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  1. Did you have an agreed price before you ordered? If so, tweet Mark Levine or tell the dealer you will see them in court.
  2. Flying68

    Service Manual?

    I had a 2013 edition of the CD-ROM for my 2012 Explorer. It isn't a PDF, although you can print out pages, it isn't formatted like a book. It is interactive with a menu and hyperlinks that can take you to various pages as you work through diagnostics. Like was mentioned, Helm is the provider of the official manuals that the dealers use.
  3. Flying68

    Hard Braking pulls her to the right.

    With that few of miles, I wouldn't touch it. Doing anything at this point could mask what the issue is. Let them run diagnostics. It could be anything from contamination to a bad ABS module. Plus you paid for the truck which has a warranty that covers this kind of stuff, why not use it.
  4. I always assumed any price below invoice included some sort of factory to dealer incentive to move older or dated inventory, or some sort of volume bonus. For example when I got my Expedition, the dealer had it listed for ~$6200 below sticker without any rebates. The rebates and my PCO drove the price down another $6500 or so. I wasn't local so they weren't making any future revenue from me and I only financed enough to get one of the FMC rebates, so I figured there had to be something on that VIN that was a factory incentive to the dealer and they just wanted to move it. It had been sitting on their lot for 60+ days. They grossed about $3000 on my Explorer that I traded to them when they sold it a couple weeks later, which I consider fair.
  5. A P0019 code is bank 2 camshaft to crankshaft position error. So you are either looking a a bad sensor (best case) or vvt failing (worse) or timing chain stretch/worn guides (even worse). If you keep driving don't be suprised if it kills the motor eventually. But if the vehicle isn't worth much you might just keep driving until you tow it to the scrap yard.
  6. Flying68

    '22 Navigator Revealed

    After watching a in depth review of UConnect 5 on the new Grand Wagoneer, I am disappointed with Lincoln's lack of updates on the Navigator. Grand Wagoneer has a customizable HUD, 12" drivers display, 10" passenger seat display, 12" rear screens, large main screen with a separate screen for HVAC plus a screen in the rear for HVAC. All screens are connected, with USB and HDMI ports, can pull up NAV, send waypoints to the driver to accept or deny, super intuitive, plus the interior looks great.
  7. Flying68

    J.D. Power IQS 2021

    Not sure if you ever took college or research level statistics, but this isn't a statistical tie. The numbers indicate Ford experiences 10% more problems per vehicle than KIA. Just so you know, a statistical tie would be when the difference in actual result is within the margin of error, which is affected by the sample size. Any result that is outside the margin of error is of two results statistically significant, which means it is unlikely to have occurred due to random chance. It may not matter to you, but it does to the warranty guys and it certainly matters to consumers, when they know that they are more likely to encounter an issue in Brand X vs Brand Y.
  8. Flying68

    HOLY SHNIKES..TTAC Opinion on Tesla CT

    Tesla has been so revolutionary that they haven't really been able to produce any of their revolutionary products outside of cars, at a sufficient scale to make any meaningful impact, nor make any meaningful profit after 13 years of Elon being in charge. Tesla has cars, home battery systems, and solar panels, all of which previously existed. They may have put pretty packaging on all of it, but it remains outside the realm of possibilities for most consumers due to cost. I would love to have a solar roof and battery system, but I am not about to drop $70 to $100k on getting it installed when it would never pay itself back. TSLA is valued based on an idea, hope and dreams, not on the reality of their performance as a company.
  9. https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-9000-MACHE?cid=PRODDM264625&bid=800935386 Ford Performance Parts is proud to offer the Eluminator!!! This electric motor is from the 2021 Mustang Mach E GT. Peak power: 210kW (281hp) Peak torque: 430Nm (317 lb/ft) Max speed: 13,800rpm Gear ratio: 9.05:1 Weight: 93kg / 205 lbs Includes: HV motor to traction invertor harness LV harness/connector Vent tube assembly. Does NOT include: Traction invertor Control system Battery
  10. TFL out with a new video this morning and they are sporting a new soft top from Bestop. It doesn't look like it is on their website yet, but the top looked pretty cool, had a screen when you folded the canvas back. Bestop is located near TFL's headquarters so I would bet they got an early production or test unit to use. I think it looks pretty good.
  11. I love my Lincoln dealer, even through the ownership change, have purchased 2 cars from them (a used LS and a new MkC) plus had my Thunderbird and now my Expedition serviced there. Small, 1 service advisor/manager, know the GM, sales staff gets a bit of turnover every now and then. I really didn't like either experience I have had at the two Ford dealers in town (bought from one, but not the other). My Expedition I bought from an out of state dealer, did everything over text messaging and a phone call or two.
  12. Flying68

    Ford sales collapse in July

    Every indication was that the pre-production parts were fine, so would have it done any good to have 2 suppliers, maybe, but both may have had issues going into full production. People always say they would pay more for better quality, but usually that is only after the cheap one they bought broke without doing the job. Harbor Freight wouldn't exist if people weren't willing to sacrifice quality for less expense.
  13. Flying68

    '10,000/9,900 GVWR Package'

    Payload is simply GVWR - Curb Weight (when it left the factory), so your payload can vary if you have added or subtracted anything to/from the vehicle. You cannot exceed GVWR, GCVWR, tire ratings or axle ratings. Exceeding any of those can open you up to negligence lawsuits in the event of an accident (your insurance will not cover that). Do what you want, but if you have an accident, and your trailer was over the max tow rating, or your pin weight put your truck over the GVWR, good luck, hope you have a good defense attorney.
  14. Flying68

    Ford sales collapse in July

    Because the per unit cost is higher if you have multiple suppliers. Why? Because you have to have multiple sets of tooling, which has to be amortized over the entire production run. If the production run is split between 2 suppliers the cost of tooling per unit doubles, triples if it is split over 3 suppliers. Every part that is created by an OEM goes through a make/buy analysis where the part is put out for bid from various suppliers and those costs are compared to the cost of producing it in house. Every supplier is going to bid the cost assuming they get the entire production run. So if Ford said we want 50,000 units, they would bid the part based on a run of 50,000. The winning supplier usually has a cost advantage going into subsequent rounds for extended supply because they already have the tooling and it was already amortized on the first run. The only parts that are not single source are commodity parts that are routinely produced by several manufacturers that supply multiple OEM's.
  15. Flying68

    '10,000/9,900 GVWR Package'

    The one situation where insurance companies would get into the mess of if you were overweight or not would be an accident where clear fault could not be established. Say in a situation where you were towing something and someone pulls out in front of you or makes a maneuver that you have to hit the brakes and cannot stop in time, impacting someone. In that kind of scenario an insurance company for the party creating the situation but looking to avoid liability would say that the driver towing the trailer was overweight and that is why he couldn't stop in time, clearly had he been within the legal weight limits, he would have been able to stop and the whole situation would have been avoided. So basically, anytime you are outside your limits you can incur some increased liability and also Ford could refuse to warranty certain parts if you were found to be towing over weight.