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  1. Flying68

    am radio static

    I listen to KICT T95 in Wichita, KS. It is the oldest and only pure Rock station here. They play pretty much everything from the 70's on, but the majority is the last 10 years. The morning program they carry is Todd 'n Tyler based out of Omaha. Mostly news/commentary with comedians and other celebrity interviews. They have a mix of sports, news, comedy, and politics, but that is minimal. Mostly the news guy reads a funny story off the wire then they spend a few minutes making fun of it. They are both transplants to Omaha from other parts so it isn't like they are Omaha natives, but they have been there for 20 years or so. My wife listens to KFDI which is a news/country music station. So out of courtesy I have that as #2 in the Expedition, she keeps T95 as #2 in the MkC. My back-up on the road is classic rock -> pop/adult contemporary -> modern country. I only listen to sports talk radio before and after games, just to get interviews or news. I never listen to political talk radio. My drive to work is 20 minutes, and it only takes 30 minutes to go from one side of Wichita to the other, so it isn't like being in a big city with long drives due to traffic.
  2. Flying68

    Gen 3 Raptor

    It sounds like they did from the video.
  3. Flying68

    Enhanced Order tracking

    When I ordered my 2012 Explorer, I had them send me a copy of the order. Glad they did as it was completely wrong. I had wanted an AWD, they ordered a FWD. There were several options that were missing as well. They corrected it. The last two vehicles I got were dealer stock, our MkC they found from another dealer to match our exact specs. The Expedition I found myself on the internet.
  4. Flying68

    am radio static

    We use the radio. When we had the free trials of SiriusXM I would listen to it on road trips, but prefer to listen to the morning program on the local FM rock station for the morning drive. I just got tired of dealing with SiriusXM and the pricing for the amount I used it. Now on those long road trips it would be nice, but doing the old radio scan keeps me awake trying to find something decent to listen too.
  5. Flying68

    2013 MKX Navigation Question

    APIM (Application Program Interface Module) aka the brains behind Sync. Just quick google for add factory nav to sync mft reveals several options. Almost all of them from what I see are going to run $750 or more plus installation. IMHO it isn't worth it to add after the fact. Save your money and use your phone or a tablet for directions.
  6. Flying68

    am radio static

    Does it only happen near your house or does it also happen "out in the country" while at slow speed. To isolate environmental causes, go to somewhere without a lot of power lines or other interference nearby. Repeat your tests with slow accels/decels and at steady state speeds. If it doesn't happen it is likely an environmental cause that the vehicle may be sensitive to due to antenna location.
  7. Flying68

    am radio static

    Local news, weather, and free music. AM and FM radio are the backbone of the emergency broadcast system. Removing them would be like removing a safety feature.
  8. Flying68

    Gen 3 Raptor

    New Raptor to debut on Feb 3rd. https://youtu.be/V0FMJL_3z3c?t=170
  9. Likely if there is an SSM and Ford Engineering is working on a solution, it likely means that there isn't any troubleshooting that any tech could do that would lead to a solution. It likely is a software problem as YT90SC said or an unanticipated hardware issue that they weren't monitoring. In either case it will likely result in a software change that will at least monitor the relevant hardware to watch for the failure, or if it is pure software they may be in process of validating the code to fix it. All of that takes time.
  10. Flying68

    Most Popular Color of 2020

    aren't most fleet trucks and vans white? Would make sense that white is most popular from a paint supplier perspective.
  11. Flying68

    2021 Bronco Sport Media Reports

    Total ripoff for a vehicle that stickered for $30,945. windowsticker.pdf
  12. The general issue with that many miles on a vehicle is residual value. That really shouldn't be an issue with a Raptor but it still could be and should definitely be reflected in the purchase price. I could see having that 1000 miles if it sat at MH Ford for some time, was driven by sales or whatever, then instead of shipping it they drove it to STH Ford, about 540 miles away. The other concern I would have as a buyer is what kind of miles were those first 1000. Did they follow breakin or did some a-hole sales manager like to show off to his buddies. Most miles we have had on a new car was our 17 MkC which was delivered with 250 ish miles. It was on the lot in St. Paul for a while and probably got demoed a few times before our dealer found it and got it for us. My 12 Explorer had 2 miles when we took delivery and my 19 Expedition had 135 miles (the distance from the dealership to me, they delivered it).
  13. Flying68

    Tesla stock

    SpaceX is a major bond holder in Tesla. Musk funnels SpaceX profits into Tesla this way. If Tesla ever defaults, it could bring down SpaceX as well.
  14. I wonder if this a short term thing until a new BEV Nautilus (or replacement) comes along based on the Mach-E platform. I would have thought Lincoln would have been close to announcing something by now. That would be something I would trade our MkC in for.