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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. You can try Helm Inc., but it looks like the electronic manuals (on usb) are out of stock, they are $308. You can go to https://www.motorcraftservice.com/Purchase/ViewProduct to get online access to manuals. it is $22 for 72 hours, $325 for 30 days.
  2. Flying68

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Build and price won't allow 3.55 with FX4 on a diesel. If you try to add it, it forces removal of FX4.
  3. Flying68

    Ford Sales May 2023

    Every Mach-e that I have seen in inventory on a dealer lot is a standard range model. I suspect there are not many people wanting standard range models.
  4. I am also adverse to buying a Nautilus built in China. I would have preferred a Nautilus BEV built in NA. Mildly disappointed in the powertrain option, would have like to see a 2.7 or a bit more power from the hybrid or even a PHEV version. Might change my mind when the first few hit the dealer and I can look.
  5. KOA in Denver "The 50,000 Watt Blowtorch" was similar, you could pick it up a long ways away (to the east) on a good night. Coincidently, AM is also the same frequency band that ADF's in airplanes use. A lot of older airplanes still have ADF antenna's and you can tune in an AM station to listen too while flying and get a bearing at the same time.
  6. The 85 Tempo Coupe I had as a 16 year old looked better.
  7. Only if it has a payload capacity of greater than 2000 lbs. Unfortunately the law was probably written back when a 1-ton only had a 2000 lb payload and not today's 4000 lb payload.
  8. This! The main reason for separating out EV's from ICE and commercial is the significant investment required for EV. Made the whole company look bad together, but when split out investors can see 10% operating margins in other parts of the business and can weigh the EV margins more in line with pure EV companies.
  9. Flying68

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    That is insane, they are asking $105k for a Lariat. Even worse is it stickers a $94k. They have $11,000 in ADM 🤯
  10. Flying68

    Ford Posts $1.76B Profit

    Electrostatic painting is often used in order to reduce waste and get better coverage, probably not a good idea to do that with a high voltage battery installed.
  11. Flying68

    2024 Lincoln Nautilus Order Guide

    The e-cvt is not a traditional cvt. It is basically a fixed gear reduction drive with an electric motor mounted to it. The output ratio is varied by how much input or retard is applied to that same gearset thus changing the effective final output ratio from the ICE engine.
  12. Roman and Nathan are getting up there now and tend to have a few more slipups on average when doing the 1 take and live videos.
  13. Flying68

    New light & medium duty news

    1947 or 48 8-N was what I learned on. Was the only tractor on my grandfather's ranch. After he passed, it eventually was stolen because of the remote location and nobody living on the property. But now my dad has acquired 20 ford tractors from the late 40's to the 50's including a couple Jubilees, an 801, a 901, 2 Awesome Henry V8 conversions, and the rest are all 8-N's. Don't think he has any 9-N's.
  14. Technical answer here: Payload is GVWR - Curb weight. GVWR is the maximum vehicle weight that the vehicle is designed and tested to for DOT purposes. Often in order to achieve that GVWR, it requires axle ratings that when combined are greater than the GVWR. This is so that the vehicle can accommodate a multitude of loading configurations from full pax and minimal payload in the bed, to driver only with a max bumper pull trailer on the back and the bed loaded with the rest of the weight. In both these scenarios, the total weight of the truck can be exactly the same, but the individual axle weights would be quite different.
  15. Flying68

    2024 Mustang Dark Horse