlander and it is terrible in the Highlander. The Ford system is light years ahead. The Toyota is a noticeable restart and isn't quick. With the Toyota, you have to feather the brake pedal to get it to restart once stopped. One thing you could do is "randomly" drive by a Lincoln dealer and say "hey I want to drive one of those new Aviators, lets stop in and take one for a spin" then she'll just think you are just messing around. Then tell the dealer you aren't in the market but wanted to compare to your current stable to see if it is all that.
  9. Flying68

    Lincoln Play Entertainment System

    I emailed Lincoln concierge and received the following reply: So now I don't know. Maybe they intended to have DVD in the Aviator but decided against it. If it was going to be the same as the 2018-2019 Navigator, I would think it would have been available at Job 1. Who knows.
  10. Flying68

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    I think what most people are getting at is that the system used by Ford/Lincoln for 2019+ model years is way better than what you may have experienced before with any other vehicle. I drove a 2019 Expedition and specifically wanted to check the auto stop start feature and the engine RPM was at idle before moving from the brake to gas it was that quick. The feature was not objectionable and unless you are monitoring RPM on the tach you would not notice as the engine noise at idle is less than the surrounding ambient noise (radio, conversation, traffic, etc.). Let your wife drive one, if not the Aviator, let her drive a Continental, Navigator, Expedition, or Explorer. Make sure it is enabled and don't tell her about it, see if she notices. Also as others have mentioned if you switch to the performance mode (excite) it disables it.
  11. Can confirm for 2017 Lincoln models it is $109 / $149.
  12. Flying68

    Rear Entertainment System Help Needed

    Get something like this and a set of bluetooth headphones. There should be a jack on each screen. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EHSX28M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_6J0CDbN1GY56H
  13. Flying68

    Aviator Reviews

    6'1" hardly seems too tall. I am starting to wonder if there was something wrong with the seat, still had plenty of headroom. Do they just figure everyone likes to lay the seat back into the second row when driving?
  14. Flying68

    Aviator Reviews

    My dealer got their demo unit in today. It accelerates smoothly and is nice to drive. Plenty of room in the second row. But the dang driver seat sits way too high. I moved it as low as it would go and my sight line was only a few inches below top of the windshield. If I flipped down the sun visor it blocked my view of everything but the HUD. The only way I could get my sight line lower was to lean the seat way back. Am I missing something on the adjustment or has anyone else noticed this. The headroom for the Aviator is 38.7" with the vista roof and my '12 Explorer is 39" from the lowest part of the cushion to the lowest part of the roof (twin panel moonroof). The '12 spec was 41.4" but I think that was without the moonroof. I just can't figure out if it was just how i had the seat, or is the lip of the roofline lower, or if the seat just wasn't lowering all the way.
  15. Flying68

    2020 Aviator

    Any updates on 5LM5J7XC8LGL02460?